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Originally born July 6, 1947 in Bowie, Arizona, John J. Rambo was drafted into the United States Army on August 6, 1964. The specific training which he endured was known as the Green Beret program. These men were taught to ignore pain and kill without hesitation. To them, everything was a mission. John Rambo excelled in this program and gained many specialty skills from it. Such skills included foreign language expertise, vehicular and weapons mastery, and more. At the end of his training, John had become a true killing machine.

While in the warzone, John Rambo was captured by the Viet Cong. Held captive, he was torured beyond measure. One symbol that he bears is a large scar across his chest from the blade of one of his captors. Eventually, he escaped. When he returned to the United States, he was one of the most decorated officers of the war. John J. Rambo returned with two Silver Stars, four Bronze Stars, four Purple Hearts, the Distinguished Service Cross, and the Medal of Honor.


His training has taught him to be extremely durable - much more durable than an average person. Part of his training was the technique of enduring and ignoring immense physical pain. Taught that it was all a part of the "mission," Rambo has learned to ignore it. When others would usually stop, Rambo had been taught to keep going. An immense part of the training procedure was the concept of survival. Essentials of wilderness survival were programmed into John Rambo.

No matter the place, he was taught to survive in its environment. Also, the concept of first aid and medic training were administered. This was given so that Rambo could heal himself in the line of duty, or heal one of his comrades.

Hand-to-Hand Combat: John Rambo is the ultimate fighting machine. Made for war, he has proven himself time and time again to be the ideal soldier. In hand-to-hand combat, Rambo possesses the skills to utterly decimate his opponent. Having the ability to use his environment, Rambo is capable of transforming anything into a weapon.

When most people would just see a tree, Rambo would see a vantage point or a resource to construct weapons. Utilizing several different strikes, kicks, and grappling procedures, Rambo's body is a killing machine. Quick, decisive, and powerful are the terms one can use to describe the techniques utilized by this fierce warrior.

Weapons Mastery

It is well-knonw that John Rambo's preferred weapon of choice is a large combat knife. In John Rambo's hands, it is a force to be reckoned with. A tool as well as a weapon, Rambo always keeps a large knife at the ready;the knife also has a sewing needle in it . In addition, John has become a master of archery. Preferring its quick and silent action, John Rambo has mastered the compound bow and the various warheads available for the arrows (some meant for specific targets, others used as explosives).

Throughout his training, John Rambo has also mastered most if not all types of firearms. Whether it be a small handgun or a large M-60, Rambo knows how to use it. An expert marksman, he is able to clear the field.

Vehicular Experience

Rambo was trained to handle any and all types of vehicles. During the Vietnam War, John pilotted helicopters, tanks, and various watercrafts. This specialty really goes to show the versatility and experience of John Rambo. Such skills have proven their worth time and time again.

Specializing in hand-to-hand physical combat, survival tactics, weaponry, and more, Rambo is a force to be reckoned with.


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