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    A highly trained assassin, murdered by his employer and former friend Chapel. Albert ''Al'' Francis Simmons sold his soul to Malebolgia, one of the many rulers of the Hell, in order to see his wife Wanda Blake again. Malebolgia had other things in mind for Al and sent him back to earth with no memory as a Hellspawn, one of his soldiers, to do his bidding. After realizing what he had lost, Al swore revenge, and became the vigilante known as Spawn.

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    A Hellspawn is born.
    A Hellspawn is born.

    Spawn was once a man named Al Simmons, a highly trained assassin and was considered the best. He was a well known soldier who was at his most successful point when he saved the President from an attempted assassination. He was promoted to a higher level of the C.I.A. that dealt with the things the Government had kept secret from the general public. However, Al soon realized that the Government wasn't always right and started questioning if they were truly correct in their actions. This caught the attention of people in high power.

    Jason Wynn who had long since been his superior found out about this and knew that Al knew too much. So he hired Chapel who was Al's friend and partner to kill him. In a blazing inferno Al Simmons was murdered and his soul was sent to Hell because he had knowingly killed innocents in his C.I.A. days.

    Al Simmons in Hell
    Al Simmons in Hell

    Al made a deal to sell his soul to a Demonic Being known as "Malebolgia" to get to see his wife Wanda Fitzgerald once again. He was allowed to come back however he came back five years later as some kind of strange Hellspawn with no memory of what he had done. After remembering what he had done, he sought out his wife only to find she had moved on and married his best friend, Terry Fitzgerald and had even had a child named Cyan.

    It was after this event that his demonic guide the Violator whom appeared as a clown showed up. He revealed to Spawn the purpose of his life and fought him but had his battle interrupted by Malebolgia. Now realizing his purpose he must fight to survive against both the forces of Heaven and Hell.

    Major Story Arcs

    A New Life

    Classic Spawn
    Classic Spawn

    Spawn’s early battles were very anti-hero like as he went up against street thugs and gangs. He later brutally killed a pedophile and child murderer named Billy Kincaid. It was this act that brought the detective duo of Sam Burke and Twitch Williams into Spawn's life.

    Later he was hunted by the Angel Angela who hunted Spawns for sport.

    It is around this time that Spawn becomes “king” of “Rat City”, a gathering of alleys where bums and the homeless live. There he meets the bum Cogliostro who to Spawn’s surprise knows much about him. Spawn would soon

    battle the cyborg mob enforcer Overtkill who almost killed Spawn, but he was able to emerge victorious. He was again hunted by Angela and would fight the angelic warrior called the Anti-Spawn a.k.a the Redeemer who was in fact Jason Wynn.

    The First Metamorphosis

    After an almost dangerous confrontation with a Redeemer, Spawns suit mutated and became more advanced. The unusual cape became slightly ripped, and the red glow that had come from the costume was gone, and had evolved to what is now black and white. Spawn used to have boots and gloves but he found out that those had also changed, becoming replaced with spikes. Spawn's suit was more powerful than the original and had also found out that he had a new cape and chains, which were able to shape shift into different things to confuse his opponents. After finding this out, Spawn used his blades to slash off a redeemer's hand.

    After defeating the redeemer Spawn thought that the battle was over until he meets someone more powerful than the redeemer known as the Freak. Spawn fought with The Freak but was unaware of The Freak's power, the ability to create nightmares which he did to torture Spawn with his past. During the battle a creature appearing to have the original appearance of Spawn, fights other beings and creatures, and knocks out Spawn. When Spawn woke up the creature tells Spawn that ever since the metamorphosis the suit will feed off souls. After being informed this Spawn later finds himself in New York City. He would fight with the The Curse, meet Harry Houdini who taught him about magic and also meet Batman.

    After this Tony Twist sends a reprogrammed Overtkill after Terry, blaming him for the recent attacks on the mob and Spawn was forced to reveal his identity while saving his friend. However it was a well-placed shot from Twitch Williams that brought Overtkill down this time. He would later bring back his friend Bobby after he was killed in another fight with Chapel. Spawn would be a part of Angela’s trial and later traveled to the South and had an encounter with the KKK and an abusive father of two boys. When he returned to New York he was attacked by a new Redeemer. This caused his costume to evolve and defeated the Redeemer with it’s new found power. After another encounter with the Curse the suit began to go wild and after saving Terry from cancer sent him to Hell, but Malebolgia sent him back with full control of the suit.

    Greenworld and Urizen

    Due to increasing attacks from Heaven and Hell Spawn began to lose himself to evil, however thanks to the arrival of The Heap he was able to regain his goal. The Heap was an emissary of the Greenworld, a dimension whose power was equal to both Heaven and Hell’s and did not care for their war, but wanted to stop the destruction caused by it. They gave new powers to Spawn so he could better understand the world and it’s people.

    It was around this time that Spawn battled the powerful god Urizen. Spawn once stopped a cult from summoning Urizen, but this time he had been summoned by two gate opener demons named Ab and Zab. Urizen was causing massive destruction to the world and after losing a battle to him, Spawn came back and used his new abilities to use the Earth itself to swallow Urizen and imprison him.

    The New King of Hell

    After his battle Spawn learns that Malebolgia caused Urizen’s release in an attempt to start Armageddon and conquer the forces of Hell due to his army being larger at the time. Spawn and Angela decided to journey to Hell and kill him to stop his plans. During the battle Angela mortally wounds Malebolgia, but he kills her with his remaining strength and in anger Spawn takes off his head.

    Heaven and Hell

    Spawn as an angel
    Spawn as an angel

    As Spawn struggled to find a way to get rid of hell's control and regain control, he noticed that the attacks were coming from both Heaven and Hell. Spawn found himself losing the battle at first due to the Salvation that had arrived in a new form, The Heap, a creature from the green world which is one of Spawns weaknesses. Heap's power was equal to Heaven and Hell which Spawn had never faced before, as it gave him new abilities which allowed him to overcome the worst from both Heaven and Hell. Though these powers were not really known they seem to give control of all the elements around the world. It was explained that the Greenworld had no interest in the war of Heaven and Hell, but was getting frustrated with the destruction that it brought. They caused the pain of the earth and later Spawn became aware of it. Spawn did not change his powers though rather than listening to earth, until being attacked by Urizen. After recovering, Spawn learns that the Greenworld had imbued him with a gift which he uses to contain Urizen by splitting the ground and imprisoning him inside the earth.

    After killing him he finds that the throne of Hell is rightfully his and it is offered to him by the demon Mammon however he refuses the offer, but after deliberating with his teacher Cog he decided to turn Hell into a new paradise, but Cog reveals that he is Cain the man who killed his brother in envy and the first murder and man to go to Hell. His true goal has been to take over Hell and uses Hellspawn to do it. He betrayed Spawn and took the throne for himself, but gave Spawn the gift of his human form back.


    After returning he meets a young Wiccan named Nyx. With her help he regains his suit, but has lost his much of his power due to still being human without the suit. However Mammon tricks and betrays Nyx and takes her control over Spawns union with his suit and removes all of his memories of the past. With no memory he wanders the Earth and during his wandering releases a group of angels who are called the Forgotten and take no sides in the war between Heaven and Hell. He discovers that Mammon is a member of the Fallen who was sent to Hell and his power is much greater than Malebolgia’s.


    Spawn in Armageddon
    Spawn in Armageddon

    Spawn regains his memories thanks to the power of the Greenworld. His suit also evolves once more and now it seems one with his body but as time progresses, he begins to hate himself. Both Heaven and hell have rejected him and now he sits in the back alleys, the city streets, sitting upon a stage prop in an abandoned warehouse as maggots and other horrible insects crawl inside his body. Nesting inside the empty shell that he has become...where is he to go? His first thought is to return to the dead zone however that land is heavens territory ... and a Hellspawn is not welcomed in such lands. Immediately, upon entering Spawn is confronted by the Disciple who promptly greets Spawn by tearing his brain out and throwing his heart into the Greenworld whilst Spawn's body is thrown to hell. Spawn is then captured and tortured by Mammon so he can understand the secrets inside him.

    Meanwhile when Spawn's heart fell to the Green World, a soul was freed, as all the souls that died within the hour Al died went into the Spawn suit (thus why Malebolgia could not control Spawn). Chris meets with his mother once more as the Man of Miracles instructed him and then he travels to hell along with Sam Burke and Twitch Williams to rescue Spawn from Mammon. Spawn escapes and when he returns to earth, Signs of Armageddon begin to appear and Spawn begins looking for a way to stop it. Spawn discovers that Wanda’s twin children are responsible and he stops them from killing their entire family, but is unable to destroy them. Zera reveals that Jake is God and Katie is Satan.

    Spawn finds out that the Mother removed them of their powers and positions and sent them to Earth due to their hatred of each other and constant fighting. She tells him he cannot stop Armageddon, but he has the potential to be elevated to the power of a God and preserve the human race.

    He has to eat a piece of Forbidden Fruit from the Garden of Eden to gain such power. She tells Spawn he must prove himself first and has to fight against the The Disciple. It is revealed that there are twelve disciples, each one representing Jesus’ disciples. His power is also weakened as a demon is never to enter the Garden and it has taken the form of a counter starting at 9:9:9:9. However with guidance from Cyan he defeats all the Disciples except for the last Judas who Cyan tells him not to kill. He then stabs him in the heart, but the Mother gives Spawn a piece of the fruit and resurrect him. He gains a more angelic form and greater power.

    He returns to Earth finding it destroyed by the four Horsemen and all the humans dead and Angels and Demons in their place waiting to fight in the final battle. After defeating Zera he finds dead warriors of Heaven and one of them is Granny Blake having been betrayed by her faith. Spawn then battles the forces of Satan and God. He uses all the power given to him by the Mother to destroy the forces of Heaven and Hell and even all humanity. He has stopped Armageddon by taking away their armies; he is then killed by the two who then fight alone on Earth.

    New World

    However, Spawn comes back and by opening himself to the power of the Mother, resurrects everyone with the knowledge of what happened. He left God and Satan to fight in their own little world and closed the doors to Heaven, Hell and Earth. He asked to be turned into a human again by the mother, but later asked to once again become a Hellspawn.

    The New Clown
    The New Clown

    After a series of odd murders Spawn finds that the Clown has come back possessing the body of man named Barney Saunders. It was revealed that Saunders was having an affair with a woman named Wilma Barbara and got trapped in a garbage chute when he was trying to hide from her husband. He was there for sometime until Spawn destroyed and remade the world. He was rescued by Clown so he could use his body for himself. He then brought out the dark urges inside the tenants of an apartment building and used this to form a doorway to Hell to bring back his brother’s. However before he could form a portal Wilma showed up and his love for her allowed Saunders to take back control. He then intended to close the portal by going through it, but he took Wilma with him due to being angry over her leaving him in the chute.

    Zera reappeared only her head survived and she was suspended in a jar. Spawn was summoned by a Voodoo priestess named Mambo Suzanne. Zera was attempting to take over Nyx’s body and fight Spawn, but she was killed when Suzanne used their fighting as a distraction and threw her head into the streets where it was eaten by demon dogs. Nyx was freed and her and Spawn became friends again.

    Spawn later found that Ab and Zab had started a hell house where demons called sin eaters would create illusions of people’s greatest sins and feed off their guilt. After killing most of the sin eaters he found that a minister being fed on was his brother Richard and he allowed him to hallucinate to learn about his past.

    It was revealed that Mammon knew Al when he was younger under the name Mr. Malefick. He taught Al to kill small animals in hopes of turning him into a killer and his servant and got Richard to do drugs. Only their brother Marc wasn’t influenced by Mammon. Later Richard stabbed his drug dealer named Weasel while high and called his brothers for help, but Al finishes him off instead of being implicated in crime and Mammon hides the body.

    Nyx and Spawn then kill the last sin eater and Spawn discovers that Richard cannot remember his parents due to a spell placed by Mammon and Spawn goes to find out about them. He finds their home under a spell placed by Mammon keeping them there for years. His mother is not shocked by his form, but his father is. It was revealed his mother planned with Mammon to create a hellspawn stronger than the others, but his father was grief stricken that he couldn’t stop her. He is then given a journal by his father that his mother prevented him from seeing. It revealed that his ancestor came across a hellspawn in the past known as the Gunslinger Spawn.

    The Tale of Two Brothers

    Al Simmons
    Al Simmons

    Ab and Zab create a hell where visitors are forced to view their deepest fears due to demons called sin eaters they feed on guilt from the visitors then making them face the evil that they had ever done. A woman who was in the house both had delusions of their fear caused by the sin eaters. They fed on the guilt giving them more power when Spawn confronted Ab and Zab he was faced with his own sin against Wanda and his unborn child. Spawn was unable to break free from the guilt and was slowly fed on by a sin eater. When Nyx interfered he was able to break a sin eater illusion. Nyx realized that he was getting more powerful. Spawn breaks all the others illusions then he comes across one who learned is Albert Simmons brother, Richard who was going through his worst sin Spawn who was still not yet recovering from all those memories as Albert Simmons.

    Spawn decides to allow Richard to feel his sins. It is realized that it was Mammon that put a influence on Albert Simmons and tutored Albert Simmons to torture and murder small animals seemingly allowing him to become his servant who would feel no pity in taking a beings life Malefick had also influenced Richard Simmons to take drugs and introduced him to the drug dealer Weasel.

    It was only Marc Simmons who was able to save himself from mammon but was unable to help the others. Richard Simmons delusion of his past climaxed with him stabbing and injuring Weasel with a knife that was given by Mammon while intoxicated with drugs Richard calls his brothers to help him save the drug dealers life and Albert Simmons not wanting his brothers getting in the crime decides instead of calling an ambulance and pulls the knife from Weasel's body and kills him with it Mammon appears sending the brothers home while he hides the drug dealers body.

    The Monster in the Bubble

    spawn at his prime
    spawn at his prime

    The comic series during the continuation from the last issue Spawn was left helpless and at a little weakened against his enemy Erskine's psychic powers,and although Spawn had psychic powers of his own he was in trouble due to Erskine's creation of a tentacle creature that had the the ability of impaling his enemies. This creature also showed the features of Mammon that was coaxing. Nyx had come out of nowhere to stab the creature with a sword, but not killing the creature just stunning it to get it's attention, but it was a mistake by Nyx only making herself the creatures target. Next she uses her telepathic powers to contact Marc Simmons, asking him to shoot Erskine. Erskine retaliates and ceases Marc's attack and accidentally grabbed the trigger of Marc's special gun causing the creature to disappear, while Spawn and Nyx go to the hospital where Erskine is.

    Spawn is given a opportunity of whether or not whether he should cause Erskine's death. Which threatens Spawn to enter the bubble dome, a dimension if Erskine does not reveal the location of Mammon, who Spawn believed was causing the attacks. Mammon then appears only to complicate the situation and make things worse by allowing Erskine to complete his last murder, by using a devastating psychic projection of a strange woman to attack the last victim. After all that had happened Mammon confesses that it was him who taught Erskine how to use his powers. Which been shown in his recent killing. Erskine tries to commit suicide leaving behind his possessions of the doctor who he was taken care by after he was brought to the hospital. Spawn continues to attacked Mammon, and ask what Mammon wanted from him. Mammon tells him that he was a special being with great divine powers.

    Later a man wakes in a mortuary with no memory of who he is. Soon some doctors working on him discover he is alive and panic only to be killed by someone in a robe. The person was previously seen with Mammon and is revealed to be Morana. Severin is the man's name and he finds that he is one of the first species of vampires called the Vrykolakas. However he wants to die and Morana promises him death in return for his help. While Marc, Nyx and Spawn talk Severin appears defeats Marc and Nyx and bites Spawn to transfer his vampirism. He retreats back to Morana hoping for death, but is cursed to have to go over his last few moments repeatedly for all time.

    It is revealed Cyan has been experiencing horrid visions mostly of her mother covered in blood and even Spawn's current torment. Severin's attack has caused Spawn to battle the suit in his mind. It tells him it was always in control not Al. It tells him of it's anger of relinquishing his godlike powers and that Wanda had been having affairs before his death. The two fight in Spawn's mind him in his human form as the suit tells him Wanda never wanted his child soon Al gives in and gets up. Meanwhile Mammon with Morana and his adopted mother and father Lucian and Daciana as they prepare for the next step in their plans. Cyan is having more visions that cause her to be scared of Spawn and after seeing her door in blood she opens it to find Spawn asking if he's going to kill her mom. Luckily Granny had warned Cyan and she used a knife with the old shoe lace she got from Spawn to send Spawn into an illusionary world to talk to Wanda non-violently.


    There he speaks with Wanda while they ride on a boat in a lake. He says he wanted to move on but can't. Wanda wonders if he could go if she forgave him but she says she cannot forgive for the death of the child but still loves the man inside him. Spawn tries to take out Cyan's knife but only pulls out his wedding ring and some how suppresses the suit. Soon Cyan and Nyx show up and they get to the shore only for K7-Leetha to appear and take over Nyx. It says it has been working with Mammon from the start to build Spawn and in return would get to live on earth free. Now controlled by the K7 Nyx tries to kill Cyan and Wanda but is halted by Mammon who promises even more power if it still does his wishes. The entire group goes to a castle and Mammon says his plan to make a perfect Hellspawn. He wanted the rapture so that Satan, God and Malebolgia would be gone and revealed his perfect Hellspawn was Al and Wanda's miscarried child now Morana. He chose those two due to the fact both the families have been filled with Spawns' from previous times.

    After washing herself in virgins blood she is now fully mature and bonds with the uniform and gets ready to consume her parents souls. With none of the most powerful being useful Cyan taps into her powers and goes to the future. She talks with an old women who gives her a message for Al. Returning she has Spawn summon the last twelve (but most powerful) members of the Legion. However they are beaten by Morana one by one. Mammon insults Al and in turn he disowns Morana enraging her and given Cyan the chance to tell Nyx a spell to trap Mammon and Morana. It works and both demons are sealed and the others return home save Al who jumped into a hell-dimension to be reborn as a weapon against both heaven and hell.

    Spawn Endgame


    He passes through the reality and is soon ready to enter the human dimension. He makes his way to a certain point in the alleys (probably the spot he first returned from hell) and then blows off his head. Meanwhile a man under the named Jim Downing who is without his memories and is healing (unusually fast) at a hospital. He seems to know Spawn as he was thinking about him. A janitor tries to make money off Jim's story and calls a lawyer. The lawyer then calls someone else and tells the janitor not to go to the papers and then the lawyer commits suicide. Soon a thug is payed to capture Jim. While he is talking to a nurse who prayed for his recovery the thug attacks with a flaming skull. Jim flees and they cause a massive amount of damage, but soon he catches up to Jim, but soon Jim transforms into Spawn and kills his attacker and then escapes the burning hospital back in human form and is taken in by the firefighters.

    He is later transported to another hospital with other patients. He later leaves and reunites with his nurse Sara and after remembering his first transformation he begins to turn again. He calls to Sara but leaves before she can see him. Meanwhile a reporter begins to ask questions about what happened at the hospital. Wandering the city he is attacked and effortlessly kills his would be killers. This draws the attention of Sam and Twitch who recognize the chaos as something Spawn may do.

    After again reuniting with Sara and telling him about his transformation he then wanders again only to run into Wanda Blake Al Simmons ex-wife. She recognizes Jim as the form Al took when he originally came back to earth and she realizes he is a Spawn like Al.

    On her advice he travels to Rat city and finds Spawns throne where he ruled and is met by an angel. He ends up fighting the angel and calls him a traitor during the fight. Fearing the angel has done something to Sara he beats the angel and leaves. Jim finds a man was asking questions about him and questions him to discover he works for someone named Gilbert Sanchez.

    The angel Spawn beat is later attacked by Clown who removes her wings. When Spawn returns he's sees the angel both powerless and insane and is surprised to find Freak and later Violator himself. Despite Freak's warnings Clown begins to deceive Jim and informs him that his suit is a living being but then vanishes. Clown later allows himself to be arrested by Sam and Twitch to meet the leader of a vampire group to attempt to form a unity between the leader, Clown and Spawn.

    Gilbert Sanchez is later killed by other mob members for his information on the new Spawn. Spawn attempts to learn more about him but after being assaulted uses his powers on his attacker. Jim later finds the man who had been asking Sara questions. He tracks to his families home which is suddenly bombed killing everyone inside but Spawn. He is later able to find more mob members and questions them further and then finishing them when he's done.


    Al Simmons as Omega Spawn
    Al Simmons as Omega Spawn

    Al Simmons makes his return in the Image Universe crossover Image United. In the series he appears as the main villain. Spawn makes his appearance this time possessing a new suit with a counter reading that he has an unlimited amount of power and now calls himself "Omega Spawn". He has showed up while many villains are attacking various heroes all over the world and meets his new replacement Jim.

    Al Simmons makes all his plans clear to end the world, and he asks Jim to help him. Jim refuses and engages Omega Spawn in a battle, where Al easily gains the upper hand. Omega Spawn makes it very clear that he is superior, and informs Jim that he will never truly know what he was a part of, and he'll never have the answers his sought, as he attempts to deliver a final blow Jim teleports himself to a hospital. He attempts to warn them of the coming threat, but is too weak. He is taken into care by Ann Stevens. It is slowly revealed that Spawn is the one behind the sudden flow of violence all over America.

    Spawn Resurrection

    Al Simmons returns in Resurrection
    Al Simmons returns in Resurrection

    In the #250 anniversary issue of Spawn, Al Simmons will be making his return as the main Spawn once again. Wiser, smarter, and with a plan, Simmons is now in full control of his suit and his powers, as he plans on making his enemies feel what it's like to be hunted.


    • Height: 6'2"
    • Weight: 234 lbs
    • Eyes: Black
    • Hair: Bald
    • Nationality: African American



    The Power of a Hellspawn.
    The Power of a Hellspawn.

    The source of Spawn’s power comes from necroplasm. It is the necroplasm which gives him his strength and durability. His strength is capable of lifting an entire building and throwing it with ease. Necroplasm was originally dubbed by humans as Psychoplasm, but later in translation has become the green goo we're all more familiar with. Each Hellspawn is given 9:9:9:9 units of necroplasm and when that is gone they go straight back to Hell. Spawn’s main weapon however is his symbiotic suit. His suit is called Leetha of the 7th House of K or K7-Leetha.

    The suit is connected to his central nervous system which allows him to control all parts of the suit, but at times the suit has protected him even if he is unconscious. He uses the suit to create his chains, spikes and to animate his cape to attack his foes, even cutting and dismembering limbs. The costume feeds off the necroplasm in Spawn’s body however the suit can also feed off evil from humans, certain animals such as insects, bats, etc and even from different parts of the city itself. Spawn’s power is only truly limited by imagination and his units of necroplasm. However due to Spawn retaining his military training he often uses firearms instead of his powers.


    Army of the Ages
    Army of the Ages

    Spawn also has unique powers that other Hellspawn do not have. He can detect when someone is in danger or has been killed and he can feel negative emotions such as pain, hatred and misery. It was recently revealed that Spawn’s body contained a number of lost souls. Twitch Williams estimated that their may have been near 6,000 souls in his body. He was able to summon those souls as Hellspawn anytime he needed thanks to the help from a young Hellspawn named Christopher who escaped thanks to his heart being removed early in a battle.

    However these souls have currently moved on, but Spawn still has their knowledge and experiences. He later shows that a few souls still remained and were the most powerful of the group but these were truly finished off by Spawn's daughter Morana.

    It is later revealed that Spawn never truly lost the power of his legion as others had come to believe. In reality Colgiostro realized the discrepancy within his soul in actuality did not enable him to merely house the souls of thousands, which later after his resurrection, also included all the spirits of people whom he'd killed in his prior life as a CIA assassin. But it was the natural capacity to draw in as well as control any and all Hellspawn that'd come to exist across history. Past, present and ever changing future iterations of Spawn are potentially his to command.

    Divine Powers

    Spawn had been given great power due to the help of the Greenworld and the Mother. He was given the power to control the Earth itself during and after his battle with Urizen and used this power to swallow him whole in the Earth. After giving him a piece of fruit from the Tree of Life the Mother gave Spawn godlike power. He used these new powers to engulf an army of Hellspawn in the Earth and send them back to Hell. He also used this power to destroy all of Hell and Heavens forces and the reconstructed all of Earth and it’s people and trapped God and Satan in their own realm to fight.

    The First Mutation

    One special power that Spawn has is mutation. Spawn first used this power when he fought the redeemer an Anti-Spawn from heaven that can manipulate energy but not powers he also has necroplasmic powers making him a tough foe. This power allows Spawn to mutate into a creature with enhanced strength this power is similar to shape shifting except he can only evolve to creatures and monsters rather than his opponents. Spawn might use this power when he trying to scare off bad guys or defeat another monster from hell.

    The One

    Spawn is often known as the one because of his abilities another common reason is because spawn was brought to hell and was leader at one point and would give all other Hellspawns orders to defeat their rivals, but Spawn found out that they were evil and then decided that he wanted to leave hell and continue his mission to conquer the world. The ruler was Violator a foe of Spawn and had to fight him in order for him to leave, this was the second battle they fought but didn't last long since Spawn had fought him and learned Violator's weaknesses and used them to his advantage.

    Spawn won the battle then was allowed to leave. Spawn returned to earth very fast due to his speed and teleportation skills after this battle Spawn learned that he had the power to travel to different dimensions. Another quality of this facet enables Al to harness the powers of the very first hellspawn through his symbiotic suit. In the past, Spawn had used his necromlasplic magic in order to resurrect and reanimate the dead. In recent times however he now showcases a much greater mastery over life & death in the fact that he can control anyone whom he resurrects, to the point that their loyalty to his is unshakable. He can reduce them to corpses or restore them to the living world on a whim with ease.


    The Greenworld

    One of spawn's weaknesses is the Greenworld. The Greenworld is a dimension that drains Spawn's powers. Once Spawn is in this dimension all of his past starts to haunt him and starts to make him slow in combat, although Spawn still knows martial arts. When he is in this world his attacks may not be as strong. Spawn was brought to the Greenworld when he started to gain the upper hand between the battle of him and Violator, Spawn was wounded and sought a way to defeat Violator but would soon find help from the mother who helped him defeat Violator.

    The Dead's Zone

    Spawn is rendered powerless (and therefore mortal) in a patch of alley known as "The Dead's Zone": a small patch of Earth that is Heaven's domain and in the ethereal realm of the "Greenworld." In this alley Spawn has to abide to the laws of the Greenworld and not those of Hell or Earth.

    Alternate Universes

    Hellspawn - In this reality Spawn appears as a demon.

    Mutations - In this reality Malebolgia never died and instead devoured The Phlebiac Brothers growing even more powerful. He tormented Spawn upon his return with past villains and even made him fight his now Undead body.

    Adventures of Spawn - In this reality Spawn is now Spawn-X and he received his powers from an ancient artifact known as the Necro-stone created by the Raven Spawn.

    Spawn: Godslayer - A re-imagining of Spawn taking place within a medieval fantasy setting rather than the main Spawn universe.

    Spawn/WildC.A.T.S: Devil Days - In this reality, Spawn gained a powerful medallion that gave him god-like powers and caused him to transform Earth into a hellish domain. In this reality, his name was Ipsissimus and he was defeated by the combined might of the WildC.A.T.S from the past and the future as well as Spawn, from before he gained the medallion. Ipsissimus was defeated after he realized the future Zealot was actually Cyan.

    Shadows of Spawn: Manga - Ken Kurosawa was a thug-for-hire who took various jobs to make money to help cure his sick sister Mariko. But one night while going home for his sister's birthday Ken was killed when a bomb planted in his car went off killing him and sending him to hell. Seven years later he wakes up to find himself changed and revived as a Hell Spawn in New York. The Violator arrives and tells him to follow him and listen to his instructions. Minutes later the Violator takes Ken back to California where he finds out he died and his sister is cured of her sickness and a rising actress. Happy to see her no longer ill the violator tells him to be prepared as he sees a demon entering her room. He rushes in to save her and learns of his new abilities.Al Simmons himself appears in one cameo and is reference twice in the series.

    The Rebirth

    Spawn's most powerful enemy is Urizen. Urizen is a creature who manipulates his opponents powers. When Spawn and Urizen met in battle, Spawn was getting the best of Urizen, he tried to defeat him but was unaware of the powers that Urizen had possessed. Once Spawn found out he struggled of a way to defeat Urizen but would later find his weakness, necroplasm.

    Spawn used this to defeat Urizen but after the battle was over he found out that his necroplasmic powers were gone, probably because Urizen's power allowed him to connect with Spawn's and as he vanished, so was the specific power spawn used.

    Spawn's Remaining Powers

    After spawn lost his divine power he still has his other abilities

    • Time Manipulation
    • Teleportation
    • Healing
    • Shape-shifting
    • Flight
    • Hypnosis
    • Telekinesis
    • Magic
    • Phasing
    • Wall-clinging
    • invisibility
    • Fire Generation and manipulation
    • Dimensional Manipulation

    Other Media


    Movie poster for Spawn
    Movie poster for Spawn
    • Spawn made his debut in the critically acclaimed animated series Todd McFarlane's Spawn where Spawn is voiced by Keith David. The show spanned from 1997-1999, with a total of 18 episodes.
    • Spawn has had numerous cameos, homages and parodies in other shows and cartoons.


    • Spawn had his own film in 1997, starring actor and martial artist Michael Jai White. The movie would have a sequel, but after a few years of development problems, the plan was eventually dropped.
    • It was announced in August 2009 that Todd McFarlane had officially begun writing the screenplay for a new movie based on the character. The new film will star Jamie Foxx as Spawn.

    Video Games

    • Tood McFarlane's Spawn: the Video Game (1995) - NES
    • Spawn (1997) - Game Boy Colour
    • Spawn: The Eternal (1997) - Playstation
    • Spawn: In the Demon's Hand (2000) - Sega Dreamcast
    • Spawn: Armageddon (2003) - Xbox, Playstation 2, Nintendo Gamecube
    • Spawn appeared as a guest character in the Xbox version of Soul Calibur II. In the game Malebolgia sent Spawn to the sixteenth century on a mission to retrieve the Soul Edge. Spawn had to obey his master, for it was his only chance of returning to his time period. Todd McFarlane also created the character Necrid.Also appears in Soul Calibur II Online.
    • Spawn appears as a guest fighter in Mortal Kombat 11.

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