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    Naruto Uzumaki is a hyperactive ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team 7, son of the Fourth Hokage and Kushina Uzumaki. Shortly after his birth, the Nine-Tailed Fox was sealed inside of him, but this was kept a secret from him for years. He has now achieved his dreams and became Konoha's Seventh Hokage. He also has a wife (Hinata) and two children (Himawari and Boruto).

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    Naruto as an infant with his mother Kushina.
    Naruto as an infant with his mother Kushina.

    Twelve years before the series began the Fourth Hokage sacrificed his life defeating the Nine-Tailed demon fox, Kyuubi, and sealing it inside of the recently born Naruto.

    Naruto was born to Minato Namikaze, also known as the Fourth Hokage, and Kushina Uzumaki. His godfather is the legendary Sannin Jiraiya and is named after the main character in the one and only book made by Jiraiya about a hero.

    The Tale of Uzumaki Naruto!

    The Fourth Hokage intended for Naruto to be known as a hero to the people of, but due to the fear of the Kyuubi’s powers, Naruto grew up faced with prejudice and hatred. He began hiding his insecurities behind a mischievous,comic relief attitude. As the series begins, he is seen painting on the statues of the most respected characters in the Naruto world, the Hokage. He is quickly apprehended by his teacher, Iruka Umino, and taken to the Ninja academy, where he and the rest of his class are told to practice their transformation jutsu. Naruto transforms into a naked woman (carefully covered by the jutsu’s smoke), which he calls his Sexy Jutsu.

    The "Sexy Jutsu"

    Later that day, Naruto is forced by Iruka to clean the paint off of the Hokage statues. Iruka Umino after watching Naruto work, offers him ramen (Naruto’s favorite food), and Naruto asks to wear Iruka’s headband, but Iruka refuses, saying that it is only for those who graduate the academy, and that Naruto must earn it. The next day, the academy graduation test is a doppelgänger test. Naruto complains that he is horrible at the doppelganger, and he proves it true when he creates a dumb and drooling illusion, when he was supposed to create three good doppelgangers. Even after the prompting of the other teacher, Mizuki, Naruto is failed for the third year in a row. Naruto sits on a swing as everyone else goes up and celebrates their graduation with there parents.

    As Naruto sat, brooding over his third failing, Mizuki approaches him and tells him about his similarities between him and Iruka, and then tells him that something that could make him exponentially more powerful is the forbidden scroll. Naruto Proceeds to steal it, disabling The Third Hokage with the Sexy jutsu. Naruto then flees into the woods and begins to memorize the scroll. He is only able to learn the first technique on the scroll before being discovered by Iruka. As Iruka prepares to take Naruto back to the village, he is attacked by Mizuki. Mizuki then proceeds to tell Naruto about his role as Kyuubi, and as he prepares to deal Naruto a final blow, Iruka gets in the way and is seriously injured. Naruto then runs from Iruka after Mizuki tells him that Iruka hates him for orphaning him (Even though Naruto was not Kyuubi, but was only his vessel. Mizuki left out this part). Iruka then pretends to be Naruto, and as Naruto, leads Mizuki on a wild goose chase, before attacking him. Naruto sit close by as Iruka gives a speech about how he does not hate Naruto, only Kyuubi. As Mizuki gets ready to kill Iruka, Naruto kicks him. He then shows the one move he was able to memorize from the scroll, the Doppelganger (which, you can call it the multi-shadow clone jutsu, instead of just making illusionary Narutos, he actually makes duplicates of himself.) Naruto then proceeds to pummel Mizuki, and Iruka gives him his headband, saying that Naruto has officially graduated from the academy.

    The next day, Naruto is taking a picture for his profiling in the ninja bingo book. He does a very over the top look, making himself appear very threatening, with face paint, and everything.

    Konohamaru and his
    Konohamaru and his "crew"

    After he tries to submit the picture, it is denied, but before he can complain, a strange boy jumps into the room, attempting to attack the Third Hokage. He trips over his own scarf though, and falls onto his face. His teacher then enters the room, and tells the boy (who he calls Konohamaru) not to attack his esteemed grandfather. Konohamaru ignores the man, and begins blaming Naruto for stopping him from attacking his grandfather (which Naruto did not do). Naruto then gets into an argument with the boy, which ends with the boy getting a smack in the face. Konohamaru’s teacher, Ebisu, goes ballistic, saying that this demon boy should not even have the authority to touch the Third Hokage’s esteemed Grandson.

    After the incident, Konohamaru begins to stalk Naruto, and when Naruto confronts him about it, he asks to learn the Sexy Jutsu from Naruto. Naruto accepts, and he and Konohamaru begin training. Konohamaru is seen doing a very fat version of the Sexy Jutsu, and is scolded by Naruto. Later, when both of them are taking a break, Naruto asks Konohamaru why he is so obsessed with taking down his grandfather. It turns out that Konohamaru is tired of only being acknowledged as the Third Hokage's grandson, and wants to be known as something more. Naruto then says that if Konohamaru wants to be the Hokage, he has to get through Naruto. He then ends their teaching, saying that from now on, they are rivals. Ebisu then appears, and Konohamaru attempts to disable him with the "Sexy Jutsu", Ebisu says that he would never fall for such a vulgar move (though he is smiling when he says it). Naruto the combines his doppelganger with the "Sexy-Jutsu" and reveals his new technique, the "Harem Jutsu". Ebisu is sent limp, and Naruto and Konohamaru leave happily.

    The next day, Naruto is sitting in the graduated class, and as a classmate continues to bother Naruto about being in the class, Sakura Haruno comes up to him and tells him to move so that she can sit next to Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto then gets into a glaring conflict with Sasuke, and is accidentally pushed into Sasuke, where Naruto shares his first (yet accidental) kiss. All of Sasuke’s fan girls then proceed to beat up Naruto. After Naruto's beating, Iruka assigns them to three man cells. Naruto is, not to surprisingly, paired with Sakura and Sasuke. At lunch time, Naruto ties up Sasuke and pretends to be him so that he can learn what Sakura thinks of him. He then insults her (as Sasuke), but as he walks down the hall, the real Sasuke meets him, telling him that he needs to work on his knots.

    The next day, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are waiting for their new Jonin instructor. Naruto decides to pull a prank on him by putting an eraser on the door. Naruto laughs as Kakashi Hatake falls into the trap and is hit on the head by the eraser. He then responds by saying he hates them. The team then proceeds outside and tells about themselves. Naruto continuously talks about ramen until expressing his want to be the next Hokage. Kakashi then shows a bit of interest in Naruto’s interests before concluding the session. Sasuke tells them about how he wants to defeat a "certain someone", his brother, Itachi.

    Naruto's rival, Sasuke Uchiha
    Naruto's rival, Sasuke Uchiha

    He tells them to meet at the training grounds the next day, and to not eat any breakfast, unless they like to throw up. When the three students arrive, they are left waiting for a few hours (again) before Kakashi arrives with two bells. He tells his students that they have to get the bells from him, or they don’t get any lunch (the reason for not eating breakfast). He then orders the children to attack as if to kill, and when Sakura says it would be dangerous, Kakashi calls Naruto a loser. Naruto takes offense and attempts to attack him, but Kakashi appears behind him and puts Naruto's weapon behind his head, holding him still. He then comments that they are listening to him and that he is starting to like them. Everyone then hides around Kakashi, but Naruto confronts him head on. He is quickly defeated, and sent flying into the water by Kakashi’s “Thousand Years of Death" technique (poking his fingers up his butt). Naruto then uses his shadow clones to trap Kakashi once he gets out. As he does one final attack, Kakashi switches his body with one of Naruto’s shadow clones. Naruto then begins to attack the doppelganger, believing it to be a transformed Kakashi. Naruto then falls into one of Kakashi’s traps, and ends up hanging by his ankle from a tree. He escapes, but lands on another of Kakashi’s traps, and is hanging from his ankle yet again. During his time hanging upside-down, Naruto sees the bento on three logs. He escapes and attempts to eat the bento, but is caught by Kakashi and tied to one of the logs. Kakashi then tells them that he is not sending them back to the academy, but that they are so hopeless that they should give up trying to be ninjas.

    After declaring the three ninjas hopeless, Kakashi reveals the point of the exercise, teamwork, and tells Sasuke and Sakura to eat the lunch in front of Naruto, because Naruto tried to eat without permission. He said if they feed him, they all fail. Kakashi leaves, and Sasuke offers some of his lunch to Naruto. Sakura then follows suit, and Kakashi (who was hiding behind a tree) charges at them but, at the last second, stops in front of them and declares their passing. The lunch eating was actually a test to see if they would share the lunch. He explains that “those who violate the rules are scum, but those who forget their friends are less them scum.” Naruto is touched by his words, and Kakashi declares that Team 7’s first mission shall begin the next day. Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura begin to leave, but they forget about Naruto, and he is left tied to the stump, or choose to leave him there.

    Team 7 is next seen following an unidentified figure. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are then told to capture it, and Naruto pounces onto the figure. It is revealed that their target is the Fire Daimyo’s wife’s cat. After Team 7 returns for their pay, Naruto complains about their lack of excitement in their missions. After a bit of wearing down, the Hokage gives Naruto a C-rank mission. The mission is to guard a bridge builder named Tazuna. Soon after leaving the village, they are attacked by two ninjas. During the battle, Sasuke holds off the ninjas, but Naruto freezes and is cut by one of their claws.

    Kakashi Hatake, Naruto's mentor
    Kakashi Hatake, Naruto's mentor

    After Kakashi subdues them, he looks at Naruto’s wound and says that the claw was poisoned. Naruto panics and Kakashi tells him that he has to bleed the wound to get the poison out. Naruto then stabs very deeply into the wound, vowing never to freeze up, and to protect the old man. Kakashi then tells him that, though he extracted the poison, he overdid it and could very possibly bleed to death. Naruto again panics, but, when Kakashi observes the wound, he discovers that the wound has already started to heal. He then tells Naruto that he will be fine. (This is a result of Kyuubi, the Nine Tailed Fox.)

    Tazuna then reveals that he misled Team 7 with the mission parameters. He is truly being hunted by a billionaire named Gato, who makes his money by Marine transportation. The ninja's they just fought had been sent by Gato to assassinate him. Tazuna has in fact been on Gato's bad side because he is building a bridge to the mainland, which would allow non-marine transportation with the mainland. This in fact makes the mission an A-rank mission, instead of C-Rank. Tazuna had to trick them because he could not afford an A-rank Mission. Team 7 agrees to continue (reluctantly).

    They then take a rowboat to the land of waves, and as they begin walking, Naruto attempts to outdo Sasuke, eventually stunning a rabbit with a projectile. Suddenly, Kakashi calls for everyone to duck, and Sakura pushes Naruto down as a rapidly spinning sword flies overhead and into a tree, and Zabuza Momochi appears on it's hilt.

    Naruto sees Zabuza as a chance to prove himself, and he attempts to attack Zabuza, but Kakashi holds him back. He tells Naruto that Zabuza is way out of his league, and proceeds to reveal his Sharingan eye.

    As the fight between Zabuza and Kakashi rages on, Team 7 realizes that they may be in a more dangerous spot then they had predicted. With the three of them in a formation they attempted to protect Tazuna.

    During the bout, Zabuza sent out a "Water Clone" jutsu to kill Tazuna. Naruto and Sasuke's quick thinking barely saved them. Naruto barraged the psychotic killer with all his might and "Shadow Clones", while Sasuke devised a deadly plan. With Kakashi captured, all that the three could do was hope that they could save him with this plan or else they were dead meat. No one had any clue at how dangerous Zabuza really was, though. He captured Kakashi with his "Water Prison" jutsu and proceeded to make him sedentary during the fight. With Sasuke's plan, however, they managed to get him out of the prison and thus turn the tides of the battle. Sasuke launched two demon wind shuriken ( was Naruto) and Zabuza dodged them both as Naruto freed Kakashi they managed to win but Zabuza got away with Haku's help. Later they confronted Zabuza on a bridge. Kakashi fought Zabuza and Naruto and Sasuke barely managed to fend off Zabuza as soon he was killed himself, his partner Haku, and Gato all at once.

    Chunin exams

    The first test of the Chunin exams was an actual test. The point was to cheat on every answer without getting caught. Naruto had a hard time deciding whether or not to stay because for the last question if he got it wrong his whole team would fail and never get a second chance at the Chunin exams. He decide to stay and it's later shown he didn't answer a single question. Everyone who decided to stay passed. During the second part of the test every team had to retrieve one scroll from another team within the Forest of Death. They had to have a Earth and Heaven scroll to pass, but they couldn't read them. In the forest they ran into and had to fight Orochimaru, one of the three legendary Sannin. They survived but with a seal on Sasuke which gave him increased powers at a price. He also tried to seal Naruto's fox inside him with the five pronged seal.

    During the last part of the second test Naruto and Sakura decided to fake one of the scrolls. They were going to try and figure out what was in the other scroll by reading the scroll they had. Luckily, Kabuto Yakushi managed to stop them. Then Sasuke came back and was disappointed. Kabuto then decided to help out Naruto and his team. He told them about how to get the other scroll. After a fight of Rain ninja they made it to the tower where they would take the next part of there test.

    Naruto Fighting Kiba
    Naruto Fighting Kiba

    After that the preliminary test started, which consisted of a tournament. When it was Naruto's turn to fight he had to face Kiba Inuzuka. Even though Kiba thought it was going to be easy he was wrong and it proved very difficult. With help from a fart which stunned Kiba, Naruto, with the help of "Shadow Clones" used a new technique that he called the " Naruto Uzumaki Barrage" (a blatant rip off of Sasuke's "Lion's Barrage", to seem cool in front of Sakura) and won the match. When Hinata Hyuga had to fight her cousin Neji, Naruto encourages and helps her telling her about what Neji said about her being weak and useless and not deserving to be in the main branch not true. Nonetheless she failed.

    Before Part II of the Chunin Exams

    Before the finals each ninja has one month to train and heal for their match. Naruto gets stuck with Ebisu as a trainer and attempts to get out of it in any possible way, but Kakashi says that he is too busy teaching Sasuke, and, him being the only one that would ever teach Naruto in Konoha, he was stuck with Ebisu. For Ebisu's first training exercise, Naruto and he would head over to a spa, in order to learn how to finally control his chakra enough to walk on water.

    Jiraiya's here!
    Jiraiya's here!

    As an incentive, the water below him would be boiling hot, meaning that he would almost have to be able to stand on it in order to even make it out of here alive. Needless to say, Ebisu was forced to catch Naruto multiple times before he finally almost semi halfway sort of got the concept, of walking on water, before he saw a large man staring into the women's bath through a tiny hole in the wall on the other side of the room. Seeing this, Ebisu flew into a rage and told the man that that kind of thing was not permissible in his training session, and that he would have to leave. Charging the man with a kunai, he was quickly defeated as the man turned around, barely even noticing him, the giant frog he was standing on doing all the work for him. Seeing that this guy was tons and tons stronger than Ebisu, the pathetically perverted instructor, he asked for this new man to train him. He begged and begged, only to have him tell him that he was far to busy to deal with a little brat like him, and had more of his so defined "research" to do.

    He finally says yes, after Naruto did his "Sexy Jutsu", on one condition, being that he had to stay in that form the whole time they were training together. Naruto screamed no, and transformed back, but the old perverted man, who introduced himself as the great "Toad Sage Jiraiya" , he told him that he was no ordinary pervert, that he was a "Mega-Perv", and that Naruto should just leave him alone. Eventually after begging, Jiraiya trained the young aspiring Hokage, and told him a lot of things about chakra that Ebisu had never even seemed to touch on. After Naruto had gotten as close to nailing water walking as Jiraiya thought he could for the day, he asked Naruto to use up every last bit of his chakra, and so he did, by beating himself up for the entire day with his own shadow clones. They did this for many days, and Naruto often pondered the purpose of such things, but Jiraiya only told him that he needed to expend his chakra every day for him to see day, Naruto's shirt was ripped off, and he noticed something about the seal on Naruto's stomach...the even numbered seal had been covered by an odd-numbered one, making it near impossible for Naruto to manipulate his chakra. It was a wonder he could do nearly anything at all, but once Jiraiya released the seal, he was fine. And, now that Naruto was fully capable of walking on water, he decided he would train him in another very special art...the art of summoning, one of the most powerful Jutsu to be spawned.

    Chunin Exams continued

    Naruto vs Neji
    Naruto vs Neji

    In the finals, Naruto's opponent was Neji and was the first fight in the tournament. The perfect match, as he was insanely angry at him and so he would be fueled by what Neji had done to Hinata. Despite what Neji said that everybody's destiny is sealed, Naruto managed to beat him by using his Nine-Tails' chakra and tricking him, which opens Neji's eyes telling destiny isn't always sealed in stone.

    When Sasuke's match comes by everyone falls asleep because of genjutsu from secret Sand ninja in the stands. Kakashi, Might Guy, and Sakura use "Chakra release" to protect themselves from it. Kakashi then tells Sakura to wake-up Naruto and Shikamaru Nara in order to chase after Sasuke to prevent him from doing anything rash. Sakura finds out that Shikamaru cleared the genjutsu too. They then are assigned to go after Sasuke and help him out with the help of a ninja-dog. Shikamaru tells them to go ahead so he can fend off a group of sound ninja that are coming after them.

    When they get there Gaara sticks Sakura to a tree after fighting Sasuke. Naruto then jumps in to save Sasuke from Gaara. After a few minutes, Gaara changes into his true form, the One Tailed Shukaku. Naruto tries to summon Chief Toad but it's not the chief toad, it's Gamakichi. Then after another attempt he finally summons the chief toad Gamabunta. Chief Toad uses his sword to fight the Shukaku but needs to hold him down. Naruto transforms them into the Nine-Tailed Fox! Toad grabs onto Shukaku and Naruto jumps on him and fights Gaara. After they both disappear, Naruto hits Gaara and after they battle a few more seconds they're both to tired too continue fighting.

    Search for Tsunade

    Naruto is now traveling with Jiraiya to find Tsunade, the last member of the Sannin, so they can offer her the role of Fifth Hokage. During that time Jiraiya teaches Naruto the "Rasengan", the justu that the Fouth Hokage created. Later Jiraiya and Naruto find Tsunade with her student Shizune.

    Tsunade started to insult the Hokage which infuriated Naruto and he challenged her to a fight. She stoppped Naruto with one finger in which she makes a bet to Naruto if he master the "Rasengan" in one week she will give him her "cursed" necklace. Nearing the deadline Naruto still has not mastered the "Rasengan", but he later learns of Tsunade's meeting with Orochimaru and aimed to stop it. He then masters the "Rasengan" when fighting Kabuto, and he passed out through effort afterwards and injury. Tsunade gave him the necklace as she healed him.

    Sasuke Retrieval

    When Shikamaru is assigned to retrieve Sasuke from the Sound Four, Tsunade says he must bring Naruto with him. Along with hime, Neji, Choji, and Kiba and Akamaru are brought. When they find the Sound Four they become trapped with a rock prison by Jirobou. Thanks to Shikamaru's instruction, Choji was able to get them out using his Human Boulder technique. They then leave Choji to fight Jirobu so they can rescue Sasuke.

    Sasuke Retrieval Team
    Sasuke Retrieval Team

    When Shikamaru fails to act like Jirobou to get Sasuke, Kidomauru stays behind while the other two go on. Each person tries to do a sneak attack on Kidomaru, he traps Naruto and his shadow clones and everyone else with his web. Kidomaru decides to shoot at each Shadow Clone until he finds the real Naruto. He fails to shoot the real one leaving two clones left. He shoots at both but they disapear. Naruto comes behind and attacks Kidomaru. This allows Neji to free himself and others. They leave Neji to fight Kidomaru and his six arms so they can go after the other two of the Sound Four.

    As they were running Naruto was able to get Sasuke and Akamaru set bombs along the way. When Sakon of the Sound Four gets hit by a bomb he starts chasing Akamaru and wraps him in string. Kiba goes after him as a bomb explodes and Sakon, Akamaru, and Kiba fall down into a canyon. When Tayuya catches up a new ninja appears and grabs Sasuke' coffin. His name is Kimimaro and he reveals himself to be a fifth member of the Sound Ninja Four, now the Sound Ninja Five. Kimimaro then leaves with Naruto going after him. After Naruto finally caught up with Kimimaro, he began fighting him with all of his strength. he even used multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu in Kyuubi form, and still didn't manage to beat the man who fought with bones. In the middle of the fight, Naruto saw Sasuke come out of the strange box seal that he'd been in since Naruto had come after him. Naruto commenced to ask Sasuke what on earth he was doing, and was only replied with a maniacal cackle. He began to pursue Sasuke as he leapt off into the forest behind Kimimaro and started heading towards Orochimaru's lair, or at least where he thought he resided. Naruto commenced to chase Sasuke, of course only to have Kimimaro stop him in his tracks.

    Naruto defeated by Sasuke
    Naruto defeated by Sasuke

    Kimimaro was able to fight Naruto with ease. He could destroy many of his shadow clones at once with his dances. Plus he could use his bones to fight as well. That fight would've been the last of Naruto if Rock Lee didn't come in to save him. Rock Lee held off Kimimaro while Naruto would pursue Sasuke once again. Naruto then fights Sasuke with all his might even using the nine-tailed foxs power but Sasuke's curse mark eventually beats him. Then Kakashi goes out and brings Naruto and the others to the hospital. After the fight everyone turns out to be fine and Jiraiya informs Naruto he has three years until Sasuke's body gets taken by Orochimaru and he gets attacked by the Akatsuki so Naruto goes with him.


    For two and a half years Naruto has been training with Jiraiya. During this time he learned to take on four tailed formed which almost kills Jiraiya. When he

    Naruto after the time gap
    Naruto after the time gap

    meets Sakura again she remarks how much he has grown. Later Kakashi makes them take the bell test again. This time the objective is to actually get the bells since there are only two people since Sasuke left to train with Orochimaru. Kakashi uses his Sharingan this time knowing he's in for a fight.

    Naruto and Sakura think of a plan to defeat Kakashi without putting fourth alot more effort after he manages to get a few hits. Naruto thinks of a good plan then they go at Kakashi. While heading straight for Naruto and Sakura Kakashi prepares to attack but Naruto yells out he knows the ending to one of Kakashi's Icha Icha (Makeout Makeout) series. Kakashi covers his ears but since has the Sharingan he can read Naruto's lips. So he closes his eyes and when he opens them Naruto and Sakura are standing over him with the 2 bells. Naruto then says he didn't even know the ending after getting bored of reading the book and both of them pass.

    Kazekage Rescue Arc

    Naruto goes off to help retrieve Gaara whom was captured by Akatsuki, journeying with him is Kakashi, Sakura, and a Sand village ninja named Chiyo whom is related to one of the Akatsuki that captured Gaara. As they close in upon Gaara's assailants, they are halted by Itachi. Itachi successfully places Naruto in a genjutsu, but is able to escape with the help of Sakura and Chiyo. Kakashi and Itachi begin fighting and Kakashi manages to trap Itachi, allowing Naruto to end the fight with the Big Ball Rasengan. However, it turned out to be a fake Itachi that the real Itachi was controlling from somewhere else.

    After catching up to Akatsuki, he would then leave Sakura and Chiyo to deal with Sasori to give chase after Deidara and Gaara with Kakashi. Naruto is unable to reach Deidara's height, however Kakashi uses his new Mangekyou Sharingan technique, Kamui, to try kill Deidara, but only manages to pull off his arm. Naruto manages to attack the fallen Deidara head on, however it turns out to be an Earth Clone and Naruto begins to sprout tails in anger. Kakashi quickly acts, using a seal Jiraiya gave him to suppress the Kyuubi's chakra. Gai and his squad show up to help capture Deidara, however he manages to escape in an explosion which Kakashi uses his Kamui technique to protect everyone. They then meet up with Sakura and Chiyo with Gaara's body, and Chiyo uses a technique with Naruto's help to revive the deceased Gaara, however it cost Chiyo her life and Naruto mourned. Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari thank Naruto and his friends and Gaara says that he once again owes Naruto.

    Reunion Arc

    Because Kakashi expelled too much of his chakra, he was forced to recover in the hospital. During this time Naruto goes to meet some of his other friends and is attacked by a mysterious new guy, however he quickly leaves after the skirmish. Naruto and Sakura are later introduced to their temporary team captain, Yamato, and they are also introduced to Sasuke's replacement, the one that attacked Naruto and his friends earlier. His name is Sai, and he says that he was just seeing what Naruto was capable of. The apathetic Sai however quickly gets on Naruto's and Sakura's bad sides due to his ignorance of simple human emotion, forcing Yamato to play peace-keeper.

    They set out on a mission, that mission is to meet with Sasori's spy that has information on Orochimaru. But before that, Yamato goes over details with Sakura and has Naruto, Sai, and Sakura try to work as a team to capture him. Naruto uses a clever trick by transforming his Shadow Clone to look like Sai while the real Sai flanks Yamato, however Naruto accidentally gives away the ruse by using his Shadow Clone to help make the Rasengan and Yamato escapes after binding Naruto, Sai then leaves them and manages to capture Yamato on his own, infuriating Naruto that he didn't come to his aid.

    The new Team Kakashi
    The new Team Kakashi

    The team then meets with Sasori's spy, Sakura, Naruto, and Sai hide at a distance while Yamato approaches the spy disguised as Sasori. The spy turns out to be Kabuto, and the meeting turns out to be an ambush in order to kill Sasori. Yamato and his teammates quickly leap into action and Naruto attacks Orochimaru in his 3-tailed form, and quickly sprouts a 4th tail in responce to Orochimaru's goading and completely loses control of himself. Orochimaru seemed to be having fun though, practically skipping around Naruto's attacks. Orochimaru attacks Naruto head-on, however Naruto manages to cut Orochimaru in half... but he reattaches himself and continues to fight. Naruto then attacks Orochimaru with a gigantic chakra blast which Orochimaru attempts to shield himself from. The blast appeared to leave Orochimaru crippled some distance away, however Orochimaru appears beneath Naruto and attacks him with the Kusanagi, sending Naruto flying back near his comrades. Orochimaru's body starts to reject him so he begins to leave, however he's stopped by Sai whom has orders to ally with Orochimaru. As this is going on, Naruto attacks Sakura whom gets too close to him and Yamato uses his ability to suppress the Kyuubi in Naruto. Kabuto then heals Sakura and leaves.

    Naruto, Sakura, and Yamato give chase after Sai, Kabuto, and Orochimaru. They come to Orochimaru's hideout and find Sai whom was kept locked in a spare room until Orochimaru felt he could be trusted. Kabuto comes to Sai's aid, believing him to be have been captured, but Sai subdues him and decides to help Naruto find Sasuke. They all split up and Sai finds Sasuke first... it turns out his real mission is to kill Sasuke. Their ensuing fight alerts the others and they quickly come to Sai's aid. They find out Sai was supposed to kill Sasuke, but he insists that he decided not to go through with his orders. Sasuke lunges after Naruto and suppresses the Kyuubi's chakra, he then goes to stab Naruto but is saved by Sai. Sakura goes to attack Sasuke, but is knocked out of the way by Yamato whom attempts to stop Sasuke's sword strike, but the sword cuts through Yamato's kunai and stabs him in the shoulder. Yamato uses his Mokuton to force the blade out of himself and Sasuke uses Chidori Current to zap all of them and retreats to higher ground. Yamato tells Sakura and Naruto that he didn't want to hurt their friend, but he isn't going to hold back anymore. Orochimaru then appears and stops Sasuke, saying that as long as the Konoha ninjas are hunting Akatsuki then they are temporary allies and they leave.

    Hidan and Kakuzu Arc

    After returning to the Leaf village, Naruto begins learning elemental recomposition with Kakashi and Yamato. Kakashi explains that everyone's chakra has a specific elemental affinity, his own being lightning and Yamato's being both water and earth thanks to his unique bloodline limit. It's learned that Naruto's affinity is wind, something's that's kinda rare, and Kakashi advises Naruto to go see Asuma for some advice since Asuma also has a wind affinity. Asuma explains that wind has a special cutting property, and shows this by charging his trench knife with wind chakra and throwing it straight through a tree. Naruto then goes back to train. Kakashi inspires Naruto to use a few dozen Shadow Clones to help him learn it quicker and Yamato uses his ability to suppress the Kyuubi's chakra to allow Naruto to use an excess amount of chakra without sprouting tails.

    Once Naruto learns how to use his wind chakra a few days later, Kakashi reveals that the Rasengan is actually an incomplete technique since the 4th Hokage intended to combine the Rasengan with his own elemental affinity. Kakashi also reveals that he can use the Rasengan, and that the Chidori was created from his failed attempt at trying to combine his lightning affinity with the Rasengan... but he believes that Naruto will be able to succeed where both him and Minato failed. Naruto then begins trying to combine the two. While this is happening, Asuma, Shikamaru, and 3 other Leaf ninjas set out to capture Akatsuki members. They encounter Hidan and Kakuzu and attack, however Asuma is killed in the conflict.


    Some time later after preparation, Shikamaru, Chouji, Ino, and Kakashi set out to avenge Asuma. Naruto and Yamato show up to save Kakashi, Ino, and Chouji in their losing battle against Kakuzu while Sakura and Sai goes to aid Shikamaru against Hidan. Naruto insists on fighting Kakuzu by himself, he uses his Shadow Clones to surround Kakuzu and attempts to hit Kakuzu with his new Rasenshuriken while he's distracted... he fails however, and is saved from certain death by Yamato and Kakashi. Naruto then tries again. Kakuzu doesn't believe the Shadow Clones have enough chakra to use such a high-level technique so he ignores them and focuses only on the original. Kakuzu succeeds in killing the one using the Rasenshuriken, however this turns out to be a Shadow Clone and the real Naruto hits Kakuzu from behind with the attack. The technique destroyed two of Kakuzu's hearts and cut him internally, severing his nerves leaving him immobile. The technique however is incomplete since it harms Naruto aswell and Tsunade has deemed it a forbidden technique.

    Fated Battle Between Brothers Arc

    After Kakashi and Naruto make a full recovery, they set out with Sakura, Sai, Yamato, Kiba, Shino, and Hinata to track down Sasuke whom has managed to defeat Orochimaru and has gone after Itachi. In their search they first encounter Kabuto whom has grafted some of Orochimaru's remains onto himself, and has expressed that he's trying to stop Orochimaru from taking over his body. He said he's going to use Orochimaru's power and surpass him, and thanks Naruto for inspiring him to do so. He then gives them a book with all of the information he has collected on Akatsuki and leaves.

    Naruto uses his Shadow Clones and they go off in different directions, one find Itachi and the two have a brief exchange of words until Itachi leaves. Another finds Sasuke, but Sasuke destroys it and Naruto and co. then close in, but they are stopped by Tob i. Naruto rushes in against Kakashi's advice and starts to get knocked around. All of them attempt to take down this mysterious Akatsuki whom wasn't in Kabuto's book, but he does little more than toy with them until Zetsu appears and reveals that Itachi died fighting Sasuke. Tobi and Zetsu then leave, with Naruto and co. quickly rushing after, but both Sasuke and Itachi's corpse are gone by the time they get there.

    Everyone returns home after their failed mission and Naruto remembers what happened with Itachi. Itachi put Naruto in a genjutsu where their conversation went alot farther. Naruto exclaimed that he's more of a brother to Sasuke than Itachi is. Itachi wondered what Naruto would do if Sasuke attacked Konoha, and wondered if he could make the choice to kill Sasuke or let Konoha fall. Naruto insisted that he'd find a way to subdue Sasuke and not let anything happen to Konoha... Itachi then gave Naruto a technique and hoped that he'd never have to use it.

    Naruto's Sadness over Jiraiya's Death
    Naruto's Sadness over Jiraiya's Death

    Naruto is then visited by Kakashi, Gamabunta and Gamakichi that tell him the head toad, Fukasaku, wants to see him. Naruto goes to Tsunade's office where Fukasaku and some other toads are waiting. Fukasaku tells Naruto that Jiraiya was killed by Pain, in which Naruto blamed Tsunade and stormed off. He was later comforted by Iruka and Shikamaru.

    Pain Assult Arc

    He then helped Shikamaru try to decode Jiraiya's secret message. It turned out to be a page numbers from one of Jiraiya's books, but the code is a little confusing; it could mean "the real one isn't there" or "the real one doesn't exist." Fukasaku knows it's about Pein, however he doesn't know it's significance. Meanwhile, Ibiki is interrogating the Rain ninja Jiraiya sent back and Shizune is doing an autopsy on the Pein body Jiraiya sent back in order to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Naruto says that he's going to avenge Jiraiya, but Fukasaku says that only Jiraiya was capable of beating Pein and Naruto would surely die... unless he were to be trained in Senjutsu like Jiraiya was. Naruto asked if that would make him powerful enough to defeat Pein, but Fukasaku said that it depends on him. They then leave to train at Myouboku mountain. Since it would take a month to get there and the path is like a labyrinth, the two are reverse summoned there by Gamabunta. There, Fukasaku explains that Senjutsu allows the user to become one with nature and harness it's power, converting it into chakra and increases one's taijutsu and genjutsu, Fukasaku then lifts a statue far larger than himself as an example. He says that the training is hard, however, and that Naruto may die...

    Though worried about the allusion of dying to become a sage, it's explained that Naruto may cease to exist as a human but Naruto insists on doing the training. Fukasaku tells Naruto it's difficult and takes quite some time to learn, however Naruto pressed that he didn't have much time and asked if there was a faster way, and so Fukasaku introduced Naruto to Toad Oil. Fukasaku explains that it will forcefully draw natural chakra into him and eventually he'll be able to do it by himself. Naruto immediately finds the catch of using the toad oil and he began to turn into a human frog once the natural energy began seeping into him, only Fukasaku's special stick is able to knock the natural energy out and return Naruto back to normal.

    Jiraiya's Sage Mode
    Jiraiya's Sage Mode

    The old frog explains a balance must be met to fully utilize natural energy and maintain one's current state at will. Naruto had done well at balancing physical and spiritual chakra and must now introduce the natural energy into the balance: using too little won't do anything, but using too much will turn you into a frog forever. Naruto learns even Jiraiya could not use senjutsu without partially transforming into a toad, but Fukasaku expressed that balancing senjutsu was almost impossible and hundreds had failed which made Jiraiya's achievement remarkable. Naruto decides not to fear the consquences and declared Jiraiya's way of ninja to be his own. Naruto decides to speed up his training using Shadow Clones to gain more experience like when learning the Rasenshuriken, but Fukasaku warned him that if any of his clones were to be unable to balance natural chakra that he'd suffer the same consequences.

    Fukasaku informs Naruto that only gutsy people like himself and Jirayia had the capability to even feel natural energy, and only people with vast chakra like himself and Jiraiya could even hope to use senjutsu. This gets Naruto fired up and he jumps in the entire pond of Toad Oil. After much training to balance natural chakra, Naruto would himself transform partially into a toad but can use senjutsu, and Fukasaku said it's time for Naruto to learn to do it without the Toad Oil. But before that, he hands Naruto the first book Jiraiya wrote and says that Naruto now holds the heart of Jiraiya in his hands and Naruto was moved to tears when he read it.

    Naruto's Sage Mode
    Naruto's Sage Mode

    Naruto asked why he had to learn to use senjutsu on his own and wondered if he could just bring Toad Oil into battle, but Fukasaku explained that the oil would quickly evaporate if it were to leave Myouboku mountain. Afterwards he continued training with Fukasaku, whom expressed that Naruto must remain still to harness natural chakra, decided to make Naruto remain still by making him balance on a platform set around jagged spikes. Naruto initially had a hard time balancing and Fukasaku saved Naruto with his tongue, but Naruto would eventually come to maintain balance and showed that he could use senjutsu without transforming at all except for his eyes which appear toad-like. However when a bird landed on Naruto's shoulder he fell over and crashed into the spikes, but he was unharmed since he was in Hermit Mode. With his training in senjutsu complete, Fukasaku decided to show Naruto some frog-style combat and Naruto even continued training after Fukasaku went to sleep.

    While Fukasaku and Naruto are training, Fukasaku brings up the time-limit of Hermit Mode and his solution to it. After Naruto absorbs natural energy, he'll only be able to use Hermit Mode for a few minutes unless he stops to absorb more natural energy which is something he can't keep doing during battle, so Fukasaku will sit on Naruto's shoulder and act as a conductor, continuously pulling natural energy into Naruto during battle. He revealed that Jiraiya used the same strategy during battle.

    Naruto and Fukasaku tried to merge together, but couldn't because the demon fox rejected Fukasaku. Knowing he has no other option, Naruto insisted that he would perform Hermit Mode activation while moving, to which Fukusaku protested. This was short-lived, however, as Naruto was later seen attempting this very feat. Naruto kept on attemtping to run while gathering Natural energy, but couldn't maintain it. Fukasaku then said that to do it, you'd have to look both left and right at the same time. After hearing that, Naruto recalled that moment when Kakashi said that. Naruto and Fukasaku were later told by another frog that the messenger toad in Konoha had died. Fukasaku knew Shima was near Konoha and sent a messenger frog to tell her to summon them there. Naruto is summoned with Fukasaku, Gamakichi, Gamaken, Gamasushi, and Gamabunta in the midst of destruction after Pain unleashed his ultimate Shinra Tensei and Naruto finds most his friends injuried and near death. Tsunade was set to fight in her weakened condition against Pain, whom is attacked by the resurrected Asura Realm which Naruto intervenes and destroys in a single blow.

    Return of Naruto
    Return of Naruto

    Having defeated Asura Realm, Naruto calls out to Gamakichi ordering him to take Tsunade to safety as he arrives. Naruto asks Tsunade to leave Pein to him, and ask the villagers to stay out of the way. She agree's, leaving Katsuyu with Naruto to feed him the intel gained by Konoha's shinobi. Fukasaku and Shima, having come with Gamakichi, hop onto Naruto's scroll intending to battle alongside him. Naruto question's Tsunade on Kakashi's whereabouts, as he cannot since his chakra along with the rest of the villagers, and takes her silence as an answer. He tells Gamakichi to leave.

    As Gamakichi takes Tsunade to safety, Animal Realm launches an assault against Naruto. She summons her rhino, who charges Naruto intent on crushing or impaling him. Naruto is able to effortlessly catch his horn, stopping the rhino cold, before hurling him over his shoulder. Animal Realm responds by summoning both one of her dogs and a bull. Fukasaku and Shima launch into action, using their Sage:Frog Song technique, while Naruto rushes them. Calling to shadow-clones to him, Naruto prepares a rasengan in each hand, continuing on to the other Peins he hands them off to his clones. Using the Rasengan he created, each clone creats a Sage Technique: Oodama Rasengan and blasts the two summons away. The summons follow the same path as the rhino, flying into the waiting blades of Gamabunta and his toads.

    As the next Hungry Ghost rushes forward to face Naruto, Katsuyu informs Naruto that ninjustu are useless, as this Pein is able to absorb them all. Naruto takes the information in stride, confidently stating he'll simply use Frog Kata. As the Pein attempts to stab him with a hidden blade, Naruto dodges, aiming a punch at his face but not connecting. The other Pein's are surprised when their fellow is blasted backwards, God Realm commenting on how it seemed he deflected the blow.

    It's revealed that Frog Kata allows Naruto to use the Natural Energy around him to enhance the range of his attacks, manipulating it to his will. Naruto then stands alone against the remaining Peins, and prepares his new technique, ready to end the battle. Naruto creates two Shadow Clones, and with their help creates his Wind Release: Rasenshuriken, now completed, and faces off with the Peins.

    Pain finally realizes that Naruto is using the same Hermit Mode Jiraiya used and reveals that he too was a student of Jiraiya. Naruto becomes furious that someone who trained under the man would become so violent to the point of rejecting his teachings and even kill his former teacher. Naruto then shocks his opponents by hurling his jutsu.

    Engaging Pein in hand-to-hand.
    Engaging Pein in hand-to-hand.

    While they initially dodge it, Naruto drastically expands its size to take down Human Path. Animal summons a bird to ram into Naruto, but it misses, meanwhile Gamabunta and the other two are dealing the the dogs that keeps multiplying. Shima uses Dust Cloud to blind all of the Peins while Naruto works in combination with Gamabunta to take down Animal Path with a Twin Rasengan inside of Gamabunta's mouth. With Animal gone, the multiplying dog summon dispersed.

    But Naruto finally ran out of enough nature chakra to sustain Hermit Mode and reverts to an exhausted normal state and is sprung upon by Deva, with the two exchanging blows in hand to hand combat. It's revealed that Naruto left Shadow Clones back at Myouboku mountain using Hermit Mode, and Fukasaku reverse summoned one so that it would allow Naruto to use Hermit Mode once again upon ending the jutsu.

    Naruto broke Deva's chakra spike and, once again in Hermit Mode, kicked Deva aside. Naruto then created another Rasenshuriken and threw it at Deva, but Hungry Ghost reappeared and absorbed it, Naruto realized that Hell revived it. Naruto then hit the ground with a Rasengan to create a dirt cloud and threw another Rasenshuriken, but it transformed into Naruto and tackled Hungry Ghost, allowing the real Rasenshuriken to hit Deva but his power finally returned and deflected it. Naruto then put his elbow over Hungry Ghost's face as a Shadow Clone dived at Hell with Twin Rasengan.

    The Shadow Clone dives at Deva as Naruto is about to crush Hungry Ghost's head, but Deva pushed them back. Gamabunta, Gamaken, and Hiro leap in to help, but Deva also pushes them away. During this time, Fukasaku tells Naruto to use a genjutsu, which Naruto says he can't do, so Fukasaku and Shima volunteer but say they need time to gather enough natural energy to do it. Deva then pulls Naruto towards him and Hungry Ghost grabs him and drains the natural energy from his body, returning him to normal. Shima and Fukasaku tell Naruto to hang on.

    While being forced to remain still, Naruto starts to absorb natural energy and Hungry Ghost suffers "toad petrification," and literally breaks free from his grip. Deva sees Fukasaku and Shima preparting their genjutsu and pulls Fukasaku towards himself and stabs him with his spike, then throws him at Naruto and then proceeds to slam Naruto into the ground and stab his hands. Pein goes on to compare Naruto's way and his own way of peace. Naruto is impaled in none vital points by Pein. This was to keep him from moving. Hinata then jumps in to protect Naruto from being taken by Pein. She finally confesses her love for Naruto. Pein takes out Hinata to push Naruto to a level he never experienced before. He becomes engulf by the power of the Kyuubi and reveals six tails this time with a skeletal frame forming about him as well. Pein is unafraid cause he feels his pain is greater. Naruto overcomes the seals placed upon him by Yamato. He attacks Pein and is able to turn his gravital attacks back on him. Naruto was set to kill Pein with the gathered fox chakra built at his mouth. Pein pushes at Naruto to slightly detour his attack. He flees with Naruto doggedly chasing his primary target. The pair leave the village as Pein is preparing a secret attack.Pein uses chibaku tensei,a jutsu technique which creates a black sphere and pulls everything which has mass into its surroundings.The six-tailed fox is trapped inside the ball of earth.The nine-tailed fox manipulated naruto and the seal placed by the 4th hokage starts to distort and naruto turns into a eight-tailed fox.Just when,naruto is about to pull off the seal,the 4th hokage apppears and reveals that naruto is his son.Nauro then cries. The 4th hokage brings naruto to another place of his mind and naruto punches him, saying that he is not sure if he is pissed off or happy and asks the 4th hokage why he sealed the nine-tailed naruto inside him. The 4th hokage then answers by saying that he did it as he thought that naruto could control and use the fox's power as he was his son. He then reveals that there was a powerful ninja controlling the fox,a atsasuki member wearing a mask and that naruto could not defeat him without a special power.The 4th hokage then reveals that he knows about jiraiya's death and that pain is probably used by the guy wearing a mask.After that,the 4th hokage says that he believes naruto can find the answers to peace himself and he restores the distorted seals,saying that it would be the last time and he is counting on naruto before fading away. After that,the fox disappeared and naruto returns back to normal.

    Defeating Tendo-Pain.
    Defeating Tendo-Pain.

    Naruto is in Sage Mode and Chibaku Tensei starts to crumble due to the chakra strain on Nagato. Deva attacks Naruto with an arm spike, but Naruto broke off the spike and kicked Deva away. Naruto uses Rasenshuriken and throws a smoke bomb, Deva deflects it, but then comes another Rasenshuriken and some rocks next to Deva turn out to be Shadow Clones which try to hold Deva in place, but Deva stabs them and leaps out of the way. Suddenly, all the rocks around Deva turn out to be Shadow Clones and they leap at Deva, but they run out of time and Deva pushes them all away. Naruto then had other Shadow Clones throw him and he rammed into Deva with the Rasengan. Naruto then stabbed himself with one of Pein's spikes and traced the chakra signal to Nagato's location and went to meet him.

    Naruto meets Nagato for the first time, face to face. Nagato and Naruto have a argument about peace, hate and Jiraiya's belief. Then Naruto asks Nagato how he turned out this way, as a apprentice of Jiraiya. Nagato begins his story about his past and his first pain, the death of his parents. Then telling Naruto the events that happen after Jiraiya left them and how Yahiko died. Finally explaining his own pain and trying to save the world, his way. After hearing Nagato's story, Naruto agrees and realizes Nagato's pain. Naruto tell Nagato that he will not kill him, but states that he is determined to break the cycle of hatred and honor Jiraiya's wishes. Nagato is surprise and impressive. And now will believe in Naruto as well and also bring back everyone he has kill in Konoha. But this will cost Nagato his own life. Nagato dies.

    Konan takes Nagato and Yahiko's body with her to return to Amegakure. Before going back, Konan tells Naruto she has quit Akatsuki and will help Naruto find peace in the world. Giving Naruto a bouquet of flowers made of paper to symbolize their alliance together. Later Kakashi carries the tired Naruto back to Konoha. When returning to Konoha, Kakashi and Naruto were met with the whole town, praising Naruto as their hero. Naruto was cheered as a hero after his victory, but he didn't have time to relax since the Cloud ninjas Karui, Omoi, and Samui came to the Leaf village to for two things: invite the Hokage to a Kage summit, and request permission to assassinate the rogue ninja Sasuke.

    Five Kage Summit Arc

    Danzo, as the new Hokage with Tsunade's coma, gave the order and set out to the summit. Meanwhile Naruto, Sakura, and Sai were overheard talking about Sasuke and were confronted by Karui and Omoi who demanded all the information they had on Sasuke, Naruto however reacted to the threat they posed and attacked. After a short scuffle, it was revealed that Sasuke is aligned with Akatsuki and captured their teacher, Killer Bee. Naruto pleaded with them not to kill Sasuke and offered to help save Killer Bee.

    Saving Sakura.
    Saving Sakura.

    After this, Naruto along with Kakashi and Yamato ventured out to the Kage summit to beg the Raikage not to kill Sasuke. Naruto succeeded in finding him, but failed at persuading him. Later Naruto was met by Madara in his motel room, but Kakashi and Yamato came to Naruto's aid. Madara insisted that he only wanted to talk and revealed to them about Itachi and why Sasuke's on his current path. He also revealed to them the true history of the Uchiha and Senju clans and how Naruto is just like Hashirama, and then he left. Afterwards, Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro met with Naruto and told him that Sasuke attacked them at the Kage summit and told Naruto he has to make a choice.

    Sakura, Sai, Lee, and Kiba then met up with Naruto, after they left Sai secretly left an Ink Clone behind whom told Kakashi that the others came to the decision to do what's best for the Leaf and the world and kill Sasuke. Kakashi and Sai went after Sakura's group while Yamato remained behind to watch after Naruto. Naruto however gives him the slip and goes after Kakashi and the others. Sakura ended up putting her friends to sleep with a powerful sleeping bomb she learned from Tsunade and went after Sasuke alone. Naruto eventually caught up to Sakura and Kakashi as they were confronting Sasuke. Sakura almost killed Sasuke but hesitated, when Sasuke about to kill her Naruto rushed in and saved her. He and Sasuke talked a little but Naruto couldn't reason with him, they then clashed and knocked each other away but Zetsu saved Sasuke and called Madara for help whom teleported the 3 away and Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, and Karin went back to the Leaf village.

    Fourth Shinobi World War Arc: Countdown

    Naruto was about to eat at the ramen shop, but is summoned by Fukasaku to Myouboku mountain where Shima had dinner ready. There were two matters, the first was the Great Sage's prophecy where Naruto would train with an octopus on a island and fight someone with great power in their eyes. After that was the matter of the scroll Jiraiya left to Naruto containing the key to the Kyuubi's seal. Naruto learns that the Kyuubi is a create of pure hate and when he draws upon the Kyuubi's chakra it's willpower goes with it and tries to control Naruto, so in order to control the Kyuubi he has to learn to only draw upon the Kyuubi's chakra and block out it's mind.

    The Kages agreed on a safe place for Naruto and Killer Bee, a treacherous island located in the Cloud village which is used for the Cloud's Chuunin exams, it's location makes it hard to get to and has a barrier to warn of intruders. Naruto travels to the island accompanied by Yamato, Gai, Aoba, and a few other Leaf ninjas. The ships is attacked by a giant squid which Killer Bee fights off in his Bijuu form and meets the Leaf ninjas. At the island they are greeted by the person that's in charge of the island, Motoi. On the way to where they'd be staying it's revealed that Killer Bee tamed the beasts on the island and they're safe with him, and it was that island where Killer Bee learned to control the Hachibi. Once at their rooms, Naruto immediately went to Killer Bee's room to get trained, but Killer Bee refused saying that he was supposed to be on vacation for the first time in his life. Naruto tried to impress him and tried to rap, which Killer Bee liked but Naruto accidentally insulted his sunglasses. Panicking, Naruto used his Harem jutsu to persuade Killer Bee, but it failed. Naruto then went to Motoi to complain about Killer Bee turning him away and Motoi decided to show Naruto where Killer Bee first started to learn to control the Hachibi, sitting at a waterfall which reveals your true self. Here, Naruto's confronted by a dark version of himself.

    Naruto was unable to defeat the dark side of himself, they were matched evenly in every way and Naruto was forced to leave the waterfall. He asked Motoi for anything he knew that could help him, and after Killer Bee forgave Motoi for trying to kill him when they were younger, Naruto realized how to overcome his dark side... accept it instead of resisting it. Killer Bee then brought Naruto to a temple where Naruto could confront the Kyuubi, and if he loses the Kyuubi won't be able to escape the temple. Naruto confronts the Kyuubi and releases the seal and frees the Kyuubi and the two begin to battle. Hachibi tries to restrain the Kyuubi but Kyuubi fights it off, Kyuubi then tries to blast Naruto but the Hachibi catches it and snuffs it out, however it's not at full power within Naruto and can't help anymore after containing the blast. Naruto activates Sage Mode and uses Gargantuan Rasengan, but the Kyuubi blocks it and smacks Naruto away. Kyuubi slams Naruto to the ground, but it turns out to be a Shadow Clone and another Naruto throws the Kyuubi onto it's back while other Narutos throw the Rasenshuriken at it. While the Kyuubi is weakened Naruto tries to pull th Kyuubi's chakra, however it begins to overpower him, but then suddenly Kushina appears.

    Meeting his mother for the first time.
    Meeting his mother for the first time.

    Naruto initially believed Kushina to be the Kyuubi's true form, or a trick of some sort, but he realized that she's his mom because she acts like him. She then binds the Kyuubi in chains so that her and Naruto can talk, saying that Minato sealed both a piece of himself and her in Naruto to help as much as they could for Naruto to control the Kyuubi. Naruto was happy that she was pretty and wondered what he would look like with red hair, and then asked her how she and Minato fell in love. Kushina began to tell Naruto about when she first moved to Konoha, she was a little chunky in the face and the boys made fun of her, calling her "Tomato," and she beat them all up for it which earned her a new nickname, "The Bloody Habanero." And when she first saw Minato, she thought he was just a flakey girly-boy and looked down on him. That is until the Cloud village kidnapped her for her special chakra, she pulled out strands of her hair so she could be found, but it was only Minato who noticed it and saved her, that's when she fell in love with him. She then asked Naruto what happens when you cross the "Yellow Flash" with the "Bloody Habanero," and Naruto answered the "Orange Hokage" and gained new resolve against the Kyuubi. He re-activated Sage Mode and attacked the Kyuubi with many Shadow Clones, each one using a Gargantuan Rasengan. Kyuubi managed to destroy many of them with a swipe of it's huge claw, but the remaining ones slammed into him with their Rasengans. Naruto then hit him with another Rasenshuriken and successfully gained control of the Kyuubi's chakra. After which, Kushina revealed shocking news, that she was the previous host of the Kyuubi, and she starts to explain to Naruto what happened on the night of his birth...

    Kushina explains that she was chosen as the Kyuubi's host and that she arrived from the Land of Whirlpools in order to become the new host for the Kyuubi in The Land of Fire. The "Eddy" village in the Land of Whirlpools had strong relations with Konoha due to their past leaders having distant blood relations with the Senju Clan. Kushina explains that the "Eddy" village's Uzumaki clan specialized in sealing techniques and phenomenal longevity, which also explains the 4 element seal on Naruto's stomach and the whirlpool design on every Konoha flak jacket as a sign of friendship and good will with the "Eddy" village and Konoha. Unfortunately, the "Eddy" village was feared across the globe for their powerful sealing techniques and the constant wars plaguing their village eventually led to their downfall. Luckily, Kushina and a few "Eddy" villagers managed to survive and scattered across the globe. Before Kushina becomes the vessel for the Kyuubi, she must be filled with the emotion of love in order to quell the rage and power of the Kyuubi. The previous Jinchuuriki, Mito Uzumaki Senju, accomplishes just that for Kushina. Kushina elaborates to Naruto of the masked murderer that released the Kyuubi that same night when Naruto was born 16 years ago, revealing that her seal on the Kyuubi weakens most during childbirth, as the chakra needed to power the seal and her body needs to be redirected to the baby inside her. Meanwhile, Minato, Sarutobi, and Biwako are taking preparations under way to prevent the Kyuubi from spilling loose during Kushina's childbirth. Biwako, leading Kushina out of Konoha, takes her to a secret hideout in the outskirts of Konoha for her to give birth to her child. While Biwako and Taji attempt to get Naruto out of Kushina during the birth, Minato struggles to keep the seal on the Kyuubi from crushing under the pressure of the Kyuubi's rage as it struggles to break out of Kushina. Whilst outside, a masked murderer has already slaughtered the ANBU Black Ops guarding the secret hideout. He swiftly charges in, kills Biwako and Taji, and forcefully takes Naruto from their grasps just as he is born. The masked murderer, holding a kunai to Naruto's throat, tells Minato to back away from the Jinchuuriki or else his son will die at the ripe old age of 1 minute.

    Minato, in a burst of speed, grabs Naruto from the air as the masked murderer throws baby Naruto into the air in order to stab him. As Minato catches Naruto, he notices the cloth he's wrapped in is covered in explosive tags. Minato, using his " Flying Thunder God" technique, teleports himself and baby Naruto to a safehouse of his. Sadly, this separates Minato from Kushina. With this time, the masked murderer takes Kushina to a secluded area to remove the Kyuubi from her possession. The masked murder pulls out the fox and takes possession of it through use of the Sharingan!

    As Kushina calls to his attention, the masked man seeks the fox on her. Luckily, Minato put a seal on Kushina's seal that allowed him to teleport to her location and save her. He takes her back to the safehouse to stay with baby Naruto while Minato himself goes to fulfill his duties as the 4th Hokage and protect the village.

    The Masked man sneaks into the village in the cover of night, and summons the fox to his location with no warning. Villagers panic as they take action against the fox. Minato appears and the fox realizes him, standing on the Hokage Memorial Mountain. The fox fire one of its blasts of concentrated chakara at him, but Minato uses a special seal to teleport the blast safely outside the village. The masked man realizes Minato as a threat and tries to sneak up on Minato. Luckily, Minato is capable of defending himself. However, the masked man takes himself and Minato to somewhere outside the village. Minato then suspects the masked man to actually be Madara, because of his plans to destroy the Leaf Village and his sharingan and control of the fox. Of course, the masked man doesn't answer Minato, so the two fight. During the fight, Minato analyzes the way the masked man's space/time jutsu works. Throughout their fight, the masked man uses chains to try and restrain Minato, but to no avail. Minato and the masked man then rush at each, with a burst of speed, Minato forming a rather large Rasengan.

    Preparing to tame the Nine-Tails.
    Preparing to tame the Nine-Tails.

    Minato dupes the masked man by sending his special kunai knife at him, which, of course, fades right through him. The masked man then gets a hold of Minato's shoulder, only to have Minato teleport to the kunai that went through the masked man ( which was still in mid-air) and slam his Rasengan down onto the man's back. The masked is barely able to teleport away to avoid most of the damage. Minato teleports to the man ( via a seal/tag that he strategically placed on him during their fight) and performs a contract seal that makes the man lose his control over the fox. The man then states how Madara truly deserved his title, and leaves. Minato's attention is then diverted to the fox at the village. The fox regains control over himself, but continues his rampage over the village. The third Hokage and many ninja are fighting to hold the fox back. The fox then starts up another one of its chakara blasts, but Minato comes in the nick of time and uses Gamabunta to land on the fox and temporarily restrain him. Minato then teleports himself and the fox away from the village, to let the blast detonate safely.

    Minato teleports it near Kushina, where she uses her special chakara chains to restrain it. She volunteers to seal back into herself, but Minato decided to use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to seal half of the foxes chakara into himself (since it would be impossible to seal it all into one being) and the other half into Naruto. Minato saw Naruto as the " Child of Prophecy" that Jiraiya told him about. He said Naruto would need the fox in order to defeat the evil Madara. Kushina is distraught, but Minato tells her to have faith as he is their son, after all. Minato starts the sealing jutsu, which takes half of the foxes chakara, drastically reducing its original size to the size we see inside Naruto (which is still rather large.) Kushina's chain weaken due to her being weakened from surviving the extraction of the Kyuubi (due to her clan's longevity), and the fox realizes they want to seal him/it inside Naruto. It takes this opportunity to try and kill baby Naruto. Minato and Kushina jump in front of its claw and just barely stop it from reaching Naruto. With the claw inside them, they speak their final words to Naruto, especially Kushina. Minato summons Gerotora, and gave the scroll toad the key to Naruto's seal, to send it to Jiraiya. Minato then commenced with sealing the rest of the foxes chakara inside Naruto and, with his last breath, asked the Third Hokage (one of the only 3 spectators of the event) that not Naruto be looked upon as a monster.

    We then switch back to the present inside Naruto's mind. He thanks his mom and tells her he loves his parents no matter what, and gives his mom a final hug.

    Naruto with control over the Nine-Tails.
    Naruto with control over the Nine-Tails.

    In the real world, Naruto has tears coming out of his eyes as he cries. Killer Bee and Yamato ask Naruto what happened, and he explains how he now has control off the fox. He reaches deep down and takes some of the foxes chakra, which he separated from the fox in an area of its own, represented as a white sphere. Naruto takes some of the chakra and transforms. His new form allows him to sense evil thoughts and malice (like the fox) and says that Bee's new sword, Samehada, has Kisame inside it. Kisame notes how not even the best chakra sensors could've known he was there, and tries to escape. However, Naruto, in a yellow flash, slams his foot into Kisame at high speed, causing Kisame to cough up blood. Kisame still escapes, having Bee run after him, as Yamato helps Naruto gets his foot out of the wall from the speeds he slammed into Kisame.

    Outside, Kisame runs into Maito Guy, only to be slammed into the mountain/cliffside by Guy.

    After the ordeal with Kisame was over, Killer Bee resumed training with Naruto. After gaining control of the Kyuubi's chakra, Killer Bee wanted to get Naruto to learn how to use the Kyuubi's abilities and gave Naruto his first task of stacking blocks. This proved to be tricky at first since Naruto had to learn to pick them up without crushing them, but ultimately got the hang of it.

    Fourth Shinobi World War Arc: Confrontation

    Bee then takes Naruto to another room where they will learn the final level of his training. Bee then tell Naruto that he will have to transform into the Kyuubi and learn how to use the "Chakra Bomb" which is compressed energy that you shoot from your mouth. When Naruto tries and fails at transforming they decide to give up on learning the Chakra Bomb since you have to be in the Bijuu form to use it, and to focus on using his other abilities in that form. Bee allows Hachibi to take over and tell Naruto the dangers of using the Kyuubi's chakra; when drawing upon the Bijuu's chakra, the Bijuu is also devouring your chakra, so Naruto

    Kyuubi Rasengan
    Kyuubi Rasengan

    can't remain in his transformed state forever; because of this, Naruto also can't use Shadow Clones in his transformed state since they use so much of Naruto's chakra. After this Naruto tries to use Rasengan, using his chakra shroud instead of Shadow Clones, but using the Kyuubi chakra is proving tricky for Naruto. Upon seeing it, Killer Bee says that the Rasengan was a near identical replication of the "chakra bomb" and was impressed that it could even used by humans. Now all Naruto has to do is use it when he is in his nine tails chakra mode.

    As Naruto was trying to perfect the new version of the Rasengan the war was still going on without him even noticing. However, two resurrected ninjas named the Gold and Silver Brothers were famous for their skills and the fact that the each have a portion of the Nine-Tail's chakra. Due to this, Naruto was able to figure out that he was being kept against his will.


    Uzumaki Naruto

    • Blood Type: B
    • Highest Rank: Hokage
    • Classification: Jinchuriki, Sage
    • Birthdate: October 10 Zodiac Sign: Libra
    • Age Line: 12-16 Height: 145.3-166 cm Weight: 40.1-50.9 kg. Known Relatives: Uzumaki Kushina (Mother,deceased), Minato Namikaze (Father, deceased), Uzumaki Karin (known survivor of Uzumaki clan) Jiraiya [Godfather and Master]


    Entire list of Jutsu:

    • All Directions Shuriken Clone Jutsu
    • Shadow Clone jutsu
    • Uzumaki barrage
    • Multiple Shadow Clone jutsu
    • One Thousand Years of Death
    • Spinning Heel Drop
    • Spiralling Super Large Group Spheres
    • Uzumaki Formation
    • Naruto Uzumaki Combo
    • Naruto Uzumaki Two Thousand Combo
    • Bijuu Chakra Blast (post transformation)
    • Tailed Beast Arms
    • Tailed Beast Rasengan
    • Fuuma Shuriken Transformation
    • Gargantuan Rasengan
    • Harem jutsu
    • Oodama Rasengan
    • Rasengan
    • Wind Release: Rasengan
    • Wind Release: Rasenshuriken
    • Great Ball Rasengan
    Sage Art: Great Ball Rasengan
    Sage Art: Great Ball Rasengan
    • Sage Art: Great Ball Rasengan
    • Sage Art: Super Great Ball Rasengan
    • Sage Art: Super Great Ball Rasen Tarengan
    • Sage Technique: Rasenrengan
    • Sage Mode
    • Sexy Jutsu
    • Frog Kata
    • Summoning Technique
    • Sage Art: Bijuu Dama Rasenshuriken
    • Sage Art: Lava Release Rasenshuriken
    • Sage Art: Magnet Release Rasenshuriken
    • Sage Art: Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken
    • Boil Release: Unrivalled Strength.
    • Reverse Harem Jutsu.

    Process of Jutsus

    At the beginning of the series the only jutsu that Naruto know is the Sexy Jutsu, a transformation jutsu which turns him into a naked lady shrouded in smoke clouds. Though he couldn't do the Clone Technique at the start he quickly learns the Multiple Shadow Clone and the Shadow Clone Jutsu, a stronger clone jutsu that lets the clones become physical. This is a jounin level jutsus. Through the show and manga this is his most commonly used jutsus.

    With the help of the Shadow Clone Jutsu he can use the Rasengan, which is a spiraling sphere of energy which he thrusts at the opponent. In Naruto: Shippuden (Part ll) he develops a stronger version called the Oodama Rasengan. When in one tailed demon fox form he can perform the Rasengan with one hand with the help of the demon fox's chakra.

    Jiraiya teaches him a toad summoning Jutsu. With chakra and a small sacrifice of blood he can summon a toad. Because of his poor chakra control he can't summon the toad he wants and will randomly summon Gamakichi, Gamatatsu, or the gigantic Gamabunta. As the toads have minds of their own, Naruto initially had difficulty controlling them.

    In Part ll Naruto an creat the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken. He mixes his wind based chakra along with the Rasengan, but he shapes the wind chakra to form a four-pointed shuriken. Even though it looks like a shuriken it can't be thrown like one. It needs to be at point blank range to hit. When it's succesful the victim is trapped in a spiraling dome of wind and is attack by small blades that can hit on a cellular level.

    Naruto has come quite far in his skills as a ninja, while still technically a Genin he has the skill of an "S" ranked Ninja. He also has enough skill to pass on his knowledge and training to Konohamaru in the use of Rasengan much as Jiraiya trained him.

    Powers and Abilities

    During Naruto's two and a half-year training with Jiraiya, he inherited his master's traits and becomes slightly perverted, cunning.

    Ninja Techniques

    Naruto is a highly skilled hand to hand combatant and is more than capable of holding a proper sword stance even against the likes of Momoshiki Otsutsuki. His proficiency in Bukijutsu allowed him to fight with Kunai, Shuriken and etc.


    Naruto has very large chakra reserves and has far more when accessing the Nine Tailed Fox's chakra.

    Shadow clone jutsu/ Multi-Shadow Clone jutsu

    Multiple Shadow Clones
    Multiple Shadow Clones

    This jutsu enables naruto to create copies of himself. However, the clones are solid and can touch or hit things unlike the Clone technique. These clones normally disperse after sufficient damage. Naruto typically uses the clones for decoys, to help him use jutsus, or to gang up on his opponent(s). The clones can concentrate and gather natural energy for Naruto in a battle so that he can enter Sage Mode. In part 2, naruto becomes more proficient with this technique, using it push himself out of the way of an attack, transform into weapons, learn his opponent's weaknesses, and fall for traps in his place.

    Summoning jutsu

    Naruto is able to summon large or small toads to use in battle after he signed the toad contract. At first, he was unable to control the toads he summoned but nowadays, he seemed to be able to control them to a greater extent. He can summon Gamabunta, a large toad with a large sword.

    Sage Mode

    Perfect Sage Mode.
    Perfect Sage Mode.

    During sage mode his strength, speed, and durability is enhanced. If Naruto draws in too much natural energy he will become a frog and if he can't control it he'll turn into a statue. His jutsu attacks also become much more powerful than before. However, he cannot stay in sage mode for too long.He can only maintain it for 5 minutes Recently, he managed to use clones to gather natural energy while he battled. Once he ran out of Sage chakra, he uses a summoning scroll to summon and dispel his clone so that he has Sage chakra again.

    Different Chakra forms of the Kyuubi power

    Naruto throughout the series has shown great display of being able to manipulate his chakra level from the lowest of the low to the highest of the high, if not at will. One of the things that makes Naruto such a fighter to be head and shoulders above the rest (in the Part II continuity at least, not the time period when he was a child, as he failed almost everything he tried to succeed in) is the Fourth Hokage's legend, the nine tailed fox, Kyuubi, sealed within him. Kyuubi, at time of need, offers his powers to Naruto in a slight amount, due to the fact that if Naruto were to die, then he would die with him. Later on the series Naruto is able to (with his master Jiraiya's training) manipulate the fox's energies to some extent, making him a near unbeatable foe when it come to fighting.

    Two different forms of chakra for 0 tail Naruto. The first stage that has been shown is the more bestial stage then the other form. In this form Naruto's whiskers became longer, darker and more noticeable. His nails grow longer. His teeth start growing fangs and become longer. His jaw is widened. All of his previously injuries are healed at a remarkable rate. He also gets a power boost in this form. His speed, strength, agility, chakra, etc are all increase. Naruto's eyes also become red and the pupils become narrower like an fox. In this form Naruto is in full control but he is shown to be a lot more feral and animal-like. He once usually travels on all fours. It appears that this chakra is triggered by rage, but is later accessed when Naruto wants the fox's chakra. The other version is when Naruto actual goes to the Kyuubi in his body. Naruto demands the Kyuubi to give him his chakra which he calls "Rent" for the Kyuubi staying in his body. The Kyuubi gives Naruto his chakra out of respect for his courage to talk to him like that. Naruto body doesn't change at all but a red chakra flows around his body like Ki aura's in the Dragon Ball Franchise. He gets a power boost but it hasn't been said which one of these forms are more powerful. Naruto has recently gained control of the Nine Tail's chakra he's abilites using have yet to be seen however.

    One Tailed Form

    1 Tail
    1 Tail

    This is the form after 0 tail form. This form is more powerful the previous form. Naruto has a lot of the qualities of the last form but this makes him looks more like the Kyuubi then the previous form. His body is engulfed with chakra that takes the form of a fox. The chakra that engulfs him appears to protect him from damage. That may be true but it also puts constant damage to Naruto body. So he fights while being constantly hurt and constantly healing at the same time. He is able to shoot a chakra hand that extends from the chakra that is surrounding Naruto. He is also able to perform Rasengan with the help of the chakra. Naruto is still in control in this form.

    Three Tailed Form

    3 Tails
    3 Tails

    This form is more powerful then the last and Naruto has the hardest time keeping in control. He could lose control at any moment in this form. In this form the chakra bubbles a lot more then the last ones. He is able to counter a lot of his opponent’s attacks by roaring. In this form he has 3 tails.

    Four Tailed Form

    In this form Naruto's body is completely tared off of his body and the Kyuubi Chakra acts like a skin and mixes with Naruto blood. In this form it has been stated that he is miniature Kyuubi. Naruto has absolutely no control in this form. Naruto is able to use all the abilities he had in his previous couple of forms, but it appears to be harder for Naruto to move in this form. In this form

    4 Tails
    4 Tails

    by just swinging his arm or simply roaring, he's capable of obliterating the surrounding area. He was able to create a dense ball of chakra (Tailed Beast Ball), swallow it and fire it with explosive effects. Not only is this form very powerful, it is also highly dangerous to himself. Apparently this form can shorten Naruto Lifespan. While in this form every one of Naruto cells are being destroyed. But more cells are being created at the same time. The human body has a limit to the amount of cells that they can produce in their lifespan. If Naruto continues to go into this form his lifespan will be shortened.

    It has been reviled that Naruto only have the Yang(light) side of the Nine Tails soul locked away in him. The Ying (Dark) half of the Nine tails

    Six tailed Form

    No Caption Provided

    After Pain almost killed Hinata, Naruto turns into a six-tailed mini-Kyuubi. This is an even powerful version than even the four-tailed Kyuubi. It looks like the four-tailed Kyuubi but it seemingly has bones covering its body in some parts. Unlike the other forms this six tailed Naruto can break the seal used in the First Hokage's necklace.

    Eight Tailed Form

    The Eight-Tailed Transformation is the highest transformation Naruto can make so far. However, he only lacks the fur, the ninth tale and the additional powers from the transformation higher than this. Naruto feels intense pain during this transformation and would destroy anything that would hurt him.

    No Caption Provided

    Its power is intensely unparalleled as it can break Pain's Chibaku Tensei. An image of his father, Minato Namikaze, appeared in his mind to stop him from losing total control and to stop the Kyuubi from taking over his mind. However, Minato said that it would be the last time that he will re-power the seal for Naruto to stop the Kyuubi.

    Kyuubi Chakra Mode

    In this form, Naruto has taken control of the fox's chakra and separated it from the

    Naruto in his Controlled Form
    Naruto in his Controlled Form

    fox's mind, allowing him access to it at any time. Naruto resembles the Sage of Six Paths in this form ( noted by the fox and an image we have seen of the Sage.) His new seal appears on his stomach as well. In this form, he he has increased speed, strength, and durability. He was able to close the vast distance between him and Kisame ( as Kisame was trying to escape as fast a s possible) in seconds. Even Killer Bee, a very powerful ninja and Jinchuuriki, couldn't follow Naruto, only being able to see a yellow flash. Naruto was able to crash into Kisame, causing Kisame to cough up blood, with no ill effects. His foot got stuck in the wall and he wasn't even hurt. He also gives off life energy ( given by the fact that Yamato's wooden constructs reacted to it, and from Yamato's statement) and able to sense ill will and malice, like the fox. This allows him to find people even the best chakara sensors/trackers can't find.

    Bijuu Mode

    Kurama Mode
    Kurama Mode

    Naruto takes the full form of kyuubi. Although Kyuubi describes the form to be imperfect and closely resembles Narutos controlled form, this form maintains the Kyuubi's appearance and size to a degree. It should be noted that this form resembles a chakra cloak.

    In this enhanced form, Naruto has been shown capable of deflecting 5 Tailed Beasts bombs without effort and even released one himself to match those of 6 in power. This form also grants Naruto great speed as shown when he dashed across the battlefield going about deflecting the Tailed Beast Bombs.

    However, it has been mentioned that Naruto can keep this form up for 5 minutes since it was his first time in that mode. Arguably, Naruto will be able to maintain the form for much longer given proper training and time in the form.

    Bijuu Sage Mode

    No Caption Provided

    In this form, Naruto retains all the abilities he previously had in Bijuu Mode and enhances it with Sage Mode for increased strength, speed and durability. This form also provides immunity to the effects of the Truth Seeking Ball (Gudou-dama).

    Baryon Mode

    No Caption Provided

    In a process similar to nuclear fusion, Naruto and Kurama's Chakra are used to power up this form, it gives Naruto the Following:

    • Better Speed
    • Better Physicals
    • Better Reactions
    • Life Draining Properties
    • Stronger Tails
    • Better Power

    However, it comes with massive drawbacks that if used incorrectly can cause greater consequences for the Jinchuriki such as:

    • More Usage of Ninjutsu Wastes Chakra
    • Unecessary Movements Can ruin the transformation's timelimit
    • Focused Thoughts required to maintain the form
    • No Distractions
    • Death for either Bijuu or Jinchuriki.

    It's only use at the moment is Draining Isshiki's Lifespan.

    Post Six Paths Chakra forms

    Six Paths Sage Mode(No cloak)

    No Caption Provided

    After getting powers from Hagoromo Otsutsuki (the Sage of the Six Paths himself), Naruto awakened a new heightened form of Six Paths Senjutsu similar to the Ten Tails' Jinchuriki called Six Paths Sage Mode.

    it would also seem that he now has posseses an even more effective healing factor. His was first shown when he saved Guy from losing his last bit of chakra and getting his body reduced to ashes (the after-effects of using the 8th gate). By merely touching him, Naruto was able to stabilize the chakra in his heart and stop the decaying of his body, thus saving him from a certain death. Later on he was also shown "creating" a new eye for Kakashi to replace the one Madara gouged out. Although it seems Naruto himself can't explain how he is doing this and when asked about it simply comments that he feels like he "could do anything".

    Six Paths Sage Mode

    No Caption Provided

    Additionally, the new powers allow Naruto to touch Madara's Truth Seeking Balls without getting disintegrated in the process. And when using his "Ashura" form, he was able to summon and use his own Truth Seeking Balls, as well as use shape manipulation to turn two of them into staffs when attacking or defending, just like the previous 10 tails Jinchuriki Obito and Madara could, although he has long since lost this ability.

    Naruto also has a bit of chakra from all the 9 tailed beasts inside him, which gives him the ability to use all of the chakra natures and combine them to create different Rasengans with various properties. Such as the "Magnet Release Rasengan" a Rasengan embed with the 1 tail's chakra (Shukaku) that allows him to seal a target when hit (He used this against Madara's Limbo clone), the "Lava Release Rasenshuriken" a Rasenshuriken created using the 4 tails (Son Goku) chakra that he used to cut the Shinju, Or the "Bijuu Dama (Tailed Beast Bomb) Rasenshuriken" a Rasengan created using the Nine tails (Kurama) chakra that he used to destroy Madara's Chibaku Tensei meteorites (Note that those meteorites were large enough to dwarf several mountain ranges, and that the explosion from the BB Rasenshuriken was larger than those meteorites, making it the one most destructive attacks shown in the Manga so far.)

    Six Paths Sage Mode Asura Bijuu Avatar

    No Caption Provided

    While in Six Paths Sage Mode, Naruto creates three Six Paths Sage Mode Kurama clones. One of the clones is then used to gather Nature Energy, while the other two fuse with Naruto as the third clone releases all the Senjutsu Chakra within it, and transfers it to the original. Once all the Chakra is stabilized, three Bijuu avatars have fused into one to create a six armed avatar capable of putting out attacks on an even larger scale than before and fighting on par with Sasuke's Indra's Susanoo.

    Alternate Versions of Naruto


    Evil Naruto
    Evil Naruto

    Tobi managed to transfer Naruto and Sakura to an alternate reality where things were greatly different. In this world, Naruto was named Menma, Minato and Kushina were still alive and Minato never became the 4th Hokage. Menma was also in a relationship with an aggressive extroverted version of Hinata. In this world, unlike Naruto, Menma embraced his hatred which allowed him to form a bond with his reality's Kurama and control it. Menma became a missing-nin for unknown reasons and wanted to both destroy Konoha and help achieve Tobi's Moon's Eye Plan, to which he set out capturing his world's Jinchuuriki. He was later possessed by Tobi and gained Tobi's Sharingan in his right eye, but was eventually defeated by Naruto and released of his hatred.

    He possessed full access to Kurama's chakra and power, giving him the ability to enhance his physical abilities, create chakra shockwaves, sense negative emotions, and fully release Kurama. He also possessed his own dark versions of Naruto's other abilities, including Rasenringu which was similar to Naruto's Rasenshuriken and Dai Rasenringu which could destroy a village, and he could perform these without need of assistance. He could create 9 creatures from Kurama's chakra as well. Lastly, he had an unexplained ability to fly.


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