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    Namor the Sub-Mariner is the ruler of undersea Atlantis. The offspring of a sea captain and an Atlantean princess, he has been both a hero and a villain to the surface world. Namor is one of Marvel's oldest published characters with his origins in the Golden Age of comics.

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    Namor's Parents and Birth

    Namor as a Baby
    Namor as a Baby

    Captain Leonard McKenzie was on an expedition in 1920 to Antarctica, looking for the mystical Helmet of Power. His ship, The Oracle, was stuck in ice floes so McKenzie used explosive charges to break them up. Unknown to McKenzie, the ancient city of Atlantis was directly below. The city was severely damaged and the Atlantean ruler, Emperor Tha-Korr, commanded his daughter to send warriors to investigate the source of the deadly blasts. Not wanting to endanger anyone else, Princess Fen made the journey alone. On reaching the ship, Fen was immediately captured by one of the crew but not speaking each other's languages, she was unable to communicate with anyone. Nonetheless having remained on board for a number of days, Princess Fen and Captain McKenzie fell in love and were married by the ship's Chaplain. Weeks later Tha-korr sent a war party in search of his missing daughter. Thinking they held Fen captive, the Atlanteans attacked and killed all the humans on the ship including Leonard McKenzie. Fen was brought back to Atlantis and from that tragic marriage was born the first hybrid between a human and an Atlantean- Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

    "Namor was I born, "Avenging Son". Spawn of two worlds… yet fated to belong fully to none." – Namor (Saga of the Sub-Mariner)"

    Early Life

    Namor grew up with hatred for the surface world. He met Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch when he finally visited the surface world. But when Nazis attacked Atlantis, he joined Captain America against them. Namor was also allied with his cousin Namora who was also half human half Atlantean and shared many of the same powers. One fateful day after the war, a series of earthquakes rocked Atlantis, nearly destroying it. Thus destined to repeat his mother's feat, Namor is ordered by his grandfather Emperor Tha-Korr to investigate. Namor tracked down the source of the attack to a cave in Antarctica where he found a man called Destiny who told him he is the one who attacked Atlantis with his Helmet of Power. Destiny used his mental powers to hold the Sub-Mariner still and show him Atlantis crumbling and his mother and grandfather crushed to death beneath the debris. Destiny then used his mental powers to give Namor amnesia and send him away to New York, where he wandered around as a hobo for a number of years. During this absence, Namora was thought to have been killed.

    Eventually Johnny Storm of The Fantastic Four found Namor in a homeless shelter and recognizing him, dropped him in New York harbour deciding water may cure the Atlanteans amnesia. Namor instantly recovered most of his memory and returned to where Atlantis had stood before his absence. However finding it abandoned and in ruins, assumed humans had destroyed it and went about warring with the surface world. He awakened the giant whale like monster Giganto and unleashed it on New York City. Namor also tried to claim the Invisible Woman as his own despite her relationship with Mister Fantastic. Namor and Giganto were both defeated by the Fantastic Four and he eventually found the new Atlantis, becoming monarch of the sub-sea empire. However Namor is constantly drawn back into surface world affairs and often finds himself battling both Earth's super heroes and villains.


    Namor was created by Bill Everett in April 1939 for Lloyd Jacquet's Motion Picture Funnies Weekly, a promotional pamphlet that was given out for free at movie theaters. Six months later Everett expanded the eight page black and white story into a twelve page color story for Martin Goodman's Marvel Comics #1 (October 1939). Talking about his creative process, Bill Everett explained "I suppose I have always liked water. If anything started it, I suppose it was when I got interested in Admiral Byrd's expedition to the South Pole. I read a lot about that. The more I read, the more intrigued I became, so when the opportunity to create a character I naturally thought of water. Jack London's adventures at sea were influential too, I use to read a lot of sea stories." That character was Namor.

    Character Evolution

    Golden Age

    Namor: The Golden Age Sub-Mariner
    Namor: The Golden Age Sub-Mariner

    Namor (or the Sub-Mariner as he was then known) debuted in the Golden Age of Comics and was the original anti-hero of comics. Interestingly, Namor was the first super-hero who was able to fly. His meeting and subsequent battle with the original Human Torch (the android called Jim Hammond) in Marvel Mystery Comics #8 (June 1940), made comic history as it was the first superhero meeting and team-up in comics history and it established for the first time the concept of a shared fictional universe inhabited by many various superheroes in comics.

    Silver Age

    Sub-Mariner #1
    Sub-Mariner #1

    Stan Lee and Jack Kirby brought Namor into the Silver Age in Fantastic Four #4 (May 1962) and thus appropriated Timely's Golden Age continuity. They also introduced the concept that the Sub-Mariner's more outrageous Golden Age exploits were simply tales from comic books. Stan Lee made the character more formal, with the same pseudo-Shakespearean speech and mannerism he would give to Thor. He also coined the phrase "Imperius Rex!" - meaning of royal command - and depicted Namor's undersea city as being the mythical city of Atlantis. Lee's stories for Namor took a decided fantasy turn. After appearing as a protagonist in both Fantastic Four and The Avengers, Namor slowly turned into more of an antihero than an outright villain. He eventually appeared in his own on going feature stories alongside The Hulk in Tales To Astonish. The popularity of the series ultimately led to both antiheroes being given their own ongoing monthly titles and the acclaimed first issue of Sub-Mariner was released in May 1968.

    Bronze Age

    Namor's first wife, Lady Dorma was murdered and he abdicated.

    Modern Age

    Namor joined the Avengers, for a brief period the Fantastic Four and later the X-Men.

    Major Story Arcs

    Villain Team-Up

    Namor teamed up with another Fantastic Four enemy, Doctor Doom. Together they planned to launch the Baxter Building into the Sun and kill the team. But Namor was betrayed by Doom and once he realized this, he helped his enemies to avoid their fate. Namor's next approach to destroy the Four was to use their monetary problems against them. Amassing a fortune from the bottom of the sea, Namor offered them one million dollars to film a Fantastic Four movie with him as director. But the stages were not for actors, Namor planned various scenes that would result in the death of the members. They overcame their challenges and Namor leaves defeated, telling them to make the film anyway.

    Namor however not only acted as an enemy to the Fantastic Four but also to the Mighty Avengers as well. When then teammate The Hulk abandoned the team and turned against his fellow Avengers Namor joined him in battle. Namor later accidentally freed his former ally Captain America after finding him trapped in ice and then throwing him into the ocean causing it to melt leading Rogers to join the Avengers.

    Namor then began the search for his people, planning to reunite with them and take his rightful place as their leader and the leader of the planet. This was stalled when the Puppet Master gained control over him, using him to get his revenge on the Fantastic Four. After luring in the Invisible Woman, who had been secretly searching for him, Namor dared the rest of the team to come to his undersea lair and battle him. With the use of strange ocean creatures he nearly succeeded. When the giant octopus Namor used to attack the Invisible Woman was thrown out of the lair it attacked the Puppet Master in his submarine. Busy with the threat, his control over Namor slipped away. Namor had no memory of the incident and began his search for his people once more.

    After eventually finding his people and regaining his throne, Namor was soon overthrown by the traitorous Warlord Krang. In order to win back his thrown Namor had to undertake a perilous quest to find the fabled Trident of Neptune and prove himself worthy as the true ruler of Atlantis. On completing his quest and returning to Atlantis Namor thought he had been betrayed by his beloved Lady Dorma when in fact Droma was tricked by Krang to escape with him in exchange for her Prince's safety. The Sub-Mariner eventually rescued Dorma after chasing Krang to New York, on the way once again falling victim to the mind control of the Puppet Master and battling with Iron Man. After rescuing Dorma, Namor faced many further challenges to his rule from enemies such as his cousin Byrrah and the barbarian Attuma, who successfully managed to enslave Atlantis while Namor was away in Antarctica battling Destiny.

    The Man Called Destiny

    Paul Destine runs for President
    Paul Destine runs for President

    While trying to piece together the missing fragments of his memory, Namor would face one of his greatest foes. Destiny, wearer of the Helmet of Power and the murderer of Namor's mother and grandfather, would draw Namor to him using his mental powers, While facing his foe, Namor would learn about his past and finally fully regain his memory. However Destiny defeated Namor and left him for dead in an Antarctic cavern, leaving to carry out his plan for world domination by running for President of the United States and hypnotising the public during his election campaign. But Namor would eventually catch up with Destiny who, thinking himself more powerful then the helmet of power, threw the headpiece away and stepped off a rooftop. Unable to levitate without the helmet, the mad villain essentially committed suicide.

    The Spell of The Serpent

    Namor is captured by The Priestess of Naga
    Namor is captured by The Priestess of Naga

    After Destiny's death, Namor took the Helmet of Power to Atlantis for safe keeping and ordered it to be placed in the Hall of Science for research. One night the helmet gave off an eerie glow and its outer casing shattered to reveal the Serpent Crown. When Namor left Atlantis to help cure Tiger Shark, Dorma convinces Ikthon to show her the Helmet of Power and as they gaze at its changed form, they were hypnotised. On Namor's return he was shot by a guard who told him the new ruler of Atlantis was Naga, the Serpent of Life and Death. The Sub-Mariner was captured and placed on a sacrificial altar by order of the Priestess of Naga who was none other than Dorma. Realising all his subjects were under the Serpent's spell, Namor broke free of his chains and snatched the crown from Dorma. He then left Atlantis to figure out what powers the Serpent Crown contained.

    While attempting to discover the Serpent Crown's secrets, the Sub-Mariner encountered Karthon the Quester who was on a mission to reclaim the crown for his master Naga. Namor defeated Karthon who told him the crown was stolen centuries ago from Naga by a rebel group of Lemurians that came to be known as The Ancients. It was the Ancients who hid the Serpent Crown inside the Helmet of Power to stop it from falling into the wrong hands. A sudden attack by Captain Barracuda allowed Karthon to escape with the crown and head to Lemuria. Namor followed and came face to face with the maniacal Naga who on receiving the Serpent Crown killed a number of his own people to show Namor his power. Namor was then forced to participate in the deadly Tournament of Doom where he had to fight to the death against a number of opponents, eventually defeating them all. After his victoy the Sub-Mariner turned to face Naga but the overlord killed Karthon's sister Llyna in a fit of madness. In vengeance Karthon slayed Naga from behind and the Lemurians chose the man who freed them from Naga's tyranny as their new leader.


    The Defenders
    The Defenders

    Despite his long time hostility to the surface Namor was convinced into helping Doctor Strange in a battle against forces known as the Undying Ones. Soon the duo became a trio after being joined by the Hulk. The trio soon became known as The Defenders. However the team had no real alliance and often didn't even like each other but various threats kept causing them to ban together. They soon began to take on new members such as the Silver Surfer. Soon other heroes Nighthawk, Hellcat and Valkyrie joined and others aided but were often called "Defenders for a day."

    Namor worked with the team when they fought against demons from various Hells who attempted to merge them into one and even against his enemies and allies the Avengers when both teams where tricked by Loki and Dormammu. Yet he along with the main four members would soon finally depart the team as they always intended.

    Once again becoming ruler of Atlantis and the Atlanteans also fighting against those who wished to harm his city of his reign such as Attuma who for years wanted to rule Atlantis even turning Lady Dorma against him for a short time. It was around this time that Tiger Shark appeared, a swimmer whose DNA was mixed with that of Namor's and a tiger shark, which made him almost as strong. He would go on to trouble Namor for years to come, and became one of his main enemies. Namor finally married his great love and cousin Dorma or so he believed. It soon came to light that he had truly wed Llyra. Llyra was like Namor a human merman hybrid but ruled over Lemuria and its people. After discovering the truth, Namor searched for Dorma and discovered that Llyra had taken her to the surface. He hoped to free her from Llyra but she exposed Dorma to the surface by breaking her tank causing her death.


    After many years Namor was finally able to reunite himself with his father, however Llyra soon captured his father and along with Tiger Shark attempted to finish off Namor. In the end Tiger Shark killed Leonard as the villains made their escape from battle. Namor at a time also caused his people to become dormant by accidentally releasing a type of nerve gas that also damaged his ability to breathe air. Using a suit made by Reed Richard he was able to continue his adventures on land and only after teaming with Doctor Doom to defeat the Red Skull did Doom revive the Atlanteans and give the Sub-Mariner his powers back. Namor would also finally meet Namorita and allowed her to be cared for by Betty Prentiss. He was often known for being over protective of her despite her own career as an adventurer and even later member of the New Warriors.


    After the death of his wife. Namor for a time thought of a romance with his teammate Valkryie but his feelings for Dorma made this impossible. Despite this Namor once again found love in the form of Marrina. Marrina was alien member of the Plodex species. Arriving on earth and growing into adulthood, she became part of the Canadian super hero team Alpha Flight. Marrina was troubled with the discovery of her true savage alien form but she was able to become normal once again. She left her teammates at Alpha Flight to be with Namor even creating the new undersea kingdom of Deluvia. The Sub-Mariner even joined his long time ally Captain America in joining the Avengers with his wife. The alliance was pivotal in freeing Marrina from the clutches of Attuma. However their happiness soon came to an end when Marrina became aware of her pregnancy and her savage form the Leviathan was released. Namor had no choice but to euthanize his love with the Ebony Blade.

    Atlantis Attacks and Death

    The forces of the sea dwelling peoples soon joined forces against the surface. Led by Attuma, Llyra and Ghaur they made attacks against humans. Attempts at resurrecting the evil god Set were made using the Serpent Crown. Nearly all superheroes became involved in protecting the surface from the Atlanteans, Set and his followers. In the beginning it seemed as though the Sub-Mariner had fallen in battle. This was later revealed to be false when Namor, The Avengers, and the Fantastic Four fought against Set's forces but for a time he allowed the world to believe he had indeed been slain.

    Oracle Inc.

    Namor soon discovered the truth of why he would often act violent and uncontrolled. Carrier and Caleb Alexander explained to him his body required him to spend equal amounts of time in both the sea and above it. To allow him to counteract his anger issues he was given a monitoring device. He soon went on to establish Oracle Inc. dedicated to providing safety to sea life. Namor soon suffered the loss of his wings in a battle with a filth being called Sluji. Later his mother Fen seemed to return but this later only proved to be a trick by Artys Gran and her husband Suma-Ket. Namor was killed by Suma-Ket but the great sea god Neptune gave him back his life and his wings again. With help from allies Namor defeated the evil couple and regained his city and company.

    Love Again

    The Sub-Mariner made another attempt at winning the love of Sue Storm Richards after Reed Richards vanished. Namor filled his spot on the team.

    His attempts at making the Invisible Woman love him failed as Llyra impersonated her and tricked Namor into another relationship even giving birth to a child Namor for a time thought was his own. The evil witch Morgan Le Fey brought a terrible danger to the city of Atlantis when she raised it to the surface, killing the majority of its people and Namor took his leave of the Fantastic Four.


    Namor was one of the heroes to stand against the evil mutant known as Onslaught. In a brutal final battle, he with many other heroes such as the Avengers and the Fantastic Fout, where thought to be killed. It was however revealed that they where all saved by Franklin Richards and lived in a pocket dimension for a short while. Eventually the heroes managed to return to their own proper dimension. It was then that Namor

    Return of the Defenders

    The Order
    The Order

    Later after his return Namor joined the four core members of the Defenders once again but not as they had done in the past. Doctor Strange's long time rival Yandroth had cursed the group. It caused them to unwilling respond the grand threats and soon twisted them into wanting to rule the world as The Order. The Order was soon opposed by many heroes including the Avengers and their fellow Defenders. Namor's cousin Namorita even took up arms against the cursed Namor till the Defenders freed the Order from the curse.


    The Illuminati
    The Illuminati

    Namor was one of the Iluminati, a group of leaders and influential people, brought together by Tony Stark. Namor, Charles Xavier, Black Bolt, Iron Man, Dr Strange and Reed Richards comprise the group, with Black Panther invited as well, but he declined. While he agreed with T'challa's concerns about the Illuminati, Namor decided he could better safeguard Atlantean interests if he accepted Tony Stark's offer to join. But he insisted the Illuminati be a secret organization, and they would meet and exchange important information to prevent planet wide catastrophes.

    Perhaps because they were both rulers, Namor's closest ally among the Illuminati was Black Bolt. When dealing with the mutant Inhuman Beyonder, Namor spoke for the Inhuman king. Otherwise, Namor was often the dissenting voice in the group, usually bluntly pointing out truths the other members wished to avoid. He was against Tony Stark's proposal to support the Super-Human Registration Act, as well as the plan to shoot the Hulk into space, a disagreement that caused Namor and Iron Man to come to blows. Namor delivered the killing stroke to the SkrullBolt when it revealed itself to the Illuminati. He was given the orange Time Gem to hide and keep safe, after the Illuminati recovered the Infinity Gems at the insistence of Reed Richards.

    Civil War

    His only care in Civil War is the murder of the Atlantean Princess Namorita, who was killed by Nitro in the Stamford explosion while she was trying to stop him. Namor ordered the capture of Nitro, at first in battle with Wolverine because he felt guilty and promised to stop Nitro. But soon the two saw eye to eye and with the help of Wolverine, Nitro became an "honorary guest" in an Atlantean prison. During the final battle of the Civil War, Namor helped Captain America by leading an attack with several Atlantean warriors because of his opposition to the Super-Human Registration Act.

    World War Hulk

    Prior to the events of the World War Hulk, Namor is the only one who opposed the idea of exiling the Hulk for reasons that he will just come back even angrier than before. It seemed as Namor made the right choice in doing so, but his prediction came true. The Hulk did return and took revenge on the members of the Illuminati, only Namor was left alone by The Hulk because he opposed to the idea of sending him away. His cousin Namora who had since been revealed as alive and well joined the forces allied with the Hulk, along with Hercules, Angel and Amadeus Cho.

    The Initiative

    Venom Fails
    Venom Fails

    Sub-Mariner Revolution starts with a large explosion which wipes out entire city of Stamford in Kansas. Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. immediately go to the location to find out what happened. Not long after they find a corpse nearby of a normal human man, however gills had been carved into his neck and traces of Atlantean DNA had been found. All blame pointed to the Atlanteans. In the meantime some of the Atlanteans question Namor's allegiance because of his continuous affairs with the world above the sea. Iron Man decided to contact Namor about the attack, but Namor had no knowledge about it and told Iron Man to stay out of it and that he would find the perpetrators himself. Of course Iron Man did not agree, after much deliberation Iron Man decided to send a military force to Atlantis until the situation was resolved. But Namor needed to go to the surface to find out what happened for himself, after giving command to his trusty general Argos Namor took off on his own. He managed to break through the lines after a short struggle with Iron Man and visited the blast site himself and there he found an Atlantean artifact.

    He decided he needed help and went to the X-mansion to get it. He briefly fought with Wolverine, who thought Namor was a terrorist. But they were quickly interrupted by Professor X. He helped Namor locate the splinter cells in America, 12 of which Namor had sent, and one he knew nothing of. Namor asked Professor X to pin point their location, but appalled at foreign spies on American soil, Xavier decided not to help Namor further, and sent him away. As he left the mansion two sentinels ambushed Namor, but he quickly disposed of them, without taking any damage. In the meantime some Atlanteans in Atlantis were plotting to take over when Namor was away. But Namor's trusty general held the city for Namor's return. Venom had received orders to engage Namor. As Namor flew by he was shot in the back by a weapon that weakened him and got into a fight with him.

    Making a Pact with Doctor Doom
    Making a Pact with Doctor Doom

    It ended with Namor winning and ripping off Venom's tongue, but not without cost. Venom had ripped off two ankle wings, so now he had difficulty flying. He went to Sue Richards (Invisible Woman) for help. When she came to him for the Civil War, Namor answered. Now it was time for her to do the same thing for him, yet she refused which led Namor to believe he had no more allies on the surface world. However, she did give him the Fantasticar to help him in his travel.

    In the meantime the rogue splinter cell had set up a sort of bomb in a building in Seattle which caused the building depleted the air inside, suffocating the humans inside. Namor raced towards it in an attempt to stop it, and for the first time he met the rogue splinter cell. In the meantime the coup in Atlantis was in full progress. But Argos, Namor's general, had found out about it and met them in battle. Namor had already engaged in battle with the splinter cell and found out one of them was his son, Kamar, who was out for revenge. Namor tried to explain to him that he banished him for his own safety, but he wouldn't listen. After Namor had defeated the splinter cell he took them down to Atlantis and was just in time to stop the coup there and show who was responsible, his son Kamar. He had also found out that one of the Atlanteans from the splinter cell had siphoned Nitro's power, the man who killed Namorita in the Civil War. His city had been compromised and he had enough of the involvement with the humans, he decided to evacuate the city through old tunnels running through the ground, the civilians would live amongst the humans, not in one city anymore.

    And his army would go with him to a remote location. He made the preparations for the destruction of Atlantis, he would use Nitro (whom was still in his jail) to blow up the entire city like a time bomb and chain his son to the crown to die with the Nitro and the city as punishment for his betrayal. The city was evacuated and then blown up and completely destroyed only leaving some wreckage behind, the dead skeleton was still on his thrown. At first Iron Man believed this to be Namor but after further research it appeared to be his son. No other bodies were found in the destroyed city and they could only guess where they had gone to as they found the large tunnels. Atlantis was no more. But Namor and his army found refuge in Latveria. Dr. Doom's country. With him he would join the Cabal.

    The Cabal

    The Cabal
    The Cabal

    After the events of the destruction of Atlantis it became clear that Namor had joined the Cabal. Their intentions were clear, to rule the world with each member having their own motives, Namor's being the world under the sea. The team consisted out of six members, Namor, Emma Frost, Dr. Doom, The Hood, Norman Osbourne and Loki. It has recently been shown that Namor had a relationship with Emma Frost.

    Namor joined the Dark X-Men at Frost's request. However, this was a ploy in order to free all of the mutants that Osborn & his Dark Avengers had arrested. At the same time, Cyclops put into action his plan to relocate the X-Men to Utopia, an island floating in San Francisco Bay. After turning the tables on Osborn, Namor made good on his promised alliance with the mutants and helped them set up Utopia, as well as fought alongside the X-Men against the Dark Avengers, where Namor fought Sentry. Osborn sent a monster Plodex, who in her humanoid state had been Namor's wife Marrina, to kill anything Atlantean. With the help of the X-Men, Namor was able to destroy her. He formed a partnership with Magneto, working towards an Atlantean/Mutant joint haven. New Atlantis is currently being constructed beneath the island, around a support column that keeps the island afloat.

    X-Men and Second Coming

    Fighting the Nimrods
    Fighting the Nimrods

    Hope Summers and Cable are finally detected back in the present timeline and Cyclops dispatches a number of X-Men to go find her but orders that Namor be left behind with Rogue to protect Utopia. However he does so by telling him that he is the most powerful one and that only he can protect them. Soon the X-Men, Cable and Hope come back just in time for Bastion to attack all of San Francisco, trapping it in a giant red sphere.

    Inside the red sphere, on the Golden Gate Bridge, a smaller silver sphere appears. Several Nimrod like Sentinels erupt from the silver sphere and attack the X-Men. Once they are defeated, Dr. Hank McCoy asks Namor to 'stick his hand' into the sphere to gather information. For some reason, Namor does this, and is hurled away by an energy blast. Beast noted that had it been anyone else they no doubt would have been killed by the force. Namor's efforts became more and more pivotal as he was one of the few mutants able to hold back the sheer number of Nimrods and was part of the first line of defense alongside Colossus, Rockslide and others, but they eventually adapted to him, and started draining moisture from the environment and his body in order to weaken him.

    Curse of the Mutants and Rebuilding Atlantis

    Fighting the Highlord
    Fighting the Highlord

    Namor's efforts at rebuilding his kingdom and reuniting his people suffered a setback when he agreed to help the vampire besieged X-Men. The Aqueos, the Atlantean sect of vampires, had taken the head of Dracula and hid it in the ocean depths. Namor discovered the whereabouts of the Aqueos, fought their leader, the Highlord, and retrieved Dracula's head. This conflict broke the Shallow Peace that had existed between the two water breathing groups, and instigated an Aqueos attack on New Atlantis. After fending off the Aqueos, Namor consulted his Royal Logomancer who provided him with part of a spell to end the Aqueos forever, if the Prince was willing to pay the cost. Namor, the Tridents, and what Atlantean troops he can muster return to the hidden city of the Aqueos. Abira and Namor find the Tomb, where the oldest of the Aqueos rest, and the last part of the spell is hidden. Before Namor can complete the ritual, the Highlord arrived and revealed his Atlantean identity. Outside, the Atlanteans battled the Aqueos to buy their Prince time, and are aided by the arrival of the Royal Logomancer and Loa, who have discovered a way to weaken the Aqueos -- and Loa learned she could breathe underwater. After a struggle, and with Abira's help, Namor defeated the Highlord and completed the spell. Most of the Aqueos are destroyed, and Namor restores the Shallow Peace with the few that remain.

    Loa's ability to breath underwater comes from a locket she inherited from her grandmother, Alice Ryan -- Betty Dean's roommate during WWII. The locket is ancient Altantean and is turning Loa into a water breather. While the Logomancer and Dr. Nemesis are investigating this, apparitions of the old Kings of Atlantis appear from the locket and drag Namor to his own hell. Doctor Doom unexpectedly shows up and transports himself, Abira, and Loa to Namor's hell. They find Namor trapped by the responsibilities of ruling, and make him angry enough to escape his self imposed prison. Doom abandons the trio at exit from hell, as the old Kings of Atlantis mount a final attack. While appearing catatonic, Abira is actually talking to an old Queen of Atlantis, who gives her the insight and power to help Namor. When Namor accepts Abira and Loa's help, they find the way out of hell. Back at New Atlantis, they are greeted by an angry Cyclops and Warlord Krang's coup attempt. Namor and Abira start a relationship.

    Selach undermines Krang's challenge by killing the Royal Logomancer, forcing Krang and Namor into an alliance to save Atlantis. Abira choses to end her relationship with Namor by becoming his Royal Logomancer.


    Namor is a member of Cyclops' Extinction team alongside Colossus (with the powers of Juggernaut), Magneto, Storm, Emma Frost, Magik, Hope Summers and Danger, and was called forth to deal with the Dreaming Celestial who Mr. Sinister has taken control of. When a ceasefire was ordered, the team went to Sinister's palace where he took control of the team telepathically, save for Emma who was in diamond form. Due to a pre-programmed word, Emma set Hope free by making her transform into diamond form where Hope took off. Finding a vantage point, Hope shot Sinister through the head which freed Namor and the team,but Sinister predicted this and the team learns his copies are a giant hive mind. Namor continues to fight the Sinister species. He held Emma's arm when she released her diamond form as a tourniquet so she could telepathically assault the hive-mind. He was there with the team when they stared down the Celestials.

    With a mysterious new habitat known called the Tabula Rasa appearing, Namor is deployed along with the extinction team where are split apart in pairs. Namor goes with Hope where they explore the aquatic portion of the habitat where the two are confronted by a monstrous creature. Namor and Hope fight off the creatures but Namor comes to explain that the creatures think Namor and Hope are enemies, which Namor wishes to change. Namor and Hope enter the Queen's chambers of the sea creatures where Namor appeases to the Queen establishing a friendship with their species, hoping for an alliance somewhere along in the future. He talks with Hope and tells her she is invited to Atlantis anytime she wants.

    Namor has a talk with Emma while she is training about how losing her arm could have been shocking to such a beautiful woman. She leaves him but thanks him for being concerned. He was deployed with the Extinction team and helped them defeat some Peak prison escapees. They leave the Avengers to go fight Unit who has Hope. Unit hits Emma Frost and Namor with a pheromone blast causing them to become intimate with each other on the battlefield. After Unit's defeat, the team heads home.

    Avengers vs X-Men

    Namor declares war on Wakanda.
    Namor declares war on Wakanda.

    The Phoenix Force is returning to Earth, slowly but surely. The X-Men believe this, and the Avengers know it to be true. Captain America visits Utopia to demand that Scott Summers allow him to take Hope Summers into protective custody, as she is the one they believe the Phoenix will bond with. Cyclops is unwavering in his intolerance for the Avengers supposed superiority, and refuses. Captain America says he isn't asking for permission, and he is sent careening backwards by an optic blast from Cyclops. This begins the real fighting, as the helicarrier with the Avengers on board is uncloaked. Magneto sends Colossus hurling through the helicarrier, destroying a part of it, and sending the Avengers falling to the shore of Utopia. While Emma Frost whisks Hope away deeper into Utopia, Namor and the other X-Men join the fight against the Avengers. Namor says that he must side with the mutants not only because he is one, but also because he understands how difficult this is for Cyclops. As the leader of a people, Namor knows that Cyclops will and must do everything in his power to protect Hope and the others. During the battle on Utopia, Namor dives into the ocean and battles the Thing and Luke Cage. After their brief engagement, the Thing uses two large pieces of rubble and stone to trap Namor on the ocean floor. When Namor finally frees himself, Hope has run off and Scott has ordered the X-Men to surrender. The surrender was false, and when Magik returned to the battlefield in the guise of Doctor Strange, she teleported Namor and the rest of the X-Men away to regroup. Both the Avengers and the X-Men are struggling to find the location of Hope. The X-Men operate out of an old Hellfire Club safe house made known to them by Emma. X-Men are dispatched to different locations around the globe to search for Hope and battle the Avengers. Namor is sent to Tabula Rasa where old conflicts are renewed. After a brief scuffle, he knocks out Luke Cage and uses him to batter She-Hulk. He faces off against the Thing with what appears to be a stalemate until the Savage arrives and interrupts what he thinks is a mating ritual. By peering into the minds of Avengers, Emma determines that Hope is heading towards the moon. Magik arrives and teleports Namor there with Emma, Colossus, and Cyclops. The Secret Avengers had been battling the Phoenix Force to slow it down, but it had gotten through them. The Extinction Team battled the Avengers on the Blue Area of the moon, and after a brief conflict, the Phoenix arrived. Iron Man, using a special suit, blasted the Phoenix Force, accidentally dispersing it into five portions. Namor along with Emma, Cyclops, Magik and Colossus were each imbued with a portion of the Phoenix Force and become the Phoenix Five. They left the moon with Hope, and began their work. They attempted to remake the world into a better place. They ended world hunger, outlawed war and destroyed all weapons including tanks, missiles, submarines, and sentinels(Pax Utopia), and provided near-unlimited clean energy and water for all. Regardless of all the good they did, the Avengers did not trust them. A small invasion force entered Utopia to take Hope away. Before a battle could be fought, the Scarlet Witch intervened and teleported away with the Avengers and a voluntary Hope. This act against the X-Men prompted the Phoenix Five to hunt down the Avengers.

    Further battles ensue, and soon mutant teenager Laurie Tromette is taken hostage by the Avengers. Emma meets with Namor, who is disgusted at Cyclops's passive leadership, and tells him where Transonic is imprisoned. Emma tells him she is in Wakanda ... and that she hasn't told Scott.

    With this knowledge, Namor invades Wakanda in all his fiery Phoenix fury, declaring war. With his new powers, Namor creates giant tidal waves that swallow humans and buildings whole, drowning hundreds to thousands of Wakandans. Atlanteans invade the city and Namor assaults the Avengers. The combined forces of all the Avengers, including Thor, the Vision, the Red Hulk, the Thing and Doctor Strange cannot stop him. Namor breaks the Red Hulk's arm, exposing the bone, and swats away Thor, god of thunder. He gives them all they can handle and seems nearly unstoppable. The Avengers call out the Scarlet Witch, the only one among them who seems to be able to do any damage to the Phoenix. She unleashes a large blast of chaos energy on Namor. The blast results in both of them being rendered unconscious. The rest of the Phoenix Five show up and in Namor's defeat his portion of the Phoenix Force leaves him and is then spread amongst the remaining avatars. After his defeat Namor slips away back to Atlantis, leaving the pitiful ruins of a once great city behind him.

    New Avengers

    When Black Panther calls for the Illuminati to come to Wakanda in order to stop an attack on the planet, Namor joins the other members and heads his call, with Captain America joining them and Beast taking the place of Charles Xavier. However, Black Panther assures him that when the threat is past, he won't hesitate in killing Namor. The Illuminati decide to form the Infinity Gauntlet in an attempt to divert the threat of the other planet colliding with theirs, but the gauntlet gems shatter. Captain America is removed from the equation of helping the Illuminati as they deem him a hindrance. With the clock counting down on the colliding worlds, the members form their back up plans but the reveal is that each plan will have at least one sacrifice. Beast manages to convince the others that they find the infinity gems of the second world to buy themselves some more time. Namor is excited by all this and is the first to rush off into the alternate world. They land and find Galactus attempting to eat the planet and thus the Illuminati engages in battle with his herald, an alternate reality Terrax the Tamer. The team manages to defeat Terrax and they build an anti-matter injection system meant to destroy the alternate world. The team heads to the incursion point in Latveria where the incursion is actually something much worse. A race of beings called the mapmakers come and try to harvest everything on Earth, but when the Illuminati realize they have no time left, they go to the dead Earth and destroy it.

    Namor meets with T'Challa in secret from the others and offers to make peace with Wakanda. T'Challa informs him he will talk with his sister about it, but to no avail as Wakanda declares war. T'Challa meets with Namor in Necropolis and reveals to him that Namor was lied to by Shuri in her saying she was considering his offer. While Namor is with T'Challa, Wakanda makes its move and attacks Atlantis. Namor leaves and heads back to his kingdom to find it in ruins and his people slaughtered.

    Namor takes part in the events of Infinity against Thanos' army. Namor and the other Illuminati go around stopping the incursion against their world.

    Namor eventually decides that the Illuminati is far too weak and indecisive, and decides to speak instead with a different group of people... a new incarnation of the Cabal, consisting of Maximus, Black Swan, Terrax, Proxima Midnight, Corvus, and Thanos. Namor leads the Cabal into battle against other worlds, and they slaughter the heroes of those worlds, and afterwards destroy it in order to save their own. At first, Namor is confident in taking such actions, but as time goes on, and the bloodthirstiness of the Cabal grows, Namor begins to question his decision. He goes to Doctor Doom to ask for help. He is refused. Doom is insulted that Namor did not turn to him first, and so asks Namor to leave. Alone and in despair, Namor leaves and is not sure what course of action is left for him to take. The other members of the Illuminati, which also at this point includes Amadeus Cho, Captain Britain and Doc Green, are being hunted down by S.H.I.E.L.D. and the S.H.I.E.L.D.-run Avengers group (which includes War Machine and his War Machine drones, Sam Wilson as Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Hawkeye). S.H.I.E.L.D.'s forces engage the remaining members of the Illuminati in open battle. A third party - the New Avengers led by Roberto Da Costa aka Sunspot - arrives with a larger aircraft than the two helicarriers combined. They order Steve Rogers and S.H.I.E.L.D. to cease their attack immediately. In response, Rogers unleashes the Bruce Banner of an alternate reality where the Avengers conquered the world. This Bruce Banner is remote controlled, and unleashed on the Illuminati while the S.H.I.E.L.D. forces battle Shang Chi's army of clones. Finally ready to reveal their final play, the Illuminati stands back as every participant in the conflict is encased in an individual force field. Susan Storm, who had been pretending to work for S.H.I.E.L.D., revealed her true allegiance. With her were Queen Medusa and King Blackbolt of the Inhumans, as well as Namor.

    All-New Invaders

    Namor is kidnapped by the Kree Tanalth the Pursuer so the Supreme Intelligence can find the whereabouts of the God Whisperer, a weapon Namor, Bucky and Jim Hammond found and broke in WWII. Tanalth is sent after the other two Invaders who recruit Captain America, and with some help from the Golden Age Vision, they head to Hala to rescue Namor, where he ends up fighting a mind-controlled Ikaris.

    Time Runs Out

    Panther's revenge
    Panther's revenge

    After coming clean to the Avengers and Illuminati about his actions with the Cabal, he pleads with the heroes to help him stop Thanos and the others before they get even more out of hand. A plan is proposed to destroy the Cabal during the next incursion by detonating the opposing world before the villains have a chance to flee. After making the preparations and preparing to return home, Namor is confronted by Black Panther and Black Bolt. Black Panther stabs Namor through the chest with a ceremonial Wakandan blade, after which Black Bolt finishes him off by using his sonic scream. Mortally wounded, Namor looks up in horror as the planet begins to explode, and lets out an outraged scream before apparently being consumed in the ensuing blast. However, he and the rest of the Cabal are later revealed to have survived by taking refuge on Earth-1610.

    Death and return

    The Death of Namor
    The Death of Namor

    After the restoration of Earth, the members of the new Squadron Supreme begin hunting down Namor, due to him having destroyed Doctor Spectrum's Earth and killed the rest of her teammates from the Great Society. The members of the Squadron launch an all-out assault on Atlantis, and eventually destroy the city (after allowing its citizens to flee). An enraged Namor lashes out, but is killed when Hyperion, a former member of the Avengers, uses his heat vision to decapitate the Atlantean. After killing Namor, the members of the Squadron Supreme broadcast a televised message to the world, telling them that they intend to save the Earth by eliminating similar threats.

    Later, after being thrown back in time, Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum become regretful of their actions, realizing that their desire for vengeance has corrupted them. They undo Namor's death, allowing him to live again in the present. Hyperion later helps Namor repair the damage to Atlantis, where Namor urges him to abandon his dark path and be a better person.

    During HYDRA's takeover of the United States, it is revealed that Namor is in possession of one of the Cosmic Cube shards that the villainous Steve Rogers is after. After HYDRA attacks Atlantis, Namor is forced to sign a peace treaty. However, it turns out that Namor has been hiding Bucky Barnes, who was thought to have been killed by Baron Zemo, in Atlantis. Bucky and Namor later join the final battle against HYDRA.


    Namor as a member of Jean's X-Men
    Namor as a member of Jean's X-Men

    After her resurrection, Jean Grey sets out to establish a mutant nation to put an end to discrimination and intolerance. She approaches Namor to provide his support, believing that her cause will seem more legitimate if a nation like Atlantis provides her with political backing. At the United Nations, Namor voices his support for Jean's plan, as does the ambassador from Wakanda. However, shortly after the U.N. meeting, Cassandra Nova frames Jean for the murder of a British ambassador who had previously expressed anti-mutant opinions. Namor shields Jean from a barrage of bullets, and subsequently offers her team political asylum in Atlantis. However, the heroes choose to relocate to Wakanda instead.

    World War Below

    A group of hired Roxxon guns were dumping waste at the South Pole and some Atlanteans decided to try and stop them. The Atlanteans were murdered and hung on the side of the boat, invoking the wrath of the King of Atlantis. Namor jumps aboard the ship with a large tentacled beast to attack the Roxxon goons. Namor interrupts a fight between Tiger Shark and Stingray, telling them he is about to declare war on the world above the sea, and they either join him or perish. Stingray attempts to talk to him but Lord of Atlantis hears none of him and pummels him into submission, only for Namor to sic his sharks on his body to eat him alive. The Avengers go to Atlantis where they attempt to fight Namor. Namor, now appearing stronger than ever, nearly crushes Thor's golden hammer and virtually no sells any attacks made by the team. Only Captain America manages to get through and Namor explains that Atlantis is in ruin, children starving tried to seek refuge on the surface world and died, while the humans laughed. A celestial's corpse fell to city's depths. Namor leaves and tries to tell the children he will feed them but they flee, thus Namor states the spirit of Atlanteans has been broken. Namor states his only option now is to declare war and forms a new team consisting of people like Tiger Shark and Orka, the Defenders of the Deep. Namor and his Defenders of the Deep battled with the Avengers once more, along with the Winter Guard before leaving.

    Dead in the Water

    Namor continued his war upon the surface world with the help of his advisor, Thomas Machan. After conquering more lost tribes to join Atlantis. Namor set a plot to turn the surface world into Atlanteans with chemical weapons and would then give them refuge in a twisted way of saving the planet, doing so to part of New York. After bombing and turning part of New York's inhabitants into Atlanteans. Namor continues his war and threatens Roxxon, even going as far as getting the Serpent Crown to further his plight. It turns out this was all a plot by the Machan in his mind. Machan was a soldier back in World War II, and this is just a psychic parasite created by Charles Xavier, manifesting itself as such in an attempt to free himself. This also explains Namor's recent psychosis. By using the crown, Machan is freed and possesses Roman Peterson, who sets a coup on Namor. Namor is flanked by Roxxon soldiers where thet shoot him with a chemical compound, turning him into a human. Namor is stranded with Steve Rogers on an island. Cap and Namor stumble upon a Roxxon science base, where they are conducting genetic experiments. Namor and Cap fight the guards there and Cap throws a vial of the mutagen compound at Namor, restoring his powers where he defeats the guards. Cap and Namor, along with the rest of the Invaders now together once more agree to team up to where they put an end to Roman's plan and Namor returns to the bottom of the sea, leaving the surface world to guess his next move.

    Atlantis Attacks

    The portal city of Pan is powered by a magical dragon that was stolen from Atlantis. Namor returns to the surface world to the statement of them returning the dragon before Amadeus Cho attacks him to get his attention to talk. The rest of the Agents of Atlas show up with Namor proclaiming he gives them one day before he attacks. Namora takes Wave and a couple other members down to Atlantis where Namor greets her and gives her credit for taking down the Sirenas queen and says that she has the admiration of Atlantis. The dragon is returned to the city but it rampages through part of the city before dying. Namor attacks Amadeus Cho, blaming him for the assault. Namor turns his rage towards the city and starts fighting the soldiers before Cho returns and sends him to the sea. Namor fights him further, enraging Cho, but almost effortlessly killing him before Wave shows up to stop him. The Sirenas arrive and take Namor out. They lock him up using biodisruptors to dehydrate him. This only holds the king for so long as he eventually breaks out.

    Namor attempts to return to Atlantis but the Agents of Atlantis and the Pan Guards continue to attack him. He fights back and defeat them with a tidal wave. Mike Ngyuen shows up as a hologram, bolstering his allies, the Sirenas, are on their way to Atlantis. In response, Namor flies to Pan and threatens to destroy the city Ngyuen built. He claims if Namor destroys the city, he will be responsible for their deaths to which he yells if he should put their lives over his people? Ngyuen attempts to form an alliance but more heroes attack Namor to protect the city. Namor continues to prove their efforts futile. Cho shows up to cut out the fighting with Jimmy Woo showing up. They crack Nguyen's mainframe and Jimmy explains that Earth's true rulers are ancient dragons that if they attacked each other, they would destroy the planet. They use kings, queens, presidents and dictators to fight for them. Namor and some of the agents head back to Atlantis where Wave saved Atlantis once more.

    Amadeus Cho gets taken over by Nguyen and is sent to attack Atlantis. Namor and company manage to intercept him before teleporting themselves away. Cho hits Namor with an attack so powerful, it results in a tsunami heading towards Pan. After a brief distraction, they free Amadeus and then proceed to deal with the tsunami. After, Namor meets back up with the Agents to congratulate them as they find Nguyen's corpse, before Namor presumably returns to Atlantis.


    Atlantean/Mutant Physiology: Due to Namor's unique Atlantean and mutant physiology, he possesses all the powers of most Atlanteans such as breathing under water, enhanced physicals and extended life spans, as Namor is over 90 years old but still in his prime. Namor's abilities, however, are much greater than your standard Atlantean. It should be noted that all of Namor's abilities decrease the longer he is dehydrated, removed from water, and has shown things such as extreme heats can weaken him quicker.

    Superhuman Strength: Namor is easily one of the strongest beings on the planet, and is considered to be one of the most powerful mutants, stronger than the likes of Colossus. He has thrown hundreds of thousands of tons such as seacraft carriers with ease, overloaded Sebastian Shaw's kinetic energy absorption with his punches, shaken entire islands with his blows, destroyed battle tanks and created shockwaves that have caused earthquakes and tsunamis while clashing with other powerhouses. When Champion came to Earth searching for a worthy opponent for a boxing match, he picked Namor, alongside Hulk, Thor, Wonder Man, Colossus, the Thing, Sasquatch and Doc Samson. He was also said to be one of the physically strongest Avengers, alongside Hulk, Thor, Hercules, Wonder Man and Gilgamesh. When fully hydrated, he has been strong to hold his own against the likes of Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Hulk, Juggernaut, Hercules, Wonder Man, Ares, the Thing, Sentry, Hyperion, Ikaris, Blue Marvel, Black Bolt, Silver Surfer, Super-Skrull, Apocalypse, Abomination, Dragon Man, Rhino, Orka, Tiger Shark, Attuma, Griffin, Chernobog, Perun, Skurge, Wrecker, Red Hulk, Doc Samson, Giant Man, Iron Man, War Machine, She-Hulk, Miss Marvel, Luke Cage and Nimrods, among others. As of late, his strength seems to have been further enhanced to an unknown degree after draining Hydroman, enabling him to simultaneously and single-handedly stop attacks from both Thor and Iron Man at the same time with no visible strain while underwater.

    Superhuman Speed/Reflexes: Namor is capable of moving at superhuman speeds, being capable of dodging bullets, moving faster than the eye can follow in short bursts and has even dodged sonic attacks before. He is, however, faster in the sea and has shown he can create whirlpools by swimming in circles and has been clocked in at 300 knots.

    Superhuman Durability: Namor's body is incredibly durable, being able to survive the pressures of even the greatest depths of the sea. He is completely bulletproof and fireproof to a degree. He has taken blows from Thor, Beta Ray Bill, Hulk, Juggernaut, Hercules, Wonder Man, Ares, the Thing, Sentry, Hyperion, Ikaris, Blue Marvel, Black Bolt, Silver Surfer, Super-Skrull, Apocalypse, Abomination, Dragon Man, Rhino, Orka, Tiger Shark, Attuma, Griffin, Chernobog, Perun, Skurge, Wrecker, Red Hulk, Doc Samson, Giant Man, Iron Man, War Machine, She-Hulk, Miss Marvel, Luke Cage and so on and has kept fighting. He has shown to be capable of tanking titanium cutting lasers with virtually no damage, and has withstood Cyclops' optic blasts at maximum power. Things such as adamantium, vibranium or the ebony blade have been shown to cut him, however. His body's durability has been further increased to an unknown degree after draining Hydroman as he has recently no-sold attacks from Carol Danvers and an amped up She-Hulk with no visible damage on his part while underwater.

    Undersea Animal Mimicry: Namor possessed the ability to channel the powers of any aquatic fauna hailing from the sea. For example, from channeling the power of an electric eel to shoot out electric bolts from his hands or even penetrate Sue Storm's force barriers with it. To bloating up like a puffer fish increasing his mass and resilience to physical assault to increasing his attack power. He has also used radar powers like a blind fish to see the Invisible Woman whilst she was invisible.

    Marine Telepathy: Namor also boasts a telepathic rapport with most forms of marine life; often using it to control sea life to a certain degree as well as relay psychic decree's to his atlantean people. Although he rarely uses it and when he does he does so sparingly still.

    Magical Blood: All Atlantean magic flows from Namor, their king. His royal blood also is a magic ingredient that can be used in spells.

    Atmokinesis: In a similar fashion as to how Ororo of the X-Men can manipulate weather phenomena to her liking. King Namor, even without his trident, showcased the ability to manipulate rain and storm clouds in order to facilitate heavy precipitation. One time promoting a powerful deluge intense enough to smother Johnny Storm's flames.

    Hydrokinesis: Namor currently possesses hydrokinesis after Atlantis kidnapped Hydro-Man and siphoned off part of his powers. Namor is capable of casually flooding cities with his new power.

    Mutant Power

    Namor's mutant power are the wings on his ankles which appear to allow him to fly and his greater degree of strength and physical ability. Mr. McKenzie was actually the first comic book character with the power of flight, already flying in his second comic book appearance in Marvel Comics #1, while all other contemporary characters like Captain Marvel, Superman and Wonder Woman only could leap great distances and didn't fly canonically until several months later.

    His skin is very resistant to any physical damage, he can resist bullet fire with ease and is fireproof.


    Due to Namor's extended lifespan and fighting in many wars and battles, he is a seasoned hand-to-hand combatant and experienced diplomat and a fine king. These skills have earned him the respect of his colleagues, no matter which side he was on, and fear of his enemies. He is also a capable weapons user having wielded his trident, swords and spears efficiently. Namor's preferred method of combat is engaging his opponents in hand-to-hand combat.

    Former Powers

    Phoenix Force

    Staring down the Avengers
    Staring down the Avengers

    When Namor gained possession of the Phoenix Force, he was granted new powers. He gained vast telepathic and telekinetic powers. He gained the ability to manipulate the Phoenix's cosmic energy for a few effects such as setting people on fire or projecting it as energy. He also acquired hydrokinesis, managing to drop a massive tidal wave on Wakanda. On top of these new powers, Namor's original stats were further enhanced. His strength increased to the point he could rip Red Hulk's arm off by the finger with utter ease and stomp Gladiator with help from Colossus. His durability increased substantially to where the Avenger's team (which included the likes of Thor, Vision and the Thing) couldn't seem to even slow him down despite hitting him with their best shots. Despite this upgrade, Namor did have his weaknesses. The main weakness of the Phoenix Five was the magic of the Scarlet Witch. Namor was only subdued in his fight with the Avengers due to Wanda using her chaos magic against him and when their powers clashed she was rendered unconscious meaning it took most, if not all, she had. The avatars were also shown to be weak against special Shi'ar tech, the energy properties of the Iron Fist and like all the avatars, Namor's mind was corrupted by the Phoenix Force.

    Physical Characteristics

    Namor's Hero Identification Card
    Namor's Hero Identification Card

    Sex: Male

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Blue

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 278 lbs


    Namor is the original "hotheaded" character in the Marvel cast of characters. He has been shown to act very impulsively with a short temper, and has a big ego, which makes him very easy to offend and provoke into fights, like the many times he has fought the likes of Hulk, Hercules and the Thing. Other times he can be quite civil. Under his arrogant and masculine mannerisms lies a compassionate heart of gold. Despite showing his detest for humans, he tends to value life. Caleb Alexander hypothesized in Namor, the Sub-Mariner that Namor's mood swings might be due to his hybrid nature, and more specifically an oxygen imbalance in his blood, that could be remedied by spending equal time above and below the waves. However, there is evidence to suggest Alexander's theory is not completely sound, and seems to ignore the Namor's upbringing and social status in Atlantis.

    Weapons and Equipment

    Sacred Trident of Neptune

    Horn of Proteus

    Personal Flagship

    Alternate Realities

    In most realities, Namor retains his essential traits and abilities. He is usually a mutant hybrid with prodigious strength and ankle wings and often the ruler of Atlantis. Any differences are noted below.

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    Earth-110 is an alternate future reality where Reed Richards has managed to solve most the world's problems. On this world Namor is opposed to Richards and instead, giving in to his more imperious and aggressive personality traits, sides with the notable villains like Doctor Doom, Magneto, Ultron and the Hulk. This version of Namor is found in "Big Town" #1-4.


    In the Age of Apocalypse reality, Namor and the Atlanteans attempted to fight against Apocalypse's mission of world domination. Unfortunately, the underwater inhabitants were easily dealt with and Namor was killed.



    The 1602 counterpart of Namor was Numenor (a clear reference to Tolkien's works), Emperor of Benasylum, the city of the gods. Like pre-Cataclysm Atlantis, Benasylum was an island of magic and advanced sciences, and its people do not breathe water and are not blue, though they do have pointed ears. Unlike Namor, Numeor had no powers, except one. His bloodline allowed him to safely wield the Trident of Poseidon. Numenor could fly with aid of winged sandals.

    Count Otto Von Doom, along with the Frightful Four, and the Fantastick Four, crossed the Atlantic to find Benasylum. Seeing Numenor's infatuation with Susan Storm, Doom offered an alliance against Sir Richard Reed and Captain Benjamin Grimm to win the lady for the Emperor. But the allies turned on each other and Doom attempted to wrest the Trident from Numenor, who was wounded with the weapon. This appeared to destroy the magical bonds of Benasylum, and the island sank. Only Rita, Numenor's cousin, and the Fantastick Four survived. 1602: Fantastick Four #4 & #5


    Namor was known as Sea Lord and was a member of the Queen's Vengeance.


    What If? Sub-Mariner
    What If? Sub-Mariner

    In this universe Namor grows up on land with his father. This turn of events occurs because Captain McKenzie and Princess Fen know their child on the way, and Princess Fen blocks the attack of the Atlantean rescuers, while the Captain fires at them with his pistol killing them all. Princess Fen and McKenzie move to Honolulu, and live in a subdivision of houses for military support staff. Princess Fen dies in child birth, but not before naming their son Namor and forbidding the captain to allow their son to return to the sea. Later on Namor is goaded by fellow residents to jump into the water with them. Staying defiant Namor tells them he can't swim. He walks home and is introduced to King Thak-kor of Atlantis, his grandfather. He is there to force Namor to choose between continuing his life on land or take his place as prince of Atlantis. He attacks the king, but is interrupted by loud BOOMS in the distance. Namor runs to see Japanese fighter jets bombing Pearl Harbor. Namor and his father are blown into the water, which kills his father. Angered Namor destroys a jet and saves two kids.

    Namor is approached by a man in the military who offers him a job in the military. Two years later he is working alongside the Human Torch (Jim Hammond). While on a mission, an explosion separates the two sending the Torch to the ocean's bottom. 30 years later Namor is asked on a mission to investigate a signal from the North Atlantic -- a voice repeating name endlessly. Namor and the Navy investigate and find the lost city of Atlantis. Seeing his grandfather slaving along with what appears to be the entire populace of Atlantis carrying rocks. Namor attacks one of the slave-masters and sees that he is a Nazi and an Atlantean-human hybrid calling themselves the Wasserreich or The Reign of Water. Suddenly an Atlantean uprising occurs that allows Namor to break into their base of operations, where he sees the Torch being used as a giant bomb designed to melt the ice cap and flood the world, which would allow them to rule much easier. Ordered to throw the "dead" Torch into the Nazi crowd. Namor is conflicted. He decides to take the Torch and throws him towards the surface exploding. What If the Sub-Mariner Had Grown Up on Land?


    After a battle with Namor, Susan Storm decides to marry Namor. Spider-Man joins the Fantastic Four while Reed obsesses on how to get Susan back, until Susan has a child with Namor. What If? #1


    Namor was married to Invisible Woman and a member of Fantastic Five. What If #27


    In the 2099 universe, Namor is called Roman. He first appeared in Spider-Man 2099 #43



    In the MC2 universe Namor is still active in the future timeline, and still uniting occasionally for battle alongside the Hulk and Doctor Strange as "Defenders". His appearance, while slightly older looking, is unchanged save for a goatee. In Fantastic Five (Vol 2) #1 it was revealed that he had held Doctor Doom captive for over ten years, after the mad monarch destroyed Atlantis. Doom subsequently escaped, and in #4, Namor is seen being tortured by him. He is freed after Reed Richards sacrifices himself to send both his and Doom's consciousnesses to the Crossroads of Infinity.


    The Exiles encounter a more ruthless Namor, who is invading Doctor Doom's Latveria. Exiles #14 & 15


    Ultimate Namor
    Ultimate Namor

    In the Mutant X universe, Namor allied with Doctor Doom at the request of Magneto. Mutant X #12


    The Fantastic Four were surveying the ruins of Atlantis and found a tomb estimated to be about 9,000 years old containing the hibernating Namor. Ultimate Namor was revealed as an imprisoned Atlantean criminal considered the worst villain of his time. Reed Richards' translation of the Atlantean language revealed Namor's claims of kingship to be false.

    Namor demonstrated the ability to withstand full strength flares from Johnny Storm, went toe to toe with Ben Grimm, smashed through force fields created by Sue Storm, and attempted to stretch Reed Richards past the point of breaking. He used hydrokinesis to create a gigantic tidal wave in the shape of Poseidon and threatened to use it to destroy Manhattan rather than lose to the Four. His extreme intelligence allowed him to become fluent in English in a matter of minutes merely by listening to the FF and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents talking. Undefeated, he was appeased with a kiss from Sue Storm while an infuriated Reed Richards looked on, held back by the Thing. He retreated back to the sea.

    The Ultimate Namor is a mutant Atlantean with amphibious physiology suited for high water pressure. He has super strength, durability, high speed swimming ability, flight, teleportation and hydrokinesis. If he is a human-hybrid this has not been revealed. Ultimate Fantastic Four



    Namor is now a zombie attacking Black Bolt. He was later killed by the Silver Surfer in the initial attack of the Marvel Zombies against the herald.


    This Namor is a woman and confusingly named Namora, which is the name of 616-Namor's cousin. This version is also blue skinned. She first appeared in Exiles #46. She was ported in with the rest of the Exiles. Blink introduces everyone to her and tells her what they must do. Namora slaps her hand away asking her is it all right that they were taken from their homes and enslaved? When the Exiles try to figure out what the Tallus wants them to do, Namora starts to walk off. Heather grabs her and tells her she cannot go. She then punches Heather (in her Sasquatch from) and throws her hundreds of yards into the water. She then fights the Exiles and dives in the water saying they will thank her later. She goes to Atlantis and sits on the throne for Namor to see. They have a quick tussle and she tells him she is him from another reality and that his realm is in danger. They go to the Baxter building - Namor hits her and they dump her in a water tank that can hold her.

    Exiles Namora
    Exiles Namora

    Namora starts to tell the Fantastic Four and Namor about her reality. She said when she was little she would swim away from Atlantis. When a shark tried to eat her she ripped it in half. That was when she found out she was invulnerable and that she was Atlantis' first and only mutant - until years later when Attuma was born. He thought his powers were given to him by the gods and that they wanted him to become king. He killed the Queen and any others that might replace her. He was then defeated by Namora, but coming too late to save the Queen she was instead made Queen. She was going to start a war on Earth when she saw that the humans were a danger to all life, but was contacted by Charles Xavier asking her to hold off this war. So she did. She made friends with Xavier and the X-Men until Magneto attacked an Air Force carrier. Namora and the X-Men stopped him but the pictures got out. Humans then started enforcing anti-mutant laws where they would have to go to jail. Xavier gave up but Namora didn't. She then started a war on Earth and killed all the super heroes that opposed her. Namora stated that the Fantastic Four were the hardest she had to fight.

    Namora tells the Exiles that the Timebroker is telling them he is a figment of their imagination so they won't turn on him. Namora is with the Exiles when they are consumed by a spell on a planet where everyone is in medieval ways until they were cut by Magik's soul sword, which cancels magic.


    In the Mangaverse Namor allied with Baron Strucker to invade the surface world.


    In this reality created by Dormammu, Namor is a mostly human William Everett McKenzie. He has no discernible powers and his ears are not pointed. He is the leader of the resistance against Dormammu and, despite the wishes of his Earth-616 counterpart, forges an alliance with Umar and recruits the aid of the Hulk to help defeat Dormammu. McKenzie does all this with the knowledge that winning will erase the Dormammuverse and his own existence. Defenders Indefensible.


    In this world Namor's father was an African American thus he was a black human / Atlantean hybrid. in this world he married Sue Storm and had five children with her. His first son Remy McKenzie was named in honor of his fallen friend Gambit. New Exiles #2.


    In this reality, Namor saves Atlantis from Paul Destine. What If? #41.


    In the Larval Universe, Namor became two animals, a dog named Kay-Mar the Sub-Merchandiser and possibly a wombat named the Sub-Marsupial. The latter is the Golden Age version on Namor.

    Earth X
    Earth X


    In the Earth X universe Namor was known as the Cursed One, and half his body is constantly on fire.


    In the Cancerverse, Namor was a member of the Defenders of the Realm. When the Guardians of the Galaxy invaded the Cancerverse with Thanos, the Defenders of the Realm were there to stop them. Namor was "killed" by X, but immediately resurrected in a less human form, just like his fellow team mates. The battle turned, however, when Thanos revived, and as the avatar of Death, killed all the Defenders of the Realm. Thanos Imperative #1 & 2.


    Marvel Adventures take place in this reality. The Marvel Adventures line replaced the Marvel Age line which replaced the Tsunami line. Namor has faced the Fantastic Four and the Hulk and the Avengers in this universe.

    In the Tsunami line a teen-aged Namor meets a young air breather named Sandra and the two fall in love. Namor #1-12


    House of M
    House of M

    In the House of M reality, Namor has the same powers and much the same history. He is celebrated as the first mutant and fought as an Invader in WWII. He became ruler of Atlantis and then spent most of his time beneath the waves. Though he supplied money and weapons to Xavier and Magneto early in their fight for mutant rights, Namor has an uneasy relationship with the House of Magnus. He is a member of the Council of Kings, and came to T'challa's aid when Magneto sent Apocalypse to invade Wakanda. He is married to Lady Dorma and they have a son who spoke at a ceremony honoring Steve Rogers. Civil War House of M #3, Captain America #10, Black Panther v4 #7, House of M #6.


    Fantastic Four: The End
    Fantastic Four: The End

    In the future, the Fantastic Four has practically disbanded after the tragic deaths of Franklin and Valeria. Each of the members follow different paths. Susan Richards pursues archaeological clues to restore her children that lead her to underwater temples and Namor. Fantastic Four: The End.


    Namor is a member of a Fantastic Four from another reality that consists of the Invisible Woman, Firestar, and Iron Thing. They encounter an alternate universe X-Men team and the Ultimate Fantastic Four team. Ultimate Fantastic Four X-Men Annuals.


    Thor the Mighty Avenger
    Thor the Mighty Avenger

    In this alternate future reality Reed Richards solves the world's problems, but at the cost of his marriage. Susan leaves him for Namor. Fantastic Four #551.


    While taking a world tour with Jane Foster in his goat chariot, Thor encountered Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner and a giant sea monster. Thor exacerbated their encounter with one brash act after another, until the sea monster is subdued -- but Thor disappeared. Namor and Jane Foster share a campfire and conversation while waiting for him to return. Oddly, Namor has some wise advice for the thunder god. Thor the Mighty Avenger #5.

    Earth- ?

    What If Captain America Were Revived Today? In this alternate reality, Namor was knocked out by Thor's Hammer and did not escape the Avengers to throw Captain America's frozen body into the sea. So, Steve Rogers was not revived by the Avengers, but by Doctor Doom. Red Skull ruled the half of the world that Doctor Doom did not. Namor was part of a resistance team called the X-Patriots which consisted of Spider-Man, Namor, Wolverine, Human Torch, and Jean Grey, and they rescued the newly revived Captain America. What If? #67 & 68.

    Earth- TRN016

    Age of X Namor

    X-Men Legacy

    Earth- TRN124

    Deathlok Namor

    Uncanny X-Force

    Earth- 90214

    Namor Noir Iron Man Noir #2

    Earth- ?

    New Mutants Namor

    New Mutants

    Earth- ?

    X-Treme X-Men Namor X-Treme X-Men #1-3

    Other Media


    Tenoch Huerta as Namor
    Tenoch Huerta as Namor
    • A live action Sub-Mariner movie has been in development since 2002 with Universal. David Self wrote a screenplay and Chris Columbus was attached to direct. Jonathan Mostow was named director in 2006, and claimed it was still a live project in 2009. Kevin Feige stated in a 2010 interview with Collider that Universal did not have any of the Marvel characters, which would mean that a Namor movie would be made by Marvel Studios. In 2014, Feige stated that certain contracts with Universal had left the film in legal limbo, and that using Namor on film would be complicated.
    • A possible reference to Namor is made in the 2010 film Iron Man 2. On Nick Fury's map of superhuman activity across the globe, an indicator is shown in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This presumably indicates a being with aquatic abilities, likely in reference to Namor or his kingdom.
    • Namor appears as the main antagonist of the 2022 film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, portrayed by Tenoch Huerta.


    Prince Triton concept by Alex Toth
    Prince Triton concept by Alex Toth
    Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes
    Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes

    Video Games

    The Spider-Man arcade game
    The Spider-Man arcade game
    • Namor appeared as one of the four main playable characters (alongside Spider-Man, Hawkeye and Black Cat) in the 1991 Spider-Man arcade game from Sega.
    • Namor appears as a support character in the 1991 Captain America and the Avengers arcade game from Data East.
    • Namor appears in the 1997 Fantastic Four game from Acclaim as a boss character.
    • Namor makes a cameo in the 2000 Spider-Man game from Activision.
    • Namor appears in the 2000 Marvel Trading Card game from Konami.
    • Namor appears in the 2006 Marvel Ultimate Alliance game as an NPC. He also appears in the Game Boy Advance version of the title as a playable character.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Namor appeared in ToyBiz's toyline for the Fantastic Four animated series.
    • Namor appeared in ToyBiz's Spider-Man: Web Splashers line.
    • Namor appeared in ToyBiz's second ever Marvel Legends series, complete with an aquatic display base.
    • Namor appeared in the Marvel Legends Showdown figure game from ToyBiz and Upper Deck. He came packaged with a hammerhead shark toy.
    • XM Studios, Bowen Designs, Sideshow Collectibles and Diamond Select released statues of Namor.
    • Namor appeared in Diamond Select's Minimates line.
    • Namor was featured in the Super Hero Squad line from Hasbro.
    • When Hasbro took over the Marvel Legends license, they released several figures of Namor. The first was released in 2007 as part of the Annihilus Build-a-Figure wave, while the second was released in 2016 as a Walgreens exclusive, meant to tie into the release of Captain America: Civil War. In 2018, a third Namor figure was included as part of the Okoye Build-a-Figure wave, which was released as a tie-in to the Black Panther live-action movie.
    • Namor was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
    • Namor was featured in Hasbro's merchandise line for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, including a new Marvel Legends figure depicting the MCU version of the character.

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