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My Most Hated Characters

Here are the characters that piss me off big time.

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  • Yeah lets hand the entire world in a silver plate to a psychopath just because he killed the bad guy threatening the world. If you used that logic applied to superheroes as well, we might change world leaders on regular bases.

  • Take everything thay you dislike about Superman, amplifies it smear Marvel cynism all over him, and add mentally disturbed. Then you have Sentry.

  • The Red Hulks finds new ways to break the wiling suspension of disbelief such stealing Silver Surfer' board and Mjolnir despite not being pure of heart. Villain Sue at its finest.

  • Marvel has been trying to shove this chick down our throats as Spider-Man's true love, its hilarious how they try to increase her popularity by making her look really yummy.

  • Yeah, Sally... I guy who punched Hitler in the face isn't in touch with American ideals, only if he knows what MySpace, NASCAR or Youtube is...

    F*** you.

  • I don't like how Reed excuses his actions saying he is smarter, he knows better how everything will work out in the end. After his actions in Civil War, I like to call him American Josef Mengele with elastic abilities. And now in the Ultimate Universe, he makes a deal with an alien empire to attack and conquer Earth, formed a highly advanced society of superhumans called the Children of Tomorrow, absorbed entire cities into their base , wiped out all but two of the Asgardian gods and, recently, turned Washington into a crater. Yeah, even the Ultimate Universe dropped the pretense Reed is nothing but a power-hungry maniac.

  • When executive meddling understimates the audience inteliggence... Replacing the Human Torch with this robot because they were afraid kids would set themselves afire is a whole new level of fail.

  • She is one of the worst things that Chuck Austen ever created, and that is quite a accomplishment. Vapidly gossiping about sexy men with once-intelligent characters Husk and Northstar. Throwing tantrums/acting holier than thou during battles and various X-Men crises. Dispensing shallow advice to other characters on their "romantic woes". Wrapping bandages around injured characters' heads (regardless of their actual injury). Need I go on?

    Apparently boning Iceman for no apparent reason.

  • Its bad enough is one huge S.O.B. Its bad enough he is pain to reach after beating the other kombatants. He is such broken character and ridiculously impossible to beat.

  • Why you had to be so retarded? Why you have to start and end every single episode with meaningful meaningless phylosofical bs.

  • He used to be my favorite character in the series until he became mouthpiece for Seth or whoever is in charge for writing and talk about their beliefs a lot in the most pretentious way possible.

  • He became worse with every season but I don't think he will be bad as...

  • Bitch in a sheep clothing at its finest.

  • It wasn't Megatron who killed Optimus, but him. He doesn't deserve to lead the Autobots. Its a insult to even call him a Prime.

  • Transformers is about giant robots. Bayformers is about a guy watching the Transformers. In a lot of ways, Witwicky is who Michael Bay wishes to be: he interacts with the Transformers regularly and is given a free pass to whine non-stop.

  • She is fine now but I remember spitting blood when reading this Paris Hilton ruining the DC Universe with her presence. To elaborate, she was a Mary Sue character that everybody praised but she treated everyone around her like garbaged, whine about having to save people (while wearing of logo of Earth's greatest hero) and had powers that the writers pulled out of their arses with no foreshadowing at the last second to save herself.

  • How the X-Men thought he was eligible to be one of their ranks (before House of M of course)? He was abrasive and belittled the students that weren't Hellions. He got better afterwards but far from a nice person.

  • Its the inverse in Noriko's case, she was fine before but after House of M, she became really whiny. Whether it's about her romantic life or trouble in the field, this is her favourite line of action. Once, Dani Moonstar dedicated one full issue to explain her that it's always darkest before dawn. Her answer? Basically: "I don't care about hope, and I don't want to look for it... I want to keep being emo and I will!"

  • The fact these monsters can and will get away with any crime they commit against humans makes me want to set fire to my X-Men collection. Why is SHIELD not on their arses? How they can attack a school full of children and murder all babies in small town and get away with this? This really breaks my suspension of disbelief.

  • I never liked Sasuke before, but I stopped reading Naruto because of him. I can't stand how Naruto wants to redeem Sasuke so much when he is way over the Moral Event Horizon.

  • I don't know much about him, but the fact his brought from out of nowhere and is revealed to have manipulated Wolverine's lineage and was created by Jeph Loeb is enough for me to hate him.

  • How many times is Batman going to throw him into a cardboard prison and he will escape every time? What is he trying to prove that even a madman can be redeemed after his most despicable atrocities? I wish Rorscharch showed Joker what unforgiving really means...

  • That is how the writers picture their fans if they were superheroes. They must think really highly of us...

  • I hate how he won against the Hulk with any effort.

  • Lets face it I really hate Zeus in all of his incarnations...

    Except Disney.

  • I haven't read many Superman comics featuring Lana, but her presence in Smallville don't give me a good impression. She was kept on way past her usefulness as obligatory love interest and many characters rave about how awesome she is. I wondered why Lois Lane who is far more smarter, funnier, better and hotter wasn't introduced earlier.

  • Compared to Dante he is really lame. He vomits the most generic one-liners he can think and is much, much more annoying Ichigo Kurosaki.

  • I have the impression that if were for Ed Boon, he would have handed victory to Quan Chi' hands.

  • If there is one thing I really despise is when we set this heroic character that we grow really fond... and it turns out she was a spy for the big bad. Same thing with Mizuki Tachibana, Anastasia in Brave 10, Alex in Runaways, Hawkgirl in Justice League...

  • Just like every woman in Robert Jordan's world, she is bitchy and annoying.

  • I wish to set fire on her hair to stopping her from tugging her braid. Just the profile pic makes me draw a Desert Eagle and unload it in the screen followed by a nuclear attack.

  • This is probably one of the worst story arcs ever written in comics.