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    A character from the manga and anime series Bleach, Grimmjow is the 6th Espada of the Arrancar army. On the bottom part of his cheek is the remains of a hollow mask.

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    General Information.

    Birthday: July 31.

    Height: 6'1".


    Eyes: Blue.

    Hair: Blue.


    Grimmjow is a tall male with light blue hair and blue eyes. He has green markings on his lower eyelids. He has a jawbone on the right side of his face which is the remains of his hollow mask. His hollow hole located in his lower abdomen. He has his espada number tattooed on his back, near the right side of his hollow hole.


    Ulquiorra Schiffer
    Ulquiorra Schiffer

    At first glance, Grimmjow also appears to be a laid back and uninterested fellow, but that is far from the truth. Grimmjow is an extremely violent and sadistic individual. He usually has a psychotic grin on his face when he becomes excited. He loves to fight strong opponents and is eager to prove how strong he is. He is often disrespectful and rude to his superiors, including Kaname Tosen and Ulquiorra Schiffer. The only person he shows some sort of respect to is Aizen Sosuke, though he is quick to drop the formalities when Aizen is longer around.


    In Sōsuke Aizen's Espada, Grimmjow is ranked number six. Meaning he is ranked as the sixth strongest out of the other ten Arrancar's in the Espada. Grimmjow was first seen when he was yelling at Ulquiorra Schiffer for not killing Ichigo when he was right in front of him. So he and a group of five other Arrancars made their way to Karakura Town to kill anyone with any source of spiritual power. Whether they were strong or weak, Grimmjow wanted to clean up Ulquiorra's "mess".

    Ichigo's friends managed to defeat the five Arrancar's that Grimmjow brought to Karakura Town. However, Grimmjow was able to beat Ichigo with no problem, leaving Ichigo wounded and weak. But when the last few minutes of their battle, Ichigo managed to use his "Getsuga Tenshou" to wound Grimmjow a bit. Leaving a vertical scar on Grimmjow's chest. After their unfinished battle, Kaname Tōsen took Grimmjow back to the Espada's lair. When Kaname brought Grimmjow to speak with Aizen; he sliced off Grimmjow's arm and burned it as punishment for disobeying orders. Thus his title as the sixth strongest Espada was taken away from him - leaving him as just an Arrancar. Later on Aizen assigned Grimmjow and a few other Espada members back to Karakura Town as a new mission. His immediate plan was to find Ichigo and kill him. Once found, the two fought a vicious battle - causing Grimmjow to be surprised at how powerful Ichigo has grown since the two's last battle. But when Grimmjow stabs Ichigo with his sword - Kuchiki Rukia attempted to save Ichigo by freezing him in a block of ice with her Zanpakutou.

    Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki

    Of course this didn't stop Grimmjow - he broke free from the block of ice and again made a comeback by attempting to use his Cero to kill Rukia. But then a tough Vizard named Shinji Hirako stepped in the nick of time to save the two Soul Reapers. This caused Grimmjow and Shinji to begin a new battle.

    After the battle, Ulquiorra Schiffer managed to blackmail Orihime Inuoe into coming with him to Las Noches - claiming that her power would be useful to Aizen. A few Arrancars could not believe that Orihime was even close to being useful to them. So she proved them wrong by healing Grimmjow's arm back to the way it was before. Also she cleared up the scar on his back that was covering the large "6" on his back. Leaving a triumphant Grimmjow to kill Luppi (another Espada, but only for a short period of time) who boasted about being the sixth strongest Espada. Grimmjow Jeagerjaques had taken his place back as the sixth strongest Espada.

    Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends managed to sneak into Las Noches (Aizen's Lair) to rescue Orihime. After a few Arrancars Ichigo battled, he ended up meeting Grimmjow once again. Grimmjow had long waited for his battle with Ichigo with hopes of finally killing Ichigo. So when the two met up, Grimmjow had Orihime heal Ichigo so he and Grimmjow could have a "proper" and fair battle. The intense battle caused Grimmjow to call out his Zanpakutou's name ("Pantera"), revealing his true form. In the end Grimmjow was defeated by Ichigo, but it is still unknown whether or not Grimmjow was truly killed.

    Before Grimmjow became an Arrancar- he traveled throughout the lands where every Hollow, Vasto Lorde, and Adjuchas reside.

    Orihime Inoue
    Orihime Inoue

    He devoured Hollows and others to grow stronger and evolve. Eventually he met up with a few other Adjuchas whose goals were also to grow strong and evolve into Arrancars. The Adjuchas he met were: Shawlong Koufang, Edrad Liones, Yylfordt Grantz, Nakeem, and Di Roy. Shawlong and the Adjuchas attempted to eat Grimmjow since they all found him weak due to his size. But Grimmjow proved them wrong by defeating them first. Shawlong then asked Grimmjow to be their leader, fore they found that Grimmjow could help them achieve their goal far quicker compared to the pace they were going. He agreed, and he and the other Adjuchas traveled together to attain their goal. But gradually Shawlong and the Adjuchas found saw no results and realized that they couldn't evolve. So they asked Grimmjow to devour them - they decided that they wished to help Grimmjow succeed in attaining his goal. The Adjuchas knew that Grimmjow could evolve. Grimmjow refered to them as "cowards" and he devoured them as their wish. Later on when Grimmjow met Aizen - Aizen used the Hokyokou to turn the five Adjuchas into Arrancar. The five then still followed in Grimmjow's lead and were known as Grimmjow's Fracción.

    Powers and Abilities.

    As an Espada, Grimmjow possesses various powers and abilities, such as:

    • Master Swordsmanship: Though he prefers to fight hand-to hand, Grimmjow is an expert swordsman.
    • Master hand-to-hand combatant: In his first battle with Ichigo, he only fought him hand to hand and defeated him with ease.
    • Sonido Master: A skill similar to Shunpo, which allows the user move at very high speeds.
    • Immense Spiritual Power
    • Enhanced Speed
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Enhanced Durability
    • Cero: He is also able to use a more powerful version of cero which is exclusive to the Espada. This ability is called Gran Rey Cero. His Gran Rey Cero is light blue in color.
    • Garaganta: A way of transportation to and from Hueco Mundo. It is done by tearing the dimensional fabric between the worlds.


    Grimmjow's zanpakuto is called Pantera. It has a blue handle with an S shaped hilt.


    Grimmjow's resurrection: Pantera
    Grimmjow's resurrection: Pantera

    Its command is Grind (in Japanese Kishire), and it's name is Pantera. In his resurrection form Grimmjow gains a more Feline look, sporting longer hair, full armor, claws what it seems to be like a crown in his forehead, his signature jaw mask is gone. In this form, Grimmjow becomes faster, more powerful and is a deadlier hand-to-hand fighter.


    • Faster Sonido
    • Stronger Hierro
    • Increased Strength
    • Increased Endurance

    Special Ability


    Grimmjow is able to fire 5 green darts, one dart is powerful enough to destroy a building

    Loud Soundwaves


    Grimmjow's ultimate technique, from his claws he can transform energy waves to make bigger claws (but from energy).

    Aspect of Death

    Each Espada represents an aspect of death, which are the 10 reasons human die, Grimmjow's aspect of death is Destruction, which also represents his destructive way of fighting.


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