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    Mayuri Kurotsuchi is the captain of the 12th Division in the Gotei 13 and the second president of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. His zanpakuto is called Ashisogi Jizou. Mayuri is a mad scientist. His Bankai is called Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou.

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    Appearance & Personality

    Birthday: March 30

    Hair: Blue (without make-up)

    Eyes: Golden

    Height: 5'7"

    Weight: 119 Ibs (54 kg)

    Mayuri Kurotsuchi is the Captain of the 12th Division and President of the Shinigami Research Institute, preceded in both by Kisuke Urahara. He personifies the archetype of the mad scientist, viewing everyone

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    as objects to be dissected in the lab. He takes great pride in his experiments and the things he has created (such as his daughter Nemu) and condemns the concept of perfection. He has made extensive modifications to his body: his left arm can extend like a grappling hook, form a scythe by pulling out his ‘ears’, and even replacing his organs with dummies. Mayuri has little regard for life or allegiances, readily turning his own subordinates into human bombs on one occasion.

    Due to their opposing views on life, as well as multiple other factors, Kurotsuchi is often considered Uryu Ishida’s nemesis. In the past, the potential danger he posed to Soul Society led to his imprisonment when he joined the Soul Reapers; it is noteworthy that, in the prison he was held in, he was the only one considered dangerous enough to warrant a separate cell from other prisoners as well as restraints. Kisuke Urahara, upon becoming captain of the 12th Division, recognized his potential as a scientist and released Mayuri to help him with his research and to assist him in running his newly-started Shinigami Research Institute. In return, Urahara promised him the Division and position as President of the Research Institute if anything were to happen to him. To a certain degree, Kurotsuchi holds a grudging respect for Urahara and his skills.


    Mayuri's appearance looks kind of like a skull, this is because he wears make-up every day. His fingernails are blue and, with the exception of the fingernail on his right middle finger, are all short. Mayuri is revealed to have blue hair and golden brown eyes when without make-up. He also wore a white hat with two ends that point to his right and a large purple scarf around his neck. His painted his whole body, even his face and hands, has been painted black and white. It has been shown that he has to repaint it every morning because he takes it off before he goes to bed.

    Mayuri's looks have changed since his initial appearance: his ear attachments have become shorter and rounder, his chin has a longer attachment which makes look like an Egyptian pharaoh , his teeth have become a golden color, and he doesn't wear a hat anymore. His hair is also styled into "horns," which when viewed from the front looks much like a Pharaoh's crown, and his face paint has been painted differently with two black stripes running down his face. He still doesn't state why he changed all of this but it is probably based off of his won preference.


    Mayuri Kurotsuchi is a researcher and makes himself seem like a mad scientist. By his early actions during the Ryoka Invasion, he is displayed as one of the most sadistic and cruel Shinigami. He sees everyone and everything not as a living being, but as an object to be researched—including himself.He has little respect or regard for most others, and was even willing to turn his own men (who were not aware of his plans) into living bombs in an attempt to capture Uryu and Orihime for experimentation . He also withheld vital information about the bounts from the other Shinigami in order to capture one as a research subject for himself.

    It is known that Mayuri's favorite food is pike fish, and that he does not like onion. One of his free-time activities is reading every character published in Seiretei Communication. He himself publishes a serialization in the journal, titled "Effective Medication for the Brain", which apparently contains detailed instructions on preparation of medicine and their application. Surprisingly, it is highly popular among the readers.

    In battle, Mayuri likes to play with his opponent, torturing them little by little until they can hardly stand. This was shown in both the fight with Uryū and his Espada counterpart Szayel. Every time he fights he uses it as an experiment testing himself and his opponent little by little. He also uses it as an opportunity to implant microbes or other things in case they get away. Before engaging, though, he will make extensive research on his possible opponents to tilt the chance of winning to his side.It is seen that when he is busy reading in the library with a note on the door saying, "Enter and Die."


    Little is known about the early history of Mayuri, except that 110 years ago he was the only prisoner in the Maggots Nest who was considered dangerous enough to necessitate confinement in a small prison cell, chained to the wall by his ankle. He would, however, one day be visited by Kisuke who was seeking his genius to become vice-president in the newly thought-of Shinigami research Institute , a request that would automatically get him out of there. At first Mayuri refused, until Kisuke began teasing him with the fact that he had nothing to tinker with down there and that, as vice-president, he would inherit everything should something happen to Urahara.

    9 years later Mayuri was seen with Kisuke Urahara and Hiyori Sarugaki walking through the Seireitei when they were greeted by 5th division captain Shinji and his lieutenantAizen. Mayuri showed a distaste for Shinji as he refused to call Mayuri by his full name and only called him by his first, which was too familiar for Mayuri's liking. He seemingly was uninterested in the conversation between Urahara and Aizen who was explaining that the 9th Division had been sent on a special investigation to find out what was happening with the disappearances in the Rukongai.

    During her brief time as a member of the institute, Hiyori served as a lab manager, which resulted in clashes with Mayuri, who was then 3rd Seat & Vice-President of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, over who had more authority under the Captain. The two constantly got into an ongoing argument about whose in charge, prompting Hiyori to call in Urahara. He explained to her that with the disappearances occurring he had created a new type of Gigai. Before Hiyori could respond they were interrupted by the arrival of Todo , the 6th Seat of the 9th Division. Urahara agreed to send a researcher over to the investigation site as per the request of captain of the 9th Division. Urahara elected Hiyori to go to the site, to which she became irritated and asked why he couldn't send someone less important. He questioned if she should continue being a lieutenant prompting Hiyori to attack him, though he simply dodged her. Though reluctant Hiyori gave in once Urahara explained that she was the only one that he could trust with the task.

    After an incident that got Urahara and Tessai banished and other captains such as Shinji and the current vizards hollowfied, Mayuri later succeeded Urahara in leading the Research and Development Institute as well becoming captain of the 12th Division of the Gotei 13 .

    He also experimented on Quincy , including Soken Ichida , Uryū's master and grandfather, in his studies. He believed that upon Sōken Ishida's death the Quincy had been entirely wiped out, and was disappointed to learn that Uryū was a Quincy because he considered his study of the Quincy complete and did not want any further Quincy specimens.

    Soul Society Arc

    Mayuri is present at a meeting of the Gotei 13 captains which is was called so that Captain Gin can explain his suspicious actions. Gin, being one of the thirteen captains, should have had no trouble destroying Ichigo and his friends. Gin merely chalks it up to a mistake on his part. Though Mayuri and Kenpachi argue over the possibility of Gin purposefully letting them go, which eventually becomes an argument between the two until they are silenced by Captain-Commander Yamamoto.

    During the invasion of Soul Society, Mayuri attempts to search for the ryoka and use them as test subjects. During the search, Mayuri tries to interrogate Ikkaku while he is healing in the 4th dicision headquarters. Ikkaku refuses to tell him the details of his fight. Disturbed that Ikkaku has nothing to offer, he states that he will need to be punished for his behavior, though Mayuri is then stopped by Zaraki who asks him since when does he have authority over the members of other divisions. Mayuri quickly leaves.

    He eventually meets up with Uryu and Orihime , whom he tries to capture using his own squad members as bombs. After Mayuri blows up the last of his men, he sees Orihime's defensive technique that has protected her and Ishida from the blast. Ishida turns his sights on Mayuri, who is now interested in studying Orihime because of her shield, asking if she would like to be his research subject. Mayuri, not paying any attention Ishida, continues to add incentives to Orihime to become his subject by giving offers he normally wouldn't. Mayuri then notices Ishida standing next to him pointing a bow, and tells him that he is pretty fast for a Quincey . Mayuri then states that they are a rare breed and he hasn't seen one alive for many years, but he notes that he has no interest in the Quincy as he finished studying their kind some time ago. When this causes Ishida to question who he is, Mayuri is taken aback at the idea that Ishida and his friends would invade without doing their homework and at the very least they should know who the captains were. Mayuri then gives his name, rank and position, realizing what they are up against, Ishida tells Orihime to run for it as he takes on Mayuri. Not about to lose a test subject, Mayuri extends his arm to catch Orihime but it is shot off by one of Ishida's arrows.

    Mayuri is disappointed at the state of his extension arm and detaches it from his body much to Ishida's surprise. He then takes out and uses a tube with a green substance which instantly regenerates his arm further surprising Ishida. He then goes on to say that it really doesn't matter if Orihime got away he can always track her down and the sooner he does the sooner he can begin testing. Ishida fires his spiritual arrows at him though Mayuri dodges the first couple of shots and then uses Shunpo to maneuver to a nearby roof. Mayuri makes note that Ishida has been using an advanced Quincy technique similar to Shunpo. Mayuri states that, though he can use Shunpo to counter the technique, it is tiresome to use and he can't have Ishida moving all over the place, thus he resolves to kill him. Mayuri then releases his Shikai and before Ishida can counter with a spirit arrow he is stopped by Mayuri's lieutenant Nemu who blocks him causing them both to be injured by Mayuri's attack. Mayuri is livid that Nemu had let go of Ishida after the attack, and hits her as she begs for forgiveness.

    When Ishida protests at Mayuri's treatment of his own subordinate, Mayuri claims that she won't die from her injuries as he created her body himself and tells Ishida that she is a construct entirely of his making and therefore his "daughter". Mayuri then turns his attention back to Ishida so that he can finish him off. He then tells Ishida not to dare try and tell him how to treat her, but Ishida still screams out in protest only to realize that his arm is paralyzed. Mayuri proceeds to tell him what the special ability of his Zanpakutō is, and then stabs Ishida in his arm once again causing him to scream out in pain. Mayuri then tells Nemu to kill him but then realizes that she is paralyzed because of the attack as well and stomps on her again. Ishida screams that he should stop, prompting Mayuri to question whether his philosophy has to do with the Quincy pride that his people where always talking about before they died.

    Ishida questions him on what he is talking about and Mayuri details how once he studied the Quincy (though his studies seemingly only included every horrible and cruel way possible, more akin to torture) and had ended his study years ago, he detailed that before dying they would always swear on the pride of the Quincy. Ishida listens on in absolute shock as he hears of the butchering of his people. Mayuri then offhandedly reveals that he was the one who orchestrated the death of Uryū's grandfather, Soken and even shows him a image of his grandfather.

    Ishida is enraged by the truth of his grandfather's death and swears to kill Mayuri on the pride of the Quincy. He then uses an advanced and rare Quincy technique which allows him to control his paralyzed body like a puppet. Mayuri notes that he had never actually seen the technique in any of the 2661 Quincy he studied and is surprised that someone so young can use it. Mayuri then takes out his hidden Kusarigama and resolves that since he is starting to find Ishida interesting, he will keep him alive to study as well. But much to Mayuri's surprise, Ishida removes his sanrei glove to gain the power to defeat the captain.

    Mayuri is utterly surprised as he has never seen this technique before and is unsure of what even happened. He then notices that Ishida is absorbing the surrounding structures, then deduces that since everything in Soul Society is made of spirit energy, he is absorbing them and turning them into strength. Mayuri then tells Ishida that he has gone far beyond the limits of Humans, but Ishida's only response is the creation of a complex bow construct with which he fires a spiritual arrow, which Mayuri dodges. To his surprise, Ishida appears from above and shoots him, causing a large explosion. Ishida offers to spare Mayuri if he apologizes to everyone and never appears in front of him again. He threatens to shoot him with a spiritual arrow three times stronger than the last shot if he does not. The previous arrow grievously injured Mayuri, having destroyed his left arm. Now enraged, he insults Ishida for his cockiness and declares that he could match his power, and releases his Bankai. Mayuri explains that the poison his Bankai releases would surely kill him, though Ishida states that his arrow will reach Mayuri long before his Bankai's fatal poison can be released. Mayuri sends his bankai creature charging at Ishida, who fires his arrow, splitting it in half and shooting a hole through Mayuri's stomach.Despite the fatal injuries, Mayuri still lives and much to Ishida's surprise, stabs himself in the throat with his Zanpakutō, allowing him to use its ability to turn himself into liquid so that he could escape, seeping into the cracks of the area.

    Later, he hears of the announcement of Aizen's treachery after reforming, but upon being asked by Nemu he refuses to get involved, saying that he is not interested.

    Powers and Zanpakuto


    Ashisogi Jizō is the name of Mayuri's Zanpakuto, the hilt is pink and he has a modified hook on the front so it would hang off of his waist band. He is the only captain so far that wears his sword in front and not on the side. His sword has many different Abilities.

    Liquid Form

    When Mayuri stabs himself with the sword he instantly turns into a green slime which makes him unable to attack and nobody can attack him this is used when he is about to die. He also loses any body modifications that he had when he reforms.


    Ashisogi Jizō
    Ashisogi Jizō

    The name of Mayuri's Shikai is Ashisogi Jizō. Mayuri's shikai is very unique since it has 3 spikes points and the guard looks like a baby's head with it's hands together in prayer. Two of the spikes are crooked while the middle blade is longer and a little straighter. The hilt has leaf like fragments that point out more then they did in it's sealed form. But it has one good abilities. One is when he stabs someone they become paralyzed within a few seconds but they can still feel pain.


    The name of Mayuri's Bankai is Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō. His bankai does not actually change his sword but it manifests a huge monster caterpillar with a babies head. It has arms and a halo around its head. It has many different techniques that can kill the opponent the most used would be its poison breath which can cover a large area and is almost impossible to dodge and anyone who breathes would die in minutes. There is an antidote but only Mayuri, Nemu and the captain of squad 2 have it. Even if you don't breathe it can go through the pores in your skin. The only known way that has been shown to stop it was to blow it away with a strong reiatsu. If you get too close to Jizo it can produce numerous swords from its chest which can impale anyone too close. Since it is so big it can ram into people and kill them. It can also eat the enemy if it wants to. Also if Jizo ever attacked Mayuri it would self-destruct back into its sealed form.


    Since Mayuri is a captain he has great spiritual power. Also since he is the president of the Shinigami Research Institute he is very smart and tactical person. This is shown when it only took him an hour to figure out how the 8th espada abilities worked. He has made many modifications to his body such as an extending arm a scythe that comes from his ear, and being able to blend in with the environment. It has been stated that he is the most proficient with kido in the whole soul society. He is also descent in all other techniques such as flash step and swordsmanship. This does make him one of the weaker captains but his intelligence and preparedness makes up for it during battle.


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