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    Sakkara was once a slave girl and lover of the Queen in ancient Egypt. After the Queen married General Ramses, the General ordered Sakkara's death, but she escaped and was transformed into the demonic vampire Purgatori by Rath's blood. Purgatori is one of the most popular and recognizable of the many "Bad Girls" to appear in the 1990's.

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    Purgatori's beginnings are in the pages of the Lady Death's first outing The Reckoning as mere side-note, the vanished lover of Lucifer, in the very first issue. Her first appearance was Lady Death's second series Between Heaven and Hell, where she played the role of protagonist. We get a view of her beginnings as a devil worshiper in ancient Egypt to the Devil's devious whore to a shadowy figure that torments Lady Death with her telepathic powers before a physical battle takes place. She is something of an antithesis of Lady Death, being secretive, cowardly, using illusion, and not afraid to backstab or strike low to achieve her goals.

    Quickly becoming a fan favorite, Purgatori spawned her own series that, as with all Chaos Comics properties, interwove with other Chaos characters on a regular basis. Always the aggressor, Purgatori is characterized as an untrustworthy vampiric goddess with a lust for the blood of deities. On occasion she has held uneasy truces, but the moment that is not longer in her interests she reverts to aggressor.


    As with Lady Death, Purgatori is the creation of Brian Pulido, the head of Chaos Comics and principal writer for the company he founded to develop and explore his characters. Her classic appearance as a sexy red demoness was designed by Steven Hughes, Pulido's longtime collaborator. Over the years many artists have drawn Purgatori and she is probably the most diversely illustrated of all Chaos Comics characters, with many people creating story runs with many different styles and looks.

    Character Evolution

    Created as a nemesis for Lady Death, Purgatori quickly found her place in the Chaos Universe and has never strayed from those roots. Her self-service and lust for power are always the basis of her character.

    Major Story Arcs

    Chaos Comics Era:


    Enslaved Sakkara
    Enslaved Sakkara

    She was born in Egypt (1390 B.C.) and raised in the city of Alexandria. Her parentage is not known, but she has the blood of Fallen Angels flowing in her veins. She was one of half of the population that was enslaved to work on Queen Ostraca's lavish tomb that ensured her passing into the afterlife. Sakkara had to work in the hot sun, brutally whipped by the male guards.

    A Celtic man once told her how to escape slavery and gain immortality but before she could think on this, her life was changed. The Queen came to inspect the progress in her chariot and almost ran Sakkara over. She was going to berate the slave girl for not moving fast enough but became entranced with the girl's blue eyes and beauty. Queen Ostraca was known for her love of women, and Sakkara became the greatest woman in her harem, eventually marrying the Queen and living a life of utter bliss and luxury.

    But her life once again changed when Queen Ostraca realized the rebellious slave force would soon quit working on her tomb and she would not enter the afterlife. So after making a deal with General Ramses, he became Pharaoh as long as he would keep the population in check, and he would be her only lover. So her harem was slaughtered, and when Sakkara returned to see this, she escaped the guards by jumping out a window in a suicide attempt, but fate intervened, and she landed in a wagon of carpets. So after thinking things over, she decided she did not want to die, she wanted immortality, and vengeance.



    She sought out the Celtic man, finding him being beaten to death by the guards who were tired of his rantings. She killed them and he managed to hold onto his life force long enough to tell her his secret. Across the blazing desert and into a cave set into a mountain she trekked, barely surviving. She finally stood before Rath, an ancient Celtic vampire. She wished for immortality to seek revenge and he for a weapon to divert man from his path to becoming a civilized people. She, filled with rage, was that weapon, and biting her, he drained her of her own blood, giving her some of his own, and as their blood mingled she became an immortal vampire.

    His blood and her blood (of the Fallen Angels) mixed to form a creature unique throughout time and space. A beautiful creature with blood red skin, glowing white eyes, horns and wings. She returned to Alexandria on the wedding night of the Queen and attacked the guests, transforming the samurai, Kabala and Jade into vampires. She then proceeded to start riots in Alexandria by instigating rebellion. As for Ostraca and Ramses, she bit them and buried them alive in the Queen's sarcophagus. They were rescued five days later, but they had already turned vampiric and without blood had become wizened and insane, and so they remained forever.


    Rath left to his own task and Sakkara learned that the blood of gods, especially in torment holds extreme power. Lucifer then became entranced by her and came to her bringing her to Hell where she was to be his wife. But she had other plans and in the bedchamber she bit him. He was infuriated with her but impressed at her spirit so he cast in her in the Nexus Of All Things. She was left in exile in the city of Necropolis and he gave her a new name...Purgatori.

    She remained there for millennia feasting on the inhabitants, transforming Necropolis into her own image. She could not pass through the Nexus but she saw Marion do so and one day, with her chimera, she trapped Marion studying her and the Nexus for 400 years, looking for a way to return to Hell. She was forced to take action when (at the instigation of Lady Death) the Fallen Angels fought in a bid to rule Hell, and so they went for Necropolis first. She used Marion's soul to pass through the Nexus and she found that she had returned to Hell. Now her one desire was the blood of Hell's ruler, Lady Death and the soul inside her, that of Lucifer.

    Lady Death

    Purgatori vs Lady Death
    Purgatori vs Lady Death

    She camped by the River Styx with her jackals and located the Cremator, entranced him and turned him against Lady Death. She had him forge a magical sword that would allow her to reclaim Lucifer's soul. She cast a spell that severed the psychic link between Evil Ernie and Lady Death and dealt harshly with Mary Young who had arrived in Hell to kill Lady Death.

    Purgatori then began tormenting Lady Death, twisting her memories, plaguing her with illusions, all to make her blood richer and sweeter. She then had Cremator attack Lady Death, attacking her soon after and in a long battle her jackals lost to the Nameless Wolves but she effortlessly defeated Lady Death (who was wearing Purgatori's wedding dress).

    But when Purgatori impaled Lady Death with the Cremator's sword her magic backfired and allowed Lady Death to escape. Purgatori was plunged into Styx, forcing her to tell the truth and it was then revealed that Lucifer's soul had never been inside Lady Death.

    Lucifer appeared before them to confirm this, as he had been playing Hope for a fool as a game. But annoyed at having his hand shown his took Purgatori to Dis and tortured her and turned Lady Death into a creature of evil, Lady Demon.

    The next day, Purgatori and Lady Demon were pitted against each other in Hell's Arena. Purgatori was still weak from the torture and lost the match, refusing to reveal the whereabouts of Marion's soul. She was drained of her powers and cast through the Nexus, sending her to the place she loathed more extremely than any other...Earth. Her power gone; the separation spell began to erode.

    Jade, Kabala and the Samurai

    Jade & Kabala
    Jade & Kabala

    On October 13, 1995, Purgatori arrived in San Francisco. Victim to her own ravenous thirst she found her desire at a local lesbian S&M bar. She was then attack by a tormented creature, he called himself the Faithless One. She killed him shortly thereafter, at the very instant of the Pandora Effect.

    But her arrival on Earth had not gone unnoticed: Jade and Kabala came to her, letting her know of their kill her, she was also being tracked by her creator, Rath. She knew she was weak, so she became a stowaway on a freighter, making her way back to Alexandria. She hoped that confrontation of her enemies on home turf would give her advantage. But her arrival once again caused havoc; the ship crashed and the explosion caused by this event almost obliterated the port from existence.

    She was then ambushed and mind probed by Jade, she and Kabala wanted to know one thing - why they had been made into vampires. Purgatori forced an image of Lucifer upon Jade who became horrified and for a moment, vulnerable. Purgatori drank of her blood, losing it seconds later when Rath chose that moment to kidnap her for interrogation, draining her of her new power.

    Rath told her that he would save her from her enemies if only she would bow to him and accept him as her master. Though she was weak and helpless, she still refused, so he left her to Jade and Kabala. She was then taken to Africa, where they probed her mind. They were enraged to learn that their creation was a mistake in a moment of passion. They continuously tortured her, trying to make her beg for her life, but she still refused to submit.

    Rath arrived telling her that he was merely testing her limits. He was then attacked by the samurai, and Purgatori, drenched in his blood, gained tremendous amounts of raw power. She then killed Kabala, however Jade escaped.

    Rath then offered to teach her yet again but she spat in his face, as she could never side with someone who had used her like this.

    Evil Ernie

    Versus Evil Ernie
    Versus Evil Ernie

    She returned to the USA, and frequently came across traces of Dracula. Tracking him down, she found him at his castle, where they made love and Dracula swore his loyalty to Purgatori.

    Once again she returned to America, to trap Evil Ernie, Lady Death's lover. In the midst of a battle she appeared through the blood of Mary Young (as she had a link) and easily knocked out and kidnapped Chastity.

    She brought her to Los Angeles, as she had recruited The Savior (formerly The Faithless One) to do her work. The Savior was setting up Ernie, while Purgatori played with Chastity, scanning her mind to learn of her history and taking her to a lesbian bar, solely for pleasure.

    But the night out was ruined when she sensed The Savior's failure. So she took Chastity with her and attacked Ernie herself. She entered his mind, learning that he could shape reality. But before anything could be done, Ernie's Cyber Dead attacked the house, destroying it. She was forced to flee but her mind probing resulted in Ernie's break up with Chastity.

    Then traveling to the ruins of New York, she sought out the blood of the Fallen Angels that she had sensed. It was here that she encountered Metatron and Blattidae, who informed her of an ancient prophecy.

    This prophecy detailed her life history and of her return to Goddesshood. So during her battle with Metatron she began to doubt she was just a common vampire, realizing that part of the problem was that she wasted her time with lesser creatures rather than aiming higher. She left New York to Blattidae as most of her army had been crucified by Metatron, and she began to plot her Ascension.

    She traveled to Necropolis, she found it in ruins and was attacked by Rath's brother, Rubicante. He knew of her abilities and wished to test her so he teleported her to the nightmare world of Transdaemoniium.

    She overcame an attack by the freaks that inhabited the realm and sensing Lady Death she tracked her down, lusting for revenge.

    Lady Death acted as if she did not care to fight, then proceeded to use her sword, Nightmare, to battle in her stead. It swallowed Purgatori, but she was well equipped in magic and Blood Alchemy, allowing her to escape.

    Now she was ready to fight Lady Death, yet again but she knew that if she did not leave Transdaemoniium immediately she never would. She took the blood energy from Nightmare and left for Earth...where a war between the vampire clans was under way.

    Satrina, Karmilla and Dracula


    She had now become the CEO of Isis International, and so went on a quest across the globe, seeking objects of power. First on the list were the prophetic hieroglyphics in New York that spoke of her using mercenaries. They were attacked by Metatron's army but they were easily dealt with.

    In Cairo her work was interrupted by illusions that were revealed to be the work of her ex-lover, Satrina. She returned to seduce Purgatori yet again as well as showed her the struggles across the world. It taught Purgatori that strength alone was not enough, her (and her army) must all have faith in herself no matter what the cost or if all hope is lost. Satrina then left her, leaving behind a vampire hunter Karmilla to assassinate Purgatori.

    Purgatori watched the vampire war behind-the-scenes and judged that Dracula was too powerful. But she was attacked by Karmilla (who had been given powers by Satrina) but she effortlessly defeated her, leaving her to be tortured in the dungeon. Karmilla escapes but Purgatori deflected the teleportation spell, so she could leave Karmilla in the cold tundra to die. Meanwhile Purgatori traveled to the Invisible Village, to find out if Rath had given Karmilla her power.

    But Karmilla followed her, armed with the Spine of Eden, but she attacked Rath instead as she was tricked (by Purgatori) into believing he had kidnapped her children. During this battle, she learns that it was Satrina who had betrayed her only to be trapped and nearly killed by the Spine of Eden. She escaped by turning herself into liquid blood and she obliterated Karmilla.

    Next she went to Shanghai, planning to take down Jade's empire and to take the Chalice of Regeneration. She was attacked in the Sun nightclub but she rid herself of her attacks meeting up with Dracula, who was also after the Chalice.

    United they worked together to assault Jade at her fortress and Purgatori nearly killed her by shoving her onto a stake. Dracula left her during the fight to get the Chalice himself. But Purgatori became enraged at being used and followed him, nearly getting killed by Blood Sect vampires armed with bullets lethal to vampires. She eventually defeated them and Dracula and recovered the Chalice. Dracula fled, happy that she had strengthened his position immeasurably in the vampire war by tearing apart Jade's empire.

    She eventually became fed up with Dracula, the latest insult being that his name was mentioned in a conversation at the Usher club. So she teleported to his castle where she found everyone dead. Fooled by the only survivor, she was led into and trapped in a furnace, nearly incinerated. But she managed to escape by taking the blood of the bait victim and teleported to freedom.

    Weakened and without anything to feed on she found she was in the catacombs underneath the Vatican where she was attacked by the undead. She bested them but Dracula joined in, trying to dominate her mind. He gave her the choice to use his army, if only she would join him. But of course she refused to side with someone who had used her.

    In the ensuing fight, they ended upon the roof of the Vatican, ensnared by the Octarine chains Purgatori had found in the treasure rooms. Dawn was coming fast, and she was only saved at the last moment by Pope Stephen, he saw that she was the stronger vampire and was more likely to win the war. She then tore out Dracula's fangs and heart out and escaped just before Dracula was burned forever by the rising sun.



    Purgatori decided to take Satrina back once again, as her lover. She saw Satrina's treacherous nature arousing and they united together to take down Pope Stephen who wished to take Purgatori's power.

    Yet she was still not satisfied, she felt that she was just as far from her goal of achieving the rank of goddess as she was when she began this quest.

    So she departed for Cairo where she studied the prophecy hieroglyphs. While she was gone Satrina began an invocation ritual, planning to summon a demon and steal Purgatori's power. She was going to kill her lover so she could become the goddess instead. But the spell was corrupted and instead Gorge was raised, he had been watching Purgatori from his home in the Unknown. And so when Purgatori returned from Cairo, she discovered the betrayal on her own and ripped out Satrina's heart, killing her.

    Gorge then revealed to Purgatori that she was his blood-mother and he was going to help her Ascension. She felt that she had to leave her humanity behind her, as it was her weakness. So she partially destroyed the Isis International buildings. Gorge showed her many things that she needed to learn, including the fact that she had the power of all those she had killed at her disposal. He also showed her Rath's creation at the hands of Satrina, she suspected they were still working with each other. So she tracked him to the Serengeti where she killed Rubicante by ripping his spine out. But Rath revealed that he was actually there to help her.

    Odin, Armageddon and Mitchell Wardlow

    Wielding Odin's Power
    Wielding Odin's Power

    Gorge then brought her to the Unknown where countless dead became her willing army, as they would follow anyone as long as they could fight again. She used her rapidly expanding powers to garb them in blood armor and then proceeded to destroy Asgard as a training exercise. She was unaware that Odin was one of the many warriors in her army. Her army pillaged Asgard, killing some but converting most to become her warriors. Purgatori then defeated Odin and stole his powers. But Vandala and Vulnavia fled the desolation, trying to bring Frigga to safety. But Purgatori followed them to Transdaemoniium where she killed Frigga. Vulnavia then cut off her hand, which immediately regenerated and Purgatori bit Vulnavia, making her into yet another faithful convert. She then fought with Matthias (who had been banished there by Lady Death) and she took possession of Nightmare. Vandala escaped with help from Brock and Grimnir, seeking out Lady Death.

    Purgatori burned Transdaemoniium and departed for Earth, determined to seek out and destroy Lady Death. She assaulted Lady Death's fortress in Oblivion and after a time-consuming battle she was stabbed in the heart by the Death Scythe and so degenerated into a pool of blood.

    But Armageddon resurrected her using his awesome power, she was then taken as his servant and ordered to kill Lady Death. So she attacked Lady Death's armies eventually sneaking off to attack Armageddon, her true motives revealed to be to steal his blood and power. But when she bit him the raw energy within his powerful blood poisoned her, driving her into unconsciousness.

    Nightmare was then taken from her collapsed body and used to attack Armageddon. Armageddon was killed but in his last act of defiance he unleashed the Uncreation Wave, meant to destroy everything throughout the cosmos. But it was manipulated by Mitchell Wardlow to instead create eight parallel universes. Purgatori recovered just before she was swallowed by the Uncreation Wave.



    Purgatori was recreated on new world named "Dark Millennium". She had taken control of old Egypt lands and ruled it as an Empress. She occasionally walked the streets to see the state of her empire. On one of the walks she saved a human slave, and took her as her lover. Her former lover Vulnavia didn't like that though and attacked Purgatori. Purgatori defeated Vulnavia easily and asked her new lover to decide the punishment. She chose to exile Vulnavia to live on the blood of reptiles and scorpions.

    Purgatori found love again and offered anything she wanted to the slave and lover; she asked a name Sakkara. Purgatori was honored that her lover would want her old name as her own, and granted her wish. Purgatori's empire was then attacked by Arhiman, his undead warriors tried to assassinate Purgatori, while he himself influenced people to overthrow Purgatori's rule. Purgatori survived the assassins, but was too tired to fight Arhiman and lost; she was imprisoned under sunlight; being a blood goddess she didn't die from it, but she was greatly weakened by it. It didn't fit with the plans of one traveler who visited Purgatori earlier though. He broke in and gave Purgatori the gift he brought earlier, the blood of the Nameless Wolf. It was strong blood and it revitalized Purgatori. Purgatori then again fought Arhiman and defeated him, doing that it also freed her people from his control. Back in her bedchamber, Purgatori learned that her new lover wanted to kill her and claim the throne herself; Purgatori used magic to turn her into a living statue.

    Old Enemies

    The cloaked stranger had a plan to ensure their dominance over earth. It required Nocturne's grimoire. Purgatori agreed to the plan if the stranger would acquire it. Right after they had the grimoire, Lady Death attacked Purgatori's empire and wanted back what was stolen from her. Two archenemies fought again, but this time Purgatori was victorious, and she infected Lady Death with a blood disease to slowly kill her; then Vandala arrived and carried Lady Death away. Purgatori was free to use the grimoire to conquer earth.

    During the incantation the power flew into the stranger, who turned out to be Pagan. Pagan had only used Purgatori to further his own goals, and Purgatori didn't like that. Fortunately, Vandala contacted her soon after and offered an alliance to fight against Pagan who now was the avatar of Abaddon. On the battlefield she was joined by Asteroth, Michael and Lady Death, each with their own army. At first Purgatori and lady Death promised to bury their hated for one another, but Purgatori was unable to keep her word and attacked Lady Death at the end. Asteroth managed to distract Purgatori long enough for Lady Death to defeat Pagan; being outnumbered, Purgatori left.

    New Earth

    Return of Sakkara
    Return of Sakkara

    Some time later Asteroth army neared Purgatori's eastern border and she was delighted by the news; she could once again spill blood on the battlefield. Being in a good mood, she even let the warrior Thoth live after he dared to advise Purgatori how to make war. On the battlefield Purgatori once again saw a magician who had appeared in her visions before and was drawn away from the battle. When she awoke, she was on another Earth and again in her human form and she remembered herself to be only human Sakkara. She wasn't given long to adjust to the new world and was attacked, with the help of the sorcerer they escaped. They then were chased by vampires, Sakkara somehow knew who they were and knew how to kill them. One of the vampires revealed that they wasn't there to harm her, but to protect her and took her to their master Dracula's mansion.

    The vampire and the sorcerer filled Sakkara in on her past, but were soon attacked again. Sakkara was shot, as was the sorcerer; sorcerer then asked Sakkara to feed on him before he dies so that she might live. While Sakkara drank, she felt power, but still couldn't remember who she was. The vampire then led her to safety and away from sun. In a hurry the left the sorcerer's book behind, it was a powerful book and Sakkara wanted it back. Next night they returned to the mansion, only to find that House Danton had sent his men to retrieve the book and sorcerer's body.

    Sakkara and her companion escaped again and followed House Danton men to their base. Sakkara arrives too late and the head of House Danton used the book to empower himself again. During the fight Sakkara managed to feed on an angel who had attacked them and remembered who she is; she again transformed into Purgatori. Her general Thoth also had come to this reality to help her return to her empire, but Purgatori wanted to explore the new realm. Thoth was summoned back to his own realm, and Purgatori was left alone in this new realm.

    Now able to turn from human Sakkara to Purgatori at will, she learns new sensations as a human. She even discovered that when in her human form she needs to eat regular food instead of blood, but when she turns into her Purgatori form the regular food she have eaten before makes her weaker. She found some humans who were willing to serve her and to be her food.

    New Love

    Purgatori / Rakshasa / Isis
    Purgatori / Rakshasa / Isis

    Purgatori was contacted by Hatem from Egypt, at first he ordered his men to attack her, to draw out her red-skinned form. When Purgatori shifted from her human form at last, the man offered her a chance to taste the power of gods. At first Purgatori refused, but changed her mind after some thinking. In Cairo she met other five contenders; they were to do battle, to see which three are worthy to wield godly powers.

    Purgatori met Rakshasa there, and fell in love from the first sight. Each showed what unique power they had, but Purgatori refused, and they then were shown to their rooms. Purgatori went to Rakshasa's room and they spent the night together. Rakshasa confessed that this was the first time she met a half-human, half something else; Purgatori got offended hearing that she's part human and left. She then met another contestant, a mage. He was mad that a mere vampire was worthy enough. The two have a major fight and only stop when Hatem came between them. Hatem also learned that Purgatori wanted to cast a counter-spell to make the power work for her, not to be only as a host to Set. Came the day of the competition; Purgatori was pitted against the mage again. Purgatori won by turning the mage's blood inside him against him. Other contenders joined the hurt magician while Rakshasa chose Purgatori's side. During the ensuing fight, three of contestants died. This bloodshed worked for the gods, and they came to this world.

    However, Set chose not to take Purgatori as the host and resurrected the dead magician instead. Isis took over Rakshasa. Isis then asked Purgatori to merge with her too, to be more powerful, and to fight against Set and Tehut. Purgatori agrees, but she was too powerful for Isis and took control over the joined form. Purgatori learned a location of Kelethar, old city of the gods, a place she had searched from an old grimoire written by vampires. She easily defeated Set and Tehut, and then she separated herself and Rakshasa from Isis; denying her the flesh she needed to exist in this realm. Purgatori and Rakshasa then walked into the sunlight together, as she had discovered that her human can stand the light. Their search for Kelethar was interrupted when a messiah of sorts appeared in Egypt. Purgatori and Rakshasa went to investigate. While there, Purgatori was attacked by none other by Lucifer himself, he was back from the dead, and he raped Purgatori. He then teleported Purgatori to the Arctic and kidnapped Rakshasa; saying that he has a plan for her. Purgatori was saved from the frozen wasteland by Bedlam, who took her to Lady Death. At first she was furious, but Lady Death stayed her hand and let her live. They now had a similar quest to destroy Lucifer.

    Powers & Abilities

    Sakkara is a powerful & dangerous entity within the Chaos! universe, being a human of fallen angel decent she was born a type of dormant cambion during her mortality. When she was sired by the ancient vampire Rath, the underlying vestigial inheritance took hold over her monsterized form giving her the appearance of a demonic undead being. Due to her hybrid nature; being part vampire and part devil in the form of a succubus Purgatori proves to be stronger than both with few of their weaknesses.

    • Supernatural Condition
      • Augmented Speed & Reflexes: Able to catch arrows, dodge gunfire and the like.
      • Augmented Strength: Strong enough to rend flesh from bone as well as smash through buildings, pick up and slam down police cars and cause tremors with her strikes.
      • Augmented Stamina: Is essentially tireless and can fight, run and move without physical strain.
      • Supernaturally Dense Tissue: Purgatori's bodily resilience is several times that of an average person. Being robust enough to resist gunfire, a cave collapse, tanking a gas station explosion and shrug off powerful magical blasts.
    • Shapeshifting: Can change to and from human form at will or take the semblance of another person.
    • Demonic Wings
      • High Speed Flight: Purgatori can fly around mach speed even while carrying people.
      • Wing Shield: Her wings are tough enough to block bullets.
      • Razor Wing: Has more than once used them to cut down her enemies like a sharp edge.
    • Vast Regeneration: One of Purgatori's strongest points is her ability for self-recovery. So long as she has fed upon blood of any kind she will revitalize most indefinitely, even despite her nigh-invulnerability it is possible for Sakkara to be physically wounded even fatally. But her healing capacity rivals that of Evil Ernie while connected with Smiley; easily able to regrow a severed hand, just as capable of rebuilding herself from a puddle of blood.
    • Immortality: Purgatori is ageless and she will never grow old.

    On top of her abilities as a recombination entity, Purgatori utilizes a great many other kinds of abilities that others of either race do not. Through these attributes the self proclaimed blood goddess has achieved demi-goddess to full godhood talents and straights over the coarse of millennia, acquiring a host of magical talents and abilities throughout her immortal life span.

    • Blood Alchemy: The core attribute of her deadliness. The bloodchild's main ability is the direct manipulation of blood which as she says "Blood is the life, life travels through blood." with it she can achieve a great host of nightmarish feats, most of which she uses to an incredibly visceral degree of brutality. being able to draw upon it, reshape it, sense its letting from miles away and even transporting herself or others from place to place. A rather original tactic Purgatori can employ utilizing her mysticism is the enslavement and empowering of potential vassels who'll serve her bidding without question, cladding them in a crystalized body armor that strengthens them and grants new powers, such as taking on the consistancy of blood allowing them formlessness. But converts them to her will, she can even give this to lifless objects having once done so to animate a sphinx through her power. Doing so also enable her to draw their empowerments back in order to make herself infintiely stronger with every little bit of their blood meshed with hers she retakes.
      • Teleportation Interference
      • Internal Rupturing
      • Haemoportation
      • Blood Mimicry
      • Blood Portal Creation
      • Possession
      • Clairvoyance
      • Blood Empowerment
      • Ontopathogenesis: Infecting and merging with reality itself.
      • Path to Hell
      • Magical Blood Constructs
    • Paranormal Awareness: Being a vampire she has an acute sense for the supernatural, able to see, feel and otherwise perceive many things that even others of her kind cannot.
    • Telepathy: Purgatori is an adapt mentalist with vast extra sensory abilities at her disposal, abilities powerful enough to fool even godlike beings or a number of their best agents.
      • Illusion Casting
      • Mind Control
      • Mind Reading
      • Memory Viewing
      • Psychic Shielding
      • Empathy
      • Corpse Animation

    Outside of her mystical prowess Purgatori is an accomplished master combatant and skilled manipulator, one thing more dangerous than her demonic powers and blood relative craft is her sneakiness. Her infinite capacity, if not glee, for plotting and treachery, she also has access to other abilities that lie outside of the Blood Magics which are also unique to her in that regard.

    • Fire Manipulation
    • Portal Creation
    • Teleportation
    • Nature Manipulation
    • Pain Stimulation

    Perhaps the most dangerous quality of Sakkara is her thirst for blood, particularly she found to her surprise and delight was in the power she gained in draining the blood of the divine. As she learned from gorge, Purgatori has the sum total essence and experiences of everyone whom she ever drained, in that she could not only assimilate the experiences and personas of all those whose blood she took but is also able to call upon power from all those who rest inside her. Purgatori learned that by drawing blood from gods and chaos lords she could amass godlike power for herself, the combined power of every higher being she'd ever fed upon. Having assimilated the knowledge of some druids, the power of Dracula himself, the almighty energies of Odin; a chaos lord who was king of magic and the Norse Gods, the very monotheistic deity who created it all in the first place and many more.


    Along her many travels over the ages Purgatori had acquired a great many items of interest in her quest for omnipotence. From mystical relics older than human history to high tech human made devices which serve her purposes on her path to conquest.

    • Chalice of Regeneration: A keepsake of Lucifer's before his fall to devildom. It carries his blood within its cup which never runs out, constantly refilling itself and brimming with odd powers.
    • Nightmare: A demonic blade forged in the realm of Asgard, once belonging to Lady Death it changed hands to her father whom then lost it to Purgatori.
    • Neurotech: Once coming into conflict with Mistress Hel's new lover Evil Ernie, the evil Demi-Goddess sensed opportunity in enslaving the earth using it to amplify her psychic powers 100 fold.


    While still technically stronger and tougher than either of the species she stems from Purgatori still falls prey to many faults that come with her undying being. For instance while immune to silver, garlic, holy water and such she can still catch fire if caught under the rays of the sun; but this will not kill her as her blood alchemy vastly augments her regenerative abilities. Above all else Sakkara's twisted thirst for blood rules much of her actions especially the blood of the divine.

    Seeing as regular human blood usually lacks the restorative properties typical for many vampires, though this maybe due more to her sensitive pallet than the effectiveness of it. Likewise blood can also be her Achilles heel as it can be blessed, cursed or intoxicated in a way that makes it caustic to her if ingested. Naturally she is also vulnerable to various enchanted weapons and armaments used against her or any armaments of equal power within her possession.


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