Character » Aguja appears in 53 issues.

    A member of the group known as The Children of the Vault, adversaries of the X-men.

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    Like the other Children of the Vault, Aguja ("Needle") was not a Homo superior (mutant) or a Homo sapien (regular human being) but a member of a completely different human species that had evolved biologically, culturally, and technologically over the course of six thousand years. Her people's advanced technology allowed her to have superhuman abilities in the form of a special suit she wore. Once the battery ran out, however, she'd be powerless.


    Aguja was created by Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo, and first appeared in X-Men Legacy #188. Aguja means "needle" in Spanish. Spanish names are a reoccurring theme with many of the Children of the Vault characters.

    Story Arcs


    She joined her fellow teammate, Fuego in battling Sabretooth, and also participated on the attack of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s facility. However, she was quite disappointed when only Perro and Serafina were sent to battle the X-Men.

    She did get a piece of the action when they navigated their ship to New York to destroy the X-Men and the Air Force tried to kill them. Aguja and Fuego easily destroyed their planes and waited for the X-Men to show up. She and her siblings easily subdued the X-Men at first, but they fought back and foiled the plans to destroy the Institute. During the battle, Lady Mastermind projected an illusion making Aguja look like her. As a result, Fuego incinerated Aguja, not knowing he was killing his own kindred.

    Powers and Abilities

    Aguja's powers were energy-based; she could produce blasts and force fields. She gained the ability to cause objects to tear apart and she could also neutralize powers. She also had a degree of super strength, the ability to see beyond the visual spectrum, and she is fluent in both English and Spanish. Though she has yet to utilize her powers to their full extent.


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