Annie Ghazikhanian

    Character » Annie Ghazikhanian appears in 211 issues.

    One time X-Men Nurse, mother of Carter. Love interest of Havok. Current whereabouts unknown.

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    She is the mother of a powerful mutant named Carter. Her history has never been fully revealed, but it would appear that the father of Carter was a mutant, and that he wasn't the best person.


    Annie Ghazikhanian was created by Chuck Austin and Ron Garney and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men issue 411 (2002).

    Major Story Arcs

    Nursing an X-Man

    Main Love
    Main Love

    She became the nurse of Havok when he was trapped in another dimension. Carter was making her fall in love with him because he thought they would be good together. When Havok was brought to the X-Men, she came with, partly for Havok, partly because she didn't want to send Carter alone. Carter tried to bring Havok out of his comatose state, but almost became trapped himself. Seeing her son in danger, Annie began to yell at Havok's body. She didn't know his long time love was behind her, Polaris began to threaten her. Northstar came to her defense. Havok wakes up but now Carter is out of it. Xavier was able to save Carter. She was still in love with Havok, but Polaris figured that she was the only one for Havok and proposed to him. Annie almost left the school because of it.

    She is later seen with Husk talking about Angel. Alpha Flight comes and tries to take all the students away. Every thing was going smoothly, all were cooperating, until Puck tried to take Carter. Annie threw a fit. Because it was her son, she felt she had a right to keep him with her, Guardian stated the deal was that all students were to be taken. This starts the fight between Alpha Flight and the X-Men. Juggernaut attacks Puck. Sasquatch Attacks Juggernaut. Guardian fights Annie for Carter, but is stopped by his former teammate Northstar. The battle, that the X-Men were winning, is ended when Squidboy says he will go if they all stop fighting. The lawyers agree.

    She is seen again when the Church of Humanity crucified many students on the Institutes front lawn. She states the school needs to get a full time doctor. Using Angels blood, they are able to heal most of the students. But Skin was not saved.

    Another's Wedding

    When it comes time for Havok and Polaris to tie the knot, she is in great distress. She is invited to the Bachelorette party, but doesn't really want to go. She meets up with Iceman and the end up kissing. Meanwhile at the bachelor party, Cyclops has hired a shapeshifter stripper, she takes the form of Annie and Havok freaks, revealing he still cares about her. At the wedding, she sits holding hands with Bobby. When Havok says he can't marry Lorna, Lorna flips out and Havok runs (flies) with Annie and Carter. If not for Juggernauts intervention, she may have been killed by Lorna. Later Lorna is seen threatening Annie.

    Leaving the School

    Eventually, Annie decided to leave the school with Carter, she said it was for his safety, their whereabouts are currently unknown. They may have joined others on the Utopia Island, but it is unlikely due to the fact that the X-Men is still a dangerous place to raise a child.

    Alternate Realities

    X-Men the End

    It is stated that she and Havok are both deceased. They died prior to the events of the series. Carter was able to create a "crystal castle" where time had not passed and both of them were still alive. he is still a child when in the castle and when people enter the castle, they to deage. The castle is destroyed and he has a breakdown at losing his mother again.


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