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    The adopted daughter of Mystique, Rogue was once a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Now reformed, Rogue has become a veteran member of the X-Men.

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    Manifestation of powers
    Manifestation of powers

    Anna's journey begins in Caldecott County, where she was born to the beautiful Priscilla and her lover Owen. Her parents married far too early in their relationship. In an attempt to fix their decaying relationship, Priscilla got pregnant. Nine months later she birthed a baby girl that she named Anna-Marie. Unfortunately the young couple was whisked into a nature-loving commune where they joined in an insane plan to reach “the Far Banks,” a dreamland from Native American mythology, where the rules of the physical world no longer applied. The commune hired a shaman to take them to the Far Banks, but something went horribly wrong during the ceremony.

    Owen had planned to sacrifice Priscilla to the spirits of the Far Banks, but she took control of them instead and closed the mystical place behind her as she vanished. Grief stricken, Owen pleaded with Priscilla’s sister Carrie to aid him in raising his daughter. Anna-Marie, who had been nicknamed Rogue, didn’t have a pleasant childhood with her aunt as Carrie used a rough education philosophy on her in an attempt to prevent her from making the same mistakes her mother made. However, Anna did not go entirely without love, as her beauty was well recognized by the boys of her town. There was one boy in particular she fell in love with, named Cody Robbins. She was with him one night, under a full moon, during their first kiss, when she developed her powers, leaving her first love in a lifelong coma. Cody’s father and some of the town’s folk ambushed Anna’s home in retaliation.

    While Owen fought off the mob, Anna stole one of his guns and ran as far as she could into the swamp land. She was seen and chased by a small part of the mob, while looking at her followers, Anna ran into a stranger and fell unconscious. She never saw how, but she was rescued by the time-traveling Cable. He quickly dealt with the mutant haters and left before Anna awoke. In the swamps, holding her father’s gun, she stumbled upon a beautiful woman named Raven Darkholme (Mystique).


    Rogue VS Captain America
    Rogue VS Captain America

    Rogue was created by the author Chris Claremont and artist Michael Golden. It was planned that her first appearance would be in the Ms Marvel #25 comic book in 1979. This was changed however, when this book was canceled which left her original introduction story unpublished for over a decade. Finally, in 1981, Rogue made her first appearance in the Avengers Annual #10 in 1981 and made her first X-Men appearance in Uncanny X-Men #158.

    Rogue's real name and history were not revealed until twenty years after her first introduction when Robert Rodi created the back story in her solo series entitled Rogue in 2004.

    Character Evolution

    Rogue's Evolution
    Rogue's Evolution

    Rogue is a long-time, central character in the X-Men world within the Marvel Universe. Her beginnings were as a simple villain being led on by Mystique. But her battle with Carol Danvers and the absorption of her powers of strength and flight stuck and became definitive of her for many years. The encounter with Carol Danvers also had the side-effect of introducing Rogue to the X-Men, whose line-up she would never leave again. The Ms. Marvel powerset stuck with her, even after a passage through the Siege Perilous, but finally lost these abilities after the Messiah Complex story arc. Rogue was one of the few X-Men characters whose real name had never been revealed until a long time after their first appearance (see also Wolverine). In the X-Men films, Rogue's real name is Marie. In the comics, however she called herself Anna Raven when her powers were deactivated. Her real name was finally revealed in her solo series "Going Rogue" in flashbacks of her Aunt Carrie and her mother, who called her Anna Marie.

    Major Story Arcs

    Rogue's first meeting with her foster mother, Mystique
    Rogue's first meeting with her foster mother, Mystique

    Mystique took Anna home with her where she introduced the teenager to Irene Adler (Destiny), Raven’s lover. In a few short weeks Anna grew to trust the two women, and she would expose herself as a mutant; what was most shocking to her was that her foster mothers themselves were also mutants. With this information she grew to further trust them, and even love them. It was with them she met her closest friend, another mutant girl her age who called herself Blindspot, her powers allowed her to erase anyone’s memories by touching them. Her powers seemed to counteract Anna’s mutation and they were able to safely touch each other, which pleased Anna to no end because this made her feel normal. She felt pressured by Mystique to join her terrorist group, The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but Anna wanted a normal life. When Anna was dared to kiss a boy named Freddy, her powers kicked in and she drained him too. After that she would never speak to him again, and with no sign of a normal life ever being possible she joined Mystique and The Brotherhood. Anna frequently tested her limits. Mystique often needed to keep her in line, as Anna took her powers too lightly and enjoyed using her abilities for fun. Anna also dyed her naturally white streak brown, only to replace it with two white streaks on her temples, apparently in an attempt to look older.

    During their final mission together, they were hired to travel to Japan and break into the house of Lord Dark Wind, the father of Lady Deathstrike. They were to steal his plans for the adamantium bonding process. In order to succeed, they had to team-up with Sunfire. During the mission, Sunfire was knocked out and Anna took his flame powers. She loved flying and wanted to keep these abilities, but they quickly faded, although not before Anna destroyed major parts of Dark Wind’s estate. Although they hadn’t accomplished their actual mission, the Brotherhood still classified this as a victory, and to celebrate, Blindspot took a picture of Mystique, Anna and Sunfire with Dark Wind’s burning property in the background. Back home, though, Mystique had enough of Blindspot and exiled her from the group. In order to protect herself, Blindspot erased Mystique’s, Anna’s, and everyone else’s memory of her to move on without being recognized. Life went on for Rogue, Mystique and Destiny as if nothing had happened. In time, Destiny received precognitive visions that warned her about the Avenger known as Ms. Marvel costing Rogue her soul one day.

    Destiny discussed this with Mystique, who then vowed to not allow it, even if it would kill her. Anna, only hearing the last part, decided she would hunt down Ms. Marvel herself in order to protect her mother. However, Ms. Marvel had vanished from Earth and the Avengers‘ active roster, having been taken to Limbo by Marcus, was nowhere to be found. When Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants made their public debut, Destiny had convinced Mystique to keep Rogue back from the mission as a fail safe. Destiny proved to be correct, for all of the Brotherhood, except Mystique, was captured in their first mission by the X-Men. During this incident Anna learned that Carol had returned and was now living in San Francisco. Unaware that this would cause the danger that Destiny had predicted, she tracked down and battled Ms. Marvel on the plane.

    Vs Ms. Marvel
    Vs Ms. Marvel

    Carol resisted Anna’s powers like nobody before and then something went wrong. Anna found that, somehow, her metabolism had permanently retained Ms. Marvel's mind and powers. Fearing for her own sanity and identity, since she kept hearing Carol's voice in her head, Anna threw Carol's body off the bridge, hoping that her physical death would also kill the voice in her head. Unfortunately for Anna, she was rescued by Spider-Woman, who brought Carol to a hospital where Charles Xavier was able to partially restore her memories. Under Mystique’s guidance, Anna proceeded to attack the Avengers one by one, absorbing the powers of Thor and Captain America, and with Raven impersonating Nick Fury, she tried to free the rest of the Brotherhood from prison. However, the remaining Avengers and Spider-Woman prevented the breakout. As most of her stolen powers were already fading, Anna escaped with Mystique to avoid being captured as well. Several weeks later, the X-Men sneaked into the Pentagon with Carol to delete their data files. In one of the corridors, they ran into Anna, who was there thanks to Mystique's secret identity as a government agent. Immediately, a fight started and Anna absorbed both Wolverine and Storm’s powers.

    After regaining consciousness, Storm created an air vortex to carry Rogue away, as she did not want to endanger the Pentagon personnel with their fight. Soon, Mystique tried once more to release her teammates from prison. Anna and Mystique easily defeated the guards, but Rom (the Spaceknight), discovered the breakout. He easily rendered the Blob, Pyro and Avalanche unconscious, because they fought unorganized. Mystique angrily decided to leave them in prison for a while longer. Searching for new allies, Mystique, Destiny and Anna found Hybrid (a half-human, half- Dire Wraith) and offered to team up with him against their common enemies, Rom and the X-Men. In combat with Rom, Rogue touched his Galadorian armor and absorbed some of his inherent nobility in the process. When Hybrid revealed his plans to turn the entire Earth, including mutants, into his slaves and cattle, the mutant trio opposed him before fleeing. While Rom battled Hybrid alone, Rogue showed the potential for goodness for the first time, as she went back against Mystique’s orders, finding she could not bring herself to leave without helping the Spaceknight. Wanting revenge on the X-Men for having spoiled their plan to assassinate Senator Kelly, Mystique and her partners assaulted Angel.

    During the fight, Rogue was supposed to absorb the knowledge of the X-Men’s whereabouts from Angel’s mind but she did not want to use her powers on him, as the wings were a physical mutation and Rogue feared what effect that would have on her. While distracted with their own problems, Dazzler took Anna and Mystique by surprise with her light powers. Anna then developed a grudge against Dazzler, the woman who had everything that she wanted. Having been a fan of her music before, she now saw that Alison Blaire had also a controllable mutant power and a beautiful boyfriend. Slowly, the personality and memories that Anna had permanently absorbed from Ms. Marvel began to overpower Anna‘s mind, affecting her control and her sanity. Finally, after seeing that Mystique clearly couldn't aid her with these problems, she turned to Charles Xavier and the X-Men.

    Becoming an X-Man: A Fresh Start

    Rogue joins the X-Men
    Rogue joins the X-Men

    Shortly after moving into the X-Men's headquarters, Anna changed her hair back to its original style with the single white streak, to reflect her inner change and to support the idea of a fresh start. Naturally, the X-Men were suspicious of the former enemy among their ranks, especially Wolverine, who was good friends with Carol. However, slowly but surely, Rogue gained the X-Men’s trust, by risking her own life to save Wolverine’s fiancé, Mariko Yashida. Naturally, Mystique noticed that Anna had left the house and, before long, she tried to get her daughter back. While the Brotherhood kept the rest of the X-Men busy, Mystique infiltrated the mansion and knocked out Xavier. She believed that he must have mentally controlled Anna to make her abandon the Brotherhood, but after Rogue stated that it was her own choice to join the X-Men, considering that Xavier might be her last chance to control her power, Mystique reluctantly agreed and left.

    Rogue found a message from Colonel Mike Rossi, asking for help. Rogue immediately went to help him and rescued him from the SHIELD Heli-Carrier. Without realizing it, she accessed memories and personality traits of Carol Danvers, and even her voice and accent changed. She had stolen the very identity of Carol Danvers, everything that had made her the person she was, was forever lost to Carol and locked away in Rogue’s head. After being framed for murder, the government planned to use a prototype power neutralizer on Rogue. Rogue was still struggling against the Ms. Marvel personality that was still inside her. Mystique learned of this in her guise as a governmental employee, and Destiny's prediction of the danger. They alerted Storm to Rogue’s whereabouts and after she had found her, Storm and Rogue finally sorted out their differences and Ororo proved her trust by volunteering to let Rogue absorb her power. Rogue was tempted to permanently absorb the weather abilities but resisted, not wanting to betray the trust placed in her.

    Mutant Massacre

    Rogue and the X-Men in Mutant Massacre
    Rogue and the X-Men in Mutant Massacre

    Suddenly Henry Gyrich and his forces attacked and it became painfully clear that Mystique had not revealed the full extent of Destiny’s vision. Whoever would come to Rogue’s aid would have to take her place and so it was Storm who was hit by the power dampening blast meant for Rogue. With Storm incapable, Nightcrawler became temporary leader of the team, and he tried to test Rogue for the seventh sense that Ms. Marvel had possessed. It seemed that she was only able to manifest this vague ability under great stress, and she had absolutely no interest in developing this ability any further. When attacked by Nimrod, the X-Men were almost defeated. Buried under the rubble of a construction site, Rogue saw no other chance than to absorb the powers of her unconscious teammates all at once. The gamble worked, as Nimrod was confused by Rogue’s use of multiple mutant signatures at once.

    During the Mutant Massacre, history seemed to repeat itself. Rogue was temporarily rendered vulnerable by Scrambler’s power canceling effect, and as she was about to be hit with one of Harpoon’s energy lances Kitty Pryde jumped in between, believing to phase both of them to safety. Yet, the energy spear interacted with Kitty’s intangible form, leaving her stuck in her phased state. Rogue was saved, but once again at the price of a teammate being harmed. Soon afterwards, Dazzler found herself attacked by the Marauders, and reluctantly joined the X-Men, as she, by herself provided a too easy target. To get into shape, Dazzler excessively trained in the Danger Room and Rogue was not too pleased when she learned that Alison was running simulations with Rogue as the villain.

    Australian Outback

    During the Fall of the Mutants, the X-Men battled a mystical entity known as the Adversary, who was bent on destroying and remaking the multiverse. In the final battle, the X-Men's physical and spiritual essences were used as fuel for Forge's energy star, which closed the doorway to the Adversary’s plane of existence and saved the multiverse. They, in effect, died. Roma, a prisoner of the Adversary and guardian of the multiverse, used her powers to recreate the fallen X-Men from scratch, making her own minor alterations. Now invisible to cameras and all forms of detection equipment, the X-Men resettled to Australia, claiming an abandoned ghost town in the Outback as their new base of operations.

    The X-Men used their new status to attack anti-mutant threats around the world, which also brought them in conflict with the island nation of Genosha. Their own super powered agents, the Press Gang, captured Rogue and Wolverine and the unthinkable happened as Wipeout fully canceled both of their abilities. For the first time in years, Rogue was able to experience skin to skin contact, though it now happened against her will. Thanks to a special form of digitized teleportation, Rogue arrived naked to the prison of Genosha, and the guards took a few liberties when they put her into a cell. Rogue completely withdrew into her subconscious. There, she found out that some psychic residue had remained of all people she had absorbed and now these phantoms tried to overwhelm her. As Anna was fighting for sanity and control within her mind, unexpected help was provided by the permanently absorbed personality of Carol Danvers. She was more than the psychic residue, in fact, she was as solid and real as Rogue. As Carol, with her spy training, was more suited for escaping from the prison without any superpowers, Rogue let Carol take over. From then on, Carol and Rogue agreed on a new modus operandi - the two personalities would actually share the body, with each having their times of dominance, or acting as back up when one was rendered unconscious. It also seemed that Carol had no trouble to keep the absorption power under control. While she was using the body, she touched Psylocke's bare skin without any effect. Evidently, Rogue’s lack of control was strictly psychological in nature.

    Siege Perilous
    Siege Perilous

    During Inferno, the X-Men were demonically influenced and started to behave strangely. Rogue was scared by the experience, as it showed her what another presence in her mind could make her do. Afterwards she no longer allowed the Ms. Marvel persona to surface, prompting Carol to take control by force. When the X-women went shopping in a California mall, they run into Jubilee. With Carol in control, she decided to get a new hairdo in the style of Ms. Marvel, and later picked up some personal belongings from her old apartment, she even made Rogue wear the Ms. Marvel costume. The two women did not manage to get their difficulties sorted out again, as soon after, the X-Men fought an all-out battle with the merged Nimrod/Master Mold Sentinel, which ended with the robot being pulled through the Siege Perilous, a mystic gateway that judged all beings and placed them into different lives.

    On its way into the portal, Nimrod / Master Mold grabbed Rogue, attempting to take her along with him. The X-Men were unsure what to do but, knowing that this was their only chance at victory, Rogue ordered Dazzler to blast both the robot and herself through the Siege. It was said that everyone who entered the magical portal would be judged by the highest of powers, the good and ill of their lives being weighed in the cosmic balance, only to be reborn into a new life without remembering the old one.

    Battle of the Personalities

    Rogue VS Ms. Marvel
    Rogue VS Ms. Marvel

    Weeks later, Rogue emerged in her room in the Australian Outback town with her memory completely intact. At first, she thought that the whole explanation of cosmic balance and second chances was a hoax, but then she discovered that she no longer had Carol‘s abilities and memories. She was now ground-bound and vulnerable. Suddenly she was attacked by Ms. Marvel. It seemed that the Siege Perilous had attempted to separate the two women and provide each one with a body her own, but there wasn't enough life-force to sustain both of them. Rogue tried to escape through Gateway’s portals and was sent to the Savage Land. Ms. Marvel meanwhile ended up on Muir Island, after being possessed by the Shadow King, she followed Rogue and continued the battle.

    Whoever had the upper hand of the battle was healthy, while the other withered away. Rogue was about to give up, since she didn't want to "kill" Ms. Marvel for a second time, when suddenly Magneto stepped in. He rendered them both unconscious, and when Rogue woke up, Magneto had used machinery to drain/kill Carol's body and restore Rogue to full power, without the Carol personality in her head. Since the power transfer temporarily scrambled her absorption powers, they could touch.

    Savage Land and Muir Island

    They found themselves caught in a war being fought in the Savage Land, between SHIELD, Ka-Zar, Zaladane and the Savage Land Mutates. Rogue regained her abilities, her own and those of Ms. Marvel, in the middle of the conflict, right in time to change the odds in their favor. However, Rogue was shocked by Magneto's viciousness when he killed Zaladane, she left.

    The X-Men were busy in Shi'ar space at that time, so Rogue decided to head to Muir Island. However, the supreme telepath known as the Shadow King had taken over the minds of the residents there and Rogue quickly fell under his influence. The many residents were forced to battle each other in tournaments held by Moira MacTaggert, much to the delight of the Shadow King, who fed off the negative emotional energies routed through Polaris. This was when she first met Gambit where they both flirted with each other while having a brief fight that ended with the two of them kissing and making out. Once they returned to Earth, the X-Men tried to help, but were captured as well, with only Forge still being free. He developed a neural spike cannon and psionic catalyst and succeeded in freeing Rogue, Banshee and Wolverine from the mind control. Together with Xavier and X-Factor, they were able to free all of the Muir Islanders and defeat the Shadow King.

    Blue Team

    Rogue gains her iconic costume
    Rogue gains her iconic costume

    The X-Men were officially established again, with the original five X-Men and several other former members returning to the fold. In fact there were enough X-Men to divide them into two squads. Rogue was assigned to the Blue Strike Force led by Cyclops, also including Wolverine, Beast, Psylocke and Gambit, who had joined the X-Men during Rogue's absence. Their first mission of the new team involved battling Magneto, the master of magnetism didn't listen to any of Rogue's attempts to convince him to stop the fight and attacked her without remorse. Gambit was a man of secrets and mysteries, just like Rogue, he kept his real name secret, only for the time-traveling X-Man, Bishop, to reveal it as Remy LeBeau and accuse him of becoming a traitor to the team. Though she knew neither man well, Rogue sided with Gambit in this conflict, reasoning that Gambit couldn't be held accountable for something he had not yet done. However, later that day a woman showed up at the X-Men’s doorstep, claiming to be Gambit's wife, she was not sure about trusting Gambit anymore. He explained himself, that the woman was Bella Donna Boudreaux, a member of a rival guild from New Orleans, and while Gambit had indeed married her, he had not seen her in many years and considered their relationship long over.

    Stryfe's assassination attempt on Xavier with a special form of the techno-organic virus united all of the X-Teams to hunt the villain down during the X-Cutioner’s Song. In battle with his minions, the Mutant Liberation Front, Rogue’s eyes were damaged by Strobe’s heat blast. Temporarily blinded, Rogue was taken off the active roster and took some time to recover. Her feelings for Gambit grew and, after her sight had returned, the pair spent a romantic night out in New York. Rogue offered to tell Gambit her real name but he declined, saying that names didn't say anything about who a person is. Not much later, Gambit was called back to his home to avenge his brother's death and Rogue accompanied him. During their stay in New Orleans, she accidentally absorbed part of Bella Donna's mind and was flooded with the memories of the happy times she spent with Gambit – kissing, touching and loving one another – all things denied to Rogue. For a split-second, Rogue was tempted to touch Bella Donna again and permanently absorb it, but she reminded herself that it was wrong and the absorption wore off. Back in Westchester, Rogue was part of the X-Men team that succeeded in bringing in Sabretooth, who began living in the detention chambers beneath the mansion.

    Final Good-bye to Cody

    Rogue and Bella Donna
    Rogue and Bella Donna

    After having some personal time-off, Rogue knew it was time for her yearly visit to her birthplace in Mississippi and to visit her first boyfriend, Cody, who lies comatose. Rogue first tells Gambit, her new love interest, that she is leaving and informs him that Cody was the first boy to ever kiss her, and that it was on that moment she found out about her mutant powers. Gambit and Rogue have words about her leaving alone, but she does what she wants anyway. Despite the warnings of Storm, Gambit later decides to follow Rogue. At the same time, Bella Donna and the other members of the Assassins Guild mourn the death of their patriarch, Marius. Bella Donna is approached by Candra, who suggests bringing new life in to their now no-longer standing pact. Bella Donna promises to think about it. Bella Donna decides to take revenge on Rogue for stealing memories from her when she lay in a coma and kidnaps Cody. Rogue finds out, but is too late. Bella Donna promises to do the same with everyone else Rogue holds dear, just to make her pay. Rogue quickly takes action and tries to find a way to rescue Cody, unaware that the Assassins watch Gambit’s every move.

    Rogue receives an astral warning from Tante Mattie. Mattie promises that she will do anything that she can to keep Cody safe, if Rogue promises to rescue Gambit. Rogue agrees and helps an outnumbered Gambit fight off some ninja’s who work for the Assassins Guild. Later, Rogue and Gambit relax in a forest. Rogue makes Gambit promise not to follow her anymore, but he can’t keep his promise after he learns that Bella Donna is behind the attacks. Rogue later makes it to New Orleans and finds herself being attacked by a large number of Assassins. Meanwhile, Bella Donna agrees with Candra to re-create their pact, after she is finished with Rogue.

    Rogue finds herself being attacked by a large mob of Assassins. As she begins to fight her way through, Gambit continues on his way to New Orleans. Gambit receives a warning from his cousin, Emil Lapin, to turn back, but Gambit doesn’t obey. He makes it to the French Quarters but is ambushed by Fifolet and is captured. Rogue makes her way to Bella Donna’s house, where she has to fight both Gris-Gris and Fifolet. She defeats the two Assassins, but is then approached by the External Candra. Candra takes Rogue to the room where Cody, Gambit and Tante Mattie are imprisoned. Candra takes away the powers of both Rogue and Bella Donna. The two enemies attack each other and end up with Bella Donna throwing a knife through Rogue’s shoulder.

    Rogue suppresses, the pain she feels and pulls the knife out of her shoulder and continues her fight against Bella Donna. Rogue runs away, in the hope of buying some time to recover. Bella Donna says that she has enough of Candra’s games, knowing that she used her. Candra threatens Bella Donna and makes her promise to kill Rogue, and in return Candra promises to make things the way they were before. If not, Candra will kill Bella Donna and all the other Guilds. Bella Donna pursues and finds Rogue, but Rogue has had enough of the fighting and knocks Bella Donna out. Gambit frees himself and tries to fight Candra, but she holds him back, wanting to kill him. Rogue arrives just in time and orders Candra to release him. She does and wants to kill Cody instead. Rogue feels her powers coming back and fights Candra, defeating her. As Cody lays dying, Tante Mattie uses her magic skills to allow Rogue to enter Cody’s mind and say one last goodbye, before Cody moves on to the next life.

    On the Road

    The Kiss
    The Kiss

    Both Rogue and Gambit were with the X-Men when the M'Kraan Crystal was about to destroy Earth and the rest of the universe as well. Just as the crystal wave struck, Rogue took her final chance and kissed Gambit passionately. However, the crystal wave washed over without effect, and Gambit was left comatose from Rogue's kiss, with Rogue now possessing a large part of his memories and dark secrets. It was too much for her to deal with and she ran away to wander the country, Iceman going with her to keep her company. After a few days, Gambit awoke from his coma and chased them down.

    When he found them, Rogue told him that she didn't know exactly what she had seen only that it was something terrible and that it had been haunting him ever since. As Gambit wouldn’t confide in her and outright tell her what his dark secret was, Rogue reasoned that, if they couldn't trust each other, they also couldn't love each other. Rogue moved again and began working as a waitress.


    Operatives of Operation: Zero Tolerance found her, however. They kidnapped her and were preparing to kill her when one of the OZT soldiers started throwing off magnetic pulses, freeing Rogue and taking down Bastion. He revealed himself to be Joseph. Rogue was unsure how to handle the man in front of her, as he seemed to be a de-aged Magneto. They began traveling by car to reach the X-Men, but Onslaught appeared. The X-Men and the Avengers had teamed-up to defeat Onslaught and had learned that Magneto might have caused Xavier's change into Onslaught, somehow.

    Therefore, an Avengers/X-Men team, consisting of Captain America, Gambit, Vision, Iron Man, Thor, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, were sent out to find and subdue him. Rogue and Joseph traveled back to with the Avengers and X-Men team to confront Onslaught. After Onslaught was destroyed, Rogue and Joseph joined the X-Men.

    Adventures in Space

    Rogue's adventures in space
    Rogue's adventures in space

    Later on Christmas day, the X-Men confronted Gladiator, leader of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, who then teleported a group of X-Men (including Beast, Rogue, Joseph, Gambit, Bishop and Trish Tilby) to the Shi’ar Empire to defeat the Phalanx and keep them from destroying the entire Imperium. Among this squad, Beast was the senior member, yet all turned to Rogue for leadership and she filled the unexpected role. In their battles against the Phalanx, Deathbird, a member of the Shi'ar Imperial family and former enemy of the X-Men, accompanied them. Against all odds, they succeeded. As Deathbird was taking them back to Earth through a Shi’ar Stargate, a larger ship destroyed the Stargate and the X-Men crash-landed. There, they were confronted by a trio of bounty hunters and Nanny. With their powers negated by an inhibitor field and unable to escape, Rogue and Remy spent their first night together. Albeit prisoners of their enemies, they used the chance to physically express their love to each other.

    The next day, Gambit was put on trial by someone wearing the guise of Erik the Red. The X-Men were joined by Angel, Psylocke and, Maggot. During the trial, Rogue and the others learned of Gambit's past dealings with Sinister and the Marauders, the same memories Rogue had absorbed from Gambit’s mind when the M'Kraan Crystal passed overhead. When the X-Men departed for Westchester, Rogue left him, though to a certain degree her decision was influenced by Remy’s own residual personality in her head. He wanted to atone for his crime and deemed this an appropriate punishment.

    Back Home

    Rogue and Remy after Gambit's Trial
    Rogue and Remy after Gambit's Trial

    At one point, Rogue was given the chance to have her powers removed. She had learned of the Agee Institute through TV news and found that Dr. Agee really was capable of removing the mutant gene. When Mystique learned of Rogue's plan, she became rather angry with her daughter. However, despite all of Mystique’s warnings, Rogue still was about to undergo the treatment, only declining in the last instant for one sole reason, she feared that the device would be used on other mutants against their will, and without her strength, she would have had no way to make sure that the apparatus would be destroyed after her operation. She made the decision to destroy the machine, which could have given her a normal life. Driven by guilt, Rogue secretly sneaked out of the mansion and flew in search of Gambit, yet she found no trace of him or the mysterious fortress where the trial took place. Eventually, Gambit ran across some of the X-Men and returned with them, having been granted a second chance. When Rogue and Gambit finally reunited it wasn't quite the reconciliation they had in mind. When Gambit was stranded in Antarctica, in order to save his life, he shared a bond between himself and a mutant being named Mary Purcell. Over time, Mary fell in love with Gambit and became over protective, so when she found out that Rogue was his true soul-mate she lashed out at the both of them during an outing Rogue and Gambit were on. Rogue and Gambit defeat Mary, afterwards Rogue asks Gambit yet again if he really loves her, but due to the secret that Gambit was hiding he was unfortunately unable to answer, so she departs and lets him know that she cannot wait forever.

    The Hunt For Xavier

    The hunt for Xavier
    The hunt for Xavier

    During their search for Professor X, the X-Men were required to split up into two different teams, as there were separate locations that could possibly lead to the destination of their mentor. Rogue was assigned to the team who were headed to Tajikinistan, and as they journeyed to the apparent location of Charles they found it wasn't Charles who was there after all but a little girl named Nina. Her guardian told the X-Men and Rogue how they managed to come to Tajikinistan and how there was a link between Nina and Charles. After they all managed to explain themselves the X-Men and Rogue were assaulted by a sentient Cerebrite Alpha that had somehow fused with their ally Collosus. Rogue was required to leave the battlefield and help support Nina and her guardian, and as the raging battle went on Nina alerted Rogue that Storm was apparently dead. As shocked as Rogue was she knew it could not be true so she went to see if she could assist Storm and Gambit in their fight with the Cerebrite Alpha, but it was too late, Storm was nowhere to be seen and Gambit was unconscious in the arms of the sentient Cerebrite Alpha. When Rogue saw that Gambit was about to be dealt a fatal blow, she then successfully managed to rescue him out of the clutches of the sentient Cerebrite Alpha, but at a price. During the fight Rogue's gloves somehow got cut which allowed her to make skin to skin contact with Gambit, in the process releasing the mutant being Mary Purcell who was still hiding within Gambit even after her previous encounter with her. Rogue, wondering what exactly it was that had just happened, became distracted and left herself open for a full on attack by the sentient Cerebrite Alpha, and in the process, allowing Nina to be captured by it.

    A day later while the battle for Xavier had almost reached a fierce finale for the other team over in San Francisco, they realized that the only way for them to find their supposedly dead teammates would be to "kill" themselves too. Having done this, Nightcrawler was keeping a close watch on the teammates he thought had just been mysteriously slaughtered, and assumed that all hope was lost unless he somehow managed to get back to Rogue's team in time. Even though they had never answered his previous calls he managed to find them, and soon they were off to go help in the fight for Xavier. Rogue, Colossus, Gambit and Nightcrawler formed an assault team to help save the Professor. Rogue and Colossus proved to be formidable opponents against the Cerebrite Alpha, but soon the whole team was put into the containment pods. Nina saw that the only way she could possibly help was to help make Charles whole again and in the process bring back his telepathic powers. This proved to be successful and during the ordeal "Rogue and the X-Men" freed themselves of the containment pods. The Cerebrite Alpha stated that it never initially planned on killing those X-Men but now, to make it's "Dream" a reality, it needed to do so. It brought out the Xavier Protocols and almost immediately they were set to destroy. The "X-Men and Rogue" started to die right before Charles' eyes and in less than a minute were dead, Little did the Cerebrite Alpha know, that the team of mutants that had just been slaughtered were not the X-Men but robotic clones of them! The real X-Men and Rogue were by Charles' side and he made a telepathic rapport between all of them to strike at the specific targeted areas of the Cerebrite Alpha to destroy it once and for all. They were successful in its defeat and removal.

    Magneto Again

    After the Magneto War and Joseph's funeral, Rogue was left behind while the other X-Men were abducted on a journey through time and dimensions. She flew to Genosha, now under Magneto’s rule, to try and reason with him. Yet, after aiding Quicksilver and the Genosha Cabinet in fending off the Mutate known as Zealot, Magneto ordered her to leave or face criminal charges. When the team returned, Xavier began to become mentally unhinged. Xavier pushed the X-Men too far and Storm called in Scott and Jean to reason with the Professor. They failed to help Xavier, who then dissolved the X-Men and told them to go their own way, since he had no use for failures. The majority of the team left on personal vacations, while Storm stayed behind to keep Xavier from harming himself.

    Apocalypse and the High Evolutionary

    The Shattering
    The Shattering

    Rogue, Nightcrawler and Shadowcat took a vacation together. During this time, they met up with Mystique, who was on the run from the Japanese government. She was being tracked by Sunfire, but Rogue managed to convince Shiro that Mystique was innocent of the murders she was being charged with. After settling things with Mystique and Sunfire, they received a call that Wolverine had been killed on the surrogate X-Men's mission to save the Mannites. At the mansion, Xavier revealed that he had pretended to lose control in order to uncover a traitor in their midst. The traitor was discovered when Wolverine's deceased body reverted to its true form; that of a Skrull warrior. The true Wolverine had been kidnapped months ago by Skrulls working with Apocalypse, who had brainwashed him into being his Horseman of Death. However, the X-Men were able to snap Wolverine out of the mental hold he was in and also stop Apocalypse’s plans to extract the energies of the mutants, only referred to as the Twelve, which would have granted him omnipotence.

    Weeks later, the High Evolutionary activated an anti-mutation wave that switched off the mutant gene in everyone across the planet. Finally completely normal, Rogue worked towards her law degree and tried to get Mystique out of jail. However, Rogue refused to use criminal methods to get her mother out of jail. When the X-Men learned that the anti-mutation wave was going to reverse itself and horribly mutate the entire world, Rogue immediately returned to the team to stop the disaster. They raided the Evolutionary's satellite, disabled the anti-mutation field and defeated Sinister, who had been manipulating the Evolutionary. With her powers active again, Mystique soon broke out of prison and vowed vengeance on Anna (Rogue) for abandoning her in her time of need.


    Rogue in the Revolution era
    Rogue in the Revolution era

    About six months later, Rogue was elected the new field leader for an X-Men squad. She successfully led the X-Men against the Crimson Pirates, the Goth, and the Neo, proving to herself that she has a good instinct for making hard and risky decisions. Her style varied a lot from Storm’s and Cyclops‘, who usually chose to play it safe. During the crisis known as Maximum Security, Earth was turned into a penal colony for alien prisoners. Rogue encountered the Blood Brothers attacking Z'Cann, one of Xavier's Cadre K. Rogue drove off the attackers but Z'Cann was critically wounded. The Skrull girl deliberately made skin contact with Rogue, transferring her memories of Xavier's plans to the mutant. With this information, the X-Men managed to meet and rescue Bishop, who had returned from deep space.

    Unfortunately, Z'Cann was unfamiliar with Rogue’s powers, and to make sure that the information would be received, she had boosted Rogue’s absorption power with her own telepathy. As a result, her Skrull deviant genes mixed with Rogue's half- Kree physiology in an unexpected manner. Rogue was now capable of calling forth the memories and abilities of anyone she had absorbed in the past. Unfortunately she could not control this manifestation of her powers and would spontaneously sprout claws, fire optic blasts or adapt organic steel skin. She gained some self-control through meditative training with Wolverine but, because of the unpredictability her new powers gave her, Rogue stepped down as team leader.

    Dream's End

    Rogue VS Mystique
    Rogue VS Mystique

    Around the same time, Mystique led the Brotherhood in another attempt to kill Senator Kelly and spread the Legacy Virus to humans only. Rogue, Bishop and Wolverine confronted Mystique. In the fight, it became painfully clear that Mystique still held a grudge against Rogue for having abandoned her in a time of need. She used a blade to stab Rogue in her gut, causing a serious wound that would have been fatal, if Rogue had been without Wolverine’s healing abilities.

    Rogue recovered quickly and returned the “favor“ to Mystique, inflicting a similar, critical knife wound. Still, victory was too late, as Moira MacTaggert died because of the injuries received when the Brotherhood blew up her lab complex. As a result of this conflict, Rogue and the X-Men learned of Destiny's journals, a collection of diaries written by the deceased precog that depicted the future of mutant kind.

    X-Treme Team

    X-Treme X-Man
    X-Treme X-Man

    During her time on the X-Treme X-Men team, led by Storm, Rogue requested Sage use her powers to help evolve Rogue so she could control the powers that she absorbed. Sage agreed to this and helped Rogue, enabling Rogue to be able to use any powers that she had absorbed in the past. When the enemy known as Vargas foresaw his death at the hands of Rogue, he attempted to get rid of Rogue before she had the chance to kill him. He ambushed and speared her, but since Rogue possessed the powers of Wolverine and the Hulk, she was able to recover. Rogue would confront Vargas in Psylocke's costume and begin battling him. It has not been revealed if Rogue did actually kill Vargas or if she had let him live. Afterwards Rogue would figure out that Destiny’s future predictions were only probabilities.

    Rogue also inherited a mansion from Destiny and the X-Treme team stayed there to recuperate from the fight. Rogue and Gambit became powerless and they decided to leave the team in an attempt to help develop their relationship. Rogue and Gambit had a bit of trouble when coming across some mutants who hated homo-sapiens. The mutants started a fight with Rogue and Gambit and beat them. The two ended up residing in a beach house at Valle Soleda where both mutants and humans lived peacefully together. Bishop and Sage would often visit the couple and eventually they decided to help fight Sage’s enemy, in return, Sage would restore Gambit’s abilities.


    Rogue and Gambit returned to the X-Men's main team while Rogue's abilities were slowly returning to her, however the abilities she gained from Ms. Marvel seemed to have been lost. On one mission they successfully saved Xorn and brought him back to the mansion. They also fought a new Brotherhood when the Brotherhood followed the X-Men back to the Mansion and attacked them there. Rogue battled Black Tom Cassidy, who almost killed her, but she was saved by Northstar.

    In Rogue’s own comic series, she travels back to the south to save a young mutant girl from her powers. There she meets a man named Campbell St. Ange who was immune to her touch. During her time in the south she was determined to find out about her mother, forcefully absorbing her Aunt Carrie’s memories to find out what happened. Rogue would eventually encounter her mother’s spirit and set it free. She returned to her Aunt Carrie and told her that she considers her a mother. Rogue went along with Sunfire to investigate a photo of her and Sunfire performing criminal activities. She learned that Blindspot had erased her memories. She also accidentally absorbs Sunfire’s powers permanently. Blindspot erases Rogue’s memories again which caused her to engage in a battle with the X-Men.

    Rogue returned to the X-Mansion but found that Gambit was being seduced by Foxx. It was later revealed that Foxx was actually Mystique who disapproved of her relationship with Gambit. Mystique proceeded to try and seduce Gambit by transforming into Rogue, however Gambit insisted that nothing happen between them. When Rogue discovered that it was Mystique trying to seduce Gambit it angered her. Her relationship with Gambit took a bit of a turn when she found out he knew about it but failed to tell her. Afterwards, Mystique asked to stay on at the mansion and work with the X-Men. After M-Day happened Apocalypse was re-awoken. Gambit tried to protect Rogue and the X-Men but was transformed into the new horseman Death. Gambit tried to kill Rogue, twice, but soon left with Sunfire to be rid of Apocalypse’s brainwash.

    Rogue's new team
    Rogue's new team

    When Professor Xavier gathered a group of X-Men, including Havok, to go into the Shi’ar Empire after Vulcan, Anna was offered a role as a strike team leader by Cyclops. With the luxury to choose her own team, Anna quickly put together a motley crew of X-Men and former villains, consisting of Iceman, Cannonball, Cable, Sabretooth (Rogue injected him with Nano-Sentinels in order to control him), Lady Mastermind, Karima Shapandar, and Mystique (who she chose because she wanted to personally keep an eye on her). The first mission for her team was to stop the Children of the Vault (advanced humans who had attacked the mansion). After she and her team defeated the Children of the Vault, Anna announced her team’s departure from the mansion. Anna and her squad had to take down a villain named Pandemic. Pandemic's goal was to take Anna's power and add it to his collection of powers (that he had already absorbed). Upon capturing Anna, he infected her with the disease called strain 88, it affected her very badly.

    When her squad of X-men took Pandemic down they freed Anna, but she was too weak to do anything and had to be hospitalized on Cable's island while a new threat was released from within the mind of Regan Wyngarde (Lady Mastermind) called the Hecatomb. With the other X-Men barely surviving an attack from the Hecatomb (as Sabretooth ran off with their ship), Cable's mind merged with a Shi'ar species that wanted to destroy the Hecatomb. The two had no other choice but to wake Rogue from her comatose state. She easily defeated the alien by absorbing its powers and memories, since the Hecatomb had already taken in so many lives and Shi'ar species beforehand. Although she had recovered, she now seemed to have a hunger to absorb the people around her. As they now were not part of the mansion, the X-Men took refuge in Mystique’s home, where they were attacked by the new Marauders, including Lady Mastermind and Mystique, the latter shooting Anna in the stomach. Her team now consisted of Iceman and Cannonball and things weren’t looking up for Anna; she was half dead, and then carried off by the enemies that blind-sided her.

    Messiah Complex

    Mystique tries to save Rogue
    Mystique tries to save Rogue

    It was made clear that Rogue's purpose was to give Mr. Sinister Destiny's Diaries, since she had been the only one who had read most of them. At the Marauder's base, Mystique revealed her decision to betray the X-Men so that the brilliant geneticist Mr. Sinister would help her daughter. Mystique and Gambit, concerned about Anna’s survival, confronted Sinister, and he confirmed that she would soon die. Enraged when Sinister refused to put any effort into curing Anna, Mystique forced his cheek against Anna's, using Anna's augmented powers to kill him instantly. Upon Gambit's arrival with the baby (the first known mutant birth since M-Day, later named Hope) Mystique states that it was revealed in Destiny's Diaries what she had to do. Following through with Destiny's prophecies she pushed baby Hope against Anna's cheek as a means of healing her dying daughter. While at first there doesn't seem to be any effect, minutes later, Anna wakes up. By doing this, Hope erased all the psyches and powers Anna had absorbed throughout her life.

    Anna, realizing her mother put an innocent baby's life on the line (even if to cure her), then turns on Mystique, stating that no one is ever safe whenever Mystique is around and then, not knowing that Hope has cured her, touches Mystique's face (intending to kill her) causing her foster mother to collapse to the ground. However, this backfires, and Anna is trapped, having only her own psyche combined with the thoughts of her worst enemy, her foster mother Mystique, in her mind. While Gambit tries to comfort her, she pushes him away, stating that she needs her space and time alone and if he truly cared, he’d give it to her. She then leaves Gambit alone at the Marauders / Mr. Sinister’s base.

    Manifest Destiny

    Finally in control
    Finally in control

    In Manifest Destiny, in an attempt to gain control over her powers and life again, Anna traveled to Kooroowi. Travelling by motorcycle to the abandoned X-base, she reflects on the entirety of her experiences as an X-Man. In the course of her reflection and meditation, Anna is continually interrupted by the presence of Mystique’s psychic personality echo that now resided in her mind. The pair trade words several times, each time with Anna affirming that, though she’s aware that Mystique still cares for her, she'd still prefer not to have a psychic echo in her head giving her advice or making her doubt herself. Anna is again reminded just how much she hates the restrictions of her involuntary powers.

    However, a woman claiming to be a social anthropologist from the Melbourne University, interrupts Anna’s solitude. Anna grants her access to the town on the condition that she's left in peace. When the anthropologist interrupts her some time later, asking her about some technological debris she discovered, Anna claimed to be ignorant despite knowing that it likely came from one of the X-Men's battles with the Reavers. Growing tired of the waiting game, the anthropologist reveals that she is well aware of Anna's identity, confirming Anna's original suspicions that the woman wasn't whom she pretended to be. Unfortunately a third party interrupts their interaction: a crew of Shi'ar pirates seeking to obtain a technological find of great value. Anna soon learns that her guest is not Mystique, as she originally suspected; but rather the AI known as Danger.

    Danger reveals that she had originally intended to use Anna in her revenge plot against Xavier. However the resulting battle soon has Anna, Danger, Xavier and Gambit working collectively to force the Shi'ar pirates to flee Earth. It is in this process that Danger resolves her conflict with Xavier, and explains why Anna was never able to gain control over her mutant powers.

    Danger states that it was the traumatic damage of the incident that sent Cody into a lifelong coma that was the first in a series of subconsciously built psychological barriers formed in Anna’s mind to help her cope with the her guilt. Each personality absorbed built up another barrier, until her mind contained so many barriers, that it prevented her powers from developing past their infant stages.

    With this new insight and Danger's aid, Xavier is able to enter Anna's mind and permanently remove the psychological barriers, including erasing the remnant of Mystique’s psyche that was trapped in Anna's mind. When the process was concluded, Anna awakens to feel her skin tingling, a feeling she compares to having every cell being on fire. Anna isolates herself for several hours of meditation as she explores the new sensations of having a free mind. When she believes she's ready, she asks Gambit to help her test her control. She gently kisses him without experiencing any involuntary energy absorption.


    Rogue VS Moonstone
    Rogue VS Moonstone

    In Utopia, on their approach to San Francisco, Anna, Gambit and Danger are intercepted by Pixie. Pixie then teleports them into the city, which happens to be in a state of sheer chaos due to the conflict of the clashing anti-mutant and pro-mutant movements. Cyclops orders all three to locate several of the missing students and hopefully bring them home safely. During the early stage of this mission, Anna faces off against dark Ms. Marvel ( Moonstone) finding that she cannot even touch her opponent (due to Ms. Marvel’s ability to become intangible). Anna tricks her and quickly escapes the battle. Anna is soon forced to confront Ares, who dismisses both her opposition and her attempts to gain control of the situation and calm everyone down. Anna is quick to grab Ares and absorbs his powers. Ares initially is dismissive of her attack and claims that she could not absorb him, a boast that proves to be wrong as she weakens him enough for him to be susceptible to Gambit’s energy blasts, leaving him bloody and stunned. For the moment, having absorbed Ares' celestial powers, Anna easily dispatches a small assembly of H.A.M.M.E.R. agents, and along with Gambit and Danger, proceeds to steal their tank in order to find the rest of the students. Anna discovers Trance just as her powers are flaring out of control, creating powerful and uncontrollable bioelectric blasts. Anna attempts to help calm Trance enough for her to gain control, when Ms. Marvel appears. After Ms. Marvel takes out Gambit and Danger, Anna is forced into another battle with Ms. Marvel. Anna is losing, until Trance is able to regain control of her own powers, jumping in to lend a hand. Trance learns that her astral form is in fact able to touch Ms. Marvel when they’re both intangible. After Gambit stuns Ms. Marvel with a kinetic blast, they’re able teleport back to the X-base, where Trance receives medical attention.

    Nation X

    In Nation X, Cyclops immediately charges Rogue with mentoring the X-Students because of her life experiences. Rogue is instantly skeptical, but soon begins assisting the students. Rogue starts trying to help Indra come to terms with what happened in San Francisco. She meets with Cyclops and the Stepford Cuckoos who have been trying to locate the missing Phoenix Force, but now need to attempt a different scan, which is why they need Rogue to absorb most of their power. Rogue agrees but soon finds that she's picking up snatches of people’s thoughts as she walks past them. She speaks with Surge, who explains that her own powers seems to go out of control whenever she's around Magneto, and asks Rogue to talk to him about it. Rogue meets up with Gambit and thanks to her temporary psi-power, sees something inside him that shouldn’t be there. She tries to get him to talk about it, but Gambit doesn’t want to. Suddenly, images of Rogue and Gambit’s sexual past flash through Rogue’s mind and are projected to everyone across Utopia, embarrassing her.

    Rogue suggests to Indra that she could use telepathy to go inside his mind, but he is not interested. Rogue then finds Magneto and confronts him about Surge. Magneto tells her that he is boosting Surge’s power ten or twenty times past her normal threshold. Rogue tells him that he cannot do that without Surge’s permission, and then they kiss. Rogue knows it is because of the telepathy and warns Magneto once again to back off from Surge. Rogue talks to Rockslide about fear, before picking up someone else thinking about her. She sees Iceman, but he assures her he was thinking about baseball. The Stepford Cuckoos had no luck tracing the Phoenix Force, and Rogue returns their power to them.

    She once again speaks with Indra, discussing his beliefs, before pointing out that his code name, Indra, is the Armorer of Heaven, the God of War, a strange name for him. Indra tells Rogue that he doesn’t want to be a fighter, before almost uncontrollably using his powers to armor up and confront Rogue with a multitude of weapons, a power he's never displayed before. Later, Rogue and Gambit meet on the beach, while Indra creates a knife and cuts a large rock in half.

    As Utopia had quickly become a highly concentrated area of mutants, the entire population was on high alert. Following an attack on the X-Men by the vampiric mutant Emplate (brother of former Croix) who succeeded in capturing Bling as a semi-permanent feeding source, Anna instructed the students to stay close to each other, preferably in pairs. Unable to enter Emplate's cross-dimensional base in her natural state, Anna absorbed X-Student Trance's astral projection ability. As she investigated his home for clues to Bling's whereabouts, Rogue was attacked by psychoplasmic ghosts. After fighting the ghosts off, she rescued Bling from Emplate by stealing his powers and using them against him.

    Anna was also successful in protecting the students during an attack by a herd of Predator X, by absorbing the powers of multiple students to quickly dispose of them.


    Fighting Husk under Proteus' possession
    Fighting Husk under Proteus' possession

    In Necrosha, when the former Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, and immortal mutant Selene, decided to seek the fulfillment of her greatest dream, goddesshood, she, through Eli Bard (with his trans-mutated T.O. Virus), resurrected many of the X-Men's greatest deceased allies and enemies, all under her control. Among the resurrected was Anna's foster mother, Destiny, who immediately sought out her daughter, but instead encountered the X-Student Blindfold. Anna is elsewhere, fighting former Alliance of Evil member, Tower, and knocking him straight through a wall. Regrettably, Destiny was possessed by Proteus when she made telepathic contact with Blindfold, thus Proteus was able to possess Blindfold's body as well. Proteus was able to fool Blindfold into gathering a team of X-Men (Rogue, Trance, Psylocke, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Husk, and Magneto) so that he (Proteus) could have the chance to kill them.

    After arriving, Blindfold is quick to flee. Anna attempts to find her, but is instead confronted by Proteus who has possessed Blindfold and resurrected Destiny. After Proteus fully possesses Blindfold's body, he defeats each X-Men one by one with the exception of Colossus, who is thrown all the way to the X-Jet. In the end, Proteus possesses Nightcrawler as well. Proteus learns that he can control more than one body at the same time. Cautiously, Anna chooses not to take chances and absorbs Nightcrawler's powers, teleporting herself and everyone else outside of Moira’s old lab. The X-Men are finally able to locate Colossus (who is unconscious inside the remnants of the X-Jet) when Proteus arrives once again, possessing the bodies of Destiny, Nightcrawler and Blindfold. He then manages to possess Psylocke, Trance and Husk, leaving Anna and Magneto by themselves. Erik (Magneto) is quick to use his powers, throwing Colossus at Proteus. Anna absorbs Betsy's (Psylocke) powers and uses her psy-knife on him, but to no effect. Magneto then uses his powers to lift a piece of magnetized rock with him and Proteus (in Blindfold's body) on it, taking the fight to outer space. Anna, using Psylocke's powers, breaks Proteus' psychic hold on everyone, except for Husk. Meanwhile, Magneto throws up a magnetic shield against Proteus (Blindfold) so that he himself can't be possessed. Proteus, upset, takes them back to the ground level. When Husk is close enough to touch Anna (which would give Proteus control over Anna’s body), Psylocke arrives and uses her psi-knife on Paige, setting her free from Proteus’ possession. Proteus and Magneto continue fighting, when Erik reveals he's been distracting Proteus in order to understand his energy pattern, as he's made of pure energy, electrons. This way, Magneto is able to purge Proteus out of Blindfold's body, dispersing him completely. Psylocke asks him where Proteus is, to which Magneto replies that he doesn't know and that Proteus will come back sooner or later. Anna and Destiny meet at the shore. Irene (Destiny) tells her she will be dead before the day is out, but that she's proud of her daughter. Destiny also implies that Rogue is bound to Hope in ways that matter, and with that, they say a finale goodbye. Magneto hits on Rogue again, but Anna is quick to put him in his place. The X-Men are able to fix the Blackbird enough so that they can finally leave the island.

    Second Coming

    Mass Absorption
    Mass Absorption

    In Second Coming, after Cable and Hope are again detected in the present, Cyclops assigns Rogue and Namor to defend Utopia in the case of an attack. However, Anna feels a strange connection to Hope and goes to see Scott and Emma about it. Emma, however, cannot detect any kind of mental or empathic connection between the two, even though Anna insists there is one and that she can feel it. Cyclops quickly agrees to find out and sends her to join with the rest of the Alpha team, along with the teams new teleporter, Ariel. The squad then manage to join up with Cable and Hope, but have to get Hope to safety as Bastion is tracking Cable's T-O. Anna immediately absorbs all the powers of the team, and sets off with Kurt to escort Hope back to Utopia while Cable and the remaining Alpha Team stay behind as a distraction against Bastion.

    Anna, Nightcrawler and Hope quickly arrive at Utopia . Though Kurt is utterly exhausted, he won't let Rogue absorb his powers, believing that Anna needs to conserve her strength to protect Hope just in case something goes wrong. When Bastion suddenly arrives, Anna uses all of her teammates' abilities to engage Bastion in a full-on battle. Anna puts up an excellent fight, but Bastion gains the upper hand and renders her unconscious. Bastion then heads in Hope's direction. He says he has seen what the world will become because of her and that he can't and won’t allow her to live. Bastion extends his bionic arm in order to kill Hope, but Nightcrawler teleports right in front of her. Kurt ends up impaled on Bastion's arm. Anna witnesses the entire battle in despair. Kurt prays to God to strengthen him for one last jump. He lands on the rocks of Utopia, his last words to Hope are that he believes in her. He then dies. Anna was able to return to Utopia to attend her foster brother Kurt’s funeral. After being trapped by Bastion’s impenetrable dome, the X-Men are soon swarmed by Nimrods, leaving Hellion handless and Iceman’s skin badly burnt. Cyclops entrusts Anna with one mission: evacuate all humans and non-combatants to the Atlantean column.

    After this, Cyclops instructs Rogue to protect Hope on Utopia. Rogue finds Hope crying. Rogue asks if Cable taught her not to cry, and Hope tells her that he didn't mind when she cried, but to cry later. Hope tells Rogue she won't stand around and let people die on her behalf and asks Rogue to join her on the battlefield. Hope and Rogue arrive in time to save the others on the Golden Gate Bridge. After the crisis is over, Rogue attends Cable's funeral. After the service, Cyclops confronts her, telling Rogue that because of her they could be burying Hope, and that Nightcrawler and Cable’s deaths could have been in vain. He demotes her, excluding Rogue from any strike team.


    After the X-Men got out of Legions warped reality they all had a hard time adjusting back to normal life, Rogue in particular. Her and Remy discuss her personality change back in The Age Of X, about how her counterpart "Legacy" was the taker of lives and that keeping the memories of the dead in that reality was the price she had to pay for being the Angel of Death. Remy suggests that she speak with Emma Frost as she should be able to help her remove those memories from her mind, but she declines as it was a promise that she/Legacy made and would not break. Remy points out that she's keeping a promise Legacy made but not the real Rogue, she agrees with him. He then brings up the kiss Legacy and Gambit of the Age Of X shared when they were alone with themselves. She remembers the passion and feelings Legacy felt at the time of the kiss but then wonders if they kissed because she loved Gambit or because they might have died in time. Gambit brings up the reason why Rogue said she was afraid to love him in the first place, her lack of control over her powers, and he then goes on to say that she was lying, not for him but for herself. He goes on to explain his take on love and how you should just know when you love someone. He then tells her that out of all the woman he has ever loved in his life none have compared to Rogue. He continues by saying that he is not a way-station for Rogue to stop at along the path of her life but rather her home and her end point, and that when she is ready to realize this she will come to him, but until then she should not come at all.

    Later on Rogue tries to have some time to herself but is accompanied by Magneto whom she makes clear to that she's not in the mood to be around anyone at the moment. He then admits that there are only 3 people in Utopia with whom he would voluntarily seek their companionship, with Rogue being one. With that being said, he tells her that she is the one that concerns him most at the moment. She tells him that she doesn't want to be around him because she's unable to sort out the feelings that Legacy had for Magneto in The Age Of X, that he was her anchor in her time of need. Magneto tries to cheer her up and tells her that his counter part, the General, had feelings for Legacy too. Rogue goes on to say that Magneto is nothing like the General and that their relationship is not relevant to what had happened there and then. She then goes on to say that Magneto is at his most dangerous when he seems more than willing to help someone. She then asks if there is anything else about him that she needs to know, he replies with "Yes, many things", she then tells him that it was a rhetorical question. Magneto focuses in on the subject and tells her that they were put together in The Age Of X for a reason. Rogue argues against that by saying that Moira wrote the "script" of everything that happened there, and that it was not by their own free will. She then gives in and and tells Magneto that she will talk with him, he then takes her and they fly off. She asks where they are going, he says "The Past". Rogue and Magneto then arrive at the National Holocaust Museum where he proceeds to tell her a "parable" that involves his past, which includes killing a Nazi doctor at a very young age. Rogue asks what was the point of bringing her to the museum and telling her his story. He replies and explains that he has done a lot of terrible things in his life, most of which he does not regret and begins to tell her that The General was kind, noble, put other mutants before his pride. He says that The General was everything that Magneto is not. He then tells her to go back to Gambit as her love "enables" him. Later, once they return to Utopia, Rogue decides that she wants to make her own decision, not one based on Gambit, Magneto, or Legacy/Reaper's influence. So, that night, she visits Magneto's room, telling him that she's "too big to be afraid of the dark" and that she can't promise anything beyond that night.

    Avengers vs. X-Men

    AVX: Rogue VS She-Hulk
    AVX: Rogue VS She-Hulk

    During the midst of Avengers vs. X-Men, Rogue battles Falcon, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk after a misunderstanding which led to violence at the Jean Grey School. Later, Rogue is the one who leads the remaining mutants (everyone besides Emma Frost and Cyclops) to peaceably join forces with the Avengers in order to bring stability back to the world. Even the remaining X-Men are too scared of how badly the Phoenix Force had been corrupting Scott to trust him any longer. Although the X-Men and the Avengers were now allies, they were still ineffectual against the Dark Phoenix, needing Hope and Wanda (Scarlet Witch) to beat him in the end.

    Marvel NOW!

    Rogue joins the Uncanny Avengers
    Rogue joins the Uncanny Avengers

    After confronting Scarlet Witch, who is mourning the death of Professor Charles Xavier, the two (Rogue and Scarlet Witch) are kidnapped by the Red Skull's S-Men. After the members of the Avengers Unity Squad defeat the Red Skull, Rogue joins the team in order to continue Xavier's dream. Rogue's surly demeanor causes friction with the other Avengers, particularly the Wasp, leading to Rogue becoming disliked by her teammates. She later kills Scarlet Witch after mistakenly believing she had sold the team out to the Apocalypse Twins; Eiman and Uriel. Following this grievous error, Rogue was apparently killed by the Grim Reaper, but has recently returned. Rogue absorbed the power of nearly every Avenger and X-Man in order to stop a Celestial from destroying the Earth. The process was reversed afterwards with help from the Scarlet Witch, but the consciousness of Simon Williams remains with Rogue and is seemingly permanent.

    Avengers & X-Men: AXIS

    Rogue in Axis
    Rogue in Axis

    Sometime after the Red Skull stole the telepathic brain of Charles Xavier, he sent his S-Men to attack and kidnap three mutant members of the Avengers: Havok, the Scarlet Witch, and Rogue. The three were each targeted, isolated, then assaulted and kidnapped by the S-Men. They were each taken to the Red Skull's Reeducation Camp on Genosha. Dampeners were placed on each of the three mutants to prevent them from using their mutant powers. However, Rogue, using the power of Simon Williams who is trapped in her psyche, was able to break free of her chains and inhibitor collar. She freed Wanda (Scarlet Witch) and Alex (Havoc), and they then discovered Magneto locked away and being tortured by one of the S-Men. After freeing Magneto, the four mutants faced the Red Skull. In Magneto's rage, he killed the Red Skull by smashing his head in with a large piece of debris. In doing so, he unwittingly unleashed the Red Onslaught, a villain far more dangerous, with the telepathic mind of Xavier and the hatred and rage of Magneto. Just when all looked lost, reinforcements arrived.

    Heroes from the ranks of the X-Men, Avengers, Inhumans, and the Fantastic Four came pouring into Genosha to defeat the Red Onslaught. The Red Onslaught released sentinels specially designed by Tony Stark to defeat super-heroes. The sentinels defeated the super-heroes. Magneto returned with a cabal of villains who tore through the sentinels. Eventually, the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom were able to cast an Inversion Spell that reverted the Red Onslaught into the Red Skull, bringing the benevolence of Charles Xavier back to the forefront. Unfortunately, this also inverted the heroes and villains present on the island, including Rogue. With her new, more aggressive personality, Rogue and the other inverted X-Men pledged to follow the inverted Genesis (now, Apocalypse) into battle against the humans.

    When Mystique tried to convince the inverted X-Men not to go through with their plan to detonate a gene bomb, Apocalypse sent Rogue and Nightcrawler as his ambassadors to greet Mystique. They attacked their mother while she tried to talk them down. Rogue grabbed Mystique, flew high up into the air, and dropped her. Before Mystique could hit the ground, Sabretooth arrived leaping into the fray to save her. He and Mystique left before Rogue or Nightcrawler could do anymore harm. Rogue participated in the battle between the inverted Avengers, the inverted villains, and the inverted X-Men. With her powers, she was able to take on the likes of Kluh and Medusa. Eventually, Doctor Doom, Brother Voodoo, Scarlet Witch, and the White Skull were able to undo the effects of the Inversion Spell, returning Rogue and the others to normal.

    Back in the Avengers

    After the events of Secret Wars a nine month time gap goes by. A conflict between the mutants and Inhumans has led to mutants once again having an image problem. Rogue is now also suffering from the M-pox disease due to exposure to the Terrigen Mists. Because of this, she has a hard time trusting Synapse, her new Inhuman teammate.

    Astonishing X-Men

    When Psylocke was attacked by the Shadow King, she summoned Rogue, as well as a small group of X-Men to her aid. Rogue and the X-Men entered the realm of the Shadow King to combat him.


    Husband and Wife
    Husband and Wife

    Following the disbandment of the Avengers Unity Division, Rogue and Iceman were called in to lead the X-Men and the Xavier Institute after Kitty Pryde had been arrested due to the machinations of anti-mutant activist Lydia Nance. During this time, Rogue's romance with Gambit reignited when Kitty sent them undercover to couples therapy at the Paraíso Island Retreat Center. There, Charmaine's powers forced them to confront the events of their past from each other's point of view. Not long afterwards, Kitty and Colossus held a wedding ceremony after becoming engaged, however, Kitty backed down at the last second and left Piotr (Colossus) at the altar. During the would-be reception, Gambit became inspired by Storm's words on marriage, and decided to propose to Rogue on the spot. She accepted, and they were married shortly afterwards by the Rabbi who was going to officiate the marriage between Piotr and Kitty that day.

    Mr. and Mrs. X

    While in space, Gambit and Rogue's honeymoon is interrupted when Kitty contacts them to say that she needs them to find an unknown package which involves the Shi'ar. The package turns out to be an egg which at first appears to be a clone of Rogue. However, it is later learned that the egg contains Xandra, the bio-engineered daughter of Xavier and Lilandra, whom at first took the form of Rogue, but after reading their minds of who her parents were, took a form similar to her mother instead. While trying to go under disguise, Gambit and Rogue are caught by the Shi'ar guards. With a kiss from Rogue, she slips a lock pick to Gambit and he frees himself and Rogue. When they locate Xandra, she's able to change their appearance.

    They are soon met by the Starjammers and Cerise, gratefully for their help after escaping, Xandra offers to fix Rogue's powers due to her reading her mind. Rogue however refuses, she explains to Remy that the last time it happen, it didn't last since she never learned to control it herself before losing the ability to touch. They are interrupted when the Imperial Guard show up, a fight ensues, at first they're winning but things soon become worse when Deathbird show up. Xandra can see that they're losing, when Gambit is injured by Deathbird, she decides to fake her and Rogue's death.

    Once the Imperial Guard and Deathbird leave, Xandra and Rogue return, Gambit is upset but there argument is interrupted when Rogue's powers become uncontrollable when she absorbs everyone's memories without touching anyone. Gambit gives her the inhibitor collar, in-shocked due to absorbing so many memories at once, Gambit comforts her, telling Rogue that he'll be with her every step of the way through this. Xandra explains that her abilities have evolved, that she will have to control them on her. Cerise and Xandra leave for parts unknown, while Gambit and Rogue return to Earth.

    During the holiday season, Gambit and Rogue are pulled into the Mojoverse. They are at first unaware of what is going on due to their minds being wiped and living in a Noir setting, until Rogue's ability become unstable, killing Remy in the process, forcing Mojo to constantly resetting there lives to Fantasy, Western, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi and Comedy. During a reality talk show, Gambit walks off and into a bar where he meets a mysterious brunette who turns out to be Spiral. She restores his memory and makes Gambit an offer that if he steals something for her, she'll help Rogue with her powers and help them escape.

    Spiral meets Rogue in her mind and explains to her that until she became self-aware of what her abilities should be doing, she was subconsciously controlling her powers. In her mind Rogue goes over the important events in her life, when she kissed Cody, fighting Ms. Marvel, her relationship with Gambit and her time on Genosha. Rogue comes to the conclusion that she had been unknowingly limiting her own abilities out of personal fear, which also perverted her from having a stable relationship with Gambit. Waking-up Rogue tells Gambit that she's regain control of her abilities and that she wants it all. Gambit gives Spiral the Coeur Enroulé, after merging with it they're able to defeat Mojo and she sends them back to Earth.

    Not realizing that they've been gone for over 3 months and are unaware of the events with the X-Men, Rogue is about to check her phone to see what's happen, but Gambit doesn't want to take any chances before something else interrupts them. The two spend the next few hours in bed together. Rogue then checks her phone to see that she has several messages from Carol Danvers, after a quick discussion with Gambit, she goes to her aid.


    When Rogue and Gambit returned, they joined the new version of the Excalibur team, led by Betsy Braddock, now known as Captain Britain. Rogue and Gambit served as crucial and supporting characters to Betsy and for the team. However, in the early issues, Apocalypse had Rogue absorb the power from a gateway to the Otherworld. This unfortunately knocked her into a coma for a couple issues but it wasn't long before she awakened and continued serving as a member.

    Krakoa's First Elected X-Men

    On Krakoa, The X-Men were voted on by the populace at the Hellfire Gala. Rogue was one of the few mutants to get voted on to the new premiere team, to fight alongside Cyclops, Jean Grey, Sunfire, Synch, Wolverine (Laura Kinney), and Polaris. They would be Krakoa's major ambassadors to the other nations. Emma Frost bought a plot of land in Central Park, and telefloronic technology was used to build a state of the art Treehouse for these X-Men to work out of.

    This team would help drive back multiple alien invasions: the Mind Reaver in Manhattan, the Annihilation Wave in Kansas, and the High Evolutionary in Vietnam. The X-Men determined these attacks were due to intergalactic gangster, Cordyceps Jones, who had been taking bets on who could be the first to destroy Earth. Rogue took Gambit to his casino so that they could investigate Gameworld before signalling the other X-Men, who eventually joined them and shut down Cordyceps' operation.

    By the next Hellfire Gala, Rogue resigned from the X-Men and allowed new candidates to campaign for her spot.

    Fall of X

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    Orchis sets their plan in motion to take out mutantkind for good. This included turning public opinion against them using false flag terrorist attacks. Captain America and Rogue decide to put together another Avengers Unity Squad to stand against them. This includes former members Deadpool and Quicksilver and new mutant recruits M and Psylocke. They operate out of Ellis Island, using the old Morlock Tunnels to travel, with financial aid from Tony Stark and Emma Frost.

    One such false flag is a mysterious villain using the Captain Krakoa suit and attacking world leaders with his new Mutant Liberation Front. They have stolen nuclear weapons, putting the whole world on edge. After tracking the MLF to Camp Lehigh, Cap guessed that the new Captain Krakoa was his Hydra-raised clone, now answering to their middle name, Grant. In addition to the nuke, the clone was gunning for Ben Urich who had witness testimony against Orchis from a non-mutant, Kingpin.

    Cap and most of his team went to protect Urich and Kingpin, but Grant had stashed the nuclear warhead at Empire State University. Cap and the others bested Grant and took him into custody, but the warhead was activated. Cap ordered Rogue to get rid of it in orbit, but the ISS was due to pass by New York. Instead, she flew it out to Area 51 to blow it up in the desert, while Quicksilver ran Deadpool to her as fast as he could so she could absorb his healing factor and survive.

    Fall of Orchis

    The Resistance
    The Resistance

    Rogue joined the resistance after dealing with the Mutant Liberation Front. With Remy, she went to the ruins of the X-Mansion, where she had hid Manifold, a priority target of Orchis. Together, Manifold used his teleportation abilities to move the SWORD Space Station to Arakko, where Rogue and Gambit evacuated the mutants and turned them into the cavalry, led by Apocalypse, to rescue Juggernaut and Krakoa.

    Meanwhile, Rogue and Remy stay on the space station where newly freed Cyclops assembles an X-Men team for an assault on Sentinel City. Manifold teleports the space station into Sentinel City, where the X-Men are forced to fight a Nimrod drone, who is networked to other drones fighting mutants on multiple fronts. Rogue personally tracked down Omega Sentinel and distracted her until Psylocke could psi-blade her mind, severing her guilt-ridden human mind from her machine mind.

    With Omega out of the fight, Rogue rejoined the fight against Nimrod, who had them all on the ropes. Then, Storm finally arrived and used so much lightning on this drone that all the other drones received electric feedback. Nimrod had networked himself into so much of Orchis services and Sentinels that once he was destroyed, The Sentinel threat was completely shut down. Manifold, with the help of Lactuca, was able to teleport everyone back to Earth before the station broke apart.

    Powers and Abilities

    Rogue's powers
    Rogue's powers

    Rogue is a mutant with the ability to drain a living being's essence upon physical contact, giving them a biophysical shock while synthesizing into her body their physical skills, memories, personality traits, and superhuman matrices to a varying degree. Prolonged physical touch could be lethal to whomever she contacts. After some work with Danger and Professor X, she has gained control of her power. Now that she has conscious control of her ability, if she so chooses, she can now physically touch people without unwillingly absorbing their powers or minds. During her time without powers, Rogue has proven that she is a very capable and agile hand-to-hand fighter.

    However this ability was lost at one point, for the next several years Rogue was once again unable to touch anyone until Xandra, the offspring of Charles Xavier and Lilandra Nerumi, was able evolve her powers. In the Mojoverse Rogue dove into her own subconsciousness to realize that her fear was preventing her from gaining full control of her life-force absorption power, once she came to that conclusion she was finally able to control it.

    She also displayed the ability to review templates and use powers that she absorbed in the past, though she has not displayed this ability since her psyche was repaired by Charles Xavier.

    There are limitations as to how much power she can absorb. Extremely powerful individuals like Ares can remain conscious after Rogue uses her power on them, and even retain a degree of their power that Rogue was unable to siphon.

    Current Abilities

    • Super Strength & Flight - Rogue was able to absorb the powers of many Avengers and X-Men all at once so that she could help Sentry repel the attack of a Celestial. When the job was completed, the Scarlet Witch cast a spell to return everyone's powers and clear Rogue's mind of their psyches. Unfortunately, the psyche and powers of Simon Williams were permanently trapped in Rogue, granting her flight and super strength with permanence.
    • Absorption - Rogue can absorb anyone's powers and memories by just being near them.

    Former abilities

    • Rogue had permanently stored Sunfire's power template, but lost it following the events of Messiah Complex. Sunfire's powers gave her the ability to ionize matter and transform it into a plasma state, displacing atmospheric gases as nuclear-charged solar fire which she could use as pyrotechnic blasts or to create thermal updrafts for flight. A personal psionic field shields her from her own radiation emissions and a certain degree of physical impact. She was also capable of infrared vision to view her surroundings as heat signatures and of augmenting her powers by absorbing sunlight or electromagnetic energies.
    • She formerly had permanently stored Ms. Marvel's power template, which gave her flight, superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes, durability, and a seventh sense that allowed her to react instinctively to danger, to anticipate her opponents moves, and target in on specified objects.
    • Contact with an alien shape-shifting Skrull had upgraded Rogue to a point that she could recall, at will, past templates that she had absorbed in order to reactivate any power she had taken on in the past. This allowed her to "feel out" the minds of her former imprints, sensing whether they were alive or dead and re-experiencing events from their perspective.


    • Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
    • Weight: 150 lbs
    • Eyes: Green
    • Hair: Brown with white streak
    • Strength level: Normal. Previously Superhuman Class 50
    • Flight speed: Previously subsonic, now none.
    • Known Relatives: Owen, father (presumed deceased), Priscilla, mother (presumed deceased), Carrie, maternal aunt , unnamed paternal grandfather (presumed deceased), unnamed paternal grandmother (presumed deceased), Raven Darkholme (Mystique), unofficial foster mother, Irene Alder (Destiny), second unofficial foster mother (deceased), Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) unofficial foster brother, Graydon Creed, unofficial foster brother (deceased), Justine Chase, unofficial foster sister (deceased), Ruth Aldine (Blindfold), possible great niece.
    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: Caldecott County, Mississippi
    • Marital Status: Married (Gambit)
    • Occupation: Adventurer, former terrorist, mechanic, waitress, partial law degree
    • Affiliation: X-Men, formally Brotherhood of Mutants
    • Base of Operations: Utopia, formerly Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Muir Island, Reaver Base, Australian Outback, San Francisco Bay, California.

    Alternate Realities

    Age of Apocalypse (Earth- 295)

    Age of Apocalypse
    Age of Apocalypse

    In the alternate reality known as Age of Apocalypse, Rogue was left in the custody of Magneto by Mystique. After Polaris attempted to kidnap Rogue following the orders of Apocalypse, she became a member of Magneto's X-Men and ended up promising a dying Scarlet Witch that she would look after her father. She eventually fell in love with Magneto. However she also had feelings for Gambit but in the end she chose Magneto over him.. After he found a way to control her power by creating an electromagnetic field around himself the two eventually married. Together they had a son whom they named Charles, after Charles Xavier. Rogue served as Magneto's second in command over the X-Men, destroying Infinite's manufacturing factory directed by Holocaust and assisted with the raid on Apocolypse's base. She and Magneto continued their lives together with the remaining X-Men until Weapon X became the new Apocalypse and destroyed the few humans left. During those years of struggle her son was killed by Demon Ock, a fiend creature who was part of the Black Legion, but she never lost her strength of will to fight Apocalypse. While the X-Men were protecting the last human city she fought with the Demon Ock but was unable to defeat him. She tried to absorb Weapon X's powers but instead he stabbed her. She died in her husband's arms.

    It is revealed that she retained a portion of Polaris' magnetic powers and memories after her kidnapping. She also seemed to have more control over her own power, as she was able to absorb Strong Guy's mass and turn it into pure energy which she then shot back at him.

    Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

    Ultimate Rogue
    Ultimate Rogue

    Rogue's incarnation in the Ultimate Universe has a very similar origin to that of the main 616-Universe. She started the series working for Weapon X and took part in their attacks on the X-Men. She later chose to join the Brotherhood. She eventually ended up joining the X-Men and started a relationship with Iceman.

    Later, Rogue met and fell in love with Gambit. She left Bobby and the X-Men to be with him. However Gambit was killed in a battle against the Juggernaut and Rogue permanently absorbed his powers. These powers allowed her to touch. She returned to the Mansion and reunited with Iceman. Later she lost Gambit's powers and gained back her own, after touching Nightcrawler and teleporting to different locations.

    When the team disbanded because of Professor Xavier's "death", Bishop attempted to recreate the X-Men and prepare them for the future. Bobby and Rogue declined, choosing to stay behind in the school opened by Jean and Scott. Later, Rogue took the drug Banshee and displayed the ability to call upon powers she had formerly absorbed. Later in the series, Rogue revealed to Iceman that she had been molested by her alcoholic father and accidentally killed him when her powers first developed.

    During Ultimatum, Rogue is denied her request to help out the X-Men in their rescue-operation, having lost their trust when joining the new Weapon X-Suit. Determined to prove herself, she attacks Department H, while there, she convinces John Wraith to assist her in the battle against Magneto. She then returned to the Xavier Institute with information regarding Magneto's plan. She then battled against Magneto, along with many other heroes, and used Multiple Man's powers to change the tide. Afterwards she returned to the Institute and paid her respects to her dead teammates. Later on, Rogue joins the X-Men again under the leadership of Kitty Pryde.

    Legacy Virus Merged with Warlock (Earth-8545)

    The Legacy Virus started mutating when it merged with Warlock. Due to this mutation of the virus, the majority of the total human and mutant population were infected, leading them to become Vi-Locks. Rogue was shown to be one of the infected mutants and was turned into a Vi-Lock.


    Rogue's history in this reality was presumably the same as her mainstream counterpart, such as traveling to Battleworld alongside her fellow X-Men: Colossus, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Storm, Wolverine, and Lockheed the Dragon, until the end of the Beyonder's Secret wars. Because Reed Richards was killed, Rogue and the other inhabitants of the world were forced to stay.

    Making peace with one another after many of them were killed, the heroes and villains settled down and had children. Somewhere along the way, Rogue began to have trouble with the personality of Carol Danvers, who presumably took the dominant role in controlling their shared body. She eventually became the wife of Steve Rogers and was able to touch him because Carol was in control. She eventually became the mother of Sarah Rogers, who inherited some of her Ms. Marvel abilities.

    Earth Big X Change (Earth-1007)

    Rogue, together with Storm, Angel, Wolverine and Nightcrawler, have been converted into their opposite genders causing Rogue to become male.

    Friend of Morph (Earth-1081)

    Rogue was a member of the X-Men. Further information about her origin in this reality was not verified. She also appeared to be a friend of Morph.

    House of M (Earth-58163

    Rogue in House of M
    Rogue in House of M

    The House of M Rogue is an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and part of the Red Guard, working with Wolverine, Mystique, Toad, Nightcrawler, and Jessica Drew. She plays an important role in the resistance of Magneto. After being contacted by the resistance movement, Rogue briefly touches Layla Miller and appears overwhelmed as the acquired power emanated from her and awakened others in the vicinity to the reality of the House. In the final battle Rogue, finally able to unleash her powers to their full extent, tackles both Namor and Princess Ororo and absorbs their abilities, causing her to overflow with power. She even absorbed the powers of Genis-Vell. Due to the nature of Genis' genetics and powers, half of Rogue's body transforms into a window to a cosmic landscape of black void dotted with stars. During the culmination of the battle, Quicksilver finds the cosmically powered Rogue, Pietro then slams into Rogue and is sent flying back.

    Rogue's parents died in the early days of the Human-Mutant War. Rogue was placed in a human orphanage until it was discovered she was actually a mutant.

    Upon discovering her mutant abilities, the government sent two S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents, Mystique and Madame Web, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s resident telepath, to the orphanage. They were able to convince the girl to come with them to S.H.I.E.L.D. and to train as an agent. With her unique mutant abilities, it was obvious to S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Sebastian Shaw that Rogue would be the perfect agent. During her training, Rogue was adopted by Mystique and the two have a very strong bond.

    Rogue has become a superb agent, joining her adopted mother and brother, Nightcrawler, as members of Wolverine's elite squad of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents, The Red Guard.

    Nocturne's Home Reality (Earth-2128)

    In Nocturne's home reality, Rogue had permanently absorbed the powers of the Super-Skrull. She was a member of the Brotherhood.

    Exiles (Earth-1009)

    Exiles´ Rogue
    Exiles´ Rogue

    Not much is known yet about the Rogue that joined the Exiles. She was interrupted by the Royal Avengers while stealing something in a building. Morph of the Exiles, who accidentally ended up there after a previous mission went bad, came to her rescue. Rogue tagged along with Morph. She accompanied him to the Exiles headquarters, and joined the team. She calls herself Anna Raven and apparently comes from a life of wealth, privilege and sophistication. She is also a master thief, and has a somewhat different personality from her 616 version. This version of Rogue also has more control over her abilities, in that the rest of her body can be touched without ill-effects and she can keep the powers she borrows and use them at will for an undetermined amount of time.

    Rogue comes from a life of "wealth, privilege and sophistication". At one point she was found breaking into an office building by the Royal Avengers, only to be saved by a stranded Morph of the reality-jumping Exiles. When Morph's teammates arrived to save him, Rogue accompanied him to the Crystal Palace, where she joined the team. While exploring the Crystal Palace she comes across Sabretooth's room, at first thinking it is Cat's (already suspicious of her). Not realizing whose room it really was, she was curious to why one of her teammates had been spying on the rest of them. Just as Sabretooth is about to confront her, Rogue gets teleported away and finds herself face to face with a Sun. Nearly blinded, killed and confused as to how she got there, Rogue tries to put it out of her mind as she answers a call for her to meet the rest of her team in the Conference room.

    She is chosen by Sabretooth to be on the team that going to the meteor-struck Earth-6706. As soon as she arrives there however the ground beneath her explodes and she falls down a cliff and is knocked unconscious. In normal circumstances Anna's teammates would have tried to help her but, as the circumstances were anything but normal, they could not. She opens her eyes to find herself underwater kissing a stranger, who gives her oxygen. She gets out of the water with the stranger and they walk through an abandoned town where he introduces himself as Remy (but most people call him Gambit). He explains his world's history to Rogue and she flies him to his family's hidden base in Libya. There they find men attacking the camp who Gambit and Rogue quickly dispatch and Rogue then meets Remy's mother, Susan Storm (Earth-6706), and father, Namor.

    Mutant X (Earth-1298)

    Rogue in Mutant X
    Rogue in Mutant X

    Rogue is one of the new team of X-Men under the leadership of Magneto. A while ago she absorbed the memories and powers of Colossus, leaving him in a coma. It's unknown whose mind is in control, but she does wear Ms. Marvel's costume, and is haunted by memories of both the two heroes. After a recent trip to the Shi'ar Homeworld with the rest of the X-Men, Rogue has returned, and she, along with the rest of the X-Men are helping Havok to fight the Goblin Queen. Rogue and the rest of the X-Men were involved in the fall of the Goblin Queen, but were apparently killed by the newly reinstated S.H.I.E.L.D. Instead, she and the other X-Men were saved by their ally, Apocalypse, and taken to his Antarctic base. Rogue was later killed in battle against the Goblin Queen.

    Zombie Universe (Earth-2149)

    Marvel Zombies
    Marvel Zombies

    In the Marvel Zombies story line, little is detailed about Rogue’s life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-2149, however it can be presumed that it followed much the same path as her Earth-616 counterpart. The most probable cause was the zombified Alpha Flight's attack on the Xavier Institute that have infected some mutants present there at the time. Rogue appears together with some zombies who have attacked Reed Richards of the Ultimates Universe.

    Bullet Points (Earth-70105)

    Presumably, the life of this version of Rogue was similar, if not identical, to her mainstream counterpart. She was a member of the X-Men, wore her iconic costume, and seemingly had her original mutant powers and the powers she stole from Ms. Marvel. She helped to defend the Earth against Galactus.

    Mutant Destruction (Earth-94831)

    Rogue was a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants who had attempted to dominate Earth by using an asteroid, though they failed. She then has to borrow Hyperion's powers to destroy the asteroid, but before she could accomplish the mission she ran out of Hyperion's powers and was burned in Earth's atmosphere due to friction as she could not resist it without the borrowed power.

    X-Punks (Earth-902)

    Rogue was one of the so called X-Punks.

    Retro Men (Earth-1038)

    Rogue was one of the X-Men who have worn retro based costumes due to the fashion sense that became popular during those times. Her uniform also looks like the same uniform that the first X-Men had worn, like her other team mates, though Rogue was never called Rogue.

    Earth X (Earth-9997)

    The history of Rogue of Earth-9997 presumably mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart. In recent history on Earth-9997, the X-Men had disbanded due to the mutation of the entire human race due to the release of the Terrigen Mists into the Earth's atmosphere and also due to the death of Professor X through the psychic birth of the Skull. Rogue's ultimate fate is that she is deceased, however there are contradicting accounts of her apparent demise. According to X-51, when checking the Watcher's records of human history regarding Rogue's lover, Gambit, it states that Gambit was "dead", killed by the same kiss that took Rogue's life. However, some time later when Beast was reflecting back at the fates of various members of the X-Men, he would recount that Gambit was killed by an assassin.

    Rogue, grief stricken, would travel to the Savage Land seeking out Sauron, believing their similar powers would cancel each other out and cure her of her mutant ability. This plan was said to have backfired and Rogue was killed as a result. The true fate of Rogue remains unrevealed, however one may presume that following her apparent "death", her soul would reside within the Realm of the Dead, however she did not get involved in Mar-Vel's war against Death.

    Marvel Riot Age of Apocalypse (Earth-95120)

    Rogue was a member of the X-Men led by Magneto. Magneto then split the team so that they would accomplish various missions on fixing the reality.

    Roger Fieldston Mutate

    In this universe, Together with Captain Universe, they have seen Roger Fieldston and followed him. Rogue having touched Roger was unexpectedly mutated. She became bigger and more violent. She then fought the X-Men. As Captain Universe figures out that Roger would be able to reverse his powers, he touched Rogue and was back to normal.

    X-Men Revolution (Earth-1004)

    In this universe, Rogue was one of the students of Bayville High School. Rogue was a friend to Jean, Scott, Kurt, and Pietro. Together, they formed a band and composed songs about their experiences as mutants. Sharing the same interest in music, they became great friends and started performing in clubs. The public eye has started subscribing to their activities and like them, has which increased their popularity

    X-Men Forever (Earth-161)

    X-Men Forever
    X-Men Forever

    Rogue and the rest of the X-Men were involved in a battle with Fabian Cortez. When Rogue tried to attack Fabian during the fight, he grabbed her by the neck. (She later realized that when they made contact, it took away most of the thoughts she had absorbed of other people she had touched.) He then tore her right sleeve, and threw her at Storm, and they also made skin contact.

    After the battle was over and Fabian was defeated and captured, the X-Men returned to the X-Mansion. When Wolverine died, it made everyone black out. Rogue was hit the hardest besides Jean Grey.

    When the X-Men found out Storm was responsible for Logan's death, the X-Men battled and then pursued her. They split up into two groups, one with Rogue, Gambit, and Nightcrawler. When Rogue's group arrived at a bridge near their destination, Gambit found Ororo, but she was much younger, and was not the Storm that they were chasing.

    After the X-Men found out about the Consortium and went to South America and found a secret facility making sentinels, they finally returned home again. But Rogue did not stay for long, because Nightcrawler got a call from an old friend who needed help in Jackson, Mississippi. Rogue offered to go along since she was from that area. When they got to the address, they found Mystique, who had faked the call. In anger, Rogue attacked her for always interfering with her life. Rogue is knocked out from an explosion during the ensuing fight. Nightcrawler finds the unconscious Rogue and immediately administers CPR. Due to her powers being on overdrive, Rogue absorbs Nightcrawler so completely that she takes over not only his teleportation powers, but also his physical appearance. Rogue gains a tail, blue skin, and three fingered hands and feet from the experience. In this state, she no longer absorbs other people's memories and can in fact touch people with no effects. It is unknown if this mutation is temporary or permanent.

    When the X-Men faked their own death, Rogue escaped the X-Mansion and dealt with a robbery in New York. There, she ran into Spider-Man and spent the night accompanying him on patrol as she practiced with her new powers. Their time together also sparked a slight edge of romantic tension, the two of them nearly kissing before they were interrupted by a telepathic scream from Jean Grey who was searching for Rogue. Rogue came to Nightcrawler's rescue when her team was attacked by Neo-Sentinels.


    In this universe Rogue was a part of the X-Treme X-Men who undertook a mission to look for the diary of Destiny, a precognitive mutant who once played an important role in Rogue's past. She then stole some of Destiny's items and gained the precognitive powers of Destiny. She then used the powers she gained and foretold of an upcoming tidal wave.

    Earth-90210 - Old Man Logan

    In this reality we see that Rogue was one of the many X-Men killed by Wolverine when Mysterio tricked him to thinking all of the X-Men were villians.


    In this universe Apocalypse had made improvements on Professor X's powers to unlock the potential of mutants, but the process then killed him. The X-Men then went their separate ways. Rogue had married her lover, Gambit, and both of them used trading cards as weapons.

    X-Men: The End (Earth-41001)

    Rogue and Gambit in X-Men: The End
    Rogue and Gambit in X-Men: The End

    In this reality Rogue is married to Gambit, both of whom have retired from active duty as X-Men in order to settle down together and have a family. Her power is seemingly under control here as she can have skin to skin contact with anyone. Rogue is also shown to have a few powers including, super strength, durability and flight. She and Gambit have two children together, a boy named Olivier and a girl named Becca. When their children are captured by Mr. Sinister, Rogue succeeds in rescuing them along with the children of Emma Frost and Scott Summers. However, Rogue is killed soon after when Mr. Sinister stabs her in the stomach while he was in the guise of Gambit.

    Fantastic Four Lead Anti- Mutant Regime (Earth-8112)

    In this reality, Rogue grew permanent feathered wings that protrude from her arms due to her presumed misuse of the Banshee drug. She also possessed the permanent powers of Wolverine and was able to use to use them anytime without touching him. She is romantically involved with Wolverine.

    Magnus Reality (Earth-27)

    Rogue gave birth to Magnus, who grew up to have similar powers to Rogue except his touch turned objects into metal. Rogue was seemingly killed by Magnus' touch a week after his thirteenth birthday, but is discovered to be alive when his body returned to this reality.

    Rogue of Earth-27 is a member of the X-Men and is in a relationship with Magneto. Together they have a son, Magnus Lensherr. The birth was a complicated one, but young Magnus survived and the two parents happily raised the boy. Magnus was cursed with a mutant power that was a combination of his parent's abilities: gifted with amazing magnetic powers, he would also unfortunately turn whomever he touched with his bare skin into metal. From a very young age he had to wear a skin suit to prevent this from happening.

    As an adult, Magnus was plucked out of his reality by theTimebreakers to be one of the founding members of the reality hopping Exiles. With his son suddenly vanishing without a trace, Magneto convinced himself that his son had run away from home.

    Magnus died on the Exiles first mission, and eventually his body was returned home to Rogue and Magneto. They were shocked, and at first Magneto would not believe that the charred remains were his son. However, Rogue confirmed it was their boy, and showed Magneto the note left by the Exiles telling them that their son had died a hero. Magneto and Rogue quickly arranged a funeral for their dead son.

    Marvel Noir

    Rogue´s body in X-Men Noir
    Rogue´s body in X-Men Noir

    In this reality, Rogue is known as Anne Marie Rankin and was a student of Professor X. She can fit into anyone's attitude by means of imitating their traits. Professor X stated that she might play a good role in human social behavior. When Jean Grey is killed and her body is found, Anna Marie is contacted to help a detective find out who murdered Jean Grey. In the end, it is revealed that Jean Grey had posed as Anna, dying her hair, and that the dead body was actually Anna, murdered by Jean.

    Earth by the Marker

    In the universe of X-Men: Millennial Visions 2000, Rogue is now unable to get within a certain proximity of any living being without a specially designed suit keeping her from absorbing all life around her.

    What if?

    What if the X-Men Stayed in Asgard? (Earth-904)

    The X-Men visited Asgard and some decided to stay while some decide to go back to Earth. Rogue was among those who stayed. Rogue is happy there with her siphoning powers gone. The powers she'd absorbed from Miss Marvel, however (including super strength and flight), remained.

    What if the Phoenix Had Not Died and Rose Again? (Earth-9112)

    Rogue was among the members of the X-Men who have battled numerous villains after Jean and Cyclops have left the team. Rogue was also shown participating in the Secret Wars.

    What if Hulk Had Killed Wolverine? (Earth-93600)

    Rogue was among the members of the X-Men who'd been sent on a mission to Dallas, Texas to battle the Adversary. With the team defeated, Wolverine, along with Madelyne Pryor, Dazzler and Longshot, were all killed. Following some events, Spiral announced that the Hulk was on a rampage in Dallas. Rogue took the opportunity to avenge her teammates who had died. She joined the fight against the Hulk. She was almost defeated, but in the nick of time, some remaining X-Men and Freedom Force appeared and helped her, together they defeated the Hulk. Rogue, along with the other concerned mutants, mourned for their friends who died as heroes.

    What if Sinister Learned the Greatest Secrets of the Marvel Universe? (Earth-979)

    Rogue was a member of the X-Men along with her lover, Gambit. Following some events, Gambit betrayed the team when he gave the Cerebro files to Mister Sinister. Gambit then returned and found Rogue furious with him for his betrayal. Gambit then proposed to her with a ring, but she declined. She then secretly followed Gambit on his mission so she could stop him.

    When a ceiling almost fell on them, Rogue was able to catch it, saving everyone from harm. Gambit told her that Mister Sinister had found a cure for Rogue's powers so she could touch anyone with no ill effect.. Rogue tried to prove to Gambit that he was just being used by Mister Sinister. She kissed him, but unwittingly killed him when she absorbed his life force. She then conquered Sinister and revealed that everything that happened to them was just a part of some fantasy in a comic book.

    Other Media


    X-Men: The Animated Series

    X-Men: The Animated Series
    X-Men: The Animated Series

    Rogue's first animated appearance was in the X-Men television series, where she was one of the most important members of the X-Men. In this animated series, she had her absorption powers, as well as Ms. Marvel abilities. She has a love-hate relationship with Gambit throughout most of the series, much like when they first met in the comics. This love-hate relationship would change in episode "Reunion Part 2" when the X-Men's powers were neutralized, Gambit tells Rogue that he loves her and kisses her.

    She is also depicted with a stronger Southern Accent than in other animated portrayals. During the series, Rogue almost takes the 'cure' which Apocalypse and Mystique secretly used to make mutants into their slaves. However, Rogue does not take the cure. She is also revisited by Cody, her first boyfriend, and almost runs away with him when she finds that she can touch him. She soon finds out, however, that he was part of a plot to have Rogue become the new leader of the Brood (referred to here as "the Family"). She attempts to convince him to come back with her to the mansion to help reverse his transformation, but fails in her attempts, leaving her to cry on Gambit's shoulder. Rogue was also present when Lilandra had to take Professor Xavier in to space with her. She was voiced by Lenore Zann.

    X-Men: Evolution

    X-Men: Evolution
    X-Men: Evolution

    In the series, X-Men: Evolution, Rogue is re-imagined as a rebellious, yet deeply insecure, teenager with the stereotypical goth appearance. Her powers make her cynical and reclusive, but truthfully, she is consumed by the desire to get close to the people around her, yet unable to physically do so. She was raised by Mystique and Destiny, eventually being brought into the Brotherhood of Mutants. She left the Brotherhood when she found out that they nurtured her to be a potential weapon. Rogue has a strong interest in Cyclops, though her feelings for him fade soon after he and Jean start dating. She is then shown to have an interest in Gambit when they first met, when he kidnapped her, and when she kissed him in the season 3 finale (while under Mesmero's control). This was one of only two kisses to be seen in the series, the first being between Scarlet Witch and a disguised Toad.

    Rogue's energy-absorbing abilities are very strong in this series, nearly driving her insane, but prove vital in the final episode against Apocalypse. Unlike in other universes, the powers she absorbs never totally fade, and at times, she can still use a previously absorbed power (not always intentional) long after she had absorbed them. At times, she had more control over absorbed powers than their natural owner had (after absorbing Cyclops' power, she did not have to close her eyes). Although this Rogue did not have super-strength or flight abilities, she displays some skill in hand-to-hand combat. In the final episode Xavier glimpses into the future, in a photograph portrait, Rogue is seen along with Gambit, with an arm around her, and with other new members to the team. She was voiced by Meghan Black.

    Wolverine and The X-Men

    Wolverine and the X-Men
    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Rogue was severely distressed with Wolverine's departure. She stated to friends that the Institute would not be a home for her without Logan. For that, his leaving, she got mad at Logan. After a year, Logan went back with a mission to reform the X-Men after their temporary disbandment. During Senator Kelly's speech introducing the Sentinels, a Sentinel detected Rogue and attacked her. Not even the men responsible for the creation of the Sentinels had full control of the Sentinel which attacked Rogue. She was cornered until Angel and Beast appeared and helped her. Logan then appeared and defeated the Sentinel and then asked Rogue to rejoin the X-Men. Rogue refused and told him that he would not be a good leader for the X-men and no one was going to rejoin with him as their leader.

    That night, Toad was rescued by the Brotherhood from the MRD. After being freed, Toad confronted Rogue, annoying her very much. Toad then pulled her gloves away and Rogue accidentally absorbed his powers. Domino and the rest of the Brotherhood apologized and asked her to join them because they think that if they do nothing, the humans would eventually kill them all. Rogue became a valued member of the Brotherhood, striking up a close friendship with Domino, the only other female on the team. Rogue was also assigned to absorb the memories of Angel's father to learn the whereabouts of Senator Kelly in order to assassination him. Thus, this ruined her friendship with Angel. Throughout her stay with the Brotherhood, Rogue and Domino bond and become friends. They discuss their personal views on mutant kind. Domino is the only one who treats Rogue as a human being, rather than a weapon, like Pietro. Pietro and Rogue are not very good allies during Rogue's stay with the Brotherhood. He treats her unfairly, and purposely annoys her. Eventually, Rogue comes to her senses, and betrays the Brotherhood, but not without answering to Domino. The ladies part company on bad terms, their last meet was with Rogue absorbing her powers and knocking her out. Rogue rejoins the X-Men, leaving Domino without an answer and the Brotherhood one member less. She helps Wolverine fight the Silver Samurai, and meets his former love, Mariko Yashida. At the end of the first season, Rogue apologizes to Logan about doubting his abilities to keep the team together, and hugs him. Rogue and Logan have a father/daughter relationship in the show.

    In Professor Xavier's Days of Future Past timeline Rogue, sadly, is dead. Her once upon a time good friend Domino is second-head to the future X-Men. It is rumored that her friendship and death are what led Domino to join Bishop and the others, becoming Days of Future Past's Future X-Men.

    X-Men Anime

    Rogue Anime
    Rogue Anime

    In the X-Men anime show, Rouge makes a cameo appearance in the final episode. She is shown to be with Colossus trying to keep civilians safe from the apparent end of the world that's due to Xavier's son, Takeo, who is unable to control his reality-altering powers. When the situation is concluded, Rogue and Piotr are spotted playing with children.


    Rogue - From the X-Men films
    Rogue - From the X-Men films

    Rogue is played by Oscar winner Anna Paquin in X-Men, X-2: X-Men United, and X-Men: The Last Stand. In the first film she is the target of Magneto who wants to use her to power his mutating device. She becomes close friends with Wolverine and develops a relationship with Iceman. In the second film, she has greater control of her power and can kiss Iceman for a few seconds, but any longer causes him pain. The third film shows her becoming jealous of Bobby and Kitty Pryde, who can touch without restrictions. In the end, she takes the mutant "cure" and becomes powerless, but after the credits a scene hints that the cure is not permanent.

    Paquin was scheduled to reprise her role in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but was cut from the final production due to the length of the film. The character still received a cameo in the original film. Despite this, the character is still featured in promotional materials and merchandise for the movie. For the DVD, there was a version of the film released that retained Rogue's scenes tilted the Rogue Cut.

    Video Games

    X-Men vs. Street Fighter

    Rogue's fighting game debut
    Rogue's fighting game debut

    She appeared in this Japanese fighting game, sporting her outfit from the 90's comics and TV series. Her ability to steal characters' life force was made into a special move that allowed her to take character's powers for a time. She was voiced by Lenore Zann.

    Marvel vs. Capcom Series

    Marvel vs. Capcom 2
    Marvel vs. Capcom 2

    Rogue has appeared in both installments of the game. In the first game, she appeared as a support/assist character and showed up in Gambit's ending, where she flew away with him after catching him flirting with Morrigan Aensland.

    Rogue returned as a playable character in the sequel. She received an attribute enchantment after draining a character and the color of her outfit was changed to green in this game.


    Rogue was in the Sega Genesis version of this game, but was not playable. She could be summoned as an assist character however, and could deliver 1-hit kills.

    X-Men: Mojo World

    Rogue was a playable character in this game.

    X-Men Mutant Academy 2

    Rogue in Mutant Academy 2
    Rogue in Mutant Academy 2

    Rogue was a playable character in this fighting game and was voiced by Megan Fahlenbock. Unlike in the Marvel vs. Capcom games, she sported her short-lived Revolution-era costume as her default look.

    X-Men: Next Dimension

    X-Men: Next Dimension
    X-Men: Next Dimension

    Rogue was a playable character in this follow-up/spiritual successor to the Mutant Academy games, and was voiced by Jennifer Hale. Her costume was changed to her X-Treme X-Men uniform for this installment.

    X2: Wolverine's Revenge

    Rogue makes a cameo appearance in the game, where she is shown getting off the Blackbird with a cure for the virus.

    Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro

    In Spider-Man 2, she is shown briefly in the training mode and is once again voiced by Jennifer Hale.

    X-Men Legends 1 - 2

    X-Men Legends
    X-Men Legends

    Rogue appears in both installments of the game as a playable character. Her default costume is based on her Ultimate incarnation and she has Ms. Marvel's powers. In the second game, her alternate costumes include her Classic and Age of Apocalypse incarnations. She is voiced by Erin Matthews in the first game and Catherine Taber in the second.

    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

    In Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Rogue is mentioned by Ms. Marvel.


    Rogue appears as a costume in the PS3 exclusive title via downloadable content.

    Marvel: Avengers Alliance

    Marvel Avengers Alliance
    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Rogue appears as an unlockable character in the Marvel: Avengers Alliance video game on Facebook. She is a Generalist Class character, but through her 'Absorb Power' ability she is able to take on the standard effects of all other classes without changing her class outright. Her default costume is her famous 90's outfit. An alternate modern costume has been shown, though the release date has yet to be announced.

    Her bio says: Nearly killing the first boy she kissed, Anna-Marie has always struggled to control her mutant gift. With the ability to absorb powers and memories at a cost, she ran away from home to avoid hurting others. She was taken in by Mystique who became a mother figure for the conflicted girl and recruited her to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. After permanently absorbing the powers of Ms. Marvel, she realized that she had inherited the hero's personality as it struggled for control of her mind. Unable to control her thoughts, and fearing for her own sanity, she turned to Professor X for his telepathic help, eventually joining the X-Men and redeeming herself.

    During the special operation "Apocalypse", she is abducted and transformed into one of Apocalypses' Horsemen: Famine. She is a boss during the operation. Her alternate costume as Famine can be purchased.

    A third alternate costume was released, unlockeable via a sidetask, featuring her modern day attire.

    Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

    Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
    Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

    Rogue is a playable character in the game voiced by Tara Strong. She has two versions: Rogue and Avenging Rogue.

    Her regular Rogue description says: Rogue can "borrow" anyone's abilities by touching them, but she's also powerful enough to take on the bad guys on her own.

    Her Avenging Rogue description says: A mutant who can borrow the powers and abilities of other heroes, Rogue fights as one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Marvel: War of Heroes
    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Rogue appears in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Girl Power] Rogue
    • [Sound Mind] Rogue
    • [Reunified] Rogue

    X-Men: Battle Of The Atom

    Rogue appears in the mobile game based on the comic book story of the same name. Her cards are:

    X-Men: Battle of the Atom
    X-Men: Battle of the Atom
    • Rogue
    • [New Exiles] Rogue
    • [Messiah Saga] Rogue
    • [Astonishing XM] Rogue (UR)
    • [Battle of the Atom] Rogue
    • [Blue Team] Rogue
    • [Utopia Defender] Rogue
    • [Muir Island] Rogue
    • [Fatal Attractions] Rogue
    • [Blue Team] X-Men
    • [Onslaught Saga] Rogue
    • [Exorcist] Rogue

    Marvel Heroes

    Rogue in Marvel Heroes
    Rogue in Marvel Heroes

    Rogue is a playable character in the game.

    Her bio says: Anna Marie grew up a rebellious child, leading to her running away from home as a teenager (and the birth of her nickname “Rogue”). Upon her first kiss with a young boy, Rogue’s latent mutant ability to absorb life energy activated, nearly killing him. Deeply troubled, she eventually fell in with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. After battling the Avengers and absorbing the powers and life force from Ms. Marvel, Rogue ended up with the X-Men who helped her cope with her dangerous powers.

    She was released with several costumes.

    She is voiced by Catherine Taber.

    Marvel Contest of Champions

    Rogue in Contest of Champions
    Rogue in Contest of Champions

    Rogue is a playable character in the game, where she is a mutant type character.

    Her bio in the game says: Rogue's ability to absorb the life energy and psyche of others through touch emerged in a traumatizing accident when she was a young girl, where she left the victim in a coma. Though she originally viewed her mutant powers as a curse, she mastered control of them under the tutelage of the X-Men and would become one of the most powerful mutants to date.

    Marvel Future Fight

    Rogue in Marvel Future Fight
    Rogue in Marvel Future Fight

    Rogue in a playable character in the game, she is a Speed Type.

    Her bio in the game says: Evolving from an enemy of the X-Men to one of their most valued members, Rogue can fly, is super strong, and can absorb the powers of anyone she touches.

    She has several uniforms:

    • Rogue - Classic
    • Rogue - Age of Apocalypse

    Marvel Puzzle Quest

    Rogue in Marvel Puzzle Quest
    Rogue in Marvel Puzzle Quest

    Rogue is a playable Character in the game.

    Her bio in the game says: With the mutant ability to absorb the powers, life energy, and memories of those she touches, Rogue initially considered her gift a curse, due to an accident as a young girl that left her boyfriend in a coma. She later joined the X-Men, learning to control her powers and becoming one of the most powerful and invaluable members of the team.


    From ToyBiz, Sideshow, Kotobukiya and Hasbro
    From ToyBiz, Sideshow, Kotobukiya and Hasbro
    • In the 90s ToyBiz produced numerous Rogue figures for the comics and animated series.
    • Rogue was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Legends line as part the X-Men Legends box set.
    • Rogue was featured in ToyBiz's X-Men Classics line in her X-Treme X-Men costume.
    • Rogue was featured in ToyBiz's line for the first X-Men movie.
    • Various companies like Bowen Designs, Sideshow Collectibles, Eaglemoss and Diamond Select have released statues, busts and figurines of Rogue.
    • Diamond Select released Rogue figures for their Minimates line.
    • Kotobukiya released a Rogue statue as part of the Danger Room wave.
    • Rogue was featured in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Rogue was featured in The Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Kotobukiya released an anime-inspired Rogue statue for the Bishoujo line.
    • Hasbro planned a Rogue figure for the Marvel Legends Puck Build-a-Figure wave, but it was never released. The figure would've depicted Rogue in her X-Men: Legacy design.
    • Rogue was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
    • Hasbro also released a figure of Rogue in her 90s outfit for the Marvel Legends line as part of the Juggernaut Build-a-Figure wave. An updated version was later released as a Target exclusive.
    • The animated 90s version of Rogue received a statue from Kotobukiya.
    • Rogue was featured in Funko's Pop line of bobbleheads.
    • Hasbro released a Marvel Legends box set featuring Rogue and Pyro.

    Awards and Honors

    • IGN's Top 25 X-Men of the past forty years (2006 list): Rogue ranked #5
    • IGN's Top Ten X-Babes (2006 list): Rogue ranked #4
    • Marvel's Top Ten Toughest Females (2009 list): Rogue ranked #3
    • CBR's Top 50 X-Men of All Time (2008 list): Rogue ranked #1
    • Comic Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list: Rogue ranked #10

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