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Eternity saw that Llan would destroy all his creation if he didn’t put a stop to him. In doing so he made the “ The rules of engagement”, this bind Llan to only be able to enter the earthly plane ever ten-thousand years and it wasn’t until the person hold the title of Talisman battle him, that he was allowed to use all his powers without the bind. Circa 18,000 BC, Llan entered the Earth dimension with power garnered from human worshipers, a breach in the rules, which contributed to this defeat at the hand of Binder of Spirits, the first Talisman. Nevertheless, while active, Llan played a vital role in the Great Cataclysm which destroyed Atlantis, in conjunction with the Dweller in the Darkness, the Darkholders , the Deviants, or other major menaces at the time. When the first Talisman banished Llan, her parting curse upon him forced to take the form of a demonic idol in his next manifestation. Circa 8000 BC, he attempted to conquer the earth, but was defeated by the Nahita the Talisman of that time period and the Tribe of the Moon, who imprison him inside the idol he use to for people to worship him. 
In today’s present time a young couple were staying in the vicinity and the man, Dexter Rayne, almost tripped over the small statue that Llan was imprisoned within. He uncovered it fully and Llan began to exert an influence over him. He had Dexter murder his girlfriend by slitting her throat so her blood flowed into a pan holding the statue. With this ritual done, Llan assumed a physical form by taking over Dexter's body. Having regained a physical form he then decided to go after the Talisman affiliated with Alpha Flight and her allies. He took all the Alpha members to an inter-dimensional combat room and tried to have Talisman strike out against him. He did this by provoking fights with various members, when he had defeated most of the members and was on the point of killing Madison Jeffries, Talisman was forced to attack him, by doing this she had released him to attack the Earth. He left Alpha behind while he went off to the Earth dimension.

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