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    Arcade Arcade hires Barb and several other villains to attack Northstar and test out his physical and mental limits. Barb is an amphibious being that can shoot spiky tendrils from his arms to ensnare and stab his enemies.

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    Arcade hired Barb and several other villains that consisted of Link, Sadista, Mister Nice and Shortfuse to attack Northstar in New Orleans to test out his physical and mental limits. The group has a battered Northstar in their clutches but the mutant speedster would fight back. Barb would extend his forearm barbs at Northstar as he runs away but he misses and they get stuck into a wall. Northstar runs back towards Barb and flicks out his breathing apparatus. Northstar is eventually overwhelmed and finds himself surrounded by Barb and Sadista when Alpha Flight teammate Heather Hudson appears as Guardian. Barb and Sadista are taken down by an energy blast.


    Barb was created by Simon Furman and Dario Carrasco Jr in 1994 and first appeared in Northstar # 3.

    Powers & Abilities

    Barb is an amphibious humanoid with several spikes protruding from his head area and upper back. Barb can also shoot spiky tendrils from his arms to ensnare or stab his enemies. Barb wears a breathing apparatus that constantly provides him with water and is vulnerable on land without it.


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