Elite Mutant Force

    Team » Elite Mutant Force appears in 94 issues.

    Sinister's personal mutant police force that guarded the Breeding Pens during the Age of Apocalypse. They were teamed up with their siblings, being considered the most powerful mutant bloodlines.

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    Brief History

    Earth 295: Age of Apocalypse

    Elite Mutant Force served Apocalypse as sub-urban militia. The group consist of Alpha mutants who followed Sinister´s direct orders. They are split into five sibling groups: Cyclops and Havok (Scott and Alex Summers), Emplate and the M twins (Marius and Nicole & Claudette St. Croix), Cannonball and Amazon (Sam and Elizabeth Guthrie), the Bedlam Brothers (Jesse and Terrence Aaronson), and Aurora and Northstar (Jean-Marie and Jean-Paul Beaubier).

    They are tasked with maintaining control of Apocalypse's breeding pens, where people are imprisoned, tortured, and experimented on by the dark Beast, also a member of the EMF. They used to visit the Nighclub Heaven, a place dedicated to party and entertainment. Generally they deal with escape attemps and used extreme violence to stop the fugitives.

    When Sinister abandoned the headquarters, Cyclops stay in charge but his brother didn´t like this. Later its revealed that Cyclops has been helping prisoners to escape. Due to his betrayal, Havok took control of the prelates.


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