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    Loki is the Jötunn/Asgardian God of Mischief and Prince of Lies, the adopted son of Odin and typically nemesis of his brother, Thor, as well as the adoptive brother to former Guardian of the Galaxy, Angela. Loki has schemed against Thor and Asgard for ages and his cosmic meddling led to the formation of the Avengers. Recently reincarnated, he decided to reform. Going on to protect the realms as the agent of Asgard, then as the sorcerer supreme, to defeating Laufey and becoming king of Jotunnheim.

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    Young Loki with Thor
    Young Loki with Thor

    Loki is the birth son of the Frost Giant Laufey, the former King of the Jotunnheim. Odin declared war and killed Laufey. When Odin saw Loki as a baby, he adopted him - This began a prophecy foretold by Odin's father, Bor.


    Loki was not like his brother Thor, He proved to be a mischievous child, and was often also jealous of the affection Odin showed his older brother Thor. He began studying Asgardian magic and science, both of which he would become very proficient in, eventually becoming one of the strongest sorcerers in Asgard. Loki is well known for cutting off the long, golden hair of Thor's love, Sif. He was forced by Thor to restore it. Loki then enlisted two dwarves to do so, but when he refused to pay them, they made new, black hair, out of nothing.

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    In his youth, Loki was not evil, but tried again and again to gain advantage over his older brother Thor. Odin sent Thor, Balder, and Sif out in search of materials for a sword. Loki followed them secretly, but found that an evil goddess by the name of Karnilla was about to attack.

    Karnilla wanted Loki to serve her as she overthrew Odin. Loki refused her, so Karnilla disciplined and intimidated the prince, telling him that she would conquer Asgard and make Loki bow down before her. Out of fear, Loki was forced to alert Thor and Odin. If Loki hadn't done so, Karnilla would have succeeded in overthrowing the King of Asgard.

    Meanwhile, Odin loved Thor so much that he was preparing his greatest gift to the young Thor. When Thor turned eight, Odin had a magical hammer created, an amazingly powerful one - Mjolnir. Loki was jealous, and he showed his first signs of evil. He interfered with Mjolnir while it was still being made-he caused the handle to be made too short. As a boy, he wanted Mjolnir's power which would someday be Thor's and often tried to steal it. When that didn't work he tried other techniques to damage Thor's life emotionally.

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    This plan came to fruition when a younger Amora The Enchantress arrived to recruit Loki to work for her so that she could seduce and control Thor. The Enchantress succeeded where Karnilla failed, and Loki aided her in finding a magic mirror which would make Thor fall for the Enchantress completely. This plan did work, for a time, but eventually unraveled when Thor's friends and Sif (who truly loved him) helped him break The Enchantress' mind control. Loki once again found himself to have been bested by his brother Thor.

    This all had an effect on Loki. He grew angrier with each passing day, he was truly becoming evil. His hate for Thor and desire to rule Asgard manifested along with his sorcery and mischief. He became jaded and evil. He finally made a vow-to be the most powerful god in Asgard, and to kill his brother Thor.


    Based on the Norse myths, Loki appeared for the first time in Venus #6. A modern re-imagining by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby first appeared in Journey into Mystery #85. His first appearance as Kid Loki was in Thor issue 617.

    Major Story Arcs

    Loki Before the Avengers

    Loki - God of Lies
    Loki - God of Lies

    Loki is best known for fighting Thor, and other heroes in the Marvel Universe. Most notably the Avengers, although he's fought many others. However Loki was an enemy of Thor and goodness before he entered the Marvel Universe and became known. Thor and Loki grew up, and Thor gained the throne of Asgard. Loki became a public enemy. He often tried to seize the throne of Asgard and perpetrated numerous crimes. Eventually, his crimes grew so great that Odin himself was forced to take drastic action. He trapped Loki inside a tree as punishment for his crimes. Loki, however was very skilled in magic and escaped.

    Disgruntled, he wandered until finding Eldred, a sorcerer. Eldred was amazingly skilled and powerful in magic, and he specialized in black magic. Eldred schooled Loki in the black arts until Loki was as skilled as he. Loki left with his new found abilities and found someone who could enhance his power even more - Surtur the fire demon. He had power beyond power-and he had a particular liking for souls. Loki turned on his teacher Elfred. He sold Eldred's soul to Surtur for power, and in return assumed even more power, all of Eldred's lands, minions, and possessions.

    Loki continued committing acts such as this for a long time. He drew further into black magic, and earned the title "God of Evil" among the Asgardians. He also formed alliances with many of the worst creatures in Asgard, horrible creatures. Angerboda was an evil goddess who became Loki's wife. Their children were the Midgard Serpent, Fenris Wolf, and Hela (later Goddess of Death and enemy of Thor). Loki also married Sigyn by tricking her into believing he was Theoric, her lover.

    Also, an important development happened at this time. Loki learned of a prophecy-Ragnarok. In Ragnarok, it was fated that he would bring about Asgard's ruin. He would lead the enemies of Asgard into a war against Asgard, kill Balder, and destroy all of Asgard. Loki, being evil, liked the idea, and accepted it as his destiny. He often tried to destroy Asgard and bring about Ragnarok, but Odin continually stopped him. However, Loki's schemes were so crafty that no one could ever prove it was him. Meanwhile, his brother Thor had became arrogant. The worship of Midgard, and adulation of Asgardians as their king went to his head. He also became proud and selfish. One day, while fighting a Frost Giant, he chased it into Frost Giant territory. This nearly caused a war. Odin was so angry that he decided to punish Thor. He created a mortal body for Thor, Donald Blake, stripped Thor of his powers and memories, and trapped him inside the body of Donald Blake, M.D.

    Ages of Thunder

    Asgard was under attack by the Frost Giants. All the gods were fighting as if it was the end of Asgard. In the end it was Thor standing strong along with his lightning winning the battle for Asgard. Thor brought down a mighty giant who fell and destroyed a giant wall of Asgard which had stood for as long as anyone could remember. The wall was ruined but it was spring once again. Yggdrasil grew golden apples once again for the Asgardians to feast on. Only Enchantress had the power to pick the apples from the great tree. All of the gods gained wisdom and youth from eating these apples in their meals. All that is, except for the mighty Thor. Heimdall then spots a man walking towards Asgard. The man was a mason who offered Odin his services to fix the great wall which had been destroyed in their war against the Frost Giants. The mason said he'd be able to fix the wall in a year if he could have one thing. He wanted neither riches nor power, all he wanted was the Enchantress herself. Loki talked with Odin and they decided to accept the masons offer to rebuild their wall. However, they told him that he'd have six months and not a year to do so. They all agreed, as the gods deemed it as an impossible task for the man. However, the man built at an alarming rate, a rate that would finish the wall in less than six months. This greatly angered Odin and he told Loki to fix their problem or else he'd bind him to stone forever. Loki then shapeshifted into a mare in order to distract the man's steed. All night, Loki distracted the steed and in the morning, the man wasn't able to finish the wall. Odin told the man that he couldn't complete the task, but the man knew that it was Loki who distracted his steed and who made him fail in his task. The man began to say that he'd kill them all and showed his true form. He was actually a shapeshifting Frost Giant who was ready to damn the Asgardians. As he fought Loki and Odin, Thor returned from his recent journey and killed the Giant by throwing Mjolnir at him. He then ordered Loki to clean up his mess. Thor then walked through Asgard, carrying with him the heads of several Frost Giants.

    Loki was then banished from Asgard for yet another attempt of trickery. Loki wandered though Asgard with no food or direction. It seemed as if he'd been traveling in the snow for thousands of years. One day, an eagle flew up to him and started asking him questions. The eagle laughed at Loki, seeing how weak and desperate he was. The eagle offered Loki a deal. He'd give him food if he could bring him his hearts desire, the Enchantress. Loki then talked to Enchantress and fooled her by saying he had found golden apples which she could pick. They climbed to the top of a snowy mountain where a Frost Giant, who had masqueraded as the eagle, was waiting for them. The Giant then took Enchantress with him to be his queen. The Asgardians then began to starve as only Enchantress was able to pick the golden apples from the tree. Odin then found out that Loki was to blame and forced him to attempt to save Enchantress from the Frost Giant. Loki then went back to the lair of the Frost Giant. He found Enchantress laying there tied up while the Frost giant was sleeping. He secreted her and then the Frost Giant woke up discovered her missing. The Frost Giant gave chase and eventually caught up to the two Asgardians and took hold of them. There was nobody around to rescue the two from the hands of the Frost Giant. yet when all seemed lost, Thor then came flying down from the sky straight into the Frost Giant, killing him. Enchantress was then returned to Asgard and the gods could all feast on the Golden Apples once more.

    Avengers Creation

    Loki and the Avengers
    Loki and the Avengers

    Donald Blake was a happy normal doctor. He was caring and loving and had a good family. Then the alien Kronans invaded. Fleeing, Blake fled into the cave Thor was born in. He found a walking stick, and when he picked it up, it became Mjolnir. He transformed into Thor and regained his memories. This meant he could change into Thor whenever he wanted by banging his cane on the ground. So, Thor was back on Earth and eventually Loki found out. Naturally, this was big news for the evil god-his long lost, worst enemy brother was, at last, found. Loki used powerful magic and managed to escape his own imprisonment and end up on an island. There, Loki made his first, most notable appearance.

    Loki traveled to Earth, and found an incredible engine of destruction equal to Thor- the Incredible Hulk. He used psychic powers to make the slow-minded Hulk believe there had been dynamite placed on the train tracks. Hulk destroyed the train trestle to stop the train from triggering the "dynamite" from exploding, and held the track on his shoulders so that the train could pass safely. However, what the train conductor saw was a broken track and Hulk beneath it. Naturally, he concluded that Hulk was on a rampage. He put out a distress call to alert authorities to the Hulk's seeming rampage. Loki intercepted the call and stopped it from reaching the Fantastic Four and other heroes. The only one he let the transmission reach was Donald Blake, who instantly transformed into Thor, but Iron Man, Ant-Man, and Wasp also picked up the signal. Ant-Man used his network of ants to find Hulk. Hulk had been captured and was working in a circus as the strongman. Ant-Man quickly found him and had his ants trap Hulk beneath earth. Hulk escaped though, and was met by Iron Man. Iron Man and Ant-Man teamed up to confront Hulk, but he smashed his way through all their efforts and escaped into the desert.

    Meanwhile, Thor suspected that this looked like the work of Loki. He was granted permission by Odin and traveled to the Asgardian island that Loki was located. Loki created many challenges for him along the way, such as volcanoes and more, but Thor overcame them all. Then they finally meet, for the first time in centuries. Loki created conjurations that Thor battled, but he defeated them. However, Loki had a trick up his sleeve. He made a deal with Trolls that lived beneath the surface-he would deliver unto them the most powerful god if they could but capture him. The trolls dragged Thor underground-but he used Mjolnir to shine a brilliant light on them. The underground creatures were blinded. Thor then defeated Loki in combat, captured him, and brought him to Earth.

    Meanwhile, Iron Man and Hulk had been battling ferociously in a factory. As they battled, Thor showed up with Loki as his prisoner. He explained to the Hulk that it was really Loki's tricks on him that started the whole incident. Hulk then attacked Loki, but Loki turned radioactive. Loki then tried to destroy Thor but fell through a trap door, which trapped him inside a lead lined tank. The five heroes celebrated, and decided to form a team. Wasp suggested the name "Avengers". And thus, the Avengers were born-all due to Loki. The Avengers would become Loki's second greatest enemy-right behind Thor. They also became known as Earth's Greatest Heroes. Ironically, it was Loki's attack which would unwittingly create what would become a great force against evil, which included him so very often.

    Battles and Usurpings

    Hela - Daughter of Loki
    Hela - Daughter of Loki

    Loki continued to battle Thor, both by himself and using pawns. Loki was responsible for the creation of many of the powerful villains who fought Thor, the Avengers, and other heroes. Among those he used as pawns were Absorbing Man, Destroyer, Cobra, Enchantress and Executioner, Lava Men, Super-Skrull, Mr. Hyde, Weather-Maker, and Surtur. These villains fought the Avengers and Thor, and were extremely successful. Enchantress and Executioner in particular were among the most dangerous enemies of the Avengers for a very long time.

    Loki plotted another huge attack against Asgard in furtherance of his plans to attain his ultimate goal, ruler-ship. Odin ruled Asgard and was so powerful that Loki knew he would never be able to defeat him to become its new ruler, though rest assured, Loki tried. Odin had to sleep (or hibernate) in the Odinsleep for a time periodically to "recharge" his immense power. Loki tried to gain the throne of Asgard during one of these "Odinsleeps", while Odin's guard was down. He was actually successful. He gained control of the throne of Asgard. However, he ran into a problems. Asgard had a number of powerful dangerous enemies. It took a lot of skill, willpower, and wisdom to be a successful ruler, Loki realized then that ruling Asgard was harder then it looked. Mangog and Surtur, who were angry at the God of Mischief, caused numerous problems, and scared Loki so much that he eventually stepped down.

    Loki also made several other evil bids to destroy his enemies and gain power during this time. He teamed up with Dormammu, the insane and powerful ruler of the Dark Dimension, to try and gain the Evil Eye. The Evil Eye is a mystical, powerful object which would give him power beyond his wildest dreams (like Red Skull and the Cosmic Cube). Ironically, he was tricking the Avengers and another team, the Defenders, into building it for him. However, unlike Red Skull and the Cosmic Cube incident, Loki failed. He also launched a direct attack on Midgard, but he was stopped by Thor and a team of heroes which stopped him and the Asgardian army.

    Finally, Loki stole the throne of Asgard again and was defeated. Odin became extremely angry at this latest attempt. He stripped Loki of his memories, created a human body, that of a hobo, put his consciousness into it, and transported him to Earth. Loki lived that way for a while until he was saved by a journalist named Harris Hobbs. Hobbs had been to Asgard but Thor wiped his memories of the visit. A dream restored his memories; the dream somehow reached Loki and restored his memories also. Angry by what had been done to him by Odin, Loki managed to cause Ragnarok by killing Balder with an arrow, but Balder was revived. Loki also gave a mortal the same powers as Thor so he could be an assistant. The mortal was Red Norvell. Loki was punished, but blamed Odin and was released from punishment.

    Loki's Tri-Sentinel!
    Loki's Tri-Sentinel!

    At one time, Hela cursed Thor. He would be immortal but would never heal from injuries. Loki found out and was pleased with Hela, who was doing a better job of killing Thor then he himself had ever done. He sent the Destroyer, an army of frost giants, and the Midgard Serpent to attack Thor. Thor got reduced to a puddle of broken bones, blood, and assorted crushed organs. However, he was still alive due to his immortality. Thor then mentally took over the Destroyer armor, found Hela, defeated her, then forced her to remove the curse. Thor broke Loki's arm as punishment.

    Once, Seth and the Demons of Death attacked Asgard. In a horrible war, Seth managed to capture Odin and keep him prisoner inside the source of Seth's power-the magical Black Pyramid. Loki and Thor teamed up and rescued Odin, who then inflicted his wrath upon Seth. This is one of the few rare times Loki has worked together with Thor. On Another occasion, Loki concocted a vast plot to rule the Earth and destroy the Avengers. He brought together the Red Skull, Magneto, Kingpin, Doctor Doom, Wizard, and Mandarin, to which he offered them the chance to manipulate heroes into battles and thus destroy them. Being the God of Mischief, he was manipulating all of them (the villains) into thinking they each were the leader. However, Thor found out and beat Loki soundly. In vengeance, Loki created the Tri-Sentinel to cause destruction, but Spider-Man gained the Uni-Power, became Captain Universe, and destroyed it.

    Evil Plot

    Loki and the Enchantress
    Loki and the Enchantress

    Loki created a new plot soon after this, and barring his first appearance in Avengers #1, it was his most devious yet. This particular appearance would have him appear as a businessman, trapped by Mephisto, fighting Thor and Eric Masterson, and possessing none other then the War Machine. First, Loki created his plot-then he took the form of a businessman on Midgard and found Ulik, a troll, Amora the Enchantress, and the Wrecking Crew. Loki had them capture Kevin Masterson, the son of Eric Masterson. Thor, at this time, was bound into Eric Masterson's body. Thor was angry at Loki, and even in a human body, he managed to set Kevin free for Eric. As he was escaping, Loki launched a power blast at Kevin and Marcy, his mother-in petty spite.

    The Enchantress though had secretly turned against Loki. She took control of the body of another mortal, Susan Austin-Kevin's babysitter. In Austin's body, she took the blast meant for Marcy, transferring her consciousness out of Susan Austin's body at the last second. This attack really angered Thor-Loki was trying to kill innocent mortals for no reason at all, just to spite Thor. The wrath of the God of Thunder truly fell upon the now terrified Loki. Thor drained the life force from Loki with Mjolnir and appeared to have killed him. As punishment, Thor was banished to Eric's subconscious as punishment by Odin. Eric became the new Thor, although he took the name Thunderstrike instead. On a side note, Thunderstrike was granted his own short series in the early 90s.

    Meanwhile, Loki had taken over the body of Odin while he was in Odinsleep. He explored his new amazing powers, got a good laugh at Thor, then took control of Asgard. Odin's spirit floated down into the Realm of Mephisto, which was quite the bounty for it's new ruler, Mephisto. The souls of the innocent were fine, but the soul of the King of the Asgardians was even better. Fortunately, Thunderstrike and Thor's old buddy Sif traveled to Mephisto's Realm and rescued Odin, restoring him to his body. Mephisto simply took Loki in Odin's stead. Loki made a deal with Pluto, an evil underworld god of Hades. Loki would try to take down Hercules if Pluto would take down Thor. Mephisto was busy at the time and wasn't paying attention to Loki, not a good thing to do, even if you own his soul.

    Loki tried having a Titan attack Hercules, but it failed. So he had the Flame, a high-level minion, attack Thor. However, the psychotic Flame almost hurt Sigyn, and Loki ended up having to save Thor from his own henchman. Loki was still trapped in Mephisto's Realm, but Thor eventually rescued him to help him fight the New Immortals, Loki's soul bonded to a suit of armor -- his body being long gone. Afterwards, Loki continued to fight Thor and now Thunderstrike. He even possessed the War Machine to fight them, and gained a new body from Seth afterwards. But then War Machine, the new Ant-Man ( Scott Lang), and She-Hulk teamed up against him, reminding him of the Avengers- he had more then enough trouble with the Avengers, and so he ended the fight.

    Infinity Gems

    Loki had a plan to capture ultimate power-with the Infinity Gems. The Infinity Gems were a collection of powerful gems-seven in all, each a different color, each with different powers. It was known that if anyone were to ever manage to collect all seven Infinity Gems, they would possess ultimate power-total omnipotence. Thanos and Red Skull had both tried and failed to capture them (although Red Skull got the Cosmic Cube later on).

    Loki found that all of the Infinity Gems were floating in an alternate dimension-the Ultraverse. He traveled to this other reality to capture the Gems. They were already owned by the Ultras-a race of ultra powerful superhumans native to the Ultraverse. Each one had a gem, and each was incredibly powerful. Loki traveled throughout the Ultraverse and met the one's who possessed each gem, and easily destroyed them, one by one. They were no match for the God of Mischief. He attained six of the gems-but then realized that something was missing. Loki hadn't understood the true meaning of the Gems. He didn't know he would need a seventh. He searched throughout the Ultraverse for a long time, searching until one of the Elders of the Universe- Grandmaster-appeared to him and informed him that he needed another Gem-the Ego Gem. Loki, the Avengers, and Ultraforce (the heroes of that dimension) all fought for the Gem. However, Loki couldn't defeat both Ultraforce and the Avengers. He never got the Gem, and eventually lost all of them-the closest Loki had come to true omnipotence. Humiliated, he returned to his own dimension-and he was angry ...


    The Asgardian gods during Ragnarok
    The Asgardian gods during Ragnarok

    Meanwhile, Loki continued in his efforts to bring about Ragnarok. Loki has unceasingly continued to create and carry out plots to bring forth Ragnorok so as to destroy Asgard. However, through the efforts of Odin and Thor, he had so far been thwarted at every turn. After the Infinity Gems debacle, Loki started trying even harder, and Odin sensed that Ragnarok was going to come soon. In an attempt to try and increase the time they had, Odin tricked Yggdrasil, the World Tree, into thinking that Ragnarok had already happened, which resulted in all the Asgardians being stripped of their memories and Asgardian identities, given mortal identities, and placed on Midgard. Loki became an Oriental businessman named Tso Zhung. Thor became Jake Olsen, a paramedic. Afterwards, Red Norvell found all the Asgardians and brought them together, giving them back their true identities. Loki regained his identity first and fought Seth, who had tried to destroy all Asgardians given this unique opportunity. Eventually, all of the Asgardians regained their identities.

    However, Jake Olsen (the real one) was killed, Thor then used the name and appearance of Jake Olsen as a secret identity. Loki reanimated the Jake Olsen's dead body and used it to commit crimes so Thor would be arrested, but Thor trapped Loki in a body exactly the same as Jake Olsen's. Loki was sent to prison.

    Rune King Thor beheading Loki
    Rune King Thor beheading Loki

    Fortunately for him, Loki was eventually released from prison-just as Surtur actually managed to kill Odin. Thor took the throne, and things temporarily worked out for Loki-he got more power, and saw how Thor put Asgardian pieces of culture on Earth. But he was still evil, and he still believed in his destiny. And he knew what his destiny was - Ragnarok.

    Loki forged another uru hammer similar to Mjolnir that he could use himself. He conceived of yet another plan to attempt to begin Ragnarok and destroy Asgard. Thor could have stopped him-he always had in the past. But he realized that the greatest possible honor on Asgard was to die fighting as a warrior. Asgard was on a loop, Loki attacks, Thor saves, death, rebirth. Thor accepted the destiny that Loki would eventually destroy Asgard and start Ragnarok-and he could thus ensure that everyone in Asgard wold die a warrior's death.

    Thor though promised himself a caveat, if he was going to allow a whole dimension to die, he might as well get revenge on his greatest enemy, who had plagued him so much. With a swift stroke of Mjolnir, Thor hacked Loki's head off. Of course, Loki was an amazingly powerful sorcerer, and decapitation didn't kill him. His head still lived, so Thor carried it with him when he traveled to Asgard. Surtur was preparing to unleash an amazing assault on Asgard-one that would destroy it unless Thor stopped it. He let Surtur launch the attack-and Asgard was destroyed. But before Thor died, he confronted Those Who Sit Above In Shadow. The powers responsible for Ragnaroks, and he destroyed them. Then Asgard died-and Thor with it.

    As for Loki, what could he do? Thor had decapitated him. All he could do was sit and watch as his ultimate goal-Ragnarok-was carried forth-and then scream as he also was vanquished in the attack. The last act of Loki, his last act in a long, sad and troubled life...a scream.. But even if his last act was to scream as his greatest plan destroyed him, Loki was still quite possibly the greatest threat ever to Thor and Asgard-and even in death, in the end-Loki won, as he was destined to...


    Loki reborn and possessing Sif's Body
    Loki reborn and possessing Sif's Body

    Like all the "dead" Asgardians, Loki was reborn in human form and imprisoned by Balder to prevent Thor from restoring Asgard. However the fates had a little surprise for Loki, as he was reborn as a female, inhabiting the body of Sif, Thor's true love. Loki has seemingly devoted herself to aiding her brother and former enemy in his quest to restore Asgard, but knowing Loki, this is undoubtedly a plan she has set into motion to destroy her brother once again. Due to Loki's latest moves Lady Sif remains as the last Aesir still trapped in human form. Balder discovered that he is a true son of Odin and not just adopted. Balder was then crowned Prince of Asgard. In contrast to Loki's life as a male god, the goddess seems to use hidden truths to spin her sinister webs rather then lies.

    Loki sought out Hela to ask a favor. She wanted to be transformed back to her true male form as she was on a mission. Hela then transformed her into Loki's original form. Loki then revealed that the body he was using was the body of Sif. Loki was sent back in time to when the Asgardians were fighting the frost giants. Loki was attacked and slayed a frost giant. Their leader sensed their blood flowing through Loki's veins and knew he was one of them. Bor was seen chasing a frost giant and there was a powerful sorcerer. The powerful sorcerer that killed Bor was none other than Loki. He bid Bor farewell and transformed him into snow. Loki then influenced himself as a child to take revenge on his true father and to be tough. Loki's father was killed by the hands of Odin and young Loki appeared at the scene. He attacked Odin but was stopped and Odin took the young Loki to be his own son. After they left, the current Loki arrived and took satisfaction in striking down his father with a sword. Loki returned to Hela and asked to be transformed back to her form in the body of Sif.

    Dark Reign

    Loki with the Cabal
    Loki with the Cabal

    Loki has joined Norman Osborn's secret Cabal. For their cooperation and services Osborn will provide them with the resources to accomplish their goals. Loki wants Asgard, back in the heavens where it belongs. When the chaos god Chthon returns, Loki acts swiftly to take defeat him. She appears to specific heroes during the Chaos Cascade as the Scarlet Witch, gathering them all in Wundagore. Together with some unexpected arrivals lead by Hank Pym, the Mighty Avengers defeat Chthon, unaware that they have become Loki's new pawns.

    Loki continues with her plan to take Asgard by resurrecting Odin's father Bor. He distorts Bor's vision so that the world around him looks more deformed and grotesque. Unaware of who they were fighting, Thor and Bor battle each other until Bor falls dead under the might of Thor's hammer. Balder and Loki then appear and inform Thor that he has just killed his grandfather. Loki then reminds Balder that the laws of Asgard must be maintained, Thor must receive the full punishment for killing a member of the royal family. As prince of Asgard, Balder is forced to banish Thor from Asgard forever. Speaking to some Asgardians at a pub Loki informs them that there is another place were Asgard could dwell, in the land called Latveria, ruled by Victor Von Doom.

    Loki plans on moving the Asgardians to Latveria now that Thor is banished. Loki and Balder meet with Dr. Doom at his castle in Latveria to discuss moving there. The two Asgardians are fed by Doom's slaves and Balder starts to question him on why his slaves look malnourished as he is still cautious in trusting Doom and Loki. They then discuss moving the inhabitants of Asgard to Latveria. Finally it was decided that the Asgardians who wish to move to Latveria, shall arrive via a portal made by Loki herself. Some Asgardians stay, but most follow Loki and Balder to live in Latveria under Doom.

    Loki and Doom meet in the new home of the Asgardians, Latveria. Loki is now back in his male form as Thor was able to separate Sif from the body of an old dying woman. Loki tells Doom that the Asgardians love Latveria as it is much like Asgard to include the weather, structures and living under a Monarchy. Loki says everyone else is happy, then Doom asks him if he's happy, Loki then says with a grin that his happiness is just beginning.

    Dr. Doom and Loki continue to discuss their plans. Doom gives Loki a small army of Doombots to help him kill his target, who is later revealed to be Donald Blake. Loki then goes off to prepare his own gift for Doom. Loki talks to an Asgardian named Endrik. Endrik shows Loki his sword and he tells him that he plans on giving it to his son one day, even though he doesn't have a son or a woman of his own. Loki asks Endrik to come with him and then puts a spell on Endrik which puts him to sleep.

    Bill goes off to talk to Balder and on his way to him, he hears a scream. He looks at what is happening in the room and he overhears the plan of Loki and Doom. Loki used Endrik as a sacrifice for Doom so that he could try to use his organs to make himself immortal just like the Asgardians. Loki then spots Bill as he was watching them talk about their plans. He then sends three rogue Asgardians after him. Bill tries to fight them off, but he is stabbed in the gut by one of the superior Asgardian warriors.

    Underworld Deals and the Siege on Asgard

    Loki captured the spirits of his deceased minions killed by Balder in self-defense. Using these spirits as bait he met with the Dsir and defeated

    The Void kills Loki
    The Void kills Loki

    them, taking them as slaves to offer to Mephisto for 101 days. After making deals with Mephisto and his daughter Hela Loki is now free of the boundaries of death. Mephisto granted Hela a part of his hell (from the peninsula of Perfidy to the gully of Hubris) to Hela for a thousand years to reestablish the underworld of the northern mystical realm, Hel. For this little gift Hela had stricken him of the books of Hel, by doing so she made him the only really immortal Asgardian. It is difficult to say whether or not he has become immune to harm or simply will not pass on of old age. Loki was recently exiled from Asgard by lord Balder because of his actions in Latveria and his involvement in the Siege on Asgard.

    The horned master of mischief and mayhem was last seen when he attacked the mad Sentry/Void above the remains of the city of Asgard, this action could be a way of faking his own death. His seemingly last words were: "I'm sorry, brother." Considering the deal he struck with Hel it is reasonable to believe that he has not passed on.


    Loki resurrected as a boy
    Loki resurrected as a boy

    After the events of Siege, Thor mourns Loki's death and decides to resurrect his brother. Loki is given new life as a Parisian street hustler named Serrure (the French word for lock), having no idea of who he was or how he came to be. Instead Serrure feigns simple card tricks in front of an audience while an accomplice pickpockets them. Thor confronts Loki in his new form while Serrure's accomplice robs the god of thunder in civilian guise. But Thor catches the thieves in the act and chases Serrure down until he can convince the boy of his true nature and identity as the Asgardian god of mischief. Thor brings Loki home to the fallen Asgard just as refugees of the World Tree arrive fleeing the genocidal rampage of Uthana-Thoth. When Odin is brought back from Limbo to battle the warriors of the "Tenth World" Loki runs away, knowing that Odin would disapprove of his return and the destruction it would undoubtedly cause. Running into Iron Man, Loki was saved by Thor who defended his own reasons for bringing the trickster back.

    Journey Into Mystery

    rebelling against Ikol
    rebelling against Ikol

    To avoid the disapproval of the citizens of Asgard, Loki announces his intention to travel to the world of men and learn their ways, which Thor approves of. But before he can set off, a magpie (messenger bird) explodes in his chambers while delivering a key to Loki. This leads Loki into the very bowels of Asgard itself where he receives a message from a spiritual echo of his former self, saying that Loki's death at the hands of the Void was part of a greater scheme of death and rebirth and that Loki the child was necessary to complete the plan. However Loki refuses to follow this path, wanting to be his own person, and transforms the spirit of his former self into a magpie named Ikol. On returning to Earth, he witnesses Odin striking down Thor.

    Loki & the gang
    Loki & the gang

    Thor had challenged Odin's wisdom in destroying Midgard with the revelation of the Serpent's return. Thor is imprisoned while Odin assembles the Asgardian army to cleanse away the Serpents influence no matter the cost. Meanwhile Loki, who disagreed with Odin's actions, is occupied by Volstagg who orders him to clean the stables of Thor's goats to keep him out of trouble and danger. But most importantly, Volstagg is to keep Loki from interfering with Odin's plans. Ikol convinces Loki that if Odin is to continue on this foolish path it would surely mean the end for them all and Loki quickly escapes. By using the wool of one of the goats, he descends into the roots of the World Tree to ask questions from the Nornish women who live there. Their sage wisdom causes Loki to weep because he does not know if theirs is the right path to follow. He seeks advice from Thor and breaks into his prison cell asking for help. Loki asks his brother what he would do if he had to let something bad happen in order to prevent something worse from happening and what if it cost him everything. With Thor's answer, Loki decided to free one of the imprisoned Hel Wolves and bind it to him in servitude using the bridle of Thor's goats. He revealed he needed help from one more 'personage' before heading for the realm of Hela.

    Once there Loki begins to craft his impossible plan together. Pitting Hela and Mephisto against one another. In other words playing both sides against the middle. His endgame is possession over the powerful Dísir, the dead god of war Tyr and the powerful Destroyer Armor. As extra precaution Hela sends her handmaiden Leah along to the destruction of the Serpents "Anti-Asgard". But Loki's team or "Magic Secret Action Squad" as he calls them is nothing more than a distraction for Loki's real plan. Using the shadow of Surtur's all powerful Twilight Sword, Loki plans to rewrite Asgardian myth and prophesize the Serpents demise at the hands of Thor. Twilight's Shadow is really the world's most powerful pen.

    Shattered Heroes

    Thor defeated The Serpent but at the cost of his own life, so now Loki was on his own once again, and what was worse, the All-Mothers, the three goddesses left in charge of Asgard, knew what Loki had done. He had free Surtur, made deals with both Hela and Mephisto, stole the Destroyer and had created a litter of demon puppies. The All Mothers, black mailed Loki into being there spy and errand boy. And one day after sending Loki to his room as punishment for starting a fight with a human bully, Loki had a nightmare that Ikol was forced to wake him from.

    This nightmare lead to the team-up of Loki, Leah and Hellstorm to stop Nightmare from killing countless children in comas from the Serpent's fear wave. Loki learned that he had a large deposit of fear stuff in his own head and had Leah take it out. He then traded it to Nightmare for the sake of the other children. This didn't sit well with Helstorm who know the destruction that Nightmare could cause with all the Fear Stuff Loki had given him freely. Loki then explained that he also told the Fear Lords about Nightmare have so much power and they striped him of it quickly and then began fighting among them selves over who should wield it. Loki pointed out they would never agree to agree and the fear stuff was safe.

    Everything Burns

    Surtur, having been released during Loki's plans against the Serpent, sets up a plan in order to cause the total destruction of the nine realms. Loki is able to bring about his defeat using his own trickery, and some help from Hela and Leah, to save Asgard. However, after the battle is won, Hellstorm delivers a terrible message: that Mephisto has taken the fear stuff crown, and will use it to gain total control over hell. Loki speaks to his past self, who reveals that since the crown is based on Loki's thoughts, it can only be destroyed with Loki's death. In order to save Asgard and the world, Loki consumes Ikol, effectively killing himself and letting the old Loki take control.

    Young Avenger

    A new team of heroes
    A new team of heroes

    When Wiccan and Hulkling are captured by an interdimensional parasite known as Mother, Loki comes to their aid and rescues them from the prison that they were being held in. They admit that they need help to defeat the creature, but are wary of trusting Loki, knowing who he is. They go to Asgard, and are met with Loki's father. With the help of Ms. America, the team flee to New York City, but are once again met by the parasite, and are captured.

    They are saved by Kate Bishop and Noh-Var, but are then attacked by citizens of New York, who fall under the control of Mother as the team flies by in Noh-Var's ship. The team flees to Central Park in order to minimize the number of civilians in the area. Once there, Loki tells the group that their only choice to save themselves is to either kill Wiccan, or allow Loki to borrow Wiccan's powers for ten minutes so that he can save them. Seeing no other option, Wiccan agrees, and Loki immediately teleports away, seemingly abandoning the group to face the mob of mind controlled New Yorkers on their own.

    While he intended to leave them to die, Loki has an internal conversation with the child self that he killed at the end of Journey into Mystery, and is convinced to return to the team. Once there, he defeats the creature, but the team is forced to leave New York, as Wiccan's spell is still intact. While the rest of the team is busy, Loki meets with Mother, revealing that he had planned everything that had happened with the parasite, working in order to gain access to Wiccan's immense power so that he can gain back the abilities he lost when he was reincarnated.

    The team is left in a situation where neither Wiccan nor Loki are powerful enough to fight Mother. In order to increase Loki's power, Wiccan ages Loki's body to that of a teenager, increasing his powers. Now able to take on Mother, as well as Leah, who had recruited the exes of the other Young Avengers members, the group goes to Mother's dimension to stop things once and for all.

    In his confrontation with Leah, she taunts him for destroying his younger self. Realizing that she is merely an illusion created by his own guilty conscience, Loki confesses his part in freeing Mother, as well as for killing his younger self. Now sated, the exes and Leah vanish, allowing the Young Avengers to defeat Mother.

    When Wiccan turns to introduce his new teammate to his parents, he finds that Loki is missing, having fled the scene due to his guilt.

    Agent of Asgard

    As a part of All New Marvel NOW!, Loki was granted his own solo series. Living in his own apartment (that he has to magically move to different apartment buildings every now and then because people keep mistaking him for Harry Styles), Loki begins to take on missions for the All-Mother. In exchange for his help, certain crimes that he committed in the past are erased and forgotten. He breaks into the prison on Asgardia with the help of Lorelei to discover that his mother had betrayed him by keeping the future Loki alive and well, even going to him for consultations. Loki then refuses to do the bidding of the All-Mother and leaves.

    The Tenth Realm

    Thor goes to Loki for help after being exposed to the "bomb" set off by the Watcher's eye. He receives glimpses of the past in which he is made to realize that he has a sister and that there is a tenth realm that had been sealed away. With Loki's help, Thor enters the tenth realm - Heven, Land of the Angels. The fierce Angels do battle with Thor. Asgardians are enemies of the Angels.Loki, however, is a Jotuun, not an Asgardian, and therefore works out a deal with the Queen of the Angels. Taking a new female form, Loki becomes the Mistress of Strategies of Heven. Thor faces Angela in battle, and he is captured, while Loki leads a battalion of Angelic forces against Asgardia. Understanding that there are shields surrounding the home of the Asgardians, he encourages the Angels to attack head on, leading them to their deaths. With a fleet of Angels down, Loki seeks the help of Odin. Odin and Loki return to Heven prepared to rescue Thor and do battle, when Odin reveals that Angela is in fact his daughter. The Queen of the Angels allows Angela to leave, out of respect for her abilities, but she also renounces her. Angela has nowhere to go, and so before leaving, Loki reminds her that she is his sister, and therefore, she is welcome in his home.

    March to AXIS

    Loki returns to his apartment after the events that transpired in the Tenth Realm, to be greeted by his new friend Verity Willis. She is angry at him for manipulating her, but they don't get much time to work it out, as Doom transports Loki to Castle Doom in Latveria. Doom, after visiting the future, believes that in order to secure the safe future of Earth, Loki needs to be contained. He suggests a magical duel, and ultimately, traps Loki. Verity is with him, however, and is undetected by Doom.

    Avengers & X-Men: AXIS

    After the initial round of fighting between the heroes (Avengers & X-Men) and the Red Onslaught, in which all of the heroes had fallen except for Iron Man, Magneto decided to flee Genosha. He began rounding up a new group of supers - the villains. He reached out to Sabretooth, Mystique, Carnage, the Hobgoblin, Jack O'Lantern, the Enchantress, Deadpool, Doctor Doom - and Loki. The group traveled to Genosha, and battled the Red Onslaught and the super sentinels he had used to take down the heroes. The villains easily defeated the sentinels - something the heroes had not been able to do, and kept the Red Onslaught occupied while Doom and Wanda Maximoff worked their mixture of Order and Chaos magics to create an inversion, which reverted the Red Onslaught back into the Red Skull. The villains disappeared just as the Inversion took place.

    No Caption Provided

    Loki later reemerges as Loki Agent of AXIS! God of Heroism and Truth. Armed with the sword of truth, Gram, Loki feels the change caused by the Inversion Spell and decides to embrace it, along with a fellow Asgardian and former-villainess, Amora the Enchantress. As a hero, Loki does away with his trademark gold horns, and replaces the dark green ensemble he usually wears with pieces of gold armor, a white and green pattern, and a new headpiece. His first act of heroism occurs when he stops a heist from occurring at the hands of the Ringleader and his circus act-themed villains. For the first time in his life, Loki experiences praise for his actions and receives applause and cheers from the people he rescued. Transforming into a unicorn, Loki gallops away to find his inverted brother. Thor, who, now hammerless, has become the God of Evil, armed with the magical Axe Jarnbjorn. Loki finds Thor while Thor is gambling. Loki explains to Thor that the scared civilians are simply letting him win so as not enrage the Asgardian. Thor, angry, attacks Loki, who refuses to fight back, and asks why Loki is trying to help him. Now unable to tell a lie, Loki reveals that it is because he loves his brother. Thor responds by saying that he feels only disgust for Loki. Disheartened, Loki is pulled away from the conflict by Spider-Man passing overhead in an aircraft. Spider-Man reveals that he and Steve Rogers have gathered all the former-villains who have now been inverted to form a new group of Avengers. These former villains will now have to stop both the evil Inverted Avengers and the bellicose warmongering X-Men of Apocalypse.

    Back at his apartment, Loki calls together his "friends" - Verity Willis, Lorelei, and Sigurd. When they arrive at his apartment they find him on his couch being "friendly" with his new lover, the inverted Enchantress. Disgusted with the new Loki, Lorelei, Sigurd, and Verity leave. Verity takes it the worst, trying to convince herself that her "bitchy, funny" friend Loki was never really her friend at all and that she doesn't care, but she does. She calls Lorelei to ask if she can find any magical solution to return Loki to normalcy, but Lorelei says she cannot and that she doesn't care anyway. While conversing on the phone with Verity, Lorelei reveals she is in the middle of committing a crime.

    Loki is worthy!
    Loki is worthy!

    Loki, among the ranks of the new Avengers, discusses what it really means to "love" someone with the Enchantress, who says she wishes to help correct the evil ways of her sister, Lorelei, because she loves her. Amora believes an act of true love is being able to hand her sister over for punishment and imprisonment in Asgardia to pay for her wrongs. Loki is uneasy about this course of action, but even so, he teleports them both to where Lorelei and Sigurd are located. Loki and Amora then overpower and detain the criminal lovers. When Loki returns, Sabretooth informs him that they are about to leave as a group to battle the AXIS of Evil (the inverted Avengers), Apocalypse and the X-Men (who are planning to unleash a gene bomb that would kill those who do not possess the mutant x-gene). During this final battle, Loki taunts an enraged and bloodthirsty Thor into following him through a portal which leads to the moon. Thor, out for blood, attacks Loki with the enchanted axe Jarnbjorn. Loki realizes that his only chance at survival is to grab Thor's hammer Mjolnir (left on the Blue Area of the moon when Thor became unworthy during the events of Original Sin), and hope he has become worthy. As it turns out, Loki IS worthy of lifting Mjolnir and battles Thor with his own hammer. It is Jarnbjorn versus Mjolnir, both weapons of Thor. Thor, still the God of Thunder, calls down a huge blast of lightning to devastate his adoptive brother, but Loki, now wielding Mjolnir, is unaffected by the blast, and nearly defeats Thor with his hammer. During Thor and Loki's battle on the moon, the Scarlet Witch (inverted, but subdued and forced into submission by the spirit of Daniel Drumm who was sent to possess her by Brother Voodoo), along with Doctor Doom and the inverted Red Skull (the White Skull with the powers of Charles Xavier) undid the damage that the Inversion Spell had caused. Loki was returned to his old, lying self, and the hammer Mjolnir fell from his grasp as he was no longer worthy to wield it. When Thor returned to his old self, he could not remember what he had done or why he was on the moon. Loki tried to convince him of the truth - that he was worthy of Mjolnir. Thor did not believe him, and Loki returned to Earth. The villains, although they had been the ones acting heroically, took the blame for the antics of the inverted Avengers and X-Men, so that the common people's faith in their heroes would be restored.

    God of Stories

    With the inversion undone and the Heroes now restored to their former selves, Loki soon discovers that, added to the fact that he is now again unworthy of wielding Mjolnir, he has also lost the ability to Lie. Thor (Odinson), still being unworthy of his own powers and seeing that his brother is now in a similar situation regarding his powers, decides to join his brother and talk. While talking with his brother, Thor notes how Loki no longer acts the same as he did when he was Kid Loki. In response to this, Loki, now unable to keep the truth hidden through his inability to lie, reveals to Thor the truth about himself. He reveals that he is not the same Loki, but rather the echo of the Old Loki who killed and possessed the body of the younger Loki. In Thor's eyes, Loki has committed a crime which cannot be forgiven. Thor, enraged by this revelation, beats Loki with his fists, bruising him badly. Thor then takes him to Asgardia where he repeats Loki's confession to his fellow gods. Like Thor, they do not take the revelation well and turn their backs on him, treating him as though he doesn't exist. The final blow is then delivered by Freya who exiles Loki from Asgardia.

    Upon his exile Loki returns to Earth and meets up with Verity Willis. They talk about plans about what to do with his new found exile. These plans are stopped before they can even begin as the future King Loki suddenly appears and takes the younger Loki prisoner and, in the process, scares Verity off by telling her terrible truths about the future. Now a prisoner of his future self, Loki listens as King Loki explains the events leading up to him arriving back into the past. It begins by him escaping from a battle against King Thor, at a point in which Thor and the other Asgardians were at their most vulnerable, so that he could help his (now imprisoned) younger self change their own destiny. King Loki then goes on to explain how he (from his time) went from being the noble and heroic Agent of Asgard to his current evil self - detailing how over 10 years young Loki would complete enough missions for Asgard to abolish him of any crime/foul deed committed by Old Loki, yet despite his actions his fellow Asgardians still did not trust him. For although he may no longer have been the God of Evil, Loki was still the God of Lies. This disdain would lead to resentment, which would lead Loki, the Agent of Asgard, to become the Evil King Loki. Having explained this to his younger self, King Loki sets his younger self metaphorically (and literally to his own surprise) aflame, hoping to quicken his transition and his rise to power.

    Loki: God of Stories
    Loki: God of Stories

    With Loki now having been burnt, his mind/soul/being/essence falls within itself where he encounters Odin who greets him as his child, the child is both a son and a daughter (referencing Original Sin). Odin explains how he's known who THIS Loki has been since his return, but then goes on to tell Loki that rather than his past or (possible) future incarnations who have tried to claim Thor's power as their own, the present Loki should instead try to reclaim and better understand his own powers. Odin queries to Loki "what is a Lie?" before vanishing. Loki then encounters the two ghosts (or echoes) of his former selves standing between a pillar upon which sits the helmet/crown of Loki. Both ghosts/echoes tell Loki that he has one of two choices, to pick up the crown and become the pale imitation of his evil older self which the Asgardians, and King Loki, want him to be (for what would a story of brave heroes and warriors be without a villain), or to destroy himself and complete his story with no regrets like his younger self did. As the two ghosts/echoes try and convince him, Loki is (surprisingly) able to talk to Verity who apologises to him for her reaction to King Loki's truths but who also asks Loki, now standing between the 2 echoes, what does "god of lies" even mean? It's then that Loki truly starts to think about his power and answers the question saying "a lie is a story told". It's at this point that Loki picks up the crown and decides to take a third option, his own path, noting how stories can be changed and thus this time around he will tell a different story. As the crown is placed upon his head Loki's physical body (still burning in the presence of King Loki on Earth) explodes, resulting in both young and old/King Loki being sent 8 months into the future (to the beginning of the events of Secret Wars), upon which young Loki escapes and returns to the home of Verity, declaring to her that "I'm the God of Stories. I'm Loki".

    Loki returned to Verity, reborn as the God of Stories.[5] With the world about to end, Loki prompted Verity to tell her story, and used the moment to trap her soul into a piece of magic jewelry to save her from death.[46]

    Loki returned

    Loki proceeded to travel to Asgardia, where King Loki had allied himself with Asgard's enemies to destroy the Earth, and the Asgardians as well. With the unexpected appearance of his younger self and the arrival of reinforcements brought by Gjallarhorn, King Loki fled. Loki's return was acclaimed, but he had no longer interest in the judgement of the fellow Asgardians, taking no sides but his own, so he stepped aside while the Asgardians battled their enemies until the universe ended as a consequence of the incursion. Loki used his powers to trap the essence of the Asgardians and their enemies, keeping them safe from annihilation.

    Loki and Verity's ghost found themselves in the middle of a blank void, confronted by Those Who Sit Above in Shadow,[10] who demanded the God of Stories to give them the essence of the gods, which was what they feed on. Loki was able to scare Those Who Sit Above in Shadows away by putting into question their origin and existence. If the gods such as the Asgardians come from the stories that have been told about them, it was posible that the gods of the gods didn't create the gods, but had been created by them.

    With the threat of Those Who Sit Above in Shadow averted, Loki found another person in the middle of nothingness: a sobbing and defeated King Loki. Loki confronted his future self, and made King Loki realize that in the end, he helped Loki change and grow away from being the God of Lies, a path King Loki was not able to change for himself. Both Lokis reconciled, and the younger one contained King Loki's essence in his scepter. Loki proclaimed that he needed a break, and decided to skip ahead in time until the universe was brought back, for which he used his magic to create a door into the future, and invited Verity to come with him through it.[47]

    Dark Council

    When Earth-616 was brought back to existence and the War of the Realms was put into motion by Malekith the Accursed and his Dark Council,[48] Loki was sent by Frigga to infiltrate this alliance, under the pretense of having returned to his bad ways.[49]

    After introducing himself to the new Thor in a mission which objective was to kill her,[50] Loki was returned to Asgardia in chains when Frigga was going to be put in trial for having helped said new Thor evade Odin's wrath.[51] In the middle of a confrontation between Odin's forces and Frigga and the Asgardians who sided with her, Loki stabbed his adoptive mother with a poisoned dagger that left her on the brink of death.[49] Loki had learned that Malekith was planning on killing Frigga, thus he had decided to neutralize her with the best alternative which wouldn't involve killing but allowed him to remain in Malekith's side.[52]

    Presidential campaign

    Vote Loki

    Loki eventually set his sights on the Presidency of the United States. After staging an attack on the two candidates, a situation which Loki himself defused, his popularity skyrocketed, fueled by his claims to the press regarding politics. After initially claiming falsely to have no desire to run, Loki announced the beginning of his campaign. While the masses were enamored with Loki, Daily Bugle reporter Nisa Contreras was not convinced and and attempted to defame Loki.[53] However, all of Nisa's attempts to expose Loki proved to be futile and even counterproductive, to the point Loki spinned them in his favor. These attempts including the revelation that Loki's fundraising organization was secretly a worshiping cult,[54] and the discovery that he had directly been involved in the Latverian civil war, aiding one of the two factions.[55]

    After Contreras exposed Loki's involvement in the attack on the two candidates, both polar opposites in the public opinion on Loki inflated, leading to a state of unrest. Loki contacted Nisa and set up a live interview with hopes to make people regain their composure. Nisa's remarks and a series of questions from the audience displayed that Loki didn't really have any actual policies or plan to run the country. The next day, when the elections were carried out, the support for Loki tanked, and he lost the election.

    Loki spoke to Contreras later, remarking that his plan all along may have been to help her become a rising star as a reporter who exposed bad politicians, an idea which Contreras was somewhat skeptical towards. They then parted on somewhat friendly terms. However, as he flew away, he was shown talking on the phone to one of the rival candidates. He had actually been in a secret deal with them all along to cause a split in the votes by running and then conceding, thus helping even out the votes a bit more and give them a better chance to win the election. The candidate he spoke to presumably granted a reward to Loki, which he expressed he was most pleased with. He then officially conceded the political race.[56]

    Infinity Quest

    Loki would next turn his attention in gathering the Infinity Stones. He first paid the Gardener a visit, and drove him mad in an attempt to get him to divulge the location of the Soul Stone, which he didn't know.[57] Loki subsequently assembled a group of dwarf Frost Giants, the Black Ice Bersekers, and manipulated them into attacking a S.H.I.E.L.D. storage facility which contained the Space Stone, but they failed their mission.[58] When the Guardians of the Galaxy visited Earth seeking help to search for the Infinity Stones, Loki prevented them from meeting Cable by impersonating him, discovering they hadn't acquired any of the Stones yet in the process.[59]

    Sorcerer Supreme

    Being aware of the upcoming threats that would menace the Earth, Loki determined that the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange wasn't ready for these challenges. As part of a ploy to help Strange prepare and push his boundaries, Loki cast an illusion to trick Strange into believing the Vishanti had decided to bequeath the mantle to him during a magical tournament for the possession of the title.[60] Strange subsequently handed over to Loki his magical possessions, namely the Sanctum Sanctorum. Loki also repaired the Cloak of Levitation using Asgardian thread he spun himself[61] months after it was torn to pieces by the Imperator.[62]

    While being the Sorcerer Supreme, Loki began obsessing over a spell known as the Exile of Singhsoon, which would transfer all the magic on Earth to him.[63] Since magic was striving to flourish following the Imperator's near purge of it, Loki's intention was to use the spell's power to jump-start magic itself and at least temporarily fix the damage done to it by the Empirikul.[60] Doctor Strange had locked the spell away inside the soul of Zelma Stanton, his apprentice, and not only feared Loki would use the spell for sinister motives, but also that he could kill Zelma trying to excise it from her. Stephen's first attempt at stopping Loki resulted in the accidental death of his talking pet dog Bats.[64] In order to stop Loki, Stephen joined forces with Wong and the Sentry. After becoming empowered by Yggdrasill,[65] Strange and Loki battled until Zelma revoked their magic for three minutes; however, Loki was still a god, allowing him to overpower Strange physically until he relented. Strange unleashed the Void instead, the entity that had killed Loki's previous incarnation.[63]

    The Void goaded Loki by revealing the location of the Exile of Singhsoon, prompting him to take the spell and immediately use it to bring all magic into himself. After separating Strange from the Void, Loki brought back magic as he had intended, and joined forces with Strange and the Sentry to recapture the Void. After Zelma angrily forced Loki to reveal that his stint as Sorcerer Supreme had been a ploy, he explained his intentions, and determined he had succeeded since Strange had learned to break the rules. Loki relinquished his role as Sorcerer Supreme back to Strange. As he was apologizing for Bats' death and explaining that he had been trying to remedy the situation by bringing him back as a ghost, Loki was abruptly teleported to an unknown, but unpleasant location by Stephen.[60]

    Final Host

    Having recalled a story he had learned during his previous incarnation's childhood involving Odin's fight against the Dark Celestial Zgreb a millennia ago,[66] Loki unearthed the fallen Celestial and freed it from its confinement deep beneath the Earth's surface.[58] After summoning Zgreb's fellow Dark Celestials, Loki facilitated their arrival to Earth in order to purge the planet,[67] arguing the Earth was ridden with a disease brought about by an agonizing Celestial named the Progenitor four billion years ago. Infected by the Horde, the Progenitor fell on Earth and died. Loki claimed the percolation of the Progenitor's ill-ridden fluids through the planet's primeval surface forever altered the Earth's evolutionary trajectory, and constituted the primordial cause for the emergence of superhuman beings once humanity existed.[68]

    The Dark Celestials were confronted by a group of heroes reluctant to work together despite their shared past as Avengers. After Loki revealed himself as the facilitator of the Dark Celestial's arrival,[67]Captain America attempted to use Omega-Level Warp Grenades to teleport the invaders to the Sun. The plan failed, and Loki and the Dark Celestials returned to Earth. While the Dark Celestials made preparations for Earth's destruction, which included awakening a dormant infestation of Horde creatures on the planet's core,[69] Loki disclosed to Captain America the secret past of the planet.[70] The heroes eventually managed to work together to take a final stand against the Dark Celestials before they destroyed the planet.[68] They emerged victorious and took down the invaders as well as the Horde, with Loki being apprehended in the final battle. Despite the apparent thwarting of his plan, Loki beamed with pride as he welcomed back the Avengers to action. He was then taken away by the Celestials to be punished for what he done,[71] but he was able to escape thanks to the aid of a Phoenix Force-possessed Wolverine.[72]

    Infinity Wars

    One day, Loki looked through Asgardian texts kept in Omnipotence City about him and became upset that none of the stories ended well for him. The tombkeeper Flowa recalled a certain story and showed Loki it, but most of the pages were ripped out. All that Flowa remembered about the story was that it involved the God Quarry. Intrigued, Loki decided he wanted to go there and invited Flowa to come with him, which she accepted.[73]

    After Loki and Flowa arrived at the God Quarry and witnessed the Coven burst into flames, they encountered an alternate reality Loki who wielded both his universe's Mjolnir and Infinity Stones. After the alternate Loki mentioned an "original universe", Loki stated that he needed the Infinity Stones.[74]

    Loki later approached Gamora who had claimed all the Infinity Stones after defeating the Infinity Watch and their allies and offered his counsel.[75] Loki and Gamora talked about the God Quarry. Gamora decided to go the God Quarry to investigate what laid beneath it. Loki wanted to accompany her, but Gamora banished Loki to Warp World, a pocket dimension inside the Soul Stone she created by folding the universe in half and merging those halves together.[76]

    Loki wielding the Infinity Gems

    Not giving up, Loki assembled a team to aid him fight Gamora and save the universe. Finding duplicates of the Infinity Stones Gamora unintentionally created when she created Warp World, Loki and his team escape the Soul Stone and confront Gamora, who had attempted and failed to enter the realm below the Quarry of Creation. Loki's team defeated Gamora, but they were then tricked by Loki who used his sorcery to take Gamora's Infinity Stones. Loki banished Gamora into Soul World and traveled into the realm below the Quarry of Creation to investigate the forces that manipulated his destiny. Loki discovered that the Infinity Stones didn't work in the dimension and that the realm was the home of numerous Celestials.[77]

    Loki was allowed by a Celestial to glimpse his future. After learning that his future wasn't what he had wanted, he laughed and accepted his fate. He then went back up to the Quarry of Creation and returned the Infinity Stones to the Cosmic Avengers so they could restore the universe while he returned to Omnipotence City with Flowa.[78]

    God of Nothing

    Having always intended to betray the Dark Council, Loki turned against Laufey during the Dark Council's assault on Midgard in order to save Freyja from his clutches. In retaliation, Laufey devoured Loki.[79] While struggling to survive digestion inside Laufey's stomach, Loki looked back on key events on his life and met past and future incarnations of himself. He discovered that a war his past self had instigated had led to Malekith becoming a villain, thus indirectly causing the War of the Realms. He expressed remorse over what he had done in the past and what he had become and swore not to become like King Loki.[80]

    During the final battle of the War of the Realms, Loki carved his way out of his fathers insides using Heimdall's sword, Hofund, barely holding himself together with magic.[81] With Laufey dead, Loki returned to Jotunheim to inherit the throne while Thor became the All-Father of Asgard after being handed over the title by Odin.[82] Reluctant to take up the responsibilities of a king and bored by his new circumstances, Loki neglected his royal duties, spending most of his time in Midgard.[83] In an attempt to comfort Loki, Thor took him to the Halls of All-Knowing and shared with him the previously-restricted Books of Loki, a single tome that prophesied a long and peaceful life for Loki, in which he was no longer the God of Evil, nor Mischief, Chaos or Stories.[84]

    Two young cosmic entities, Now and Then, heeded the desire in Loki's heart to do more with his life, and took him to the House of Ideas,[84] a place that archived the exploits of countless heroes in books. Loki struck up a deal with the children to ensure his exploits had more pages, therefore giving him more time for adventures, also granting him the ability to turn untold tales into reality by telling them. The cost for his books being rewritten into a hero's stories became the promise of an eventual hero's death.[85] After returning to Earth from the House of Ideas with no memory of his visit, Loki was confronted Nightmare, whom he had previously fended off from Jotunhiem, and killed him.[86]

    Loki was afterwards imprisoned in the Raft, where he called Verity Willis after becoming unsure whether the memories he recalled were real. Loki shared with her a fabricated story, one in which he recovered his memories of the House of Ideas, unlocking within him the ability to consciously alter his past by telling "untold" stories that became true once relayed. Loki additionally came to a realization about his godhood and the constant struggles of his life, and proclaimed himself the God of Outcasts. Loki broke free from his cell, and invited Verity to join him in his further adventures, now that he had discovered that everything he could remember happening was real.

    Personal Data


    • Height: 4'4, (as adult) 6'0"
    • Weight: 168 lbs, (as adult) 525 lbs
    • Eye Color: Green
    • Hair Color: Black, (as adult) Black-Grey


    Powers and Abilities

    God of Mischief
    God of Mischief

    Loki is the son of Frost Giants and as so is endowed with superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, and durability. Loki is able to press 50 tons without magically enhancing his natural strength. Despite not usually attempting to physically challenge opponents, he is capable of overpowering strong foes, and striking with enough force to destroy a large building with one strike. He is able to dodge bullets, fight continually for up to twenty four hours before beginning to feel tired, and has a healing factor superior to any normal human. Loki possesses superhuman-durability, and is able to withstand powerful energy blasts, falls form great heights, temperature and pressure extremes, and powerful impact forces, as well as imumnity to human diseases and toxins.

    He is extremely long-lived and immune to all Earthly diseases and has, after recent events, obtained immortality. This does not mean that he is immune to harm, but is denied access to Hel's dimension. He is often credited as a genius, as witnessed in the Acts of Vengeance storyline, and considered to be second only to Odin in Asgard when comparing intellect. Further more, Loki is especially skilled at persuasion and can often use this to confuse, dissuade or weaken his opponents, as well as join others to his cause. A testament to this is the fact that Loki has been allowed back into Asgard after attempting to kill Thor, and being caught doing so, nearly a hundred times. The greatest of Loki's plans is often foiled because of his obsessive need to humiliate Thor. He has admitted that instead of ruling worlds and conquering alien nations, he is bound to earth solely to torment Thor.

    Loki is the most skilled magician in all of Asgard, if not in all the nine worlds. His magic is thought to be derived from two sources: his innate ability to manipulate Asgardian energy, and his vast knowledge of sorcery. The abilities Loki has shown are energy manipulation and projection, flight, teleportation, matter manipulation, the enhancing of his physical attributes, and so on. Loki can levitate objects with his mind, and this power seems devastating and chaotic in nature. He can even grant people and objects superhuman abilities, as an example, he was the one who gave the Absorbing Man his powers. He has also boosted a low telepath's power to the point where he could easily defeat Thor. Loki had projected illusions which have fooled entire cities, and even Surtur. He has telepathically contacted a Skrull deep in space while he himself was imprisoned. He has changed clouds into dragons, and a car into ice cream. Loki can also add his powers to another's, and has done so with Thor and the Silver Surfer. There is virtually no limit to the things he can accomplish through magic. His magic, however, is believed to be slightly weaker on Earth, as the Asgardians all become weaker on Earth.


    In addition to his innate powers, Loki has several magical items at his disposal. This includes but is not limited to a scrying pool, the norn stones, magical whip, a special fire sword and a dagger which is equal to Mjolnir. At times he will call upon these items to assist him in battle, though only the norn stones and fire-sword seem to have made an appearance since the 80s.

    He currently makes extensive use of the Sword of Truth known as Gram. It previously belonged to the Asgardian Sigurd, and it forces anyone it is used on to tell the truth.

    Alternate Versions

    Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

    Gunnar Golmen
    Gunnar Golmen

    Half-brother to Thor, Blader and son of Odin. Hailing form Asgard, Loki was born to the Norse god-king Odin and the Queen of the Frost Giants as part of a peace treaty between Asgard and Jottunheim. As such, even though Loki fought alongside his brothers Balder and Thor as part of the 'Warriors Three' he was also half brother to the Frost Giant Prince Mammon and thus was torn between his loyalty to his father versus his loyalty to his mother. Growing up in Asgard, Loki became known as the God of Mischief for his pranks and trickster nature, Balder though, rather viewed his brother as a Grim figure tied to his conviction that Ragnarok would occur. As one of the sons of Odin, Loki fought for Asgard during the war against Jottunheim, though following Asgard's victory he himself made clear that his initial aims of mischief and bringing about Ragnarok were now his primary objectives. As such, he eventually stole the Norn Stones to please his mother, murdering Balder in the process (an act for which Loki was banished). However, the self appointed God of Mischief and Chaos patiently waited for an opportunity to destroy Asgard. He eventually succeeded when he posed as Baron Zemo in order to procure 100,000 SS men from the German Third Reich. With his 100,000 SS soldiers combined with an army of Frost Giants under his half-brother Mammon, Loki stormed the walls of Asgard and burned the World Tree before facing his brother Thor and father Odin. However, the trickster was outmatched and Odin, infuriated by Balder's death, imprisoned his wayward son within the 'Room with no doors'. Nevertheless, even though Asgard was destroyed, Loki remained imprisoned, brooding upon the favoritism his father Odin showed to Thor and the best means by which to disrupt his father's plans for Midgard (Earth).

    Following the failed alien invasion, Loki escaped his prison and made his way to Earth to take revenge against Thor. He conspired with the Liberators to destroy the Ultimates, and start World War III per his role as God of Mischief. Reborn as a God, (whereas Thor and Balder had been reborn as mortals), Loki used his powers over reality in order to create the identity of Gunnar Golmen, the scientist brother of a delusional Thorlief Golmen (allegedly posing as Thor). The Norwegian super-soldier program and Thor's past life as Thorlief were all fabricated to make Thor appear insane and turn the Ultimates against him. Loki also used his powers to frame Captain America for the murder of Hawkeye's family. His plans culminated in the invasion of the United States, where he participated as one of the leaders. Throughout all these events, he hesitated from using his powers openly, since doing so would enable his father to find him.

    Despite the careful planning of the Liberators, the Ultimates were able to turn the tables, and kill most of the Liberators and their soldiers. Faced with little alternative, Loki decided to take matters into his own hands and destroy the Ultimates himself, but before he could do so, the Scarlet Witch used her probability-powers to summon Loki's brother Thor.

    Faced with his angry brother, Loki attempted to trap him in an illusion, but for unknown reasons, according to Thor, Loki's powers had begun to weaken. After surviving uninjured from a direct assault from Thor, Loki decided to simply kill Thor and all the Ultimates by summoning an army of Asgardian monsters, while battling Thor himself. At this point, Loki had lost all fear of Odin and was on the verge of killing Thor before Odin intervened. Odin sent an army of warriors of Asgard to battle the monsters and removed most of Loki's powers, making him vulnerable to Thor's hammer and presumably restoring Thor's Asgardian power. Without his powers and outmatched by Thor, Loki pleaded with his brother and ranted about how he had been merely jealous of Thor and wanted to see him fail. He also pointed out the absurdness of his manipulations and the humor in humans failing to realize it. Thor, not impressed, summoned a huge lighting bolt and banished him back to Asgard for punishment from Odin.

    After the Ultimatum Wave, the Ultimates were no longer viable, but with the help of Nick Fury and Carol Danvers they reformed the group into two separate teams: the Avengers and New Ultimates. Ka-Zar and Shanna also joined the Ultimates, but suddenly an army of Asgardian beast's arrived with a girl named Amora and Loki himself, who now wore a more Earth '616' looking suit.

    MC2 (Earth-982)

    Still regretting his actions for the formation of the Avengers, Loki brainwashed them to wreak havoc on Earth, thus destroying their reputation as heroes. It wasn't until the young superheroes and especially Captain America, who broke the gem that Loki was using to brainwash the older heroes right as they were about to kill innocent people, was Loki stopped and defeated. For his actions, Loki was banished to limbo, with the Hulk following him, to punish him for what he had done to the heroes.

    Earth X (Earth-9997)

    It has been revealed through the monitoring devices of the Watcher, as well as through the eyes of Kyle Richmond, that the Asgardians of Earth-9997 are not gods, as have long been believed.

    As it has been revealed, the Asgardians are really aliens who, like humanity, had been manipulated by the Celestials to be guardians of the Celestial embryo growing at the core of their planet. Like many of the species the Celestials have manipulated, this species lived long enough to evolve to the third tier of mutation. This level causes the individual to lose all definition and is defined by those around it, or its environment.

    At some point the aliens whom later became the Asgardians, left their planet in a ship that was also without definition (which could have been some of their own fellow beings that were "willed" into becoming a craft for the others to travel thru space in) and eventually arrived on Earth hundreds of years ago.

    They landed near a small Norse village where the town story teller, named Donnerson, who had a bad eye and lame leg and loved the myths of Asgard, was the only villager brave enough to confront these beings. He was manipulated by Mephisto (disguised as a human) to will these beings into the Asgardian people. Calling himself "Odin", he merged with his two "brothers" to fight "Surtur" and so Donnerson became Odin.

    As Odin, Donnerson manipulated all the aliens into becoming the Asgardian race, and even the Asgardian realm itself. Hence, Loki was created, and existed solely on the will of Donnerson himself. However, the continued belief of Asgard amongst the people of Earth also played an important part in maintaining Asgard's definition.

    In the 20th century when most of the world began to believe in Asgard as only a myth, Asgard was at risk of losing its definition. Odin originally sent his son Thor to Earth in the guise of Donald Blake to rekindle the belief in Asgard by having Thor return during a time when super human beings began appearing on Earth.

    To further cement humanity's belief in Asgard, Odin allowed other beings from Asgard (specifically Loki himself) to interact with the people of Earth. It has also been said that Odin manipulated the events that caused Loki to be responsible for the original members of the Avengers to band together as yet another plan to reaffirm the existence of Asgard in the minds of mortal men.

    At some point during this time, Loki had convinced Odin to teach Thor another lesson in humility and convinced the All-Father to turn Thor into a woman. Loki later cast a spell that would trap Thor in Asgard should she ever return there to tell Odin that Loki had tricked him into punishing Thor, giving Loki free reign on Earth.

    Later, Loki was involved in a scheme to assassinate Dr. Stephen Strange, by Mephisto, who was manipulating Strange's long time man servant, Wong. Wong had cast a simple infatuation spell on Clea (whom he plotted to use as a tool to kill Strange), Clea fell in love with Loki due to this enchantment, and also slew Strange's mortal body with a spell which trapped his astral form in the Land of the Dead.

    Loki later revealed to Captain America and Mar-Vel, that he was involved with the whole affair in order to prevent Clea and Wong from releasing the Mindless Ones into Earth's dimension. That he had involved himself so that he could also seal Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorium to prevent any evil that the two betrayers might unleash upon the mortal world.

    Not long after orchestrating the betrayal of Dr. Strange, Loki attacked New York with a number of Frost Giants. These giants were defeated by Thor and the Iron Avengers. Loki escaped after the battle.

    After being forced to battle their friends and loved ones (including Sif and Balder) and being subject to Odin creating a new fantasy world out of Asgard, Thor and Loki were able to defeat Odin by having X-51 reveal the truth about Odin's past, and that Asgard was all a manipulation orchestrated by Donnerson and Mephisto. Thor then chopped down Yggdrasil, giving X-51 a map to travel in and out of the different realities in the multiverse without creating another divergent reality. The Asgardians, upon learning the truth about Odin and their own nature, returned to their original alien forms and left Donnerson to die in the void of space. However, they later returned and restored Asgard and Donnerson as Odin after his impassioned pleas for forgiveness.

    Returning to Earth, Thor and Loki decided to choose their own destinies. Loki chose to become a hero and take on the identity of Thor and form his own team of Avengers, while the real Thor returned to his guise of Donald Blake, feeling that he could do more good as a simple mortal doctor than he could have ever done as Thor.

    Later, after the death of Mephisto, and the victory on Earth, Loki gathered Ransak the Reject and Black Bolt together. There, Loki transformed himself into Thor and the trio then became a new incarnation of the Avengers.

    Other Media


    Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981-1983)

    Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
    Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

    Loki appears in the episode "The Vengeance of Loki," voiced by John Stephenson.

    The Super Hero Squad Show (2009)

    Super Hero Squad
    Super Hero Squad

    Loki appears in several episodes voiced by Ted Biaselli.

    The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010-2012)

    Loki shocked as Enchantress frees him from the Isle of Silence
    Loki shocked as Enchantress frees him from the Isle of Silence

    Loki appears in the episode "Thor the Mighty," voiced by Graham McTavish. He is shown trying to conquer Asgard by manipulating a group of Frost Giants into attacking the realm while Odin is on the verge of the Odinsleep and Thor is on Earth. Thor joins the Asgardians and defeats Loki and his army. Loki is banished to the Isle of Silence by Odin, as he knows Loki is not powerful enough to escape the prison. Later, it is revealed that Loki had manipulated several events in the episodes to draw his brother away from Asgard by posing as the Leader and ordering a heist by the Wrecking Crew and also as Balder to tell Odin of Thor's actions on Midgard. As Loki sits in his prison a green flash appears, and Amora The Enchantress along with her Executioner arrive in Loki's prison. Amora easily breaks the Isle of Silence's spell, as Loki looks around shocked. Enchantress frees Loki from the Isle and the two discuss their next moves.

    Loki - Avengers: EMH
    Loki - Avengers: EMH

    Loki returns in the three-part season finale episodes "This Hostage Earth", "The Fall of Asgard", and "A Day Unlike Any Other" having conquered Asgard as well as eight of the nine realms by corrupting the Tree of Life and usurping the Odinforce from Odin while Thor was away on Midgard. In "This Hostage Earth", Loki attempts to invade Earth by having the Masters of Evil steal the Norn Stones from the sorceress Karnilla in order to transport his forces to Midgard and effortlessly conquer the planet. However, his plan fails, as the Avengers manage to destroy the stones and in the process transport themselves to each of the eight mythical realms. In "The Fall of Asgard," Thor is captured by Loki who reveals to him that he is behind everything that has happened relating to Thor's exile and the creation of the Avengers, including the super-villain prison breakout and the creation of the Masters of Evil, with Loki admitting that his initial attack on Asgard and exile in "Thor the Mighty" was simply a diversion so that Thor would not perceive Loki as a threat while on Earth. Lastly, in "A Day Unlike Any Other", Loki is shown engaging the Avengers and numerous Asgardian warriors in their last battle to stop the God of Mischief from conquering the nine realms. As such, Loki notably showcases his new found control of the Odinforce by destroying Captain America's shield and fighting Iron Man in his Thor-buster Armor to a standstill. However, Loki loses control of the Odinforce and almost brings about Ragnarok, but is stopped when Ant-Man disconnects him from the Tree of Life, allowing Odin to regain consciousness and banish Loki to a place far worse than the Isle of Silence. Despite his defeat, Loki pledges to Odin and the Avengers that he will never stop trying to conquer Asgard and that Odin will suffer a thousand times worse for anything that he inflicts on Loki in the meantime. Loki is then shown confined to a swamp-like realm where he is tortured by a creature resembling Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent, who drips poison into his eyes (presumably for eternity) while Loki screams hysterically at his endless torment.

    Humiliated By Amora
    Humiliated By Amora

    Loki's final appearance is in Powerless, in which Amora visits him in his brand new prison. While Loki was in prison, Amora had formed ties with Surtur the fire demon who had granted her an immense level of power. Amora toys with Loki adding a bit of her personal flair to her conversation with him, clearly amused while watching the once powerful Loki so helpless. Loki angrily asks Amora if she had risked the wrath of his father Odin by entering his prison just to torment him. Amora, taking advantage of Loki being tied, touches his face, pushes it to the side, and mocks him. She tells him that she did not come here to torment him, in fact she thought Loki would be grateful as her mere presence was a vast improvement to the current scenery. Amora then threatens Loki by telling him that she could do whatever she pleased to him in his prison without the slightest fear of Odin's so called "wrath", and demonstrates this by pinching Loki's eye causing him to grunt in pain. Loki now began to realize that he had no choice as he was at Amora's mercy.

    Loki's terrified look as Amora removes his spirit from his body
    Loki's terrified look as Amora removes his spirit from his body

    Amora quickly shoos the Midgard Serpent, and then tells Loki that she is here to offer him redemption for a price. Loki enthusiastically accepts as he wants revenge on his brother more than anything else. Amora does a spell that renders the Avengers powerless and summons the Destroyer Armor. She then removes Loki's spirit from his body and throws it into the armor.

    Amora returning Loki to his prison
    Amora returning Loki to his prison

    Loki underestimates the Avengers, and ignores Amora's warning about the limitations of the spell. He inevitably fails when the Avenger's powers return, and his spirit returns to his original body. Amora waits for him there, and upon learning that he has failed ties his binds tighter and allows the Midgard Serpent to return to torture the Trickster. Loki pleads with Amora to release him, but Amora ignores him and leaves him there to spend eternity in his prison. She tells him that she hopes he savored his freedom, as he may never taste it again, as Loki screams.

    Ultimate Spider-Man (2012-)

    Loki in USM
    Loki in USM

    Loki also appears in the two episodes of the series, Ultimate Spider-Man. In his first appearance, in the episode "Field Trip", he uses sorcery to transform Thor into frog, so he can take over Asgard and attack Odin while he was in the Odinsleep. Thor enlists the help of Spider-Man and his allies to beat Loki and reverse the spell. He later appears in the episode "Run Pig Run". Here, he transforms Spider-Man into a pig as revenge for defeating him, while a traditional Asgardian boar hunt takes place. With help from Thor and SHIELD, Spider-Man escapes from the hunters and Loki until sunset when the hunt ends, and Spider-Man is transformed back to normal. Upon realizing they were tricked, the Asgardian hunters then give chase to Loki.

    Loki returns in the Season 3 premier, "Avenging Spider-Man," where he partners with Doctor Octopus to take revenge on Spider-Man and the Avengers. At the end of the story, Loki is cast out of Earth and attacked by a number of monsters. He is voiced by Troy Baker.

    Avengers Assemble (2013-2017)

    Loki in the fourth season
    Loki in the fourth season

    Troy Baker reprises his role in the episode "Doomstroyer. Here Loki must work with the Avengers to stop the Destroyer, which has been hijacked by Doctor Doom. Loki appears as a recurring villain throughout several other episodes.

    Loki finally takes on his biggest role in the fourth season, where he is revealed to be the mastermind behind the formation of the new Cabal. After the New Avengers are able to rescue their predecessors, the heroes unite to take down Loki. They successfully stop Loki from destroying the Earth with a fleet of Worldbreaker ships, and imprison him within Avengers Tower. However, the Avengers are forced to ally with Loki against the Beyonder during the "Secret Wars" arc. Loki seemingly redeems himself, but this turns out to be a ruse, as he seeks to use the Eye of Agamotto and other mystical items to conquer all of existence. During the season finale, the Avengers are ultimately able to defeat Loki.

    Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers (2011)

    Hela threatening Loki and demanding Thor's Soul
    Hela threatening Loki and demanding Thor's Soul

    Loki appears in Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers, a webcomic released in 2011. In this story Loki imprisons his brother and takes over the throne of Asgard. Although at first Loki believed that he was born to be King, he quickly learns that even the King Of Asgard has his challenges. Loki's main obstacle exists in the form of a more powerful monarch known as Hela, The Queen of the Dead, who demands Loki to execute his brother and give her Thor's soul. The story then follows Loki dealing with the dilemma of whether or comply with Hela's demands.

    Guardians Of The Galaxy Series (2015)

    Loki appears in several episodes of Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy series. He is voiced by Troy Baker.

    Loki appears as a villain in Season 1 trying to create a war between Asgard and Star Lord's Father's Empire. Ultimately his attempts failed and Loki started to change his ways. He only makes one minor appearance in Season 2, but then becomes a main member of the team as a hero by the end of Season 3 when Asgard is taken over by The Serpent.

    He helps the heroes by guiding them to Hela's domain, and attempts to distract Hela while they steal her fragment of an ancient sword they could use to defeat The Serpent. Loki's distraction goes poorly. Instead, Hela humiliates him by forcing him to kneel before her, and then double crosses him. After the heroes prevail and defeat the Serpent, Star Lord gives Loki his medal of honor, therefore cementing him as a hero.

    What If...? (2021)

    Loki in What If...?
    Loki in What If...?

    Loki appears in several episodes of What If...?, with Tom Hiddleston reprising his role.

    • In "What If... The World Lost its Mightiest Heroes?" Loki successfully becomes the new ruler of Asgard after a mysterious assassin kills Thor while the latter is banished to Earth. Feigning outrage, Loki invades Earth and gives Nick Fury until dawn to find Thor's killer and bring him to justice.
    • In "What If... Thor Were an Only Child?", Odin gives the infant Loki back to his family rather than adopting him. Loki grows up alongside his fellow Frost Giants, but becomes close friends with Thor, ironically giving them a relationship that seems less fraught than the one they shared as brothers.


    Loki in the Future Avengers anime
    Loki in the Future Avengers anime
    • Loki appears in the Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers anime, voiced by Tadashi Muto.
    • Loki appears in the Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. episodes "For Asgard" and "Days of Future Smash: Smashguard," voiced by Troy Baker.
    • Loki appears in the Marvel Future Avengers anime, voiced by again by Tadashi Muto in the Japanese version and Trevor Devall in the English dub.

    Animated Movies

    Hulk vs. Thor (2009)

    Casting a spell to control The Hulk
    Casting a spell to control The Hulk

    Loki serves as the main antagonist in the animated direct-to-video film voiced by Graham McTavish. He attempts to bring about a new Ragnarök by bringing the Hulk to Asgard. He asks Amora The Enchantress to cast a spell to make the Hulk into his puppet and have him Fight Thor. Loki succeeds in controlling the Hulk for a very long time until he eventually defeats Thor. Loki then attempts to lift Thor's hammer Mjolnir but fails, he becomes angry which, through their connection, makes the Hulk angry. The Hulk's anger becomes so great that Loki loses control over him, allowing the Hulk break free of Loki's control and flee the battle. Loki then was punished by Thor and Odin once he was out of the Odin force.

    Thor: Tales of Asgard

    Amora training Loki in Thor Tales Of Asgard
    Amora training Loki in Thor Tales Of Asgard

    The film details a young Thor and Loki on an adventure to find the Sword of Surtur. This is the most positive portrayal of Loki, showing him as a young boy of around fourteen or fifteen who is just beginning to learn magic and who has great love and trust for both Thor and Odin. This film also shows the only glimpse of Loki being trained in the arts of magic.

    Here Loki is portrayed as mischievous but also goodhearted and naive with a loving relationship with both Thor and Odin, willing to sneak off with his brother to find adventure. During their journey through Jotunheim Loki is not affected by the cold while Thor and the warriors three are shivering hinting at his frost giant heritage.

    Tales of Asgard
    Tales of Asgard

    He is also seen as more cautious and reasonable than the impulsive Thor in being afraid of the power of the Sword of Surtur and urging Thor to get rid of it. At the climax of the film he kills Algrim (Kurse: here portrayed as a trusted adviser of Odin who also blames him for the destruction of his people) with the Sword of Surtur and a hint of his darker nature is shown.

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Loki appears as a major recurring character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, portrayed by Tom Hiddleston.

    Thor ( 2011)

    Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor
    Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor

    Helmed by Kenneth Branagh, and produced by Marvel Studios. Loki serves as the primary antagonist for the titular character Thor, and is played by Tom Hiddleston. Through out the movie Loki's jealousy of Thor can be seen and also how he tries to be Thor's equal and win Odin's heart as the favorite son. He tries dong this by having Thor banished and having the Frost Giants attack Asgard while Odin has fallen into the Odinsleep. Loki's true plans are revealed when he kills Laufey and tries to destroy Jotunheim by using the full power of the Bifrost Bridge, but the intervention of Thor prevents it's destruction. When Loki tries to explain his actions to Odin, that he did all of this for him and the good of Asgard, the disappointed look on Odin's face causes him to lose the last hope and love he may have had within him and he falls and vanishes into what is left of Bifrost, a colourful cloud of smoke. It is later revealed that something has happened to him while he was within the Bifrost cloud and now he is even more evil. When Erik Selvig and Nick Fury are having a conversation in an unknown disclosed area, and Nick Fury shows Erik the Cosmic Cube , that is when Loki shows himself to be controlling Erik and then puts on an evil smile saying "well I guess that's worth a look."

    The Avengers (2012)

    Loki in The Avengers
    Loki in The Avengers

    Loki appears as the main antagonist in the Avengers film, once again played by Tom Hiddleston. After being lost somewhere in the universe at the end of Thor, Loki comes into contact with the Other and a higher power, who provides him with ancient knowledge and a new purpose along with a Scepter and an army, the Chitauri, in return for the Tesseract. Loki through his control manipulates Erik Selvig, a friend of Thor, to create a device that would be able to harness the power of the cube. Eventually Loki activates it for himself, and is transported across the realms where he is attacked by U.S. soldiers which he disperses easily. He also takes control of Agent Barton (Hawkeye), whom he uses to escape the base before its destruction. Loki, now in Germany, stages a diversion for Barton who heads a raid of a secure base in search of Iridium. During his diversion, Loki comes face to face with Captain America and Iron Man and allows himself to be captured. While being transported to SHIELD, Thor arrives to return him to Asgard which results in a battle between Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, to Loki's amusement. Now In SHIELD custody, he is placed in a containment cell that was originally designed for the Hulk. While in custody he is confronted by the Black Widow in a game of wits, where the trickster is tricked into revealing his plan to use the Hulk to cause destruction upon the Helicarrier. Barton (Hawkeye) then attacks the Helicarrier, and during Barton's attack, Loki is freed. The Hulk, per Loki's plan, goes on a rampage aboard the ship and battles with Thor. Loki then confronts and kills Agent Coulson, but before his last breath Coulson shoots Loki with an experimental weapon. Loki travels to Stark Tower where Selvig is using the energy of the Arc Reactor to power the Tesseract device, which opens a portal to the Chitauri. The portal, now fully active, allows the Chitauri to travel through and attack the Earth. During the battle, Loki is confronted by Thor in which Loki surprisingly stabs his brother. Loki gives chase to the Black Widow, but an arrow shot by Clint Barton, opens him up for an attack by the Hulk. Loki roars "Enough! I am a God, you dull creature and I will not be bullied by--" at which point the Hulk to picks him up and slams him into the floor like a rag doll again and again. Afterwards, Loki finds himself face to face with the Avengers, and accepts the drink that had been offered to him by Tony Stark immediately before the battle began. Following this he is transported back to Asgard by Thor using the Tesseract.

    Thor: The Dark World (2013)

    Loki in The Dark World
    Loki in The Dark World

    A year after the events of The Avengers, Loki is seen imprisoned in Asgard for his crimes. Only his mother, Frigga, communicates with Loki, providing some solace during his confinement. When Frigga is killed by one of the Dark Elves, Loki goes into a fit of rage and swears vengeance. He helps Thor and Jane get to the realm of the Dark Elves so as to find Malekith, and appears to sacrifice his life during the final battle.

    However, it is revealed at the end of the film that Loki had faked his death and is now impersonating Odin.

    Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

    Tom Hiddleston filmed a cameo as Loki, but it was cut from the finished movie.

    Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

    Loki in Ragnarok
    Loki in Ragnarok

    Tom Hiddleston returns in the third Thor film. At the beginning of the film, Thor discovers that Loki has replaced Odin and taken over Asgard. He forces Loki to locate their father, but the two sons arrive just in time for Odin to die of natural causes. Odin's death releases Hela, the Asgardian goddess of death, who is revealed to be Odin's long-lost daughter, and thus Thor and Loki's sister. After Hela easily destroys Mjolnir by catching it when Thor throws it at her and crushing it with one hand, Thor and Loki attempt to flee, only to end up stranded on Sakaar.

    Now on the planet Sakaar, Loki attempts to double cross Thor to gain favor with the Grandmaster, the planet's ruler, but is outsmarted and left behind when Thor and his friends return to Asgard. Loki manages to escape with Korg's group of revolutionaries, but chooses to return to his home to help Thor and the others stop Hela, positioning himself as Asgard's savior. After the destruction of Asgard, Loki is one of the refugees who travels with Thor to find a new home for their people.

    Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Thor mourns Loki
    Thor mourns Loki

    Tom Hiddleston reprises his role once more in the third Avengers film. In the movie's opening scene, Loki and the other Asgardians have been taken prisoner by Thanos and the Black Order, who have defeated Thor. It is revealed that Thanos has come seeking the Tesseract, which Loki stole from the Asgardian treasure vault just prior to the world's destruction at Surtur's hands. Loki initially pretends not to have the Tesseract, but gives it up when Thanos begins torturing Thor. Thanos then destroys the Tesseract, revealing the Space Stone within. Loki pledges to serve the villains, offering to act as a guide on Earth. However, his offer is merely meant to distract Thanos so that Loki can get close enough to stab him with a dagger. The ploy nearly works, but Thanos is able to stop the blade by using the Space Stone. He then proceeds to violently strangle Loki to death for his treachery while a helpless Thor watches on in anguish.

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Loki in the splinter timeline
    Loki in the splinter timeline

    Tom Hiddleston reprises his role as Loki in the fourth Avengers film. Though Loki remains dead, he is seen again when the surviving Avengers use Pym Particles to travel back in time to the year 2012, arriving in the immediate aftermath of Loki's defeat at the end of the first Avengers movie. A restrained Loki is about to be taken into custody, and Thor argues with Alexander Pierce about taking him back to Asgard. During the ensuing distraction caused by Tony Stark, Loki manages to steal the Tesseract and use it to open a portal through which he escapes. This inadvertently creates a splinter timeline where Loki was never imprisoned on Asgard and was thus presumably never killed by Thanos.

    Loki (2021)

    The Loki series
    The Loki series

    Tom Hiddleston reprises his role in a solo spin-off for the Disney+ streaming service. Taking place immediately after the events of Endgame, the series follows the alternate Loki from 2012 after he escapes from the Avengers by using the Tesseract. However, he is quickly captured by members of the Time Variance Authority, who charge him with disrupting the flow of time by trying to escape from his predestined fate. Once in custody, Loki is recruited by Mobius M. Mobius to help capture another alternate Loki who is causing havoc across the timeline and killing Time Variance Authority Agents. Loki is eventually confronted by his counterpart, who turns out to be a female version of himself called Sylvie. The two go on the run together, and eventually resolve to discover the truth behind the Time-Keepers (the supposed heads of the TVA) and prevent themselves from being erased from existence. The journey takes Loki and Sylvie to various worlds and time periods as they attempt to evade the TVA, including the Void, the place where erased timelines end up. It is there that they encounter more Loki variants from alternate timelines, including Classic Loki, Kid Loki, Boastful Loki and Alligator Loki. After battling Alioth, Loki and Sylvie journey to a castle at the end of time to confront the mysterious mastermind behind the Time Variance Authority, who they believe holds the key to their fates.

    Both the Loki variants entered the castle, where they were reunited with the AI Miss Minutes, who said the castle's name was the Citadel at the End of Time, and offered them a deal from the TVA's leader, stating Loki can achieve victories where he suffered defeats in his original path and Sylvie can have a lifetime of happy memories in place of her trauma, but both refused to become pawns again. They were ultimately met by the TVA's master, who was revealed to be just a man. After surviving Sylvie's murder attempts, he then reveals his knowledge of everything that's happened and will happen, which shatters their perception of rebelling against the TVA's system. He then began elaborating on his cause for building the TVA by speaking of how his future self uncovered the Multiverse and his variants, where they peacefully joined their knowledge, until his evil variants began a conquest of the other universes, which began a war which he ended by using a creature formed from the tears in reality that could consume spacetime, Alioth, and separated his timeline from the others and putting it under his system. He then offered a deal where they could replace him, as he had gotten weary, or kill him, bringing his evil variants back into the multiverse and begin another war. With Sylvie intent on revenge, she immediately pounced on He Who Remains, but Loki stopped him, avoiding risking the consequences if the story is true. But this causes Sylvie to get paranoid, thinking he's a deceiver and power-hungry, which he rejected. Sylvie questioned his sincerity, he stated they're falling apart due to Sylvie's mistrustful nature and his untrustworthy nature. Loki is ultimately cast into the TVA headquarters, where he uncovered the change of the timeline by Kang's statue in place of the Time Keepers.

    DeObia Oparei, Jack Veal and Richard E. Grant as alternate versions of Loki
    DeObia Oparei, Jack Veal and Richard E. Grant as alternate versions of Loki

    In addition to Hiddleston, the series also stars Owen Wilson as Mr. Mobius, Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie, Gugu M'Batha-Raw as Ravonna Renslayer, Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15, Richard E. Grant as Classic Loki, Jack Veal as Kid Loki, DeObia Oparei as Boastful Loki, Tara Strong as Miss Minutes and Jonathan Majors as He Who Remains. The series premiered to acclaim in June 2021, and a second season was announced in July of that same year. The series also proved significant to the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the finale settings up the events of What If...?, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

    Video Games

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance

    Loki appears to be a NPC boss in the game voiced by Larry Cedar. Loki was often an enemy of Thor, his brother, and allied with Dr. Doom, Ultron, Baron Mordo and Enchantress forming the Masters of Evil. When his allies attacked the the SHIELD Helicarrier and Omega Base they stole the Mutant amplifier and super solider serum which they used to create an army of bestial super soldiers which Loki later released upon Asgard along with an army of Frost Giants. Having conquered Asgard and captured several of the gods including Balder Odinson, Heimdall and Tyr he crowned himself Ruler of Asgard. While Doom put his own plans, to steal the Odinforce from Odin and become a god, into action, Loki fought a team of superheroes and tricked them by disguising himself as Col. Nick Fury and then having them help him to unlock the powerful Destroyer armor. Loki was defeated, however, when the superhero team tricked Loki into injuring him himself with the armor. When Doom was subsequently defeated Loki, for his part in the plot, was imprisoned in Asgard by Odin and punished for eternity by Odin.

    During the Super Human Civil War, it was mentioned that Loki and Doom were still be being punished by Odin for his treachery, and as far as the general public is concerned, he is dead.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    Thor mentions that Loki and Doom are still being punished by Odin - He is voiced by Larry Cedar.

    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Modern Loki
    Modern Loki

    Loki appears in the Facebook game. His classic comic version is a major antagonist who is fought as a boss character, while a "Modern Loki" based on his movie incarnation also appears as one of the unlockable Hero characters.

    Avengers: Battle for Earth

    Loki appears in the game as a playable fighter.

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes

    Loki appears in the game as a playable character and is one of the main antagonists in the story. Loki makes his first appearance in the level "Rock up at the lock up" were he escapes from his cell in the maximum security detention center at the Raft.

    He appears in the following level "Rebooted, Resuited" were he teams up with Mandarin and Alrich Killian. The trio break into Stark Tower and steal an Ark Reactor.

    He then appears in "Red head detention" were he works with the Red Skull, Arnim Zola and the rest of Hydra to build a portal to Asgard (he needed the Ark Reactor the power it). He uses the portal to escape.

    In "Bifrosty reception" He assumes the Asgardian throne and forges an alliance with the Frost Giants. He demonstrates his new connection to the Odinforce by summoning the Destroyer, which is then defeated. Loki escapes Asgard.

    He appears in several other levels showing all the alliances he has made after his defeat in Asgard.

    Loki makes his final appearance in "The Good, The Bad and The Hungry" were he controls Galactus' mind. He plans on using Galactus as a weapon. All the hero's and several villains fight against him. The heroes open a portal (possibly to the negative zone) and send them through Galactus, now free says

    I bet you taste cool and minty, I believe you will make a great palate cleaner.

    Loki laughs nervously asking Galactus if they could simply talk about it...

    Loki is apparently rescued by Kang The Conqueror off-screen.

    Marvel Heroes

    Marvel Heroes
    Marvel Heroes

    Loki is a playable character in the game.

    Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

    Disney Infinity
    Disney Infinity

    Loki is a playable villain in the game, with Troy Baker reprising his role from Ultimate Spider-Man. He fights by using his scepter from the Avengers movie, in addition to spellcasting and illusions. He is one of the playable villains alongside Ronan the Accuser and the Green Goblin.

    Lego Marvel's Avengers

    Lego Avengers
    Lego Avengers

    Loki appears as a playable character in the game, which adapts the events of the first Avengers movie and Thor: The Dark World.

    Marvel Avengers Academy

    Avengers Academy
    Avengers Academy

    Loki appears as a playable character in the mobile app game, voiced by Youtube personality Syndicate.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

    Ultimate Alliance 3
    Ultimate Alliance 3

    Loki returns in the third Ultimate Alliance game, this time voiced by Jason Spisak. This time, he is recruited as a playable character after being defeated, and helps the heroes in their quest to stop Thanos from getting the Infinity Stones.



    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Loki was featured in ToyBiz's Avengers line in the 90s.
    • ToyBiz released a Marvel Legends figure of Loki for the Onslaught Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Bowen Designs released a Loki statue as well as a bust.
    • Eaglemoss Publications included Loki in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection.
    • Loki was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line as part of an Avengers box set.
    • Loki was featured in Hasbro's Super Hero Squad line.
    • Diamond Select released a Loki statue.
    • Loki was featured in Hasbro's Mighty Muggs line.
    • Hasbro released a 6-inch Loki figure for the 2011 Thor line.
    • Loki was featured in Hasbro's Titan Heroes line.
    • Loki was featured in Hasbro's Avengers line.
    • Loki was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Mashers line.
    • Loki was featured in Funko's Mystery Minis line.
    • Lady Loki was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the SDCC A-Force box set.
    • Loki from the Disney+ show was featured as part of Hasbro's Captain America Build-a-Figure Marvel legends wave.


    Hot Toys and Nendoroid
    Hot Toys and Nendoroid
    • Loki received numerous figures from Hasbro, based on his movie likeness. The 6" Loki figure was later rereleased as part of the international-exclusive Marvel Legends Hulkbuster wave.
    • Diamond Select released a Marvel Select figure of Loki for the first Thor movie.
    • Hot Toys released Loki figures for The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok.
    • Iron Studios released a Loki statue based on his appearance in The Avengers.
    • Loki received a Marvel Legends figure for the Gladiator Hulk Build-a-Figure wave. This was based on his appearance in Thor: Ragnarok.
    • Loki has been featured in Lego kits for The Avengers and Thor: Ragnarok.
    • Loki has received bobbleheads from Funko's POP! line.
    • Good Smile released a Loki figure for their Nendoroid line.

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