Sisterhood of Mutants

    Team » Sisterhood of Mutants appears in 72 issues.

    A group of super-powered female villains founded and led by Madelyne Pryor. Each member was offered the chance to have a dead loved one brought back to life in exchange for their services.

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    Led by the Madelyne Pryor, the Sisterhood of Mutants (which ironically includes three non-mutants, Chimera, cyborg Lady Deathstrike and mystical being Spiral) are brought together to fulfill a yet-to-be revealed plan revolving around the resurrection of a deceased character of the X-Men's past. In order to gain their loyalties, the Red Queen has promised its members the resurrection of people from their own past. Lady Mastermind and Martinique Wyngarde have requested their father, the original Mastermind, and Spiral has requested her experimentation victim Revanche (both killed by the Legacy Virus).

    Red Queen unveiled her plan after recruiting Regan Wyngarde: she sent Spiral, Chimera and Deathstrike to Japan in order to recover Revanche's corpse - which was actually Psylocke's original body. The forfeit did not go as quietly as it should have, as Domino happened to be in the cemetery, to bring flowers to a vault at Logan's request. After a brief fight, Domino succeeded in wounding Chimera, but Spiral had secured Kwannon's corpse in the meantime and the three teammates left the scene, leaving Domino to call Logan and ask who Kwannon was.

    After healing Chimera, Red Queen revealed more of her scheme, as she announced she would be "filling" this body of "a dead girl" with "a live one" - Psylocke, whom she had mysteriously captured while she was with the Exiles. After some preparation on the corpse by Spiral, Red Queen and the Wyngarde sisters used their telepathy to transfer Psylocke's soul back into her original body, and Red Queen manipulated her into becoming the Sisterhood's last member. At this point, the other Sisterhood members asked for their part of the bargain - the return of their dead ones - but none of their attacks proved successful, as Red Queen turned out to be a sort of ghost. She however announced that the first transfer was only a test run for a second one that would enable her own spirit to inhabit the body of another powerful telepath: Jean Grey.

    To perform that ritual, the Sisterhood launched an attack on the X-Men's new headquarters in San Francisco, aided by the previously captured Empath, efficiently taking out all the adults. While all her teammates were fighting, Red Queen sneaked off to Wolverine's room to recover a lock of Jean Grey's hair which he had kept as a keepsake, and that she needed to locate Jean Grey's burial site.

    Back to their headquarters, Red Queen performed the ritual to find Jean Grey's grave, and left with Spiral, Deathstrike and Chimera, leaving Psylocke and the Wyngardes to hold off the X-Men.

    Unfortunately for her, Cyclops had correctly anticipated Red Queen's next move, and had Domino dig out Jean's coffin before the Sisterhood arrived. A fight broke out when Cyclops' squad arrived, but Red Queen eventually took a shot at possessing Jean Grey's body. However, this corpse turned out not to be Jean's, having been switched by Domino with another one nearby. Since only a powerful telepath's body could host the Red Queen's spirit, she seemingly vanished out of existence.

    Spiral the set out to teleport back to the Sisterhood's headquarters with Deathstrike and Chimera, but arrived in the middle of another fight opposing Emma Frost's squad and the remaining members of the Sisterhood. During that battle, Dazzler blasted off Psylocke's face, which helped her fight off the Red Queen's manipulation and consequently break free, returning to her Asian body again.

    Spiral then teleported the remaining Sisterhood members, and their status or whereabouts are yet to be defined.


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