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    The Mistress of Magnetism, Polaris, is the daughter of Magneto. One of the earliest additions to the X-Men's roster, she has also been a member of X-Factor and the Genoshan Acolytes.

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    A young Lorna crashing a plane
    A young Lorna crashing a plane

    After being married for several years, Lorna's father, a pilot named Arnold, discovers that she isn't his daughter at all. While piloting a plane carrying his wife Suzanna and daughter Lorna, who is 3 years old at the time, Arnold confronts his wife about her affair. Hearing her parents argue, little Lorna gets upset and starts crying and screaming for her parents to stop arguing. Her mutant powers uncontrollably manifest and she unintentionally rips the plane apart in mid-flight. Lorna survives the crash, but her parents do not. Drawn to the crash site by the magnetic pulse Lorna had unleashed, Magneto finds Lorna and orders Mastermind to rewrite Lorna's memories via illusions.

    The initial manifestation of her powers turns Lorna's hair from brown to green. She keeps her hair dyed so as not to seem different from others and become ostracized. It seems that there is a genetic defect in Lorna that prevented her latent mutant abilities from manifesting earlier. When a villain named Mesmero uses his Psyche-Generator, which allows him to command all mutants in North America with latent powers, Lorna is drawn to him and forced to travel to San Francisco to unite with Mesmero.


    Polaris was created by Arnold Drake, Werner Roth, Jim Steranko and Don Heck and first appeared in The (Uncanny) X-Men Vol.1 issue 49 (1968).

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting the X-Men

    Lorna and Bobby
    Lorna and Bobby

    Lorna meets Bobby Drake while in San Francisco when he ices the ground under her feet, causing her to slip. Bobby was able to convince Lorna to come with him to his apartment. When Lorna finally meets the X-Men, they discover that she is actually a mutant with latent powers. Mesmero then kidnaps her, bringing her to his headquarters. He puts her in a “Genetic Stimulator” that activates her latent mutant abilities. The X-Men try to save her and it is then revealed that Magneto is the mastermind behind the whole plot. Magneto reveals that he is Lorna's true father. This causes Lorna to hesitate when an opportunity to kill him presented itself. However, Iceman convinces Lorna that Magneto is not really her true father when he brings up evidence that her parents died in a plane crash. Lorna then defeats Magneto, who would later be revealed as an android. Lorna joins the X-Men and takes up the code name Magnetrix, however, she did not like it and decided not to use it.

    Captured by the Sentinels

    Lorna was captured by Sentinels when she moved to Manhattan. She was so shocked that she didn't have a chance to use her powers. In the Sentinel's base she met Havok, the younger brother of Cyclops, and the two got along very well. Unfortunately, Larry Trask, who was controlling the Sentinels, used this to his advantage and threatened Lorna to get Havok to do what he wanted. After the X-Men saved Havok and Lorna, she decided to join the X-Men since she was sick of being a victim and sitting on the sidelines. Also, she was growing attracted to Havok. This strongly annoyed Iceman, since he had introduced Lorna to the X-Men and felt he had the right to pursue a relationship with Lorna first. Since Alex and Lorna didn't have full control over their powers yet, they were often given easier missions or left out of the action completely.

    Becoming Polaris


    When the senior X-Men had trouble in the Savage Land, Professor X sent Havok and Lorna to help them. During their introduction to Ka-Zar, Lorna realized that she didn't have a codename, and came up with "Magnetrix". However, she didn't really like it so stopped using it after a very short while. After their adventures in the Savage Land, the X-Men encountered a group who called themselves the Promise, who waited for the final confrontation between humans and mutants and only emerged from their cryogenic chambers once every 10 years. At one point when they emerged, they took control of Lorna and Havok, since they hadn't been X-Men for as long as the rest of the team. Under the control of the Promise, Lorna first used her abilities to fly. Luckily, Havok and Lorna were freed by a member of the Promise who didn't agree with the leader and prevented the leader from putting Havok and Lorna in a cryogenic chamber.

    A bit later, Havok quit the X-Men after a fight with Iceman over Lorna and didn't return. Professor X sent Lorna to go find him and ask him to come back. Whilst in the south-western deserts, Lorna was mistaken by the Hulk for his former lover, Jarella, due to her green hair. The Hulk grew confused and angry and was ready to attack Lorna when Havok appeared and managed to use his powers at a skill level he'd never reached before. Havok realized that he had a good chance at being a hero, so decided to rejoin the X-Men. On the way back home, Lorna and Havok were captured by the Secret Empire. The X-Men didn't attempt to find out why Lorna and Havok hadn't returned and assumed that they wanted to be alone together and not rejoin the X-Men. After some time had passed, they realized that there must be something wrong and managed to find and save Lorna and Havok with help from Captain America.

    The first time Lorna displayed hints of her full potential was when the X-Men were kidnapped by Krakoa and she was part of a new team that was sent to rescue them. She was able to disrupt the Earth’s magnetic forces and throw Krakoa into space. Iceman would eventually develop a crush on Lorna, however, Lorna did not have the same feelings for Iceman. She ended up falling in love with Alex Summers (Havok). The two of them decided to leave the X-Men because they did not like risking their lives as superheroes. They decided to pursue their love for geophysics and moved to the Diablo mountain range in California.

    Lorna later came to be under the mind control of a Shi'ar agent named Davan Shakari who worked for D’Ken when he was emperor of the Shi’ar Galaxy. Shakari is the one who dubbed Lorna “Polaris” and first gifted her with her purple costume which was a big departure from her original flowing green one (which she now wears a variation of again). Shakari would next kidnap Alex and put him under his mind control also. Shakari used them to attach the X-Men and attempt to assassinate Professor X. The two of them battled the X-Men at Kennedy International Airport in New York City. Lorna was eventually defeated by Storm, and Professor Xavier was able to free them from Shakari’s mind control.

    A "Normal" Life

    Possessed by Malice
    Possessed by Malice

    Lorna and Alex would remain officially living as "civilians" for a long time, but they would also assist the X-Men on occasion. Lorna and Alex lived happily as civilians in the New Mexico desert and were also able to complete their college degrees during this time. Later, while Havok was in the process of rejoining the X-Men (unknown to Lorna), the Marauders hunted Lorna at her desert home. During the heat of battle, Lorna became possessed by the psionic being called Malice. Malice’s powers were able to blend with Lorna’s perfectly and together they became a powerful (albeit inseparable) being. Malice would use Lorna’s body to lead the Marauders for years. Finally, when Mr. Sinister was killed, Malice’s powers started to weaken along with her hold on Lorna. Lorna was able to call the X-Men for help, but they arrived too late.

    Before the X-Men could arrive to help her, Lorna was abducted by Savage Land soldiers and mutates who were led by Zaladane, a priestess in the Savage Land who claims to be Lorna’s sister. When the X-Men finally arrived, Zaladane organized an army in the Savage Lands to fight them. Afterwards, Zaladane asserts again that she is Lorna's sister and then uses a machine to take away Lorna’s magnetic mutant powers and absorbs them as her own. This theft of her magnetic mutant powers has the side benefit of finally ridding Lorna of the remainder of Malice's psychic presence.

    The X-Men continued their rescue attempt to save Lorna. During this time something unexpected happened, Lorna's secondary mutation activated. She grew in height, became invulnerable, and gained super strength. As a group, Lorna and the X-Men defeated Zaladane, after which, Lorna then shrank back to normal size and was finally free. She traveled to Muir Island in search of Moira MacTaggert to help explain her secondary mutations. On her way there her secondary mutant powers activated again and she grew in size. She discovered that her mutant powers amplify negative emotions in others around her. Moira MacTaggert examined her but could not come to any conclusions and was mystified.

    Muir Island and the Shadow King

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    Lorna remained on Muir Island after the previous events, working with Moira's "Muir Island X-Men". Later it would be revealed that Lorna gained her strength and size from absorbing the negative emotions of those around her. The Shadow King would discover this and use Lorna as his nexus between the astral plane and the physical world. This caused the whole world to grow angry and violent. Eventually, during the Muir Island Saga, X-Factor and the X-Men saved her from the Shadow King’s control by Psylocke stabbing her in the head with one of her Psychic Knives. Right around this time, Zaladane was killed by Magneto in the Savage Land, returning all of Lorna’s powers.


    Part of X-Factor
    Part of X-Factor

    Lorna received an offer to join the government team, X-Factor, by Valerie Cooper. Accepting this offer, she was able to reunite with Alex. The two of them would become co-leaders of X-Factor. Their relationship, however, became shaky during this period because Lorna began to grow stronger and more confident. They would break up and get back together several times.

    With Lorna's powers becoming so strong, she became the Government’s “secret weapon” against a possible attack from Magneto. Malice would return to try and possess Lorna again, but this time Alex would be there to attempt to absorb half of Malice with Lorna.

    This causes Malice to lose the ability to control others. Eventually, Malice is killed by Mr. Sinister. When Mystique and Sabretooth are allowed to join X-Factor, Lorna expresses her disapproval of having these terrorists on the team, The government, however, chose not to listen to her warnings. This would turn out to be a fatal mistake on the part of the government as Sabretooth then proceeds to kill almost the entire team himself. Later, Lorna would witness Alex seemingly getting killed in an explosion.

    Genosha and Joining Magneto

    Polaris during the aftermath of the Genosha genocide
    Polaris during the aftermath of the Genosha genocide

    Later, Lorna would meet up with Nightcrawler at a church and tells him that she felt as if someone was following her. She also tells him that Alex is alive somewhere. It would be revealed later that a Skrull working for Apocalypse was following her in order to steal Alex’s costume. Lorna would join the X-Men to battle Apocalypse in Egypt. Lorna would meet Magneto as he then discovers that he could use her to disrupt the magnetic forces on Earth. During the battle against Apocalypse, Lorna was able to assist Magneto and hide the fact that his powers had been reduced. The two then traveled to the island nation of Genosha.

    Genosha was a nation that enslaved mutants, and Magneto took it upon himself to overthrow the government with Lorna's help. She agreed because she liked the training Magneto gave her in return for her help. She began to gain more knowledge and experience in accessing her full potential. When Magneto decided to use Lorna's powers to wipe out the last city that was not under his control, she decided to attempt to stop him from using technology to restore his damaged X-Gene, but she was instead defeated by him. Lorna then left, only to return later to help the Genoshan people. The island of Genosha was then attacked by the mutant-hunting robots known as Sentinels. Lorna was one of the few survivors, but escaped emotionally scarred because she was not able to stop the robots and witnessed the murder of millions of mutants. When Magneto recorded the thoughts of the entire population's final moments as digital signals in a black box, Lorna became "possessed" by the "ghosts" of Genosha. She then constructed a monument in honor of Magneto. The X-Men would go to Genosha to aid anyone that survived, Upon their arrival they discover Lorna walking aimlessly, naked and weak.


    Lorna's breakdown
    Lorna's breakdown

    After Alex was found in a coma, Lorna returned to the X-Men. Her persona had changed, becoming more dark and violent. This change in her was due to the traumatic events she experienced and witnessed in Genosha, being one of the only survivors after the Sentinel attack by Cassandra Nova. Even her impending marriage to Alex failed to change her behavior. She uncharacteristically killed some mutant-killing soldiers. This resulted in Alex breaking up with Lorna right before their wedding, opting instead to be with X-Men’s personal nurse Annie Ghazikhanian. Traumatized and humiliated, the unstable Polaris went berserk and commenced to go on a rampage that nearly resulted in her killing Alex. Juggernaut stopped Lorna by knocking her out. Professor Xavier helped Lorna through psychic therapy.

    Through the course of the Professor's therapy, it was revealed that Lorna had learned that she was the biological daughter of Magneto during her time in Genosha. Her uncharacteristic behavior was also discovered to be a reaction to witnessing the genocide in Genosha. After the session, Lorna promised to stop her violent rampaging and return to the X-Men. Iceman later admitted to Polaris that he still had feelings for her and after some mild flirtation, the two began a relationship. The relationship was not to last, however, since Lorna's other relationships (namely with Havok) were still unresolved. Havok has confessed to still loving her after Annie had left him, however, Polaris pushed him away.


    Lorna as a Horsemen of Apocalypse
    Lorna as a Horsemen of Apocalypse

    After the events of "M-Day," in which the majority of mutants lost their powers, Lorna also lost her mutant gene and her magnetic powers. Lorna attempted to hide her loss from her fellow teammates fearing she would be kicked off the team. She was then confronted by Valerie Cooper who knew Lorna had lost her powers, but Lorna would claim that it was a psychological problem that was preventing her from accessing them. When she was nearly killed because she could not access her powers, Lorna finally admitted that she had lost them. She ended up leaving with Alex watching over her. During her journey, Lorna was kidnapped by an alien named Doop who had crash landed on Earth, who was also a creature that Lorna had seen in space during an earlier mission.

    Lorna was then kidnapped by Apocalypse and transformed into one of his Horsemen of Apocalypse known as Pestilence. Lorna had the ability to ingest and create new plagues. Apocalypse also used his advanced technology to give Lorna back a magnetic power similar to the powers she lost on M-Day. While under his influence and brainwashed, Lorna infiltrated the World Health Organization and took the viruses there to create a meta-plague. Apocalypse had planned to infect all of humanity so that he could offer a cure to only 10% of the population.

    Apocalypse would battle the X-Men and New Avengers when it's finally discovered that Pestilence is actually Lorna. Lorna then resists Apocalypse and would later recover in the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. Gambit and Sunfire would return to the X-Mansion and attempt to recover Lorna, but they had to battle the X-Men and hence failed. Lorna would leave the mansion that night to search for Apocalypse in Egypt and would eventually be rescued by Havok and the X-Men. It is unknown why Apocalypse gave Lorna back her magnetic abilities, as they weren't a part of his plans before being thwarted by the X-Men.



    Recently the X-Men learned that the "all-new all-different X-Men" that were recruited and sent to Krakoa was not Xavier's first rescue attempt. In his first actual attempt, only one of the members of the original rescue team, Vulcan, had survived. Lorna having since rejoined the X-Men, accompanied Professor Xavier and his team of Uncanny X-Men to find and stop Vulcan after Vulcan set off for Shi'ar space with the intention of single-handedly bringing down the Shi'ar empire. En-route to the center of the Shi'ar Empire, Lorna and Havok started rekindling some of their relationship. Lorna has also been working on learning how to control her new magnetic powers that mimic her old powers by using technology.

    Polaris finally mastered her control over her new magnetic powers and she began to wield them much like her old magnetic powers which she dah lost during M-Day. She could control the energies of others aboard their ship when Vulcan crushed the Star Gates to prevent them from following him. During the massive fight with Vulcan and the Shi'ar Royal Guard, she managed to tap into her former power level by stopping the almost unstoppable Gladiator for even just a moment. When Vulcan began to beat Havok it was Polaris who stopped him by attacking his bloodstream. She fought him to the point where his powers were weakened and he was spitting out blood and near death. She would have killed him if Deathbird hadn't attack her thus letting Havok fight Vulcan again on a more even level, though he too almost killed Vulcan and left him in an even weaker state.


    This however didn't stop Vulcan from killing his father Corsair with a powerful blast of energy. The battle began to rage out of control, so Lilandra sent half the team home against their will. Vulcan left with Deathbird to heal his wounds. Polaris along with Marvel Girl, Havok, and Korvus stayed with the remaining Starjammers to fight Vulcan's rule and restore Lilandra to the throne. During this time, Lorna acted as both second-in-command of the team and Alex's lover. While their early efforts at destabilizing Vulcan's rule were highly successful, partially due to the hatred of his own subjects towards him, the rebellion was forced to ally with the tyrant. A merciless alien force calling themselves the "Scy'ar Tal" assaulted the Shi'ar world of Feather's Edge. Claiming vengeance for a Shi'ar attack that had killed many of their people centuries ago, the Scy'ar Tal destroyed the planet using a massive super weapon called Finality. They then declared their intention to recapture their former home planet, the World, home of the M'Kraan Crystal. While the two sides allied with each other and successfully defeated the menace, Polaris and the rest of the Starjammers were eventually betrayed and captured by Vulcan's forces. As the insane mutant solidifies his grip on power, Polaris and the Starjammers are now his prisoners, cut off from the X-Men and any hope of rescue.

    Polaris is held under constant sedation while imprisoned, due to the Shi'ar's inability to deal with her powers. With the help of Lilandra, Lorna and the other prisoners are eventually freed. She and the Starjammers escape to Kree-space, where Lorna discovers that her sister-in-law and good friend, Crystal, is being wed to Ronan the Accuser, a move meant to solidify ties between the Inhumans and the Kree. When the wedding is disrupted by the invading Shi'ar, and Lilandra captured, Lorna participates in a rescue attempt which concludes with them freeing Lilandra and bringing the powerful Gladiator to their side.

    As the war between Kree and Shi'ar escalates, Polaris and the Starjammers participate in an attempted political coup by Lilandra on the throne world of Chandrilar. Polaris then becomes a horrified witness when Lilandra is killed in the ensuing chaos. While in battle during the War of Kings, Korvus and Rachel Summers lose their connection with the Phoenix Force along with all others host to it. Briefly after this, the Starjammers head back for Earth after Rogue, Gambit and Magneto come to their aid.

    Return to X-Factor

    By David Yardin
    By David Yardin

    Following her return from space and the X-Men events of Schism and Regenesis, Rachel, Alex, and Lorna side with Wolverine. Wolverine then takes Lorna and Alex to rejoin their former team X-Factor. Lorna soon finds her home at X-Factor Investigations. Lorna arrives as a result of Wolverine´s suggestions that she could help the team to re-establish itself after the death of Multiple Man. She and Havok would lead and keep the team together. It was during this time she learned of the true reason behind the death of her parents, causing her to once again become severely unstable. Lorna's sanity was restored when Banshee chose to end her own life as a mortal and underwent apotheosis, becoming the new Morrigan, Goddess of War and Death. X-Factor further changed after Lorna's longtime partner Havok chose to leave and join the Avengers. After a long conversation about their relationship, they ultimately parted as good friends.

    All-New X-Factor

    Polaris with the All-New X-Factor
    Polaris with the All-New X-Factor

    Lorna was approached by CEO of Serval Industries, Harrison Snow, and was asked to lead a new corporate team of mutants to help people. Lorna agreed and began recruiting members for her team. The final roster included Gambit, Quicksilver, Danger, Cypher, Warlock, Georgia Dakei, and Luna Maximoff. The latter two were still very young and inexperienced and weren't meant to be on the team initially. Georgia joined Lorna's team after they battled her father, Memento Mori. Luna returned to Earth to visit her father, Pietro, after the press conference the team held in which Pietro admitted to the sins of his past. At first, the team was a bit dysfunctional, but since its inception, Lorna has proven to be a very capable and very worthy leader. She was approached by her half-sister, Wanda Maximoff, who expressed interest in "hanging out". Wanda, Lorna, and Danger indulged in a girl's day out, where they attended a Renaissance Fair in which they prevented the burning of a human female by her crazed boyfriend. Wanda later revealed that she believed Lorna would make a brilliant Avenger, and asked her to consider joining the Uncanny Avengers (Avengers Unity Squad). Lorna refused, saying that she could never be an Avenger. Her loyalty was with the X-Men and her mutant people. Wanda, believing that Lorna already knew, revealed that Pietro had joined the team to spy on Lorna for her ex-boyfriend Alex Summers, aka Havok, the (former) leader of the Avengers Unity Squad.

    Avengers & X-Men: AXIS

    World War Hate
    World War Hate

    After the initial events of AXIS, in which the Red Onslaught was released and began spreading hatred and evil in the minds of everyone around the world, Lorna's All-New X-Factor intervened to prevent the capital city, Washington D.C., from burning to the ground. They acted as a response unit, preventing "World War Hate" from escalating. Lorna used her abilities to lift a large well of water - the White House's Reflecting Pool - which was large enough to put out the fire that was consuming the property in and around the White House. The team used implants given to them by fellow teammate Warlock to prevent the Red Onslaught's hatred from affecting them. Gambit was injured when he used his powers and began to attack Lorna. He steadily gained the upper hand because Lorna was trying not to hurt him. Warlock reinserted the implant, while Danger continued to battle the crazed mobs. Meanwhile, Doug was attempting to protect Georgia and Luna who had decided to leave Serval to help calm things down. Luna used her powers to calm down the people who had been affected, while Georgia drained the nearest attackers of a good portion of their body's moisture, incapacitating them. Quicksilver had been busy stealing the "football" from the President of the United States. The "football" was, of course, the platform from which the country's nuclear missiles could be accessed. Pietro stole it and hurried it away to Serval for protection, so that the President, in his altered state of mind, wouldn't do anything rash. He returned just in time to prevent Luna from being pierced by bullets. He whisked her away to safety, ordering Doug to take Luna and Georgia back to Serval. Georgia declared that she wanted a uniform. After realizing that they weren't making much of a dent, Lorna and the team pulled out and headed back to Serval, where the company's shields had been keeping "World War Hate" at bay. However, a group of sentinels had soon amassed outside the shield.

    Eventually, the X-Factor Cooperation was terminated and the team-member went their own way.

    Joining the Time-Displaced X-Men

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    When Magneto started mentoring the young time-displaced X-men, he asked Lorna to join him. She became part of his group of tutors, including Shen Xorn, Bloodstorm and Daken. She joined them in some fights and reloacted with them to the island nation of Madripoor. There, Polaris also came closer to Magneto, whom now was evidently her true father. Polaris mentored the children up until they eventually where brought back to their own time.

    Age of X-Man

    Polaris eventually returned and helped out the X-Men team when she and almost every other X-Men where called upon to fight against a power-mad Nate Grey (known as X-Man). During the battle, Polaris and most other X-Men where teleported into a strange warped reality known as the Age of X-Man. In this reality, Polaris was a prisinor and knew nothing of her former self and her lives, just like all the other mutants. Luckily, the X-Men managed to regain their true memories and confronted Nate Grey.

    After X-Man was defeated, Polaris rejoined the X-Men on Krakoa to be part of the first Mutant Society.

    Krakoa and the new X-Factor

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    Polaris joined the new mutant society and florished there. She came into contact with a few other mutants with whom she tried to solve the murder of the Canadian mutant known as Aurora. After she was ressurected, a new team consisting of Polaris, Northstar, Aurora, Rachel Grey and Daken became the new detective agency known, once more, as X-Factor.


    Polaris rejoined the X-Men with its new version of the team. She fought alongside Cyclops, Jean Grey, Sunfire, Synch, Wolverine (Laura), and Rogue.

    Trial of Magneto

    Polaris is seen in the Trial of Magneto as one of the mutants coming to detain Magneto after he was suspected of killing Scarlet Witch. She had a confrontation with her father which impacted her emotionally and physically.

    Powers and Abilities

    Polaris using her powers
    Polaris using her powers

    Polaris once possessed the natural ability to manipulate magnetism. Although she had the potential to exercise all of the powers that Magento has, as yet she had only used powers involving the manipulation of magnetic, electrical, and gravitational fields. Moreover, she could not summon as great an amount of energy as Magneto could. The exact limits on the amount weight that she can magnetically lift at present have not been measured, but they are considerably below those of Magneto. Since she has preferred not to use her powers in combat situations, she has not worked nearly as hard to develop them as Magneto has. As with Magneto, it is unknown whether Polaris's powers were purely psionic or whether they derive from her physically.

    Polaris had been observed levitating metallic objects and creating force fields in which she can suspend persons or objects in the air and in which she can protect them from attacks from outside the fields. She could also overload or short-circuit electrical systems. By concentrating, Polaris could perceive the world around herself solely as patterns of magnetic and electrical energy. She could perceive the natural magnetic auras surrounding living beings, as well.

    At one time, when her magnetic powers were just temporarily inaccessible, Lorna possessed the ability to sense and feed off of negative emotions. She could then transduce those emotions into raw physical powers of strength, durability, and stamina.

    She was de-powered by her half-sister after M-Day, but almost immediately thereafter she was re-powered by Apocalypse when she was made into a horseman. As his horseman, Lorna could assimilate and release all forms of disease and sickness. She was then cured of the plagues which she ingested as Pestilence, and in that respect seems to be back to normal. It was then revealed that Apocalypse repowered her using Celestial tech and she again can manipulate electromagnetism. Polaris was confirmed to have her X-Gene restored in X-Men Legacy #259.

    Polaris has stated that these new powers are more difficult to control compared to when she was a mutant and far more dangerous. It has also been said by Emma Frost, that her powers are apparently mutating.

    Polaris also has green hair due to her X-Gene. She still has green hair now because like many other mutants she keeps her physical mutation after M-Day.

    Power Controversy

    Reader Submitted Question: In War of Kings #2 it is stated that Polaris is a mutant again, but before that, it was unclear how the Celestial technology was repowering her. I was wondering what depowered mutants who have been repowered various ways are currently mutants again?

    Marvel editor Tom Brevoort: I don't think this is a simply binary question--it'll be different in every case. It's still not been made clear precisely what the Celestial tech did to Polaris, and whether that amounts to reactivating her X-gene and returning her powers to her, or finding other ways of giving her similar abilities. And I'd think this would be different for any other character who might have gotten their powers restored through some other means (such as the return of Quicksilver's speed.)

    In short, I don't have a clear answer for you on this one.

    Clarification: Polaris was confirmed to have her X-Gene restored in X-Men Legacy #259.


    • Gender: Female
    • Height: 5' 11"
    • Weight: 146 lbs
    • Eyes: Green
    • Hair: Green


    • Known Relatives: Max Eisenhardt (Magneto, Father); Suzanna (mother, deceased); Arnold (stepfather, deceased); Anya (half-sister, deceased); Mr. Dane (adoptive father); Mrs. Dane (adoptive mother); Zaladane (self-acclaimed sister, deceased)
    • Citizenship: American (presumed)
    • Place of Birth: Unrevealed
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Adventurer; formerly U.S. government operative, Terrorist, geophysics graduate student
    • Education: Masters degree in geophysics, some doctoral research completed

    Other Versions

    Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse

    Earth-295 Age of Apocalypse
    Earth-295 Age of Apocalypse

    In the Age of Apocalypse reality, she was only a frightening adolescent without powers when Apocalypse attacked humanity the first time, in this genocide her parents died, this tragedy led her to lose some of her sanity believing her herself to be Magneto´s Daughter. Some years later Rogue had permanently absorbed half of Polaris' magnetic powers. She later became a prisoner in Sinister's Breeding Pens and was experimented on by the Dark Beast who sought to determine whether she was Magneto´s daughter, instead he realized about her mental imbalance. Some years later she is saved by Cyclops in disguised who she believed was her father.


    In the Mutant X reality, Polaris was a long time member of the X-Men, assisting them on a number of missions before finally being killed after an intense battle with Madelyne Pryor and the Beyonder.


    Ultimate Polaris
    Ultimate Polaris

    In the Ultimate universe, Polaris was a student at the Academy of Tomorrow and was dating her fellow classmate Havok, after her previous relationship with his brother, Cyclops had ended. We first hear about her as being Alex Summers' girlfriend when the government is looking to recruit their own team of mutants. They refuse to except her because her powers are too similar to Magneto, who was a known mutant terrorist.

    Polaris was among the students who had passed a field test, allowing her to assist local authorities from time to time. During such a mission, Lorna's powers seemingly spiral out of control, killing dozens of humans before Havok is forced to subdue her. After being placed in the same prison that held Magneto, it is revealed that he had her set up when one of the Brotherhood members placed a magnetic device near her location. Magneto uses her imprisonment to his advantage, knowing that Havok and the other students will come to her aid. During the chaos that ensues, Magneto switches places with Mystique, and Lorna's name is cleared. During the Ultimatum storyline, Magneto sends his brotherhood to destroy the Academy of Tomorrow and kill all of the students within, including Polaris.


    In the Earth X reality, Polaris and Havok were members of the Starjammers.


    In the House of M reality, Lorna was a member of Magneto's royal family and had a close relationship with her father.


    In this reality Polaris was a vampire and a member of the Avengers who all were vampires.


    This Polaris was plucked from her reality moments before being killed by Sentinels resistant to her powers. She is now a member of the latest team of Exiles. In her original reality, many other mutants were dead, and fighting regularly by herself against greater odds has made her more experienced with combat and skilled with her powers than many other versions of her. This is seen very early in her first mission as an Exile, where she easily handles her counterpart due to the latter being a pampered Genoshan princess.

    She demonstrates her skill and power in fighting sentinels on the Exiles' second mission, defeating 4 sentinels by herself with barely any effort. However, she is captured by Ultron, Machine Man, and Vision by drugging her with a sedative while she was asleep. At present, she is a captive of the machines of that reality and was witnessed by Blink to be in a seemingly dismembered and dissected state.

    Blink retaliates against Ultron, Machine Man, and Vision for doing what she sees as the brutal death of her teammate. In the ensuing battle, she destroys Cerebro's remote unit in the lab. Lorna reveals that she is alive, and what Blink saw was only a Life Model Decoy made to look like her. The others are also shown to be alive and well. The three robots, particularly Ultron (who is shown to harbor the mind of Hank Pym), reveal that they have been spending time preserving the consciousness of humanity in Cerebro's robotic constructs while pretending to be on Cerebro's side.

    While Blink takes Forge and Beast to destroy Cerebro's primary memory core, Polaris, Panther, Witch, Ultron, Machine Man and Vision distract Cerebro's primary robot forces. Using her magnetic powers to manipulate an airborne platform for herself, Panther and Witch, she shows off her skill at fighting robotic foes until Blink, Forge and Beast finally shut Cerebro down.

    Other Media


    X2: X-Men United

    Polaris' name is listed in William Stryker's files on Lady Deathstrike's computer.

    X-Men: Days of Future Past

    In the film, Quicksilver has an unnamed younger sister, who is played by Miya Shelton-Contreas. It has been suggested this character is supposed to be Lorna.


    X-Men: The Animated Series

    X-Men Animated Series
    X-Men Animated Series

    Polaris is a former member of the X-Men. She later left the Institute to join Iceman as he was exiled by the Professor. They lived a happy and normal life together until they had some arguments on using their mutant powers to save humanity. When Iceman decided to apologize, he found out that Polaris is not already in their house. He thought that she was abducted by the X-Factor. As Iceman asks assistance from Jubilee, the X-men followed and fought the X-Factor. However, as the tension calms down as both parties confront each other, Polaris stated that she was not kidnapped. She became a member of the X-Factor and apologizes to Iceman because she fell in love with Havok who happened to be her teammate. She also revealed that her feeling for Iceman was gone. She was voiced by Terri Hawkes.

    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Wolverine and The X-Men
    Wolverine and The X-Men

    Polaris is a part of Magneto's family known as House of Magnus. In the present, she is a lonely girl of about seventeen, isolated from most people. She wishes to see the world and live her life but fears her father will do something rash if she chooses otherwise. She's daddy's little girl in this one and worked at his every whim. However, Gambit later arrives and woos her into believing many things, one which included her being trapped in Genosha forever, for it was her cage, and a cage is still a cage, even if it does look like a palace. Polaris harbored some feelings for Gambit and even attempted to run away with him. However, Gambit, in the end, betrayed her, and taught her the lesson which would eventually play a part in the coming episodes; the world was exactly like Gambit, distrustful, horrid, yet beautiful. After Gambit's failure in stealing Magneto's helmet, and departure, Lorna still harbors some lingering feelings for him. At the end of the season, Lorna leaves her father's side and joins her sister, Wanda. Together, they banish their father and their brother off the island of Genosha and clearly state that the old and dutiful Lorna was gone, and the new one would rise.

    Meanwhile, her version from the future is also a member of The House of Magnus, but she is the last member standing. When Genosha was destroyed by the Phoenix, Magneto arrived at a tough decision, and sacrifice his life for his daughter. Before he perished, he gave her his helmet and cape to Lorna as a symbol of a legacy passed on. Genosha was eventually destroyed, but Polaris became mentally unstable. When Professor X's future X-Men showed up, she fought them using her powers, which were as powerful as her father's by now, enough to scare Sentinels away and be named badlands for the sake of it. She treated Professor X as his father's enemy and blamed them all for his death. Though Professor X repeatedly stated that he is Magneto's friend and was not his enemy, Polaris still attacks, but then gives up when the Prof. calms her mind down and gives her back her helmet and cape. He states clearly that Lorna was never the soldier, Magneto knew that even Prof. knew that, so the poor girl was left to be in her ruined home while they left. However, in the season finale, Polaris returns with Marrow as what she'd finally trained herself to be what her father thought she'd never become, a soldier. She helped Prof. X and the others help destroy Master Mold. She was voiced by Liza del Mundo.

    The Gifted

    Emma Dumont as Polaris
    Emma Dumont as Polaris

    Polaris appears as one of the main characters in the series, played by Emma Dumont.

    In the series, she is one of the co-founders of the Mutant Underground, along with Thunderbird. She is also in a relationship with Eclipse, a new mutant created for the show. In the first episode, she is arrested after going to Atlanta to help rescue a fugitive mutant known as Blink. She is kept imprisoned in a plastic cell, and is later fitted with a special collar that electrocutes her whenever she tries to use her powers. It is also discovered that she is pregnant with Eclipse's baby.

    While in custody, she eventually encounters Reed Strucker, a mutant prosecutor that handled her case. It turns out that Reed went on the run after discovering that his two children were mutants, which led to his arrest. Despite Polaris' hatred of Reed, the two forge an alliance to escape. They are eventually rescued by other members of the Mutant Underground.

    Like her comic counterpart, this version of Polaris suffers from a mental illness. In flashbacks, it is revealed that she spent time in a psychiatric hospital after being arrested at a Purifiers counter-protest that turned violent. It is also heavily implied that she is the daughter of Magneto, as her mother gave her a red medallion that she claims was given to her by a man she knew a long time ago.

    Video Games

    X-Men Legends II

    In X-Men Legends II Polaris is kidnapped by Apocalypse before the game starts. She is briefly seen in a cutscene at the end, but she is talked about through the dialog of others. She is not a playable character.

    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Marvel: War of Heroes
    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Polaris is featured in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Child of the Enemy] Polaris
    • [Family Matters] Polaris
    • [Pacifist] Polaris

    Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past

    Polaris is a playable character in Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past for mobile devices.

    X-Men: Battle of The Atom

    X-Men: Battle of the Atom
    X-Men: Battle of the Atom

    Polaris is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story of the same name. Her cards are:

    • Polaris
    • [Future] Polaris
    • [Pen Prisoner] Polaris
    • [X-Factor Agent] Polaris


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Polaris was featured in the X-Men: Flashback Series from ToyBiz.
    • A 10-inch Polaris figure was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Universe line.
    • Polaris was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Polaris appeared in Diamond Select's Minimates line.
    • Bowen Designs released a Polaris statue.
    • Bowen Designs released a Polaris bust.
    • Dynamic Forces produced a Polaris bust.
    • Polaris was featured in Hasbro's Super Hero Squad line.
    • Polaris was featured in the Marvel Legends Warlock Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro.
    • The X-Factor version of Polaris was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of a two-pack with Havok.

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