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Brief Discription

In the case of a non-powered human, effects of MGH are closely associated with the super being that the particular batch of drug were made from, so powers experienced may be linked to the powers of the original individual. Generally use of MGH by someone without powers will grant the user super-human strength, enhanced durability, and aggression indicating that a superhuman exhibiting super strength may be the source of much of the MGH in circulation. Mutants, or other superhumans will find that use of MGH enhances and otherwise augments their current power set. One such example is the Stanford event leading up to the Civil War, where Nitro's powers were enhanced from his normal, lesser ability to create explosions around himself, to blowing up most of the Stanford community.

MGH is not to be confused with the mutant enhancing drug Kick, which is based off of Hypercortisone-D and the Sublime bacteria.

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