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    Amelia Weatherly was recruited to save Alpha Flight and eventually became a member of Canada's premier superhero group. She became the third person known as Nemesis.

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    There have been 3 characters named Nemesis with the same outfit and powers. For the first Nemesis, go to Isabel St. Ives. For the second Nemesis, go to Jane Thorne.


    The third Nemesis, Amelia Weatherly, originally lived in the 19th century where she was the mistress of Centennial. She was killed but later revived by the promethium soulsword, Scell. Technically still dead, if Scell is removed from her proximity, Nemesis' body ceases to function.


    Amelia Weatherly was the third person to wear the Nemesis costume. She was created by Scott Lobdell and Clayton Henry and first appeared in Alpha Flight Vol.3 issue 1 (2004).

    Major Story Arcs

    A new Team

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    She was recruited by Sasquatch for a strike force to save Alpha Flight. After their rescue from the Plodex, the team agreed to stay together.

    An old enemy of Alpha Flight, Flashback, showed up swearing he'd reformed but, claimed he was out of time, and wanted their help in fixing the timeline. With her time-traveling capabilities in the sword, one by one she "killed" Flashback and the members of Alpha Flight to send them back in time, each death messing up the timeline even more. Finally, she killed herself, hoping that this would fix things. The timeline was eventually restored, but since her second death, the whereabouts of Nemesis and the Scell are unknown.

    Powers and Abilities

    Nemesis is an unpowered humans whose abilities were granted by the magic sword.

    Equipment and Weapons

    Nemesis carries The Onyx Sword. The blade is less than an atom thick in width and is capable of cutting between molecules. The Onyx Sword can cut through almost anything and is indestructible. It also grants the wielder certain powers such as the ability to fly, teleport and absorb life force through the blade.


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