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At the mansion, the X-Men throw down with Dark Phoenix! Plus, an X-marriage!

The X-Men are on a training exercise outside when they see the Phoenix effect, followed by a man falling from the sky. It turns out to be Cyclops, who tells them that Dark Phoenix is back. Professor X has his doubts, but when he tries to use Cerebro to find Phoenix, he is almost electrocuted. As the X-Men puzzle about what happens, Cyclops collapses, only to have Dark Phoenix emerge from him and briefly fight the X-Men. She beats them with ease, telling them she will be back later. The X-Men try to contact the Starjammers and the Avengers for help, but find out in terror that Phoenix has destroyed both the Starjammer and the city of New York. While the team decides what to do, Cyclops manages to pull himself back from a near-death experience and is finally capable to admit to himself that Jean Grey is truly dead. He realizes that their true foe is the illusionist, Mastermind, and makes some preparations before he joins his fellow X-Men, only to find that Mastermind, who intends to destroy the X-Men by making them kill the innocent Madelyne Pryor, is making everybody see Cyclops as Phoenix. Cyclops uses all his tricks & skills to stay alive against the X-Men, who are pulling no punches, luring them into the Danger Room and finishing them off one by one. He takes the unconscious Rogue to the infirmary and makes her absorb Xavierís powers, enabling her to telepathically convince the team that he is not their foe. As the X-men realize that Mastermind is in the room with him, Storm creates a violent gale, which literally flushes the villain out. Some days later, Scott says good-bye at Jean Greyís gravesite and finally celebrates his wedding to Madelyne.

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