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With the help of Sunfire, the X-Men battle a terrible beast in Japan. Meanwhile, Senator Kelly proposes the Mutant Control Act in Washington.

The X-Men would return from the Secret Wars doing battle in a world called "Battle World" created by the Beyonder. They wouldn't be sent to their home but Tokyo, Japan instead and they didn't come alone. Cyclops was send back to Tahiti, where he was in honeymoon with Madelyne Pryor before the Secret Wars. While in Battle World Lockheed, Kitty Pryde's pet dragon, would befriend and get involved with another dragon similar in size as he. She would follow the X-Men and once on Earth her body would react strangely. She grew to monstrous proportions and in a fit of rage began destroying and razing the city. Sunfire, a one time X-Men, would also help in the conflict. The X-Men would split their efforts; Professor Xavier send Rogue flying back to USA to learn about Kitty, Douglas and the New Mutants. Some would do battle with the she-dragon while the other would try and help the citizens of Tokyo and evacuate the destroyed home. Wolverine would happen upon a house that almost entirely ravaged and on fire. Once he enters he finds a lady mortally wounded under a pile of debris from the collapsed ceiling of her home. He would try to help her as best as he could but realized that there was no saving her. Instead, she made him promise to take her daughter, Akiko, who was there and to take care of her and raise her as she no longer could. Feeling slightly guilty for the dragon's attacks as she came with the X-Men Wolverine would accept. He would take the burden of honor and promise to fulfill the dieing woman wish and took the young Akiko with him. Shortly after the dragon would also be stopped by none other then Lockheed and the X-Men were free to return to America. In the end we see Senator Robert Kelly trying to convince another Senator about the needs of the Mutant Registration Act.

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