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Even if the X-Men defeat Kulan Gath (and the hidden-right-in-front-of-them Selene), will they be able to restore Manhattan to its former state?

Spider-Man and the captured Selene are tortured by KG. The Avengers go to the Met. Library to find information that'd help them defeat KG. They are attacked by the Morlocks, Vision (a golem), and Scarlet Witch (a powerful witch now). Rogue and Rahne are killed. Warlock rescues Storm and the "Avengers" escape. Warlock tries to remind Storm of the old reality. The Avengers sneak into KG's castle, and much fighting results. Sunder, Vision, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Illyana, Callisto, Warlock, and Spider-Man all die. Storm manages to steal KG's necklace from Selene, who killed KG. Storm becomes a Technarch and frees Dr. Strange, who uses Illyana's power to turn time back so the spell never happened. But how to prevent KG from being freed in the first place? Nimrod, "the Ultimate Sentinel", arrives in the past and kills the mugger, saving Jamie Rodriguez. The necklace falls in the mud and sinks below.

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