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    Character » Deborah Summers appears in 82 issues.

    Deborah Summers is the mother of Corsair, and the grandmother of Scot Summers (Cyclops)

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    Deborah Summers and her husband Philip Summers lived in Anchorage and after her husband came back a pilot after the war, she and Philip had one son named Christopher, a daughter-in-law and two grandsons, Scott and Alex. Just like Philip, Christopher was an fanatic flyer and made many trips with his family.


    Deborah Summers was created by Chris Claremont and Paul Smith and first appeared in Uncanny X-men issue 175 (1983).

    Major Story Arcs

    Seeming Loss

    While on one of their plane trips, Deborah's son and his family where seemingly killed in a plaincrash. They only found out their grandsons had survived the crash of their plane when both Scott (Cyclops) and Alex (Havok) where already in their mid-teens. She attended the wedding of Cyclops and his then-wife Madelyne Pryor. Although Deborah and her husband where happy to see both their grandsons, they still felt the loss of their own son, Christopher (Cyclops and Havok's father whom, unbeknown to them, was also still alive, but kept this from them).

    Meeting the Starjammers

    Some months later, Christopher finally revealed to his parents to still be alive. This resulted in them having a reunion, which was followed by a family vacation in Philip and Deborah's house in the woods, just like the old times. This was shorty after Scott Summers and Madelyne's child, Nathan, was born. During this time, Christopher joined them and Philip and Deborah even met Christopher's ragtag space team, known as the Starjammers.

    Wedding of Scott and Jean

    Both Deborah and her husband also attended the wedding between Scott and his long life (and long lost) partner Jean Grey.

    Adam-X Encounter

    Philip remained a pilot until a sudden loss of vision caused him to crash. He seemed dying, but luckily the mutant known as Adam-X found the man and kept him alive. He made a full recovery. Deborah still lives happily with Philip.


    Some months later, both Deborah and Philip where kidnapped by the alien Eric the Red and his Shi'ar cult. They where taken as randsome in order for Cyclops and Havoc to bring Adam-X to them.


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