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    The Xavier Mansion has been home to the X-Men since their inception, and has always been a school and safe haven for any mutants in need.

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    This mansion, located at 1407 Graymalkin Lane in Salem Center, New York, had been inherited by Charles Xavier and has been in his family for a 100 years.

    The saying of the Institute is 'Mutatis Mutandis', which is Latin meaning 'with those things having been changed which need to be changed'.


    Located at 1407 Graymalkin Lane in Salem Center, New York, the Xavier Mansion has been home to the X-Men since their inception, and has always been a school and safe haven for any mutants in need. The mansion has been the subject of damage due to battles and has even been destroyed twice. Once during the events of Inferno, in which Mr. Sinister destroyed the whole mansion, except for its underlying basement (which included the X-Men training-ground; the Danger Room). After some time the mansion was rebuild with funds from investors in Xavier's school.

    The mansion was later badly damaged during an attack by a former instructor, the mutant known as Xorn, who was posing as Magneto. The end of the battle left long time X-Man Jean Grey dead at the hands of the mad mutant. The mansion got a large renovation after these events, in which almost nothing of the original school could be rebuilt. The school was now in the shape of a giant "X". In the middle, there was a courtyard, where mutants could pay respects to the deceased Jean Grey.

    Mutants could train their unique abilities in the a training-room known as the Danger Room. There also resides other high-tech equipment such as Cerebro, a mutant tracking device utilized by telepaths like Professor X. This device is in a highly-secured room and is available for only select few people such as Charles Xavier and the Stepford Cuckoos

    There is also a basketball court and a swimming-pool where the students can hang out and play sports, though there is also an opening for the hangar at this location, where many vehicles are parked. The mansion itself acts as a school (see the Xavier Institute page) and safe haven for mutants everywhere. Its role as a safe place for mutants has extended to all mutants, including former enemies of the X-Men since M-Day, after witch almost 90% of the mutants lost their powers. To safeguard the remaining mutants, the government ordered human-operated Sentinels to stay at the school premises, making sure that the school would not be attacked by outsiders. Although this seemed a bad idea at first to most mutants, (after all Sentinels where originally designed to hunt mutants) most got used to them pretty quickly.

    However, disaster struck the school not long after M-Day. The Sentinels where away on a mission and during this time the school was attacked. The mutants who had lost their powers during M-day were technically no longer mutants and were to go home. A bus with all ex-mutants was about to take off when a rocket was fired at the bus. Nobody could stop it in time and almost everyone inside died that day, including mutants DJ, Rubbermaid and Tag. After this, all mutants were to stay on the premises of the mansion.

    After the superhuman Civil War, the mutants were allowed to leave the mansion more often, but the Sentinels remained to safeguard. Not soon after this the mansion was destroyed (for a second time) by those same Sentinels, who were corrupted by Cassandra Nova's technology. This was done by former X-Man Bishop during the events of the Messiah Complex. After this, the X-Men no longer resided in the area of the school. The team and it's students left the New York area and took Graymalkin Industries as their new base. Not soon after the events of Utopia X, they abandoned this place as well and they now reside on the base they dubbed Utopia, an island made from the remnants of Asteroid M, just of the coast of San Fransisco.


    The teachers currently teaching and that have taught at some time are:

    1. Beast taught science and mathematics, but has left the Institute.
    2. Emma Frost is the co-headmistress of the school, and teaches ethics. She is also the new co-leader of X-Men, teaching them teamwork with the help of senior members including Colossus. She was also the former mentor of the Hellions.
    3. Cyclops is the co-headmaster of the school. He also teaches elective leadership and tactics. He was also the mentor of the Corsairs and one of the founding student body members.
    4. Iceman teaches math/accounting.
    5. Karma taught French and took care of mutants who were too young to join the New Mutants. She took over the library and was formerly the replacement mentor of Alpha Squadron.
    6. Nightcrawler is the Drama teacher.
    7. Northstar taught flight and business, he was also the mentor of Alpha Squadron.
    8. Jean Grey was a telekinesis teacher and the former headmistress.
    9. Kitty Pryde teaches computer science classes.
    10. Wolverine teaches self-defense, close-combat and survival classes.
    11. Moira MacTaggert was formerly the housekeeper when she was Charles' lover, she is now deceased.
    12. Annie was the school nurse and the mother of a student, Carter, but has left the Institute.
    13. Wolfsbane was a teaching assistant.
    14. Banshee was formerly the headmaster of the Xavier Institute, but is now deceased.
    15. Moonstar was formerly the teacher of American History, but she was fired by Emma Frost after she was de-powered by M-Day.
    16. Storm was formerly a mentor of a squad at the mansion but she left to teach students in Africa.
    17. Gambit was a mentor at the Institute but has recently been a member of both the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Marauders.
    18. Prodigy's gifts have allowed him to become a substitute instructor at the Institute.
    19. Tom Corsi's enhanced strength made him the perfect candidate for his position as the teacher of physical education.
    20. Rogue is a squad leader.
    21. Magma was the Geology teacher.
    22. Colossus is the Art teacher.


    Jean Grey School For Higher Learning was created by Wolverine in the aftermath of the X-Men's Schism. He named it after the first female X-Man and long lost love, Jean Grey. Built with the idea that there is a brighter future for the next generation of mutants, the Jean Grey School is staffed by the X-Men who are either teachers, mentors or administrative assistance.

    Similar to the Xavier's School in the past, the Jean Grey School has already accepted both mutant and alien students, with Kid Gladiator from the Shi'Ar Empire, and similar to the New MutantWarlock who developed a pacifist mutation is the first Brood student, Broo. However, they have yet to incorporate any non-mutant human students or staff.

    School Motto: "The best there is at what we do"


    School Grounds

    The school has incorporated Shi'Ar technology into the entire building, incorporating a zero gravity unit and eliminating the need for a Danger Room. Instead any room can be instantly transformed into a training arena with offensive capabilities, as was demonstrated when Wolverine turned the Men's Room into a lazer-filled punishment for Hellion & Glob Herman after they were caught bullying Broo. However, any mess still has to be cleaned up the old fashioned way, leaving Toad (the janitor) alone with his bucket & mop. The vast amount of technology & damages in the school are a constant drain on the school's finances which are overseen by qualified accountant, Iceman. He has recently gained the financial support from Angel, since he was enroled as a student.

    Faculty & Students With Krakoa
    Faculty & Students With Krakoa

    The land that the school was built upon wasn't actually Earth. Due to a scheme by the Hellfire Club's Kade Kilgore, the school campus was constructed on a descendant of the former X-Men for, Krakoa. After telepathic communication from Kid Omega, the Krakoa turned against its Hellfire masters and opted to live a peaceful life as a mutable outdoors version of the Danger Room technology inside. It responds to the needs or abuse of anyone who lives there, for instance it provided a tree to shelter Husk from the sun but also attacked Hellion after he urinated on a flower bed.

    Before the official opening of the school, the building became infested with dozens of small blue inter-dimensional imps who deeply resemble the deceased X-Man Nightcrawler. The creatures colloquially known as Bamfs accidentally escaped into the school through an experimental portal created by the Beast. They have instantly become a constant source of mischief & mayhem stealing whiskey and Wolverine's martial arts videos.


    Wolverine & the X-Men Roster
    Wolverine & the X-Men Roster

    The original Staff Roster (presented in order of hierarchy):

    Guest Teachers

    Similar to the Avengers Academy, the Jean Grey School has opened it's doors to guest teachers. They tend to be known super heroes & associates of the X-Men. Guest teachers who have appeared at the school include:

    • Deathlok - Guest Teacher of Future History 101


    The original student body consisted:

    No Caption Provided

    Due to events in Uncanny X-Force, the student body quickly gained two more students:

    Time Displaced Students

    During the series All New X-Men, the original five X-Men have traveled into the past and have became students under the supervision of Kitty Pyde at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning

    • Angel
    • Beast
    • Cyclops
    • Iceman
    • Jean Grey


    Not everyone who resides at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning is a member of staff or a student. These include:

    • Warbird - Junior Staff Member
    • Krakoa - The grounds of the school
    • Blink - Unknown position as of yet
    • Ariel - Unknown position as of yet


    A list of lessons was provided in the first issue of Wolverine & The X-Men (and on Marvel's dedicated site for the Jean Grey School). The syllabus consists of:

    Class List

    • World History (1880 - 1950): An Eyewitness Account, with Headmaster Logan
    • The History of Mutant Art: From Jumbo Carnation to Kenji Uedo, with Professor Paige Guthrie
    • Brain Spelunking: Exploring the Recesses of Your Own Mind, with Professor Rachel Grey
    • Quantum Biophysics, Molecular Phylogenetics and Other Elementary Scientific Concepts, with Dr Hank McCoy
    • Ethics 101: Forgetting Everything You Ever Learned From Emma Frost, with Headmistress Pryde
    • Algebra Sucks: I Know, But You Still Have To Learn It, with Professor Bobby Drake
    • How to Weaponize Household Products: With Professor Remy LeBeau
    • Diction and Linguistics: With Professor Rogue
    • Outer Space Survival Skills: My Time As A Starjammer, with Professor Rachel Grey
    • Future History 101: Mapping What We Know About the World of Tomorrow, with Headmistress Kitty Pryde
    • Mutant Philosophy: The Teachings of Xavier, the Lessons of Magneto, with Dr. Hank McCoy
    • The Art of Fighting Without Fighting: With Headmaster Logan
    • The Art of Fighting With Fighting: With Headmaster Logan
    • Zen and the Art of Ice Sculpture: With Professor Bobby Drake
    • Computer-Hacking 101: ONLY FOR USE TO SAVE THE DAY! With Headmistress Kitty Pryde
    • Downloading Foreign Languages: With Professor Rachel Grey
    • Sex Ed: With Professor Remy LeBeau
    • Know Your Alien Races. And How to Kill Them: With Professor Lockheed
    • Mutant Literature: With Professor Paige Guthrie
    • Flying Into Things First: With Professor Sam "Cannonball" Guthrie
    • Psychic Self Defense: With Professor Rachel Grey
    • Future History 101: With Deathlok

    Extracurricular Activities

    • Telepathic Debate Squad: With Professor Grey
    • Fencing Team: With Headmistress Pryde
    • Alternate Dimension Explorer's Club: With Dr. Hank McCoy
    • Comic Book Club: Reading the Classics from Kirby to Morrison, with Professor Guthrie
    • Polar Bear Club: with Professor Drake
    • The "Let's All Clean Up After Ourselves" Club: with Custodian Toad
    • Bamf Hunting Club: with Headmaster Logan
    • Choir: with Professor Doop
    • Study Abroad Program: Spend a Semester in Attilan, K'un-Lun, Wakanda or Chandilar, the throneworld of the Shi'ar

    Special Events

    Alternate Realities

    Ultimate Universe

    In this version, the mansion was funded by Magneto and rejected donations. Ever since he left, Xavier took over, and the policies have changed. The students wonder why the mansion runs completely on donations and do not believe that it is totally supported by donations, however there are many donors; though they are anonymous due to anti-mutant groups. A big donor was the Hellfire Club but they only donated to attend to their private agendas. Xavier discovers from Lilandra that SHIELD was one of the major donors before falling out and now the Shi'ar are the major donors.

    Age of Apocalypse

    In this reality, the mansion is taken by Magneto´s X-Men as headquarters, the building is ruined but it has devices of high technology. It is later destroyed by Apocalypse.

    In other media


    The Mansion's first animated appearance was in the series Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.

    The Institute is a pivotal setting in the animated show X-Men: The Animated Series, and also appears in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, during the X-Men's guest appearances in the latter show.

    Again, it was a main setting during the production of the animated series, X-Men: Evolution.

    The Mansion is destroyed at the beginning of the animated series, Wolverine and the X-Men, during an event that set the motions of the whole series in play. It was later rebuilt, funded by Angel.


    • The Institute appears in the made-for-TV film, Generation X, featuring the junior team of mutants of the same name.
    • It also appears in the X-Men: Trilogy, in all three films (X-Men, X-Men 2, and X-Men 3: The Last Stand)

    Video games

    • It appears in X-Men: Next Dimension as an arena.
    • The mansion serves as a player's hub in X-Men Legends.
    • It's ruins act as a temporary hub in X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse.
    • It is mentioned in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

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