The Uncanny X-Men #174

    The Uncanny X-Men » The Uncanny X-Men #174 - Romances released by Marvel on October 1, 1983.

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    Binary joins the Starjammers! Meanwhile, a spat between Scott Summer and Madelyne Pryor leads to a confrontation with...Dark Phoenix?!

    Cyclops shows Madelyne the view from the Starjammer and, despite his doubts about her proposes. Later, though, a snapshot of Jean Grey played into his hands by Mastermind reawakenes his doubts, causing him to ask Madelyne whether she is Phoenix reborn. Angrily, she hits him hard enough to know his glasses off. To his shock, ater he finds his glasses again Cyclops is faced by Dark Phoenix, who blasts him. In the meantime, the Starjammers have decided to leave soon to fight for Lilandra against Deathbird, accompanied by their newest member, Binary. Kitty shows Colossus a new trick with her powers and both of them share a kiss. In Japan, Wolverine demands an explanation from Mariko for aborting their wedding. After she once more insults him, he hands her back the clans honor sword, which she once gave him.


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    dmstarz's 250 favourite Marvel comic covers 114 0

    Paul Smith's run on Uncanny X-Men was a short one but, boy, it was also very memorable.  His deceptively simple art always exudes emotion and character, at least to these eyes.  The drawing of Mastermind here seems so simple, there's nothing complicated about it, yet it doesn't need to tell you anything other than "here's trouble."  Meanwhile there's a beautiful little coupling of Scott Summers and Madeleine Pryor in the middle of the cover - I love the lines in the hair, signifying body and dep...

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