Character » Sikorsky appears in 181 issues.

    Sikorsky is the Chr'ylite doctor for the Starjammers. His medical knowledge far exceeds that of Earth's.

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    Brief History

    When lives must be saved and broken bodies must be healed, there is one powerful alien willing and able to do the job: Sikorsky. So named by Corsair after a helicopter manufacturer that makes vehicles that resemble Sikorsky's own physical appearance, this alien insectoid practices his craft as the resident physician aboard the Starjammer. A superb healer of both organic and cybernetic systems, Sikorsky, when not tending to his teammates, often helps allies in need. He once healed Colossus following a serious injury at the hands of the renegade Shi'ar Deathbird. He served with the Starjammers for many years, healing their wounds after their numerous scraps with interstellar enemies.

    Once, Sikorsky healed to Hulk, when he was chasing to Trauma who kidnapped Atalanta.


    Sikorsky can fly and hover in place via insect-like wings. His body is covered in iridescnt chitinous armor. Sikorsky can telephatically scan other creatures' bodies, enabling him to analyze a patient's emotional distress. Both of these powers are focused through Sikorsky's antennae. Sikorsky is a brilliant physician in extraterrestrial medicine and has mastered techniques including cloning and bionic grafts.


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