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Storm, Naze, and Forge are attacked by Dire Wraiths. Can a powerless Storm fight off these alien invaders?

They're deadly,they're monstrous they're evil and most of all putrid they are the DireWraiths, mysterious monsters from another dimension who had been banished to Limbo by the great ROM, but this time they aren't so unfortunate, they have gone to any unsuspecting foe, killed them and turned them into one of their own and if they are not stopped they will rule planet earth, with the X-Men's leader Storm having lost her powers how are they going to win this? One thing's for sure she will not go down without a FIGHT!

Storm had just run away from Eagle Plaza after a fight with Forge when she hears the alarm. Inside the building the Dire Wraiths are attacking. Storm crashes into the building throw the window and with the aid of Naze - a shaman from Forge's tribe and former mentor of him - defeat some monsters and reach Forge at the top. Colossus and Rogue also breaks in through the walls to help Storm, after a warning from Val Cooper. While they battle Dire Wraiths Naze tries to summon ancient powers. Forge uses his holograms to scare Dire Wraiths with ROM and Starshine, but when they fought they had won, another strange creature appears and grab them all.

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