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Thunderbird has kidnapped Banshee and sent a message to the X-Men: if they do not find their former teammate within 24 hours, Thunderbird will kill him!

At Muir Island, Sean Cassidy jogs alone early in the mourning, feeling happy because of last weeks events. Suddenly Warpath appears and kicks him at the face, and after a fast fight, knocks him down. Before passing out, Banshee looks up and sees his old colleague Thunderbird, killed in action during a X-Men mission.

In New York, Xavier wakes up at Callisto's place, inside Morlock's tunnels. Xavier was beaten up by a bunch of extremists last issue who discovered he was a mutant, and Callisto saved him unconscious and the Healer had used his powers to save him. Callisto dressed Xavier with one of Morlock's clothes and explain to him all about human that hate mutants and that this kind of battle will continuously occur, that's why the Morlocks hide themselves. Callisto then tells Xavier that Ororo still is the leader of Morlocks, even without powers, because she had won their battle. Then Sunder appears with some Morlocks holding three kids in their arms, saying that the humans had killed them just because they are mutants, children of Annalee. Because of that Callisto start to shout at Xavier saying that if the humans want a war, they will have it!

In Rocky Mountains, Warpath is at the place where his brother Thunderbird died, back in X-Men #95 in that battle versus Count Nefaria. Warpath talks to his dead brother about how he will kill Xavier, Banshee and the X-Men because they let him dye. Then his Hellions' teammates Roulette and Empath arrive at the scene saying they will help him defeat the X-Men, but Warpath doesn't want any help. Firestar flies towards then and Empath makes her kiss him with his powers, and then demands her to help him defeat the X-Men.

At Xavier's School the X-Men Rogue, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Kitty are training Cannonball in Danger Room, playing tag with the New Mutant. Colossus punches Cannonball when he is flying over him, and because of that Kitty shout at him that now Colossus is on Cannonball's side of the game, and Wolverine says that if it was a battle it could cost someone life. When they are talking Cannonball tries to catch them from behind, but Nightcrawler vanishes and Kitty becomes untouchable and then Cannonball hits Colossus again. Doug Ramsey and Rachel are at Danger Room's controls and change the game, putting everyone in Lila Cheney's planet with her and the warrior Vrakanin. In their battle Cannonball saves Wolverine and Rogue from a fall and when he is celebrating, Callisto and Xavier enter the room. Everyone make fun of Xavier's new clothes.

In a ship at Atlantic Ocean, Storm is shipping back to Africa after loosing her powers, remembering her past as a goddess and as a X-Man, when she suddenly sees her mother spirit.

Back to the school, Xavier is having a bath shower, very tired and injured after last day's problems. Nightcrawler calls him saying they have problems again, and when he goes to video room, they all watch Warpath talking that Banshee is his captive and he will kill him in 24 hours, unless the X-Men come to Cheyenne Mount. Nightcrawler says Moira confirms that Banshee is missing and then the X-Men decide to go after him, even if that starts a fight against the government, because Cheyenne Mount is the base of NORAD. That Mount is the same place where Thunderbird died.

At NORAD's base, Kitty Pryde enters using her power and every X-Men is talking to each other using Rachel's powers, because Xavier is too weak. Using Rachel's coordinates Nightcrawler teleports himself inside the base and then get everyone else, leaving Xavier and Lockheed at the X-Jet - Blackbird. Roulette uses her powers to overpowers Blackbird'd systems and then Empath enters the jet and starts a mental battle with Xavier. Even injured Xavier is about to defeat him, but Roulette shows up and uses some gas to knock out Xavier. Rachel senses Xavier's pain and Kitty goes there to see what had happened just to see Xavier knocked out and Blackbird's systems destroyed.

Nightcrawler asks Rachel to find Banshee with her powers, but that causes Rachel to remember about her past as a tracker in her reality and then she has black out. Then Wolverine uses his senses to find Banshee with Kitty taking him through the walls. Nightcrawler leaves Rogue to take care of Professor and he is very upset about he's being a terrible leader.

Inside NORAD's war room a excursion is walking through with Empath, Roulette and Firestar among them. Roulette again uses her power in the sensors and the X-Men are detected by the army, causing a huge mess.

Kitty and Wolverine find Banshee arrested in a room and when she is about to release him, Warpath shows up and kicks Wolverine. They fight while Kitty takes Banshee out, but a strange gas is entering the room and make Kitty pass out. This distract Wolverine and then Warpath punches his face, almost knocking him out. The gas is so strong that Wolverine also passes out. Warpath has the antidote with him but he couldn't let Wolverine and Kitty behind to die with the gas. He was not trained to that, and is not happy even after defeating two of the X-Men he sworn to kill. Then he decides that he will only kill Xavier.

In another place at the base, defense robots are attacking Colossus and Nightcrawler, who disappear to get Rogue to help them. The robots then capture Nightcrawler but Rogue throws Colossus (Fastball Special) towards them and the big guy destroy the robots.

Rogue tries to awaken Rachel from her nightmare state, but she won't listen. Suddenly Firestar flies of their heads, enters the room and attacks Colossus sending him to outside the mountain. Empath is using his powers to demand the Captain of NORAD to kill his prisoners, but listening to that order, Nightcrawler escapes again and restart the fight. At air outside, Colossus doesn't want to hurt Firestar and decides to talk to her, explaining everything since Banshee's kidnapping by Warpath. Then Firestar realizes Empath had lied to her, but she doesn't want to be alone again and decides to believe in Empath. Rogue finds them both and with a single punch knock them out and bring them down. Rogue absorb some of Firestar memories and also realizes what Empath had been doing to her emotions.

Back at war room, Nightcrawler is still fighting the robot guards and Empath is looking, when Warpath arrives saying Empath had blown everything over. Kitty takes grabs Empath through the ground and Wolverine makes him pass out by just showing him his claws. Then Nightcrawler also arrests Roulette and Kitty tries to grab Warpath, but he is faster then her moves.

Wolverine lights up a cigar and talks to Kitty about how nice was Thunderbird and that they were much alike, and he doesn't know why Warpath becomes so angry. Suddenly the guards enter the room and arrest them both.

Rachel wakes up but doesn't want to tell Colossus or Rogue what had happened to her. Rogue ask her again to seek for Logan and Kitty but again Rachel screams NO. Rogue says she will take Rachel's power and seek for herself but Nightcrawler shows up and says he will get the others. Rachel then lead him with her power. Rogue flies away to see the Professor.

At the X-Jet, Warpath shows Xavier the knife of his older brother Thunderbird. Xavier is weaken but can see that Warpath is holding himself to the idea of killing him. Xavier then decides to confront Warpath with some truths about his brother and what really happened, that Thunderbird was in a mission with the X-Men and that he joined them by his own will. Xavier says he would have died in his place if he could. Warpath doesn't believe in his words and then Xavier says to kill him then. He raises his knife but couldn't kill Xavier. Warpath cries out how he had failed as an Apache and as a man, and how he is a coward, to what Xavier denies and says he is a true man just because what he had done.

Later at Xavier's School, Xavier invites both Warpath and Firestar to join the X-Men. Warpath says he wants to go back to Massachusetts Academy because there he has friends, not Empath and Roulette, but true ones, and it is time for him to find his own pass without following his brother's past. Firestar also decides to go back, because Emma Frost had always been so nice to her that she wouldn't want to leave her, even after what Empath did to her.

Xavier wishes good luck to them and says everyone deserves a second chance, even Roulette and Empath, who are sedated upstairs.

The authorities are looking for the X-Men because what happened.

Introducing Firestar the newest mutant to the X-Men, but will she join?

This is the 100th issue since the New X-Men members.


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