New Mutants #7

    New Mutants » New Mutants #7 - The Ties That Bind 1 of 6: Higher Learning released by Marvel on January 2004.

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    When a former anti-mutant demonstrator enrolls at Xavier's, his transition is…explosive.

    Narrated by Joshua, the issue follows his day from the awkward tension between him and his roommate David to what he feels about his friends (despite being ostracized because of his past with the Reavers). However, he reveals he much prefers Julian and his group.

    Meanwhile, David meets with Danielle Moonstar, his squad adviser, to discuss changing living arrangements. She encourages him to keep trying with his roommate and even discusses her relationship with Magma, her former teammate who is now in a coma in Xavier's hospital ward.

    When David relays this conversation to Josh, the troublesome teen and his new friend Julian sneak into the medical wing of the mansion. Julian encourages Joshua to heal Magma, although Josh is wary noting that her mind's just off and is already fully healed.

    When Joshua heals her and Magma awakens, she destroys the building, injuring themselves, Nurse Annie, and presumably others. While the two boys are punished academically, much worse is the rage filled Danielle Moonstar whose friend is now missing because of their actions.

    Two weeks later, Joshua catches wind that his parents were arriving at the Institute. Believing them to be finally picking him up, he excitedly asks Sofia to use her powers to eavesdrop on his parents conversation with Professor Xavier.

    Unfortunately, he learns the truth of their visit: they are resigning custody over him as a ward to the school.

    Dani tries to comfort him, but Joshua storms off.


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