New Mutants #10

    New Mutants » New Mutants #10 - The Ties That Bind 4 of 6: A Few Small Repairs released by Marvel on March 2004.

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    The New Mutants cope with the death of one of their own and the surprise return of one of the original New Mutants!

    The future Hellions have their first group meeting with Emma Frost who has decided to take them in as her advisees. The kids pick their codenames, and Julian expresses interest in being a super villain. They leave their meeting all feeling very happy that they have someone cool for their advisor, because they dont think Josh and his friends ever do anything cool.

    Meanwhile, the future New Mutants and the former Wolfsbane are out in town, getting the crap knocked outa them by Surge. David saves the day of course, and personally makes sure Surge gets the help she needs. Josh and Rahne show some sexual tension between them, which upsets Laurie quite a bit. They all head back to the school, with David carrying Surge.

    In the Med Lab, Surge calls Beast "furball". She's so snarky! Turns out the pills she was buying were keeping Surge's powers in check, which are uncontrolable. She just wants the drugs again, but Beast and David give her the afterschool special schpeal just as Dani shows up. BUSTED. The kids broke curfew, put themselves in danger, and explicitely disobeyed Dani's wishes. Detention for a week! She turns on Rahne, but the new badass Rahne just walks away.

    *Rahne: "You know what? You're not my advisor, you can't lecture me. I'm going to get some sleep."*

    Anyhoo, Josh finds the whole ordeal pretty funny, cus he was on detention anyway. David however, does NOT. He's pissed that Josh put everyone in danger, and doesnt believe that Josh really changed since coming to Xavier's. He realized Josh just follows whoever is "cool" at the time. Whether its Duncan and his Reaver friends, or Julian and his clique. Josh will do whatever it takes to be cool. Bedridden Nori is shocked to see David so harsh on Josh, and doesn't like it so much...

    Quick scene where Dani and Josh express their undying hatred for each other, and then it's off to the hospital to visit everyone's favorite lesbian coffee grinder!

    Afterwards, Rahne tries to get Cyclops to hire her as a teacher, but everyone knows thats a disatrous idea, so he says no, and she decides to check out. Dani tries to stop her, but Rahne is angsty and badass, so she zooms away on her cool motor bike anyway. Josh watches longingly...

    ...and then sneaks away to Harry's Hideaway to flirt with Rahne, who threatened to rip off Harry's genetilia. Things just start heating up, when Josh reveals his powers of mutant intutition, as he explains why Rahne is now acting the way she does. Hormones! She has "feelings" and "urges" and she cant blame the "wolf inside her" anymore. So she freaked. But Rahne still says she doesn't want her powers back...

    Nori gets her first set of gauntlets from Beast, and David shows up to meet her. He tries to show Nori around the school, but she kind of hates him because she thinks he's judgemental. She also hates Julian for being so cruel to her when she needed help. She kinda just hates everyone.

    So finally, Josh and Rahne ride home together and she admits she wants her powers back. They make out, Josh gives her the wolf back, and she promptly thanks him by ripping his guts out on Xavier's front steps.


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    So this is the beginning of the infamous Wolfsbane/Elixir romance. It seems weird to most people because the characters are so different, but this issue did a good job of showing that Rahne isn't the same as the other original New Mutants. She's much younger (only 19 in this issue. David and Nori are 17, and Josh is 16), and she is still going through all the problems that these kids are going through. Josh is the only one who "gets" her right now. So I think it works in this story, but I'm stil...

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