New Mutants #8

    New Mutants » New Mutants #8 - The Ties That Bind Part 2 of 6: Parents Week released by Marvel on January 2004.

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    Will the rest of the students and staff survive an imminent new danger within their own ranks?

    Julian Keller, Joshua Foley, Victor Borkowski, and Santo Vaccarro are all playing Frisbee in the front lawn of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.

    They discuss the events of last issue where Julian and Joshua disturbed the mentally unstable New Mutant Magma, by healing her from her come before her mind was ready. The kids do not believe they had done anything wrong and contemplate changing their advisors from their current strict disciplinarians to someone "cool" like Emma Frost.

    During their game, Santo throws the Frisbee over too far and Julian uses his telekinesis to retrieve it. Near the gate Julian notices a homeless girl looking for refuge. Julian turns her away, commenting about her need for a "bath and soap".

    *Girl: "Canttakea bath. Electricity. Water. Bad. Let meinplease."*

    *Julian Keller: "Sorry. This is a private school, not the Salvation Army."*

    The girl disappears in a flash of electricity as Josh approaches. Josh is upset that he turned her away, but Julian wants Parents Week to be presentable. Although neither of the boys have parents participating in the event, Julian wants to ensure their detention duty doesn't go wrong so they will not get into further trouble.

    Meanwhile, Danielle Moonstar decides to introduce Karma to the kids new hangout, the Grind Stone--and more importantly, its owner, Luna dePaula, trying to play matchmaker between Karma and Luna. Karma finds it slightly offensive, but there is no harm done between the two long-time friends.

    Back at the Parents Week reception, David is shown touring his parents his room and introduces them to his roommate, Josh. When Mrs. Alleyne realizes Josh's parents weren't attending, she offers him to join them but David boldly refuses, still obviously bitter about Josh's time with the mutant-hunting team the Reavers before he found out that he, too, was a mutant.

    *David Alleyne:: "You know what, Mom? Josh doesn't need to be reminded that his own parents can't stomach him being a mutant."*

    The family goes to the Grind Stone to discuss David's academic plans. David intends to go to Harvard, but the school has refused to allow a mutant to attend because of David's powers but that a student of Xavier's would attract violence. For David to attend a university, his father reveals that he must leave Xavier's.

    In the yard, Sofia is surprised to find Derek (her father's former butler) had attended Parent's Week. After a tearful reunion, her father, Walter Barrett, approaches her as well. Walter is uncharacteristically kind to his daughter, who in turn is very happy to see him. However, he seems more excited to see Derek.

    *Walter Barrett: "Derek, you have no idea how good it is to see you!*

    *Finding someone to replace you has been impossible. You know what they say about good help."*

    Sofia is infuriated that her father only attended Parents Week to retrieve his butler.

    As Sofia's anger intensifies, the wind picks up and Sofia begins to float in the air with a mini tornado forming around her.

    As her eyes begin to glow, Emma Frost telepathically calms Sofia before any damage can be done.

    The manipulative telepath approaches the angry student, with intent to sway her from her current advisor, Danielle Moonstar.

    *Emma Frost: "I don't need telepathy to see how hurt you are or how much anger you have, Sofia."*

    Danielle catches Emma and the two begin to argue. As the two bicker, Sofia begins to cry but is comforted by her new friend Laurie Collins.

    Back within the mansion, Julian confronts his advisor Northstar, asking to switch advisors to Emma Frost. Northstar is clearly displeased and believes he is making a mistake, but agrees with teh transfer.

    Outside the door, Emma Frost stands smugly to see how the meeting went.

    *Emma Frost: "How did it go?"*

    *__Julian Keller_: "He'll sign. You think you'd want to take on Josh, too?"*

    *Emma Frost: "Josh Foley? A former Reaver? I like a challenge."*

    Julian is surprised to hear that Josh was a Reaver. He storms outside and he and his friends begin to gang up on Josh. As a fight erupts, Sofia and David intervene.

    The adults arrive and unable to control the chaos, Karma mentally forces the boys to go back to their dorms.

    David, always very academically driven, has a conversation with his parents revealing he will remain at Xavier's with his friends and with people who go through the same things he does.

    *Mr. Alleyne: "Are you sure about this, son? Harvard was your dream."*

    *David Alleyne: "It was, Dad. I got a new one."*

    David returns to his room where Josh is laying around. Josh thanks him for sticking up for him and the two seem to make amends, at least for now.

    Back at the Grind Stone, Luna is opening up shop. She notices the lights are out, but assumes someone just left them on the night before. As she takes out the trash, he notices someone in the alley.

    *Luna: "Are you okay? Do you need food or something?"*

    Before given a response, she is electrocuted and falls to the ground.



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