New Mutants #13

    New Mutants » New Mutants #13 - The More Things Change... released by Marvel on June 2004.

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    A special single-issue reunion story starring the Original New Mutants: Moonstar, Cannonball, Magma, Karma, Sunspot & Wolfsbane!

    Introducing... Agent Justin Pierce! Agent Pierce is an FBI agent who works in the Metahuman Crimes division. He has come to The Cage (a metahuman prison in France) to talk to his uncle... Donald Pierce! He says the FBI is making a deal with Pierce: They WON'T kill him, and in return he will testify against a mutant who they believe to have committed murder. That mutant's name... Kevin Ford! The cybernetic man is pleased to hear that the FBI is going after one of Xavier's children...

    *Donald Pierce: "...I hear the school is quite vulnerable right now."*

    Splash page of the Xavier Institute. Rahne, Shan, and Dani watch in horror at the smoldering hole that used to be their home. Magneto destroyed it, and there was nothing they could do to stop him. These three helped in the evacuation of all the students, so they didnt fight Magneto. Just then, some familiar friends walk up... Its Samuel Guthrie, Roberto DaCosta, and Amara Aquilla!

    As most of the group enjoys each other's company, Amara is quite moody, and is pretending not to like anyone. They talk about where they are now in life, and Roberto is surprised that Dani is a teacher, and not a fighter. Then again, Karma is surprised that Roberto is head of X-Corp LA, and not leader of the Hellfire Club.

    Meanwhile, Donald Pierce is being moved from JFK International Airport in NYC to a secure location. But of course, things go awry, and he takes control of one of the transport vans. He kills everyone inside, and threatened to kill Justin Pierce, but since they're family, he doesnt.

    After the original New Mutants reconnect for a while, Amara rudely demands that they all get some food, so Shan and Dani take everyone to the Grindstone. Roberto tries to hit on the lesbian manager, Luna, but it doesnt go quite as he planned. We see more allusions to Luna and Shan going out (but they still aren't yet). Dani tries to confront Amara about the way she's behaving, but they're interupted by Justin Pierce, who came to talk to Dani about Kevin Ford, and the fact that Donald Pierce is lose.

    Quick scene of Donald Pierce and his Reavers getting their act together at a hotel outside of Salem Center. Duncan (from issue 5) is there, and he wants to be the one to kill Josh.

    Back to the students for the first time this ish. They are all holed up in the X-Corp building in Salem Center because the school was destroyed. We see Julian, Cessily, Santo, and Victor with their sleeping bags together on one side of the room, and David, Sofia, Laurie, Josh, and Nori on the other side of the room.

    Dani informs the kids about Pierce's break out, but she and Josh think up a plan. Pierce won't attack them with all the students and all the teachers together. They need to lure him out. So Josh will go to the Institute alone as bait, and then the New Mutants can take Pierce when he makes his move there. The New Mutants escort Josh to the school, and Roberto reminds Josh that Cannonball used to work for Pierce too: "Anything's possible".

    Magma explains to Karma why she's acting like she doesn't like anyone. She lost control of her powers, and was too embarassed to contact her friends for help. And after she gained control, she was too ashamed that she didn't contact her friends about it. She just thinks she's a sucky friend. Which she is, kinda.

    Rahne and Sam share a tender moment, and almost lock lips, but Pierce is here!

    Wolfsbane pounces on some of the Reavers while Sunspot takes out some of their telepathic blocking helmets. Karma then takes out those Reavers. Rahne almost kills Duncan, but gains control of herself, and lets him go. Cannonball smashes through some of Pierce's cybernetics, and Dani takes him down. He tries to make small talk, but Magma throws some lava at him and takes him out for good.

    Pierce shows up to clean up, and Dani tells Josh how proud she is of him: He ACTUALLY did as he was told, and stayed safe during the fight. The New Mutants escort him back to the X-Corp building where the kids are waiting for him. Sam offers Dani to join the X-Men, but she declines. After all, someone has to teach the next generation!


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