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    Stop changing into a Dupe!
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    Hey! Why are you changing into username is Dupe?
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    Agreed, great backdrop and icon too :)
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    Cool background in your block.
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    It would seem that the new Superman (New 52) profile I began is being altered to "Dupe." I would like to challenge this notion.
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    Question: We have non-fic character wikis such as Donald Trump on Comic Vine who haven't appeared in comics. Why no Harambe? Just curious.
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    Hi Fesak, I Think Comicvine Webpage of GOD Must Have Some Revisions. Because Anu is Not GOD and Divine Powers Must Renamed As Almighty Powers.
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    Did Legends of Porn have a cover? cause it is gone now.
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    On this Folklore & Urban Legends thing, where do you find all this historical info on them and the non comic related information. How do you find the time. Good stuff at any rate, thanks!
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    How do you get the cover date to only say the month and year? It keeps showing the date for me.
  • ThisIsGonnaHurt posted a message in the forum topic What Does Your Character Think About the Character Above You (IC). on the RPG board

    Plenty of reason for hostility now. Just grab some Otis Spunkmeyer and chill guys, this'll take a while.

  • Stormmagician posted a message in the forum topic She-Thor Still Sucks. on the Thor board

    If a character's greatest assets is their gender and/or race and not their personalities, motivation, and overall struggles and joys of life, then you know you got a problem.

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    If she gets avatar state she clears easiy if she doesnt she will struggle at the last roud but will clear.

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    @cloudguy said:The mask.

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    Honestly, I think Bruce would be a far too intense dom. I mean it'll start off pretty hot, but as it escalates, I can imagine him getting more and aggressive. He'll still honor the rules, but knowin...

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    Noticed one of your old posts where you said that you also with /co/, ha :p