Salem Center

    Location » Salem Center appears in 134 issues.

    A section of North Salem, New York.

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    Harry's Hideaway

    To the students at Xavier's, Harry's Hideaway was nicknamed "The Danger Pub." Caliban destroyed it while kidnapping Scott Summers and Jean Grey in Uncanny X-Men #294. Hank McCoy and Warren Worthington rebuilt it in Uncanny X-Men #297. In Wolverine #19(2012) Harry is about to close for ever but then Wolverine shows up with a duffel bag full of cash and Harry is able to stay in business.

    The Grindstone

    The Grindstone is a popular coffee shop in the Salem Center, run by Luna dePaula, and frequented by the students of Xavier's.

    Shop Rite

    The Shop Rite is the grocery store the X-Men use when they run out of food (Wolverine favors their pork rinds, for instance). Bobby Drake and Peter Rasputin shopped there before being attacked by Famine and War in Uncanny X-Men #294.


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