New Mutants #12

    New Mutants » New Mutants #12 - The Ties That Bind Conclusion: One of Us released by Marvel on May 2004.

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    The mysterious homeless girl seen around Salem Center turns out to be a powerful mutant - but convincing her to come to the Xavier Institute could be a dangerous task!

    Josh is being rushed on a gourney to the Med Lab, being pushed by Dani, Karma, Laurie, Beast, and Nurse Annie. Annie doesn't want to believe Laurie when she says that it was Rahne who did this, but Karma raises the question of whether Josh would even be able to give Rahne her powers back. Beast then reveals that Josh is an Omega Level mutant, who can manipulate the body's functions on a genetic level. So yes, he's powerful enough to do that.

    Laurie is not allowed inside the Med Lab once they arrive. She is freaking out because they're calling for Warren, and any other mutant healer they can find: medicine won't work here...

    Dani suddenly realizes that she knows where Rahne is. With the return of Rahne's powers, Dani's telepathic link with her returns as well! Dani rushes off to talk to Rahne.

    After Dani leaves, David, Sofia, and Noriko arrive. David and Sofia do their best to comfort Laurie, and Karma invites everyone inside to sit by Josh's side. Nori refuses to go in though, because David is there. Sofia speaks with Nori about Josh's condition, and how she's a not very nice for not caring, even though Josh was the one who led everyone to find Nori. Noriko says it's not about Josh, but David. David pretended to be Nori's friend, even though he judged her for using pills to control her powers. And now he's pretending to care about Josh, even though he judges Josh for everything he does as well.

    Sofia then shows us why we love her in this scene, where she gives Nori a stern talkin' to.

    *Sofia: "Maybe this school is not the place for you. You obviously prefer life on your own, with no one to care for you or prevent you from making mistakes. You won't get that here at Xavier's. Here, we are a family. We take care of one another. We protect one another. And yes, we criticize one another. It is your choice whether or not you wish to be a part of this family."*

    In the Med Room, Laurie runs away in tears, because she knows Josh will die. Sofia runs after her. With just David and an unconscious Josh in the room now, Nori walks in. She and David talk, and David explains his relationship with Josh. Nori realizes David is just being the responsible one again. He acts like an older brother should act. Nori explains about her family and how she ran away.

    Dani goes to the Salem Center Slums, to the area where they found Noriko. Rahne is harassing a homeless man, and then takes his spot! Dani shows up, and Rahne attacks her as well. Dani defeats Rahne, and they have a little chat. Rahne doesn't think she can control the wolf anymore, but Dani knows better, and she doesnt need a telepathic link to tell her that. Rahne finally transforms back to her human form, and the two walk home.

    Back at school, Laurie explains how she finally chose to use her powers and had some control over it. Sofia is happy for her, but they overhear some bad news... Warren can't come back for another hour, but by then Josh will be dead. David and Nori think up a plan. They realized they dont need Warren, Josh is a healer too! They just need to wake him up. David is picking up all of Annie's and Beast's medical knowledge, so he knows what meds Josh is on, and how to undo the IV and everything else. They plan on taking Josh off his meds, and having Surge shock him awake.

    Beast tries to stop them, but as usual, David is right. Nori shocks Josh awake, and he moans in agony, because he's got a huge hole in his body. Laurie grabs his hand and places it on his chest. David offers some encouraging words.

    *David: "Don't leave us now, buddy...we were just starting to like you."*

    There's a blinding flash of light, and Josh wakes up... golden! He doesnt know why everyone's staring at him. Or why he's crying. He feels all goofy and happy (but that's Laurie's fault). This is when Nori quietly slips away... she doesn't do "kodak moments". Josh will have to get used to this new look, but the group is just happy that he's alive right now. He and Laurie hold hands and share a tender moment as he thanks her for saving his life.

    Just then, Dani and Rahne walk in, and Josh forgets all about Laurie for the moment. He tries to mack on Rahne again, and calls himself "the man" for bringing her powers back. Rahne storms out, Dani rolls her eyes, and Josh is just confused.

    *David: "We definitely need to work on your people skills."*

    Later that evening, Dani comes back to talk to Josh alone. He apologizes for being such a hassal, and suggests that she let him switch to another advisor. But Dani won't have that. She explains that now, she is officially Josh's legal guardian. So if she's tough on him, its because thats how parents are supposed to act.

    The next day, Dani and Nori walk down to The Grindstone to apologize to Luna. Surge explains what happened, and then asked to pay of her debt to Luna by working at the Grindstone. Just then, the group walks in and orders some drinks. Luna prepares them, and Nori delivers them to the laughing group at a table by the window.

    This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship!



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