New Mutants #9

    New Mutants » New Mutants #9 - The Ties That Bind 3 of 6 released by Marvel on February 2004.

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    The pressures of school and family begin to take their toll on the students – and teachers – at Xavier's. Sofia loses her temper, and gains a dangerous new mentor, while one student finds the pressure too much to bear…

    News channels are reporting a rumbling from Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member Avalanche. Havok and Nightcrawler are on their way to stop this nefarious fiend, but a mysterious female biker beats them to the kick.

    Back at the Institute, now that Josh has reconciled with the New Mutants Laurie finally gathers the courage to invite Josh to lunch with the gang. Julian pranks Joshua in retaliation, to which Sofia responds by blowing his food tray into Julian's chest.

    The kids have heard about one of the old New Mutants returning. With Wolbsane the only one unaccounted for, Josh expects a homely, shy girl to show up. Much to his surprise and Moonstar and Karma's excitement, Rahne is all grown up, decked in rocker gear, ripped jeans, and a more revealing outfit.

    Laurie is instantly jealous of the attention Josh gives the veteran New Mutant.

    Rahne's taken a different outlook on life, but her eyes definitely indicate something deeper is happening here (probably much to do with losing her foster mother Dr. Moira MacTaggert and the loss of her powers from Forge's neutralizing gun thing). She's ditched the boyish locks, the timid nature, and even her accent.

    Rahne Sinclair: " "dinnae 'spect" me to talk like a "wee lass" my whole life, did you?"

    The kids take Josh for the first time to the Grind Stone. On their way there, while he's complaining, he recognizes the homeless girl from last issue that Julian turned away from the mansion. She looks hopeless and depressed sitting on the edge of the sidewalk.

    The kids enter the Grind Stone and ask for Luna and the kids learn there had been an accident.

    They run to Dani and Shan who are still catching up on old times with Rahne. Josh connects the dots and the kids really want to do something about it. Dani tells them they've been in enough trouble already and that they should let the adults handle it.

    Josh fiddles around in his room while David studies when Rahne shows up at their door, ready for some adventure. To get more fire power, they decide to bring along the girls.

    When Laurie sees Rahne is the orchestrator, she doesn't take it too well.

    Sofia whoooshes Laurie's pheromones away before they can do any harm by affecting the group's mood.

    The kids encounter a bum who tells them about the girl named Surge. He directs them to a drug dealer named Click who might know where she is.

    All of a sudden, David picks up Japanese through his powers. They find their target and Josh tells them to take the pills away from her or she might "explode" again. Sofia knocks the pills out of her hand and the young Japanese girl emits a burst of electricity yelling that she cannot control her powers without them.



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