New Mutants #6

    New Mutants » New Mutants #6 - (Just Like) Starting Over released by Marvel on December 2003.

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    In the ultimate showdown with the Reavers, the New Mutants put their powers to the test and discover a potential new teammate. But when the kids encounter a danger from within, will they band together to become a team or will they be overwhelmed by a power that is too dark and great to handle?

    The Reavers who had kidnapped Walter Barrett (Sofia's father) and his butler, Derek, want to help out their fellow Reavers in the battle from last issue. The two hostages have an opportunity to escape, which Walter plans to take, but Derek wants to help Sofia.

    Derek joins the fight, but the violence is put to an end when Karma arrives at the scene and uses her mind control powers on all of the Reavers.

    Laurie, after being stabbed last issue, is dying--perhaps even dead. Donald Pierce taunts Kevin, who threatens to use his withering powers.

    Danielle Moonstar notices Kevin decaying Pierce's face and forces him to stop with an illusion of Kevin's worst fear: using his devastating powers on Laurie.

    Meanwhile, Joshua puts his hands on Laurie's wounds and heals them with his newfound mutant abilities.

    Danielle reluctantly offers Josh enrollment at Xavier's, but he refuses, still in denial of his own mutant status.

    But when Josh returns home, a group of his Reaver friends, including his friend Duncan, are waiting for him at his doorstep. His parents look through the window as Josh is beat up by the three guys. Josh reaches out to his parents but they leave the window.

    At the institute, the students return and they are greeted by Professor X and Laurie's mother. Danielle explains to Professor X what happened with Josh, but is more concerned about Kevin and having been forced to use her power on him. The Professor suggests she talk to him.

    Remorseful, Danielle apologizes to Kevin, who is seen packing his bags. He thinks she was right to make him see that illusion and he now sees that he can't be at Xavier's until he learns to control his powers. Danielle wants him to stay, but Kevin declines.

    *Kevin Ford: "We can't make it work. When I had my hands on Pierce, it felt good. It felt natural."*

    Danielle tries to stop him but Kevin gives his goodbyes.

    The other kids loiter in the front yard until they're greeted by Joshua at the gates, trying to be let in.

    Joshua explains his situation and reveals his parents kicked him out of the house. Sofia, who sympathizes with his situation, takes him to see Professor Xavier about joining the school.

    Meanwhile, Danielle decides she no longer wants to recruit kids because she screwed up Kevin's life. She walks away from Professor Xavier rather distressed and heads to the Danger Room to release some aggression.

    The issue ends with Dani trying to leave, but she is ambushed by all of the kids she had recruited. Sofia, Laurie, and David all select her to be their school advisers. Realizing her influence had also lead to success, Danielle decides to remain at the Institute as a teacher to her new pupils.



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