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    It's Captain America, Iron Man and the other greatest champions of Earth taking on Thanos, who possesses the Infinity Gauntlet. And the heroes...lose?!? But what plan do Adam Warlock and the Silver Surfer have to defeat Thanos?

    Earth's heroes have descended upon Thanos is a attempt to defeat his maniacal plots. They are simply no match for Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. Mephisto points out that Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer are not engaging in the battle.

    Thanos realizes, with the manipulation of Mephisto, that he cannot impress Death with the full abilities of the gauntlet. He must show courage in the face of his enemies. He turns off all the gems power except the Power Gem to even the playing field. He still has limitless power just no cosmic awareness.

    Even in the limited state he has placed himself in Earth's heroes are no match for him but have a better chance. The might of Hulk and Drax are still not enough. Under Captain America's leadership they seem to have some hope.

    The Surfer is growing impatient. Warlock has not yet revealed his plans for the Surfer, so that Thanos cannot steal those plans from his mind.

    Thanos dispatches of She Hulk and Namor by encasing them in stone. He blasts Doctor Doom, whose only goal is to get the Infinity Gauntlet for himself. Thunderstrike puts up a challenge for Thanos but it's still not enough. Wolverine gets the drop on Thanos and buries his claws into Thanos' chest, but even this proves not to phase him. One by one they all fall to Thanos. Thunderstrike is turned into glass and broken, Cyclops is suffocated and he turns Nova into toy blocks. Spider-Man and Iron Man are killed by Terraxia. Quasar is defeated under Thanos' power.

    The final combatant is Captain America who still stands to fight. Thanos shatteres his shield in one blow. As he goes to finish him off, Warlock and the Surfer make their move. But Thanos is aware of them and the Surfer cannot manage to take the gauntlet from him.

    Now the big guns arrive to battle, the cosmic entities of the universe.


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    The issue opens spectacularly enough: Jim Starlin's script has a George Pérez splash page featuring the Eric Masters Thor, Firelord, Namor and Iron Man bearing down on Thanos. All that is visible on the splash is The Mad Titan's smile. Using The Gauntlet, he stops time. With another snap, time picks up again. Only this time, Starlin's script is picked up by Ron Lim! Starlin, Lim and Thanos take down the heroes facing The Mad Titan. While Adam Warlock and The Silver Surfer look on. When th...

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