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    A cosmic being that is the embodiment of the abstract concept of love. It manifests as several differences in its appearance but most usually takes the form of a beautiful tall blond humanoid with pink colored flowing garbs.

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    The being known as Mistress Love is what is the physical manifestation of the embodiment of the power of love. The gender that Love presents if fluid and ever changing with any scientist or non sentient being that loves.


    Mistress Love is a Marvel Comics character which was created by J.M DeMatiies and Don Perlin for use in the series titled the Defenders. However it was a manifestation of Love and appeared in almost male form. This first actual appearance of Love was in Defenders, Volume 1, #107 released in 1982. As represented as Mistress Love the character 1st appearance was in Silver Surfer #


    Mistress Love is an abstract being who is the cosmic embodiment of love itself. How she came to be and her true origins are shrouded in mystery. She is worshiped by the Amaru people and in return she has given them paranormal abilities. She first appeared to the Asgardian known as the Enchantress who was seeking true love. However, in order to deem Amora worthy of her gifts Love tested her which pitted the Enchantress against the Defenders. Having failed the test, Love abandoned the Enchantress and returned to the cosmos.

    Love/ Hate relationship
    Love/ Hate relationship

    Sometime later when Thanos of Titan had the Infinity Gauntlet in his possession Love, and Master Hate were among several other cosmic entities who wished to remove the power from Thanos. During the battle that followed both Master Hate and Mistress Love were turned to statues alongside the other cosmic entities. However after Nebula gained control of the glove, Love and the other entities again fought and were once again defeated. Things changed yet again once Adam Warlock managed to gain control of the glove from Nebula and using the Infinity Gauntlet Warlock returned all to normal once more.

    Once again Mistress Love and Master Hate were called from the infinite to attended a hearing presented by Eternity, the Living Tribunal and numerous other cosmic beings to decide whether Adam should continue to have the gauntlet or to take it away from him. The Tribunal decided instead to spread the Infinity Gems to others. After the hearing ended Mistress Love and her counter-part Master Hate left.

    Later a girl had fallen in love with the Silver Surfer and Love appeared to her when she was summoned by an Amaru ritual. Sympathetic to her plea Love turned her into Avatar, an avatar of love. However Love’s opposite Master Hate was watching and offered Avatar additional strength. She accepted and became even more powerful. She confronted the Silver Surfer and was eventually defeated by him. Later Thanos again gained immense power when he gained control of the Heart of the Infinites and was confronted by Love, Hate, and other cosmic entities. However due to his immense power she along with the other cosmic entities were easily defeated. Thanos then destroyed the universe, but then had a change of heart and recreated it and everyone in it. Love and the other cosmic entities were among those who where recreated. Mistress Loves current whereabouts are unknown.

    Powers and Abilities

    Love happens when you least expect it
    Love happens when you least expect it

    Mistress Love is one of the most powerful beings that exists in the Universe. Mistress Love, can control and manipulate the love that exists in other beings, up to various degrees. Essentially meaning that Mistress Love can cause extreme jubilation and joy associated with the euphoria of love, or the deepest lows of despair and desperation. As an abstract concept, Mistress Love is immune to the affects of aging and disease and can not be harmed or injured by conventional means.

    As long as any being can know and experience love, Mistress Love is said to exist. Mistress Love employs a manifested body, and as such, is not truly a mistress, not having any gender, or sex, in the traditional sense. As well as being able to appear as any form. Mistress Love usually chooses to appear in a very feminized form however.

    Mistress Love at one time united with Master Hate and they used they're considerable energies to grant powers to an agent together, creating a powerful Avatar. Mistress Love has since utilized abilities to empower other worshipers or those that called upon Mistress Loves aid to bestow others with awesome cosmic abilities. They once empowered an agent together, creating the powerful Avatar.

    Mistress Love has also demonstrated the ability to manipulate energies and project massive amounts of powerful energy bolts.


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