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    The Firelord started life as Pyreus Kril on the planet Xander home to the legendary Nova Corps. He was once one of the Heralds of Galactus.

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    New Friends
    New Friends

    Pyreus Kril grew up on Xander, homeworld of the Nova Corps as an orphan living in the Lower Castel and worked his way up until he was eventually accepted to the Nova Corps. Through the many years he toiled towards his goal, he came to idolize certain legendary commander by the name of Gabriel Lan, whom he mentioned during a lecture as being a pineal example of what the Xandarian Empire stood for. Much to his surprise, his hero was in the audience. After talking for a time to Lan, Pyreus came to know what kind of life it would be serving the Empire: a lonely one and one without friends, to which Pyreus announced that Lan had made his first friend.

    Sometime later, Lan had become disillusioned with his career and what the Empire stood for. He remembered his new friend's ambitious nature and young idealism, and drove him to take a post on the “Way-Opener” on a scouting mission that many--including those on the council--would see as something beneath a man of his stature. Around the same time, Pyreus had graduated from the academy and once he learned of his friend’s new command he quickly volunteered for the opportunity to serve under his hero.

    Story Arcs

    Onboard The Way-Opener

    The Crew of The Way-Opener
    The Crew of The Way-Opener

    Pyreus serves as Lan’s first mate on the Way-Finder, battling such threats as the Skrulls and other cosmic abominations. He even develops a relationship with the navigator, Cortellia. After three years, Lan becomes weary of command its responsibilities, advising Pyreus to take full advantage of his youth and the opportunities that it presents. Events then unfold that begin to change Pyreus’s life forever as the Way-Opener comes across a ship of unknown power and origin that disables the Way-Opener and abducts Lan.

    Pyreus suspects the world devourer known as Galactus is responsible. Now in command, he advises his crew to move swiftly if there is to be any chance to save Lan. The Admiral, however, forbids any attempt at a rescue fearing the wrath of Galactus. Pyreus disobeys, as do the entire crew of the Way-Opener, and their journey to find their lost Captain begins.


    Becoming The Firelord
    Becoming The Firelord

    The Way-Opener's pursuit of Galactus creates a stir within the Empire, with their defiance gives them a hero-like status. The Admiral, although privately hopeful of the mission, is unable to give them aid in any form despite his daughter being among the crew.

    After landing on a recently ravaged planet, the crew manages to find a survivor who speaks of a creature that came before the world eater, a harbinger of doom that he called “Air-walker.” Before Pyreus can plan his next move however, Galactus ensnares the ship. Making the safety of his crew his top priority, Pyreus has them abandon ship. He bids an emotional farewell to Cortellia before the shuttle takes off and the Way-Opener is destroyed. Galactus saves Pyreus knowing full well why he had hounded him through the galaxy and offers him the knowledge he seeks in turn for his service as his new herald. Pyreus agrees and is endowed with the Power Cosmic, becoming Firelord.

    Galactus then imparts the tale of how Gabriel Lan had been transformed and of his fate. He then removes Pyreus’s memories, making the transformation complete.

    Herald of Galactus


    Firelord serves loyally for a time, but then asks for his freedom. Galactus agrees on the promise Pyreus would provide a suitable replacement herald. After an agreement with Thor, the herald offers the Destroyer armor, meaning sentient heralds were replaced for a while by an emotionless device.

    Firelord has several adventures after, either alone or with other adventurers. He fights against the X-Men and the Avengers for example. He suffers a humiliating defeat by Spider-Man. He is much stronger than the latter opponent but is too slow to actually get a single strike against Spidey. Spider-Man uses his agility to land repeated strikes and manages to knock him out.

    After the destruction of his homeworld, he and Starfox seek out Nebula, the one responsible for the destruction and death of billions. He plans for vengeance. In the search, he finds the whereabouts of Silver Surfer. He blames Surfer for Gabriel's death, believing that if Surfer had not stopped being Galactus's herald, he would not have chosen Gabriel. He fights Surfer, but was no match for him. He eventually realizes Surfer was not at fault and they have been allies ever since. He spends a lot of time with Starfox on Titan after this. When Thanos abducts Starfox, he and Drax search for him. Firelord fights alongside other heroes against Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet. After the Infinity Gauntlet, Firelord finds Nebula detained on Titan. He plans to kill her to avenge the death of his race. Starfox stops him by linking their minds so he can feel her pain. He can not forgive her, but he pities her after this. He then goes on some adventures with Starfox.

    The Herald Ordeal

    Former Heralds Unite
    Former Heralds Unite

    After Starfox returns home, Firelord was sought out by Silver Surfer. Despite their past, he asks for his assistance. Together, they gather the other former heralds of Galactus to battle Morg, Galactus's new herald and a bloodthirsty murderer. They find Nova, and Firelord brings them all to the location where he buried the robotic body of Air-Walker. They resurrect him and help him remember who he is. Firelord is severely injured in the subsequent battle with Morg. When Galactus removes Morg's cosmic power, they are able to defeat him. Since he has no other place to be, he offers his services once again to Galactus along with Air-Walker. They become his new heralds and try to steer Galactus away from populated worlds. With Galactus's technology, he is also better able to repair Air-Walker.

    Later Events

    During the Infinity Crusade, Firelord is controlled by the Goddess, who makes him a member of her Holy Guard. When Silver Surfer defects from the group, Firelord attacks the infidel. His power not being as great as Surfer's causes his defeat. The spell is broken when he and the other members witness the true plans of the Goddess, which is to destroy all life in the universe. Firelord is no longer needed as herald when Morg returns from his imprisonment. Morg kills Air-Walker and brings Firelord near to death. Surfer defeats Morg and arranges to have Galactus heal Firelord. His friend is too damaged and has to be integrated into Galactus's ship and Firelord leaves with Surfer.

    Without any companionship. Firelord wandered the cosmos seeking populated worlds, but found nothing to fill the void. He was befriended by a man named Zakaius on the planet Luarei, but was soon drained of his life force as Firelord had been labeled an enemy of Lord Domitian. Lifeless, his body and staff were found by a native boy named Harkort and his body was ultimately treated as a god's.

    Firelord was able to contact Adam Warlock through the soul gem as he now found himself in Soul World. Warlock and the Infinity Watch were able to defeat Domitian and Firelord's life force and soul were returned to his body.


    Firelord and the other Heralds fight the Annihilation Wave
    Firelord and the other Heralds fight the Annihilation Wave

    Firelord becomes the target of the Seekers during Annihilation. The Seekers were designed specifically to capture the Heralds of Galactus for their master Annihilus. Firelord teams up with Red Shift and they eventually find Silver Surfer. When Surfer is summoned by Galactus, his current herald Stardust remains with Firelord to face the Seekers and the Annihilation Wave. As a former herald of Galactus, Firelord teams up with Stardust and Red Shift to battle against the Annihilation Wave. Firelord is able to capture one of Annihilus's queens and ensure a victory for those of the Positive Zone. Firelord is pretty banged up from the battle, having exhausted his power, and he is placed in a chamber for healing.

    After the Annihilation Wave retreats back to the Negative Zone, Firelord begins to hunt down the Centurions, the remnants of Annihilus's elite strike force. He charges them all with war crimes and kills as many as he can. Through a treaty, Ravenous is left in control of most of the Skrull and Kree worlds, which he gives to his Centurions. Firelord hunts them down, one by one, doing the job the Nova Corps would have done if they were still active.


    Pyreus still wields the Power Cosmic, using it in the form of "cosmic flames" and has essentially been given the power of a living star. He has strength sufficient to lift 50 tons, and superhuman reflexes and durability, traits common to all heralds. He is immune to the rigors of space and can travel faster than the speed of light. His durability has allowed him to take punches from the likes of Thor, Hercules, Drax and Terrax while remaining conscious. He wields a cosmic staff that can be used to focus his energies. Firelord can reach extremely high temperatures, enough to effortlessly keep blazing underwater in the middle of the sea, as well as hot enough to hurt the likes of Thor, Hercules, Colossus and Silver Surfer. He can also absorb heat at will, and was able to outperform Human Torch at this. In one instance he destroyed a meteor stated to be the size of a small planet without much effort. Firelord can also fly at speeds faster than light for quite a while.

    Alternate Realities

    Earth 691

    At some point in the 30th century, Firelord teams up with Silver Surfer (the current Protector of the Universe) and Dargo to defend Earth from Galactus.

    In the 31st Century, Firelord takes the role of interim Protector of the Universe. He continues his search for the Quantum Bands, which disappeared along with Surfer. As Protector, he begins his search for evil aliens known as The Stark who use the armor of Iron Man to subjugate the universe and steal natural resources. He is alerted to their presence by Starhawk, and after their defeat becomes an honorary member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Firelord also assists the Guardians and the returning Surfer in fighting Galactus once again in the Alpha Centauri system. He is nearly killed by Galactus. Even though Surfer has returned, Eon still has him continue his role as interim Protector of the Universe.

    Firelord is called to Main Frame's world by Martinex to help defeat a computer virus. He and the others called become the Galactic Guardians.

    Earth 2149

    In this reality, Firelord is one of the few cosmic zombies. He has his bottom jaw smacked off in a fight for flesh. He is later killed by Hulk by being punched in the face.

    Heroes Reborn

    In the Heroes Reborn world, Firelord is one of five heralds of Galactus. He sacrifices himself so that his home planet Xandar can survive Galactus's hunger. Although he does not approve of what Galactus does, he is loyal to him, having made a vow to serve in exchange for the lives of his race.

    Other Media


    Super Hero Squad (2009)

    Firelord made his first appearance on the animated Super Hero Squad as a herald of Galactus in the episode 'Last Exit Before Doomsday'.

    Animated Firelord
    Animated Firelord

    The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010)

    Firelord appears alongside 3 other Heralds of Galactus in this 2010 produced animated television series. The episode is "Avengers Assemble" and marks the end of season two of the series as well as the final episode for the overall series. Galactus has come to Earth and brought his Heralds Air-Walker, Firelord, Stardust, and Terrax to aid in constructing devices on Earth that would allow Galactus to devour the planet's anti-matter energies. Groups of Avengers must fight off each Herald. Captain America, Quake, War Machine, Spider-man and Iron Fist face off against Terrax. Antman, Hulk, Invisible Woman, and Black Panther face off against Firelord. Thor, Black Widow and Vision, face off against Air-Walker. Wolverine, Human Torch, Wasp and Thing face off against Stardust.


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