Great Powers of the Universe

    Team » Great Powers of the Universe appears in 76 issues.

    When a threat is great enough, the cosmic beings of the the universe unite.

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    Note: Not to be confused with the Elders of the Universe.


    Whenever a problem arises with the natural flow of the Universe, many of the abstract and conceptual entities are heralded together to confront the problem themselves and restore the Universe to it's natural unthreatened state of being.


    The "Cosmic Brigade" are a non-team, an assortment of a type of character, and as such the topic of their creation is debatable. Readers would largely cite Jim Starlin as the creator of the "team", due to their large part in The Infinity Gauntlet, although the team appeared prior, most notably in the Secret Wars II crossover. Their first appearance was in the non-canon What If? #32 by Mark Gruenwald, making him technically their true creator.


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