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    Part of an ancient alien race, Uatu the Watcher is an incredibly powerful being that has sworn never to interfere with the happenings of the Universe, only to watch, yet he has broken this oath several times.

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    The Watcher is many times the superior of any mere man. All he does is travel his lonely route, stopping from time to time to look around as history unfolds. It is as if his only mission is to watch. His home planet is at the furthest end of the known universe, a planet containing the greatest scientific wonders of all time. If one was to seize some of these scientific treasures, he would have such power as no human has ever dreamed of possessing.

    One of the first races in the universe, The Watchers developed technology and evolved billions of years before nearly all species. With the best of intentions the Watchers used this knowledge to interfere with the evolutionary and technological advancements of a primitive species. The residents of Prosilicus, not ready for these advancements annihilated one another with this new technology.

    The Watchers horrified by these actions, swore to only observe and never to interfere with the happenings of the universes

    Later, A Watcher observed a not yet formed Galactus in a cocoon. Honoring their oath of non-interference the Watcher watched as Galactus came to be the Devourer of Worlds.


    The Watcher assigned to observe Earth and its solar system is named Uatu. Uatu has broken his oath on numerous occasions.

    The first time that the watcher came to Earth was when a future Captain America was sent back in time to 1602 A.D., he then got help from a Elizabethan-era version of Doctor Strange who helped create a time portal fixing the reality of Earth.

    In a more modern time Uatu was first seen by the Fantastic Four when they went to the Moons' Blue area. Here they met the Watcher who was going to wipe their memories when Red Ghost had entered the Blue area of the moon with his team of super apes. They attacked the Thing and Uatu stopped the fight stating that the Fantastic Four would fight Red Ghost and his group of super apes. Uatu admired how the Fantastic Four fought and decided not to wipe their memories of their meeting.

    He later warned them about the coming of Molecule Man who was given the ability to control matter after a lab accident. After his defeat the Watcher sent him to another dimension where time moved much faster there than in his normal universe, it also lowered his powers so he couldn't use is powers to escape.

    During Reed and Sue's wedding he stopped a horde of super villains by bringing them to the blue area of the moon and then erasing their memories. He said that Reed and Sue could have their honeymoon on the Blue area of the Moon, he also told them that they would be the only people in the galaxy who he would not be watching that night.

    When Galactus first came to Earth he tried to hide it from him, but when that failed he helped the Human Torch find the Ultimate Nullifier to defeat him, breaking his oath of non-interference.

    Uatu disgraced himself by physically opposing Captain Marvel after taking sides with the lunatic legion, a team of Mar-Vell hating Krees. For this Uatu was put on trial by his own people for interfering in earth affairs. He was set free because he promised that he wouldn't interfere again.

    Uatu has also collaborated with the mutant team, X-Men, and he seems to have a history with Apocalypse, as they are seen discussing about the conflict between the heroes and Onslaught.

    With the coming of Abraxas, the Fantastic Four visited Uatu on the Moon only to find that his equipment was off and Uatu himself was suffering from memory loss. Eventually, Uatu slipped into a coma. The heroes of Earth soon learned that Abraxas was after the Watcher because he was the only being to know the secret location of the Ultimate Nullifier. The Silver Surfer used his powers to transport Uatu far from Abraxas' reach, but at the cost of his own life. After Abraxas' defeat, the universe was restored to it's normal state, as was the Watcher.

    His recent appearances with the heroes was when he witnessed the wedding of Black Panther and Storm. It had been said that if the Watcher is witnessing an event, it means that this event is a very important moment. He also told the newlyweds that their children have a very important destiny ahead of them.

    During the Civil War, he came to Doctor Strange and asked about the coming conflict and why he hadn't use his powers to stop the war. Strange answered that he doesn't take sides and that both sides of the war are both right and wrong in some ways, and he stated that he will pray for the least amount of blood being shed after the war. Uatu reflects on this.

    Uatu broke his deal of non-interference yet again when Eternity was dying. He assisted the Fantastic Four and Doctor Strange in performing surgery on Eternity by transporting them the hero Gravity from Earth. He knew that Gravity could manipulate a fundamental force capable of saving Eternity, and with him all of reality.

    He briefly appears in Issue 4 of Hulk, where he comes to Earth to stop Red Hulk but is swiftly knocked out with one punch by the Red Hulk and does not appear again.

    When the Future Foundation are transported to Uatu's home by the Impossible Man, it is revealed that he has a girlfriend, Ulana, who is pregnant.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Watcher has an eternity to stand and watch, there is almost nothing he does not see, almost nothing he does not know. For he is the Watcher.

    He is forbidden to interfere with the acts of others. Though he has the power to shatter planets, to make galaxies tremble, he may only stand, and watch. However, the Watcher may act only if it is to preserve his own safety.

    The Watcher is not all-powerful. The seeming miracles he accomplishes are done through mastery of science which no human brain can remotely comprehend.

    The Watchers are cosmic beings, who possess the innate ability to achieve virtually any effect desired, including augmenting personal attributes, time and space manipulation, molecular manipulation, energy projection and a range of mental powers. They also have access to incredibly advanced technology.

    Alternate Versions

    Earth X (Earth-9997)

    In this reality, the Watcher are the slaves of the Celestials because they did not intervene in the birth of Galactus. As punishment for this, they are force to watch the destruction of planets by the Celestial egg hatching inside of it. Uatu has become a non caring character that feels superior from the Earthlings he watches.

    Other Media


    Silver Surfer
    Silver Surfer
    What If...?
    What If...?
    • Uatu made two appearances in the 1967 Fantastic Four animated series, voiced by Paul Frees.
    • Uatu the Watcher appeared in the "Incredible Hulk" segment of the animated series The Marvel Super Heroes.
    • Uatu made a cameo appearance in the X-Men animated series during the "Dark Phoenix Saga" storyline.
    • Uatu made an appearance in the 1994 Fantastic Four animated series, voiced by Alan Oppenheimer.
    • Uatu made appearances on the Silver Surfer animated series, voiced by Denis Akiyama and Colin Fox.
    • Uatu appears in The Super Hero Squad Show episode "Tremble at the Might of...MODOK", voiced by Dave Boat. He makes an appearance at the Big Really Amazing Immense Noggin Convention telling MODOK what happens in Big Head Super Team-Up #141, until MODOK interrupts him stating that he will obtain the Infinity Fractal and use it to overthrow Doctor Doom and defeat the Super Hero Squad. Uatu just states, "Well, this I have got to see." Around the end of the episode, Uatu looks into the window as Doctor Doom uses MODOK as a test subject in his Weapons Testing Chamber. He is later seen in "This Al Dente Earth" sitting in a recliner, eating popcorn, and taking pictures with his cell phone of the battle between the heroes and Galactus.
    • Uatu appears in Avengers Assemble and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., voiced by Clancy Brown.
    • The Watcher appears as the main character and narrator of What If...?, voiced by Jeffrey Wright.

    Video Games

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    • Uatu shows up in the What If...? mode of the PlayStation Spider-Man video game, voiced by Laurence Fishburne.
    • Uatu is one of 140 characters in the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance video game, voiced by Phil LaMarr. He has special dialogue with each member of the Fantastic Four.
    • Uatu appears in Marvel Heroes, voiced by Vic Mignogna.
    • Uatu appears as the narrator of Avengers: Battle for Earth, voiced by Steve Blum.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Uatu was featured in the Marvel Select line from Diamond Collectibles.
    • Bowen Designs produced a bust of Uatu.
    • The Watcher was featured in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Uatu was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Uatu was featured in Lego's product line for the What If...? animated series.
    • Uatu was the subject of a Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro.

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