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    Well suited to his name, the only time the Stranger's agenda was clear was when he joined forces against Thanos during the interstellar struggle for the Infinity Gauntlet.

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    The Stranger was born with the accumulated energy and intelligence from a race of beings who lived in the Andromeda Galaxy from the planet Gigantus. This race was soon conquered by the Eternians. As the planet fell, the Stranger became very surprised and wanted to seek more knowledge about living things. This though maybe only what the Stranger wants us to believe, His origin maybe a mystery even to himself. It has been stated by the Living Tribunal that he offered the Stranger the fourth face of his existence to represent the Stranger, but uninterested or not ready, the Stranger refused. The reason this position was offered to the Stranger is still a mystery.


    The Stranger is a Marvel comic book character that was created by legendary comic creative duo Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The character first appears in Uncanny X-Men #11 released in 1965.

    Major Story Arcs

    Journey to Earth

    The Stranger came to Earth and was very curious about this race of beings as there were mutants and superhumans around. The Stranger took Magneto and the Toad to his own base in order to study them. After he experimented on them, he drew to a conclusion that humans were dangerous and that this race would be the future threat to the omniverse. He came back to Earth to show the humans the folly of their warlike ways but was stopped by the Incredible Hulk. Before he left, he took with him another specimen - Abomination. After this his goal was extermination. His first plan was to erase all life on earth by using a Null-Life Bomb. He was stopped by the Silver Surfer with the help of his friend Al Harper. Afterward, he attacked Earth several times and wanted to limit Earth's population. After his defeat on Earth, he began to observe the humans and changed his views about them. He then drew to a new conclusion saying that humans were the potential of good. He then helped the humans in several other occasions.

    Kree Skrull War

    The Stranger had some involvement in the Second Kree-Skrull War. He attempted to take S'byll to experiment on her and seemingly on the side of the Kree. When he next appeared he stopped the Silver Surfer from interfering with the battle between Nenora and S'byll. It would seem he may have been watching the war for his own amusement. The Silver Surfer chased him after the war to get an explanation. He told the Surfer he was studying specimens in their habitat. But all that the Stranger says is a lie, for he must remain a stranger. The Stranger also participated in the Infinty Gauntlet in an attempt to stop the evil Thanos. It was revealed recently that the Stranger disguised himself as the Beyonder and captures several heroes and villains and forces them into battle for the purpose of study. This is known as the Secret Wars. This was later retconned, the Beyonder would later be a mutant Inhuman. Or is it? A being with that much power can do anything. On several different times, the Stranger has used his Lab-World to conduct experiments on different beings.

    Astonishing Thor

    When strange weather phenomena starts to become destructive, the thundergod Thor heads to space to find the cause of the extreme disturbance. Realizing its the living planet Ego, Thor lands on the sentient planet determined to stop it from venturing any closer to Earth. However the Stranger makes his appearance attacking Thor as well as revealing his hand in the creation of both Ego and Alter-Ego. Eventually it was revealed that the Stranger had created both as an experiment to see which sentient planet would have the greater will, the free Ego, or Alter Ego who had been in captivity by the Collector. Stranger planned for both gigantic livings beings to fight each other to death, however the Asgardian Thor would intervene and unravel the Stranger's plan instead helping Ego and Alter Ego recognize their connection and embrace each other, Counter Ego becoming a satellite to Ego

    Powers and Abilities

    The Stranger possesses extraordinarily powerful levels of strength, stamina, speed, durability, energy projection, endurance and resilience. The Stranger is also extremely intelligent, as well as a fond researcher and scientist. The Stranger possesses extremely powerful cosmic energy and psionic powers, and he may channel the power cosmic for multiples uses to the extent he so desires, such as using the energy for flight, energy generation, emanation, projection and force-fields. The Stranger can also utilize such energies for offensive bolts. The Stranger is a size and shape manipulator capable of altering his size from that of a typical human to sizes comparable to the cosmic entity of balance Galactus. The Stranger is also capable of teleporting virtually anywhere he would desire, even across realities and dimensions. The Stranger's strength allow him to lift in excess of 100 tons. The Stranger is for all intents and purposes, functionally immortal, and is highly resistant to all conventional forms of injury. Stranger's home world and basis of operation is Laboratory World.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: Variable

    Weight: Variable

    Hair: White

    Eyes: Glowing White

    Alternate Version


    In this reality also known as War of the Worlds the Stranger appears. The Stranger depicted is essentially the same as his mainstream counterpart. This reality is also well known for harboring the original Guardians of the Galaxy.


    The Stranger also appears in this reality and appears much the same as his traditional mainstream counterpart.


    Stranger appears in this reality which distinguishes itself from the mainstream 616 reality in that the Abomination successfully escapes the Stranger's laboratory.


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