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    Norrin Radd of Zenn-La is the mighty herald of Galactus, the devourer of worlds. Gifted with the Power Cosmic and a trusty board that's faster than lightspeed, which he can summon at will whenever needed, Norrin Radd travels to distant reaches throughout the universe as the Silver Surfer.

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    Norrin Radd, a herald of Galactus now known as the Silver Surfer.
    Norrin Radd, a herald of Galactus now known as the Silver Surfer.

    Norrin Radd lived on the peaceful planet Zenn-La (Deneb System, Milky Way Galaxy). The Zenn-Lavians effectively eliminated the plagues commonly associated with human life on Earth, such as hunger, disease, crime, and war. The result of their quest for advancement and scientific discovery, in effect, created a Utopian society. Norrin's parents were Jartran and Elmar Radd. Jartran was a scientist, and Norrin followed in his footsteps, constantly studying. Unable to cope with what Zenn-La had become (a society that had devolved into hedonism and, in essence, become directionless), Norrin's mother Elmar committed suicide when he was very young. Norrin always blamed himself for this.

    After his mother's passing, Norrin was nurtured by his father to become a great man. When Norrin entered manhood, his father was implicated in the theft of ideas belonging to another scientist. When Norrin confronted his father, he admitted negligence. Disgusted by his father's actions, Norrin completely withdrew from him. Depressed by his indiscretion made public and the apparent lack of support from his son, Jartran committed suicide.

    Much like his mother and father, Norrin also dreamed of a society that had more substance. He believed that no goals were left to be achieved on Zenn-La. He was filled with discontent and often went to the museum to watch holograms of Zenn-La's past that revolved around their wars and space travel. This often troubled his girlfriend, Shalla-Bal. She believed they had all they could ever want together, but Norrin always dreamed of more.

    Norrin Radd before his transformation.
    Norrin Radd before his transformation.

    One day, their peaceful existence was threatened by the presence of Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, who subsists on the energies provided by entire planets. The Council of Scientists let Norrin use a spaceship to approach Galactus and plead on behalf of the planet. Seeing the hopeless situation of his home planet, Norrin Radd volunteered servitude to the Devourer of Worlds in order to spare Zenn-La from obliteration. Galactus accepted. Given a fraction of the Power Cosmic, and shaped by fantasies Norrin Radd entertained as a child, Galactus transformed Norrin Radd into the Silver Surfer. The Silver Surfer's main task was to find planets with the energy to satisfy Galactus's hunger.

    Over time it became more difficult to find planets without life on them. Knowing Norrin Radd would resist taking a life, Galactus deliberately altered Norrin's mind to repress his moral compass, allowing Norrin Radd to more efficiently carry out the grim task of finding suitable planets to feed upon.

    A decidedly introspective character plagued by the sins of his past, Norrin Radd forever seeks redemption, endeavoring to carry out justice throughout the universe.


    First Cover Appearance - Fantastic Four #49
    First Cover Appearance - Fantastic Four #49

    The Silver Surfer was created by Jack Kirby as a supporting character added to the story of The Fantastic Four's first encounter with the world-devouring Galactus. Mr. Kirby felt that a character of Galactus’ prodigious power would employ a herald, an advance scout of sorts, to search for suitable planets with enough energy to satiate his endless hunger. Later, Mr. Stan Lee seemed to see a certain nobility in Norrin Radd and a number of religious analogies appear to be employed in Lee’s later stories revolving around the Surfer.

    Kirby was tired of characters that required spacecraft for transport in outer space so he had the Surfer employ a telepathically controlled surfboard to propel him at astronomical speeds throughout the universe. At first, Stan Lee was unsure of Kirby's extra character in the Galactus story because of this unusual design, but after becoming more familiar with his motives and role in the story, Lee finally accepted the character for the storyline and the Silver Surfer was born.

    The Surfer was introduced to comics in Fantastic Four #48 - "The Coming of Galactus" - March 1966.

    Major Story Arcs

    Forever confined to Earth.
    Forever confined to Earth.

    The Silver Surfer’s introduction begins with the Surfer bringing Galactus to Earth. In turn, Galactus was confronted by the Fantastic Four. Ben Grimm’s girlfriend, the blind sculptress Alicia Masters, managed to reach Norrin Radd’s more human side, ultimately awakening his conscience that Galactus managed to suppress for many years. The Surfer turned on his master much to Galactus' surprise. The Surfer was easily dispatched by Galactus and Reed Richards ultimately managed to repel Galactus with the Ultimate Nullifier.

    In reprisal for the Silver Surfer’s rebellious actions, Galactus created an energy barrier that would prevent the Silver Surfer from leaving Earth. No longer will he venture into space or be a witness to the universe's far-reaching wonders, his heart’s desire since he was a small child.

    Trapped on Earth

    The Power Cosmic stolen by Doom.
    The Power Cosmic stolen by Doom.

    The Surfer’s earliest contact with humanity was routinely met with fear. Entire countries reacted aggressively when the Surfer simply flew overhead, firing weapons of mass destruction at him. It seemed the Surfer would lead a life fraught with fear and rejection from Earth no matter what the circumstances. Occasionally, when he tried to help certain individuals on Earth, this too resulted in mistrust and fear. One of his worst experiences came from trying to assist Doctor Doom who tricked the Surfer and stole his cosmic powers. After his powers were returned, he had a hard time trusting any humans. He seemed a lost soul. Although they were ungrateful, the Surfer continued to protect humanity from great threats, all the while contemplating their savage and strange behavior.

    Eventually, the Silver Surfer became a hero on Earth and began to rediscover his own very human feelings, thanks in large part to blind sculptress Alicia Masters. He fought alongside many of Earth's heroes and joined the superhero group, the Defenders. He even began to trust again and eventually formed friendships with some of earth’s heroes he worked alongside, specifically Doctor Strange. But this was only temporary - the Silver Surfer was not meant to be confined to such a small space.

    But the Surfer longed to be free of his prison, to soar infinite space as he was meant to. The Surfer made repeated attempts to escape the impenetrable barrier Galactus placed around the planet. He once traveled through time to try to escape the insanity of Earth and did so successfully, only to find himself in a future where all civilizations had been destroyed. Faced with choices of being free in a dystopic, future Earth society or returning to Earth to live among a group of people who hated him, he chose the latter. He attempted to escape with the help of physicist Al Harper, but this failed as well. He was allowed to leave the barrier by Mephisto, only to find that Mephisto had kidnapped his love Shalla Bal therefore compelling his return to Earth once again to find her, while Mephisto reveled in his frustration.

    Years later, with the help of Reed Richards, he successfully escaped. His first action was to go home, to Zenn-La. When he arrived, he found the paradise of Zenn-La destroyed and the residents claiming it to be the Surfer's fault. Galactus had returned and consumed the energies after the Surfer betrayed him. When he tried to find Shalla Bal, he learned she was kidnapped by Mephisto once again. In order to save Shalla Bal he returned to Earth, only to become trapped there once again. This would not be the last time Mephisto attempted to use Shalla Bal against the Surfer and he next tried to get the Surfer to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D., but eventually failed once again.

    Free at Last

    Silver Surfer rescues Nova (Frankie Raye).
    Silver Surfer rescues Nova (Frankie Raye).

    With the Fantastic Four's help, he was able to escape the barrier. The Silver Surfer made peace with Galactus when he saved his current herald, Frankie Raye, from the Skrulls. Galactus lifted the barrier and the Surfer was free to roam the spaceways once again, something he had long yearned for since his confinement. He wished to never return to Earth, the home of his imprisonment, ever again.

    Once the barrier was lifted, the Surfer immediately thought of Zenn-La and his love Shalla Bal. He returned to find that after breaking his promise to Galactus to serve him, Galactus had returned to Zenn-La and consumed its energy. But the residents managed to escape his wrath and rebuild, with the help of Shalla Bal and the Power Cosmic he had granted her when Mephisto brought her to Earth to torment the Surfer. He proposed to Shalla Bal, now the Empress of Zenn-La, but she declined. With no place to truly call home, the Surfer returned to space.

    Surfer then was attacked by the Elders of the Universe. With the help of Mantis, he learned of their plot to kill Galactus and destroy reality. Together, the already powerful beings had gathered the Infinity Gems. He managed to stop their plot with the help of Mantis and Frankie Raye. Eternity admitted to Galactus that if not for the Surfer's help, the universe may have been destroyed. But this turned out to not be the end of the Elders' threat to Galactus, as Death would not allow the Elders Galactus consumed to die. This meant that they survived inside Galactus making him very ill. With the help of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, they traveled to the Magick Realm to retrieve the Infinity Gems. In-Betweener interfered and traveled back to Galactus to kill him. Instead, he sent Galactus back to Magick Realm. Silver Surfer appealed to Chaos and Master Order of what the In-Betweener had done and they freed the Elders from a very angry Galactus.

    Alignment with the Skrulls

    The Surfer soon found himself in the middle of the Second Kree/Skrull War. At first, he remained neutral but through a Skrull trick, he ended up joining their side. He had helped the Super Skrull to escape the Eternals and helped to restore the Skrulls shape-shifting powers. The Kree knew of the trickery, but could not simply forgive the Surfer and made him their enemy. He was uneasy with his alliance when Reptyl joined their side and the Super Skrull was killed. Empress S'byll proved to not be as treacherous as most Skrulls after all and she and the Surfer attacked Hala themselves and defeated Nenora, the Supreme Leader. A truce was made between the races and the Surfer again soared the universe alone.

    First Meeting with Thanos

    A meeting most portent.
    A meeting most portent.

    The Surfer then met his next threat and one of his worse enemies, Thanos. Thanos was resurrected to kill half of the universe. He proved to be a very powerful and intelligent being. He faked his death so that the Surfer would not meddle in his affairs while he sought out the Infinity Gems. Thanos has the Surfer imprisoned on Dynamo City to further preoccupy him. After his escape, he met up with Thanos who had the Infinity Gauntlet. He stole the Surfer's soul and kept it in the Soul Gem. He meets Adam Warlock in the Soul World and, with his help, is able to free himself.

    Infinity Gauntlet

    A warning most dire.
    A warning most dire.

    With Thanos now in possession of the Infinity Gauntlet, he thought himself a god. To please Death, he instantly wiped out half of all life in the universe. The Surfer traveled to Earth to gain the help of any hero he could find. He was able to gather the help of Doctor Strange, the Avengers and some of Earth's mightiest heroes. Adam Warlock exited the Soul World and was best suited to lead the heroes against this growing threat.

    The Surfer had a special part in Warlock's plans. While Thanos was distracted by Earth's heroes and the gathered cosmic deities, the Surfer was to take the Gauntlet from Thanos. When the time came, he was noticed and failed to capture the gems from Thanos. After the gauntlet is taken by Nebula, the heroes need Thanos' help to get it from her. The Surfer will not accept this and attacks Thanos. Doctor Strange makes a dimension for them to fight in to settle it with each other. They battle medieval style with limited powers and the Surfer emerges victorious but refuses to kill Thanos. When he turns his back, Thanos attacks him and the Surfer yields. The heroes eventually gained control over the gauntlet and it went to Adam Warlock.

    During the Infinity Gauntlet, the Surfer faces many trials and tests. In the realm of perception the Surfer was able to destroy the demons of guilt, denial and doubt he harbored throughout his lifetime. He was able to get forgiveness for his past associations with family and love. He was also able to forgive himself. The only ones to not forgive the Surfer are the millions he brought death to as Galactus' herald. The guilt for this was something the Surfer never knew since Galactus had blocked that in his mind. He had Galactus turn the guilt in his brain back on and the Surfer could almost not bear it. He overcame this. In another reality he was able to defeat the Shadow Surfer, the dark side of himself, to finally become whole.

    Infinity War

    When the Silver Surfer learned Galactus had traveled back to Earth he was instantly concerned. He met Galactus who was seemingly abducting Doctor Strange. He tried to stop him and Galactus pitted Nova against him. Doctor Strange stopped their battle and told the Surfer he was willing to help Galactus and that the Surfer should help as well. They were able to trace the source of energy fluctuations that Galactus was concerned about and traveled toward their origin. This is the beginning of the Infinity War.

    The Surfer and Nova succeeded in protecting the ship. After this, the Surfer played a little part in defeating the Magus and fought with Earth's heroes against their evil counterparts, the doppelgangers. Magus was eventually defeated by Adam Warlock with the brilliant planning of Thanos.

    The Herald Ordeal

    The Silver Surfer learned of Galactus' dismissal of Nova in a harsh way - by being attacked by his new herald Morg. Morg soundly defeated the Surfer and left him unconscious. The Surfer knew this new herald to be unworthy of the Power Cosmic but was unable to face him alone. In addition, Galactus blocked his energy from all former heralds, making him nearly impossible to find.

    Former Heralds Unite.
    Former Heralds Unite.

    Surfer gained the assistance of Firelord despite their previous differences. Together they found Nova and resurrected Air-Walker. They all gained the cooperation of Terrax also, after battling him. Together all the former heralds of Galactus came upon Morg. Terrax realized instantly that they together were still no match for Morg, who had recently augmented his powers further through a mystical well. He suggested the Surfer speak to Galactus. The Surfer approached Galactus, but he would not listen and became frustrated with the Surfer's constant meddling. Galactus and the Surfer fought and naturally Galactus emerged the victor. The Surfer was able to finally reach Galactus by telling him that although he could kill him and all his former heralds, someone will replace them to fight the evil that is Morg. This would go on forever. Galactus agreed to remove Morg's cosmic powers.

    The Surfer arrived back on the battlefield to find nearly all the heralds downed by Morg's might. Nova managed to seemingly kill Morg, but it was all a sham and Morg attacked her when she turned her back. Nova died in the Surfer's arms. The Surfer was furious but before he could get to Morg they were stopped by Galactus. He removed Morg's Power Cosmic, but he still remained a powerful enemy. The heralds fought him and the Surfer still refused to help kill him, not wanting to sink to Morg's level. The Surfer tried to stop him, but Terrax kills Morg. At a loss, the Surfer said a few words and sent Nova's body into a nearby sun. He regretted that he would never see her again.

    The Return of Tyrant

    While the Surfer searches for Terrax, he comes across Ganymede, who believes him to be one of Tyrant's servants. After a brief battle, the Surfer convinces her that he knows nothing of this one called Tyrant. She tells the Surfer of Tyrant's threat to the universe. Fortunately, the trail the Surfer was following to Terrax also seems to be leading to Tyrant.

    Upon arrival at Tyrant's Fortress, they are attacked by Tyrant's robotic guards, which the Surfer easily dispatches. But Tyrant has plans for them and appears and easily defeats them both. When the Surfer awakens he is attached to an energy-draining device along with Ganymede, Gladiator, Beta Ray Bill, Terrax, and to his surprise, Morg. Tyrant is siphoning their energy for himself and to power his colossal ship.

    The next victim of Tyrant is brought in to be attached to the machine, the Surfer's friend the Jack of Hearts. Rather than be captured, Jack releases the energy in his armor and is able to free Tyrant's prisoners. They engage Tyrant, with the exception of Morg and Terrax, who fight each other. Even their combined might is not enough to stop Tyrant, who only stops the battle upon the arrival of Galactus. Galactus allows Tyrant to keep Morg in exchange for the release of the others. The Surfer asks why he would deal so lightly with Tyrant, but Galactus replies he will deal with him at a time of his choosing. The Surfer then takes the others to safety.

    Infinity Crusade

    When the Goddess uses the power of 30 cosmic cubes, she gains control of some heroes susceptible to her message. This begins the Infinity Crusade. She manages to brainwash the Surfer into becoming one of her Holy Guard to help create a universe without evil. At first. he is a faithful follower until she asks him to begin an attack on the remaining heroes of Earth. He refuses to fight his friends and breaks her control over him. This causes his companion and fellow member of the guard Firelord to turn on him. The Surfer does not wish to harm Firelord but he does what he must to stop the Goddess and her plot.

    On his way to warn the heroes, he is brought by Thanos to his ship. He agrees to aide Thanos, as the Surfer is instrumental to Warlock and Thanos' plan. He is to be a diversion for the attack on Goddess' planet Paradise Omega. He attempts a dangerous mission to absorb more energy than he ever has from the Sun, becoming a living bomb. Absorbing all this power made him lose his mind and Drax helped to guide him to the moon. He is able to destroy the moon of Paradise Omega and cause the distraction.

    The Surfer survived the blast and fell to the planets surface unconscious. He awoke being attacked by Holy Guard members Storm and Wonder Man. Once his power returned he defeated them and tried to get them to realize they followed a madwoman. They remained faithful to the Goddess, but left the Surfer without any further confrontation after he healed Wonder Man's injuries. After the defeat of the Goddess, the Surfer is relieved by her plans being foiled, but at the same time remorseful of the return of evil and violence into the universe.

    Blood and Thunder

    After having met Beta Ray Bill while they were both held captive by Tyrant, the Surfer flew to find him and help aid him against a crazed Thor. He found Bill beaten by Thor and stopped him from killing him. The Surfer then took on the Thunder God and fought a hard battle, but was defeated. Adam Warlock then intervened and saved the Surfer. Together they assaulted Thor, but to no avail. The Surfer and Warlock were nearly killed. Luckily, Warlock showed the ability to control the Surfer's board since they had shared each others souls during the Infinity Gauntlet.

    They sought the aid of Dr. Strange and together they all tried to stop Thor from destroying Asgard. They eventually sought the assistance of Thanos, who helped fight Thor while the Surfer fought the Dark Valkyrie. The Surfer defeated her and Thanos was able to trap Thor in an energy field. With the help of Doctor Strange and the Infinity Watch, they were able to stop Thor's madness.

    Down to Earth

    Reunited with Nova
    Reunited with Nova

    The Silver Surfer once again returned to Earth to go to Rick Jones' wedding. He went to inform the Fantastic Four of Nova's death. After a scuffle with the Human Torch, he agreed to help the Four find a seismic anomaly deep in the Earth. Through the caverns under Monster Island they discovered the source, that seemed to lead them right where it wanted them. Deep in the Earth, they find Nova, alive and well. Back at Four Freedoms Plaza, tests confirm that it is indeed his former love. They leave to soar the stars together.

    Nova leads the Surfer to many places. They discover a hidden treasure of myth together and Nova tries to convince him to accept their riches. He turns the treasure into sand when Terrax tries to take it from them. Nova then tries to convince the Surfer to take the Champion's mystical wristlets to increase his power, but instead he destroys them. When Nova is kidnapped by some slave traders, the Surfer acts to save her and finally realize his love for her. When he pledges to her to be with her, Nova changes into her true form- Mephisto. Again he uses love to try to defeat the Surfer and is now in possession of the Surfer's soul.

    He brings the Surfer to Hell and tells him to make himself comfortable. The Surfer still has hope and tries to fight for his freedom. He is shown that his parents souls are in the possession of Mephisto, which pushes him over the top. He does something he pledged never to do and kills Mephisto. He releases his parents souls, but again finds himself alone. Mephisto, living and well, is greatly satisfied over the outcome of his manipulations.

    The Curse of the Power Cosmic

    After the events with Mephisto, the Surfer returned to Zenn-la for the only comfort in his life, Shalla Bal. But to his surprise she had found a new lover, the Surfer's half-brother Fennan Radd. He soon realized that his great cosmic power has only brought him sorrow and met with Galactus. He asked Galactus to remove his power, but Galactus refused, telling him he is important to the universe. The Surfer sought out other means to have his power removed.

    In space he comes across a planet that he once helped to destroy. He becomes suicidal, planning to use every last ounce of his Power Cosmic to destroy the world and it's memory. He soon decides it would be better to go out using his powers for good and travels to the planet Lathkolas, which has advanced technologically and in the process destroyed it's own ecology. He uses his Power Cosmic to grow life on the planet as he did on Zenn-La. But he loses control of his power and advances the planet billions of years in a matter of moments. In the end, the planet and all life on it is dead. This is more than the Surfer can handle and he losses control of his emotions.

    He begins to fight violence with violence, in the process severely beating the Super Skrull. He finally comes to his senses and travels to a planet called Tanus, that is in total anarchy, and tries to help them. Soon, a ship from Earth arrives and inside of it Doctor Doom. He makes a deal with the Surfer to take the suffering away from these people in exchange for his Power Cosmic. The Surfer agrees and Doom's machines are able to siphon all his energies, leaving him still silver, but mortal. Doom then destroys the planet, claiming the people no longer suffer. The Surfer is now powerless and is taken captive.

    It is revealed that this is not Doctor Doom himself, but one of his Doombots that set out to get the Surfer's power right after Doom had lost the Power Cosmic the first time. The robot now plans to kill his master and the Fantastic Four, but first he plans to kill the Surfer, ejecting him into space. Legacy arrives on the scene and uses every ounce of his power to revive the Surfer. Upon his revival his powers are restored and he chases after the Doombot, siphoning his power back from it and destroying it.

    Immediately after this, the Surfer senses his former master is in danger. He leaves Legacy behind to go to Galactus' aide. He arrives to Galactus' ship to find that Galactus and Tyrant are having their long-awaited battle. Morg has found the Ultimate Nullifier, which he is using to torture Tyrant. But the Nullifier is about to have it's energy unleashed. Galactus tells the Surfer to leave the ship before he is destroyed. The Surfer does not wish for his former master to be destroyed, but Galactus insists. The Surfer barely escapes before Galactus' ship is destroyed along with Galactus and all aboard.

    The Star Masters

    The Star Masters
    The Star Masters

    Upon hearing the intergalactic transmission that Quasar is responsible for the deaths of hundreds in a peaceful organization known as the Charter, he goes to investigate. He finds Beta Ray Bill and together they seek out Quasar. Once found, the Surfer can instantly tell that Quasar speaks the truth and did not commit this heinous crime. Together they become the Star Masters to find the true culprit.

    They soon find they have two problems: the Charter's Cosmic Commandos are after Quasar and a massive asteroid is about to collide with Earth. With the Commandos being no match for the Surfer, he is able to concentrate on the asteroid. With his knowledge of the barrier Galactus erected to imprison him there, he is able to use it to destroy the asteroid. But inside lies a tiny black hole that would also destroy Earth. It is stopped by Beta Ray when he transports it out of Earth's path.

    Two of the Commandos, Morfex and Xenith, soon ally themselves with the Surfer and the Star Masters and they continue their search for the one responsible for the deaths and the attack on Earth. When they enter the Charter's ship, known as the Hub, they are ambushed and captured. They are thrown in the Cauldron of Conversion to die, but Quasar is able to protect them.

    After their escape, the Surfer goes to find Beta Ray Bill, who disappeared after being thrown in the Cauldron. He goes to Asgard to find Bill dead. With Odin's help, the Surfer is able to resurrect Bill, but with part of his Power Cosmic. They return to the others where Bill is able to communicate with the contents of the Cauldron. It is a sentient virus that will destroy any race that has become a part of it.

    Through this they learn the truth and the one behind the plot is the Axi-Tun leader Lord Votan. After Quasar is cleared of his charges, they travel to Tun to detain Votan. But he is not going down without a fight, and uses his power to sap their wills and capture them. Tana Nile uses her powers to transfer the remaining will power of the Surfer and the others to Quasar, who is able to escape. Together they are able to defeat Votan.

    The Savior of Another Universe

    Blackbody Consumes All
    Blackbody Consumes All

    Flying through space, the Surfer was combined with the mind of another, known as Outrider 111. He showed the Surfer the events that were leading to the destruction of his universe and the terrible Blackbody through the eyes of his leader, Harquis Tey. He gave the Surfer detailed instructions how to reach his universe through a breach in space. After speaking with the Watcher, the Surfer decided he would try to save them and passed into the boundary.

    He arrived unconscious from the torment of the breach, which tore at his very essence. He was found, but separated from his board. Harquis Tey was able to locate his body, but his prescience in the new universe was detected by the evil Uni-Lord, who sent one of his Blackbodies to the Surfer's board. Although the Surfer and his board are the same being, the trip to this dimension seemed to make them separate in a sense, each having their own soul. The Surfer awoke when his soul was removed from his board. He attempted to get it back from the creature, but he too was absorbed as well. (See Notes)

    The Soul

    The Surfer's soul was taken into the Blackbody. It was placed in the Congregation of Finality, and he was to be one with all the other souls and deliver the prayers of the Uni-Lord's followers to the Uni-Lord. But he was able to secretly resist, not truly being the last of his kind. He was also assisted, unknown to him, that the Outrider's soul had also snuck in with him and assisted him. This pained the Uni-Lord, who sought to expel the corrupted soul from the Congregation. His soul was replaced and free to leave.

    The soul that was taken from the board was used by the Dark Council in his own blackbody. With it, it was transformed into the Black Surfer.

    The Body

    Silver Skyriders
    Silver Skyriders

    After being taken into the Blackbody, the Surfer's remains were split into twelve sections and given to the people as a monument to the greatness of the Uni-Lord. They were auctioned off to the highest bidder. But these pieces gave a chosen few nearby the power of the Silver Surfer and the drive to defeat the Uni-Lord. They were known as the Silver Skyriders. They fought with the Black Surfer, but it eventually used it's absorption powers to remove the Power Cosmic from them. This set the rebirth of the Surfer in place.


    The Black Surfer now contained a portion of the Surfer's soul as well as his power. When the remainder of his soul was free from the Congregation, he was able to be reborn, destroying the blackbody. His power was amplified and he also had the power of the blackbody along with all it's souls. He learned from the Dark Council, who he revealed as the lost Watcher Uatu told him about, that someone from another universe was to take the Uni-Lord's power from him and defeat him.

    The Surfer engaged in battle with the Uni-Lord, who was nearly all-powerful. Just as prophesized, he took the Uni-Lord's power into himself, and thus became the Uni-Lord. It was a horrible torment, billions of souls screaming out to him. The former Uni-Lord tried to give him advice but the Surfer was not interested. Instead he remembered the breach and how it felt to pass through. He once again traveled to the breach and allowed it to remove his power this time, and it took all the power of the Uni-Lord and the souls inside him from him. He was then cast back to his own universe.

    Loss of Emotion and Death

    Back from the Dead
    Back from the Dead

    Upon arrival back to his own universe, the Surfer was hit by a massive beam of light. He learned from Beta Ray and Quasar that Zenn-La was in peril once again. He journeyed there, but did not attempt to save the world and even stopped Captain Marvel from helping. Somehow, he knew that Zenn-La was merely an illusion. After this, his emotions and memories disappeared.

    He traveled to Earth in an attempt to understand what had happened to him. When he arrived, all his friends were dead in the aftermath of Onslaught. Doctor Strange was alive and was able to show him that there were mental blocks in his mind that he must overcome. He then sought out Alicia Masters in the hopes she could reawaken his emotions once again.

    With the help of Phillip Masters, the Surfer created a clay replica of himself in an attempt to have it tell him his blocked memories. To show him the answer, it sent him back to the Earth year 1947. He traveled to Zenn-La to find a beaten Galactus and a destroyed world. Zenn-La had been destroyed by The Other and Galactus had created the illusion of Zenn-La for his future herald to return to. Upon his return from his time traveling, his emotions were returned.

    He eventually learned of The Other through a woman he had previously met named Henrietta Rose. He went to face the incredibly powerful being but was stricken with a virus of the soul. In order to stop the virus from spreading throughout the population of Earth, a being known as Scrier killed him. But Scrier and Agatha Harkness succeeded in resurrecting the Surfer. Together, he and Scrier blocked the Other from returning to their dimension.

    The Mergence

    The Surfer began living a peaceful existence with his love, Alicia Masters. The next threat to Earth did arrive in the form of a man named the Coroner. He transported the Surfer and Alicia to a being called Tenebrae. She was part of the Mergence, a group mind intent on absorbing the Earth. She attempted to create a dream world for the Surfer and make him a weapon for the Mergence. But he could not be fooled by such a method and he was transported to the inescapable universe known as the Macroverse. He almost lost himself in this universe, having so many new worlds to explore. Eventually he got the drive he needed to escape and was successful.

    Upon his escape, he attacked the Mergence and stopped it from merging with the Coroner. He then sought to find Tenebrae and his love, Alicia. He followed Tenebrae to the Microverse, but was soon captured by Psycho-Man. Psycho-Man tried to use the Surfer's inner demons against him, but he failed since the Surfer has faced those demons so many times before. But together, Psycho-Man and Tenebrae were able to drain him of his Power Cosmic.

    When he awoke, Psycho-Man and Tenebrae were in battle with the Mergence, who had joined with the Coroner. The Surfer, in the most pain he had ever felt, jumped into the energy reserves of Psycho-Man's ship and caused it to explode, seemingly killing Tenebrae and Psycho-Man. By doing so, he also saved the Mergence from it's demise at their hands. The being thanked the Surfer and agreed to spare the Earth. He also informed the Surfer why all those in the universe, including Galactus, seem to fear him. The Surfer's future has an unknown dread about it, which the Surfer will have to find out on his own.

    Second Death

    One day on Earth, a dead Galactus came plummeting into New York City. When this happened, alternate reality versions of heroes began to appear as the multiverse began to destabilize. All would soon learn that this was the coming of a threat to all of reality, Abraxas. Sensing his friends in danger, the Surfer returned to Earth. He joined his friends the Fantastic Four, along with Captain Marvel, Quasar and Moondragon to combat the threat. They gathered on the Moon to face Abraxas, who would be diverted from Earth. Abraxas sent some beings with a small fraction of his power to precede him. But Abraxas was only after the Watcher, who knew the location of the Ultimate Nullifier, the key to Abraxas' plan to destroy the universe.

    The Surfer was able to send the Watcher, who was comatose, to a safe location. But a mist emanating from Galactus' dead body engulfed the Surfer. The mist burned the Surfer and within moments, completely destroyed him. When Franklin Richards and Valeria realized their purpose, they gave birth to a new Galactus from within the heart of Eternity. Galactus was able to take the Nullifier from Abraxas and give it to Mr. Fantastic, who used it to destroy Abraxas and the multiverse. In order to save reality, it had to be destroyed. When everything was returned back to normal, the Silver Surfer was reborn and flew back into space.

    The Great Ark

    Ellie Waters and Silver Surfer
    Ellie Waters and Silver Surfer

    The Surfer was next recruited by Ayaman to command a massive ship known as the Great Ark with the purpose of rebuilding life on Earth. An object known as Marduk was coming to destroy all life on Earth and none could stop it. The Surfer accepted this and began making preparations. He scanned the Earth and found children with special abilities which he abducted from their homes. With the help of some other aliens including Amnel , they planned on creating a new Utopian society on Earth after it's destruction so that Marduk would never return.

    Two of the children he chose were favored. One, Gabe Acheron , was chosen by the Surfer to lead the new people of Earth. The other was Ellie Waters, a girl with vast possibilities. He accelerated Gabe's evolution and told him the truth of the fate of Earth. Ellie also learned the truth and wished to return to Earth. When the Surfer spoke with the being known as the Singularity he learned she was protected and returned her to her mother.

    But the plan to start life anew on Earth had changed. Ayaman foresaw the complete destruction of Earth and the children were to start over on the paradise planet Sof. But when the Surfer went to navigate the ship to take it to Sof, he could not. He was mentally torn and could not leave Ellie behind for her mother's sake. When he returned to Earth, he was attacked by the military. This caused Ellie to use her power for much destruction. Aboard the Ark, more bad things were happening when Gabe lost control of himself and committed murder. These were the events the Surfer tried to avoid for they were the events that would lead to Earth's complete destruction.

    When faced with Marduk, the Surfer soon realized that it was Marduk all along that he had been serving. This angered the Surfer, for he had sworn never to be a servant of death again. He fought against the impossibly powerful Marduk and tried to save the Earth. He was unsuccessful. After the destruction of Earth, Marduk was taken into the Singularity. Ellie soon learned that she was an essential part of the universe and she could make anything possible. She used her power to recreate the Earth and return everything to as it was before Marduk's coming.

    The Burnt Offering

    The Silver Surfer vs. Cable.
    The Silver Surfer vs. Cable.

    Upon reaching the height of his psionic abilities, Nathan Summers (a.k.a. Cable), decided to utilize them in a crusade to “save” the world, partially doing so by creating an artificial floating sanctuary in the Pacific Ocean, called Providence. Despite having the best of intentions, numerous people stood in his way to succeed in his goal, including the X-Men, and S.H.I.E.L.D.. None of them came close to succeeding. As a desperate gamble, Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D. came in touch with Reed Richards , who, in turn contacted the Silver Surfer, informed him of Cable’s status, and asked him to do what no one else could: stop him.

    Without answering if he would participate or not, the Surfer flew immediately towards, and eventually through Providence, ripping a large portion of it in half and, in the process, engaged Cable in combat. In an impressive power display, the two of them, through a combination of telekinesis and the power cosmic managed to destroy, and instantaneously re-create the damage they caused. Causing Cable to expend too much power on a much faster timetable than what he would have expected, the Surfer began to wear him out. Cable, realizing that trying to reason with a surprisingly relentless Surfer was futile, gathered his strength for a final hit, destroying the Surfer’s board, and repelling him. Cable, knowing the Surfer was unharmed by this, asked him if he could not see the motive behind his actions. The Surfer spoke for the first time, calmly, but decisively. Before knocking Cable out with a single optic blast, thus ending his valiant effort. Upon recreating his board, the Surfer quickly flew away.

    Planet Hulk

    The Silver Savage Faces The Hulk
    The Silver Savage Faces The Hulk

    The Surfer was next controlled for fighting in the Red King's arena on Sakaar against the Hulk (who was sent out in space by the Illuminati). The Hulk, recognizing that the Surfer was his friend, destroyed the obedience disc that controlled him. The Silver Surfer was free and used his power cosmic to destroy the other alien gladiator's obedience disc to escape the arena.

    When Norrin offered The Hulk to take him back to earth, he declined because he wanted to liberate Sakaar from the Red King's tyranny. The Surfer sensing the destruction of Xandar assisted in relief efforts of nearby planets until summoned by his former master, Galactus.


    Herald Once Again
    Herald Once Again

    During the events of Annihilation, the Silver Surfer became aware of the invasion of his universe after the destruction of Xandar. He was able to save Air-Walker from the Seekers, who were trying to capture all of Galactus' Heralds for their leader Annihilus. He met up with Firelord and Red Shift but they were soon met by Stardust. Galactus had summoned the Surfer. He left to speak with his former master.

    Galactus told his former Herald of the recent freeing of Aegis and Tenebrous from Kyln, two of his adversaries from early in universal history. Galactus asked Surfer to stand with him as his Herald once more. The Surfer accepted and his power increased and augmented, he was quickly tested by Ravenous, agent of Annihilus. The Surfer dispatched him easily.

    Shortly thereafter Tenebrous and Aegis ambushed Galactus and his herald, striking them both down. The Annihilation Wave arrived and picked up the pieces, taking both Galactus and the Silver Surfer prisoner. Silver Surfer was held in a stasis sphere while the Power Cosmic was drained from both him and his master through technology given to Annihilus by Thanos.

    After killing Thanos, Drax realized that he had no one to unlock the machine that kept Galactus captive because Thanos had set the power levels on the machine to his own level so that no one could unlock it. He than discovered the Silver Surfer was also being held in stasis. He freed the Silver Surfer while hoping that the Surfer still had enough power left to outmatch Thanos' power level that was set on the machine. The Silver Surfer was severely weak at the time but he still succeeded in overpowering the machine (this may be due to his latest power increase Given to him by Galactus), this was a great accomplishment for the Silver Surfer. Galactus than decimated the Annihilation Wave.

    After this the Surfer went to Aegis and Tenebrous in an attempt to hold them at the Crunch until Galactus arrived. He was no match for them and they quickly brought him to near death. In a risky maneuver, he surfed the energies of the Crunch and was able to kill Aegis and Tenebrous with it. Nearly dead, Galactus healed the Surfer, amazed that the Surfer could accomplish such as task. The Silver Surfer continues to serve as Galactus' Herald alongside Stardust.

    The New Fantastic Four

    When Stardust found an energy source to fulfill their masters hunger, the Silver Surfer used his great tracking abilities to locate the source, who was hiding it from them. The source turned out to be Epoch, the protector of cosmic awareness. But there was a problem, the Fantastic Four needed Epoch, who they believed had stolen the body of their friend, Gravity.

    At first, the Surfer was not interested in what they had to say, but after a brief battle with the Black Panther, who had temporarily taken Mr. Fantastic's spot on the roster, he decided to listen. He offered them time to retrieve their friend, but Epoch was to be fed to his master. After speaking with the Thing, the Surfer explained that he had come to the realization that Galactus is beyond good and evil and the Surfer planned to do anything necessary to feed his master.

    It turned out that Epoch had taken Gravity in order to resurrect him as Protector of the Universe. But Gravity would not allow Epoch to be consumed and neither would the Fantastic Four. When Black Panther arrived back to the battle, he was equipped with a device similar to Doctor Doom's that siphoned the Surfer's Power Cosmic. His hand to hand abilities were no contest for the Black Panther and he was defeated.

    With the heralds of Galactus beaten, they still had no hope of defeating Galactus. Instead, Gravity used all the power Epoch gave him to feed Galactus, who restored the Surfer's power and agreed to spare Epoch.

    His tracking abilities were needed once again, this time by the Fantastic Four that just battled with him. They needed him to follow the trail of the contrasepsis, the creatures that fix repairs in reality. The trail lead to Eternity's plane of existence where they found the problem and what was causing Eternity's death and the abundance of contrasepsis. The Surfer helped fight the endless hordes while Doctor Strange preformed surgery on Eternity to save him.

    Fall of Orbucen

    After two stars suddenly went out without notice, the people of Orbucen realized the sign of fate: Galactus was drawing near their planet. Their worst fears materialized as the Silver Surfer arrived at the planet, scouting it for his master’s needs, not long afterward. Five days after the extinguishing of the two starts, Galactus arrived in Orbucen and begun setting up his equipment.

    Once Richard Rider, a.k.a. Nova answering to Orbucen’s distress call arrived there, Galactus’ siphons had already penetrated the planet’s crust, a fore sign that the planet’s end drew nearer with each passing moment. In an attempt to help the people of Orbucen in every way possible, Nova assisted in the evacuation of the planet and the embarking of the population in arks, all the while stumbling upon Harrow, the shadow that life casts, a mysterious parasitic organism that filled its hosts with homicidal tendencies.

    After containing Harrow, Nova was informed that the moment Galactus’ feeding process begun, an electromagnetic disruption reached critical level, simultaneously causing a malfunction in all the arks that would drive Orbucen’s people to safety. Knowing there was no time to repair it, Nova set course to persuade Galactus to refrain from consuming the planet, for a few hours, at least.

    Galactus did not even notice Nova’s pleading, but the same could not be said for the Silver Surfer, who almost immediately grabbed Nova by the neck, and their battle commenced. At first, due to the Surfer’s swift attack, Nova was unaware of what hit him, but he soon regained composure and tried to reason with him; the Surfer however, showed no intention of stopping. After a relatively short fight in which Nova found himself outclassed, the duo finally landed on Orbucen again, at which point, the Surfer gave his reasoning: he did not wish his master to see him fraternizing with “lower” life forms, and took the fight away in order to speak to Nova, freely.

    Expressing his respect for him, the Surfer advised Richard to leave the planet. Nova explained the situation with the malfunctioning arks to the Surfer, who simply locked the drive tech and made the ships operational again by merely blinking, much to Nova’s astonishment. The Surfer then once again advised Nova to drive the arks to safety and then abandon the planet, for his own good.

    Later on, after realising Harrow had escaped and went on yet another killing spree, Nova wasted precious time attempting to stop him, and as a result the electromagnetic disruption from Galactus’ instruments became too intense for him to open a stargate, and escape. In an act of despair, Nova rushed into Galactus’ vessel from within the energy siphons. Inside the vessel, he detected once again , and located his physical body for the first time in a floorboard. After a short fight, the Surfer appeared, freed Nova from Harrow’s clutches, and revealed Harrow’s presence to Galactus’ who in return disintegrated Harrow, as a punishment. Galactus spared Nova, by teleporting him and the Surfer five light-years away from Orbucen. The Surfer bid Nova goodbye, but also advised him to refrain from crossing paths with him, or Galactus in the future, before returning to his master once again.


    Beta Ray Bill and the Surfer
    Beta Ray Bill and the Surfer

    After the consummation of his home planet by Galactus, and the death of his people, Beta Ray Bill decided to pursue the Great Devourer, and put up a complex scheme in order to defeat him: seeing that his power was lilliputian in comparison to Galactus’ might, the cunning Bill decided to attempt and destroy the planets Galactus chose for consumption, in order to eventually starve him. That lead to an inevitable conflict, at first with Stardust, and, eventually with the Silver Surfer himself, whom Galactus dispatched to take care of Bill’s nuisance, after Bill destroyed a planet named I’Than IX.

    The Surfer pursued Bill’s ship, Skuttlebutt, all the while trying to reason with Bill. Bill, finally emerging from his ship, refused to hear to the Surfer’s pleadings, and attacked him, hammering him away. The Surfer swiftly recuperated, using his trusted board in order to stun Bill, and then quickly managed to overwhelm Bill in hand to hand combat, while expressing his sadness for having to fight his old friend and comrade.

    After persuading Bill to submit, the Surfer tried, once again, to reason with him, and explain that while he could understand Bill’s loss concerning Corbin, Galactus was a force of nature. Skuttlebutt subtly following their exchange from afar, took advantage of the Surfer’s hesitation during his conversation with Bill in order to strike and enable Bill to run away.

    Later on, Bill crossed paths with the Surfer again, in an unexplored planet, while Bill was trying to locate Galactus once again. Bill’s initial strike was repelled by the Surfer, who, this time, refused to do more than simply speak. Hesitantly, Bill accepted to listen to him. Expanding on their earlier conversation, the Surfer outlined the events that occurred during Annihilation, and how Galactus’ power was so diminished, that it would not be long before his life would end, taking the sheer number of his pursuers into account. The Surfer also revealed that if Galactus’ existence where to end, all the life within forty-two light-years would cease to exist. Bill reluctantly accepted to permit Galactus to feed in order to sustain himself. It was at that time that the people of I’Than and their assembled fleet attacked the weakened Galactus, Surfer and Stardust, and were near-victory until Bill himself intervened and helped the Devourer complete his sustaining process revitalize himself and destroy the opposing fleet. After the event, Galactus and Bill came to a mutual understanding, and Galactus dispatched both his heralds to find him new planets to feed upon, once again.

    Return of the Silver Savage

    Skaar Brings Back the Silver Savage
    Skaar Brings Back the Silver Savage

    Upon learning of the Old Power of Sakaar, the Surfer travels to the planet in order to warn the residents of Galactus' coming. If Galactus were to consume the planet, he may not need to feed for millennia and billions of lives will be spared. On the planet he finds Skaar, the son of Hulk, about to destroy the world. Skaar had obtained the Old Power for himself and saw that to save Sakaar, all life must be wiped out.

    The Surfer stops him before he can do this, and with his Power Cosmic, returns the Old Power to the planet. But to do this, the Surfer used much of his power and Skaar is able to put an obedience disc on him. The Silver Savage is now a slave of Skaar, who rides with the Red King to destroy the forces of Axeman Bone. In the battle, the Surfer still worries for innocent lives and tries to persuade Skaar to help save them, but Skaar is only interested in killing Axeman. Only then does Caiera come from the Old Power and try to stop Skaar's destructive path. She gains control over the Surfer's obedience disc and has him show Skaar what it is to be a god.

    The Surfer fuses himself with Skaar and brings him to Galactus. Skaar, acting as herald, tries to stop Galactus from consuming Sakaar, only to watch in horror as Galactus does so anyway. The Surfer then sends Skaar back to Sakaar, explaining that this is only a vision of things to come. But Skaar still refuses to evacuate. He planned to use the Old Power and force more than Galactus can handle into him, making Galactus hungrier than ever. Realizing that showing Skaar what will happen did not change Skaar, Caiera opens a portal and sends Skaar away from the planet. There will be no evacuation, and Galactus had arrived.

    In her last moments, Caiera is able to get some of the ancient stone ships into the sky and save as many as she can. Galactus consumes Sakaar, his hunger absent and he falls into a deep sleep. But before Skaar goes through the portal, he shoots out a beam of the Old Power into Galactus as promised, waking him and making him crave the Old Power. The Surfer tries to calm Galactus, but with a gesture he sends the Surfer across the universe, having enough power to no longer need a herald. The Surfer begins to warn other worlds with the Old Power to prepare for the coming of Galactus.

    The "Death" of Galactus

    Galactus eventually released the Old Power from his being and the Silver Surfer once again returned to his side as herald. On Earth, the Surfer discovered something disturbing - the corpse of Galactus buried beneath the surface. He was immediately able to trace some possible suspects - Mr. Fantastic and the other members of the Fantastic Four. The Surfer informed his master and went to the Baxter Building to speak with Richards.

    Mr. Fantastic revealed that the Galactus he buried was from the future and was killed by the New Defenders and brought back through time to create the Galactus Engine. Using Galactus' power to save the remaining inhabitants of their world, it caused Galactus' death. In order to prevent this future death, Galactus sent the Surfer to summon more involved as they planned to go to Nu-World and question those involved.

    The Thanos Imperative

    Enter the Surfer
    Enter the Surfer

    Sensing the coming danger to the universe, the Surfer preceded Galactus to an area known as the Fault, a massive fissure in space caused by the War of Kings. On the other side of the Fault was a twisted, undead universe known as the Cancerverse. With help from the Magus, the inhabitants began their invasion into the universe with their goal being to remove death from the universe and rewrite reality.

    While Galactus, the Celestials and many other abstract cosmic beings lined the edge of the Fault, the Surfer teamed up with his old friend Quasar and Nova to help assist in the defense of the universe. But things were about to get much worse, as the Cancerverse had it's own version of the extremely powerful Galactus Engine.

    While the abstracts continued their fight at the Fault, Nova recruited a party of the universe's heaviest hitters, including the Silver Surfer, to face the evil leader of the invasion - a corrupted version of Captain Mar-Vell, known as Lord Mar-Vell. Nova Prime and the Surfer, along with Ronan, Gladiator, Beta Ray Bill and Quasar rushed Mar-Vell's location. The Surfer showed his impressive powers by easily defeating two of the most powerful members of the Revengers at the same time - Iron Man and Thor. He faced Mar-Vell himself along with Nova, but Mar-Vell blasted a hole through Surfer's board and easily defeated Nova. Their battle was eventually cut short when Mar-Vell became aware of the Avatar of Death's location. As he departed, he created a massive explosion to destroy his enemies.

    Quasar was able to protect the other heroes from their deaths and the Surfer returned with the others to continue the battle at the Fault. When Death returned to the Cancerverse, she destroyed it's inhabitants, causing the universe to collapse on itself, thus closing the Fault. The Surfer then attended a memorial service on Hala for those who were lost in the battle.

    Chaos War

    The God Squad
    The God Squad

    Again, the universe was in danger of complete obliteration. The evil god Mikaboshi planned to destroy all of reality by defeating and taking the power of all the gods and skyfathers of the universe. Hercules, recently resurrected, formed a new God Squad. Needing more power for their team, he used his new powers to summon Galactus and the Silver Surfer. The Surfer was enraged, as Galactus was just about to feed and now he was on Earth, a planet the Surfer has saved many times. Luckily, it seemed Galactus agreed to help with this great threat and remain with the team, which included Thor, Daimon Hellstrom, Sersi and others.

    When they faced Mikaboshi, he's power proved to be far greater than anticipated. Even the gods he controlled shared in his great power, giving Zeus the ability to topple even the mighty Galactus. The God Squad was forced to retreat.

    The Silver Surfer was among other members of the squad that were halted in their escape and trapped between realities. All that remained - including Hellstorm, Sersi, and Venus - were all in between mortal and god, which the Surfer deemed no coincidence. They ended up in Takamagahara, the land of the Japanese gods, where Mikaboshi had originally been trapped. They began to form a plan to trap him once again, but he sent his minions and opened the gate to his former prison, releasing the evil inside.

    The team was nearly trapped in nothingness, but the Surfer resisted and helped the other members to resist as well. Again, their power was not enough and they were forced to retreat, the Panther God of Wakanda seemingly sacrificing himself to help them escape.

    Back on Earth

    High Evolutionary Siphoning the Surfer
    High Evolutionary Siphoning the Surfer

    After the events of Chaos war, Silver Surfer takes Galactus to Sol (our sun) to feed and rejuvenate, thus removing one billion years out of the sun's life span. He visits Earth and observes the usual chaos while contemplating his role in events passed and his inability to feel human emotions. Flying over Mexico, he witnesses a couple about to get shot down by military men for stealing money. He intervenes, subduing the men and healing the woman from the brink of death but is unable to save the man. The O.A.S first contact squad of the Mexican military are alerted of his presence and send Suzi Endo to initiate a diplomatic greeting. However, the High Evolutionary arrives and attacks the Surfer, leeching him of his precious Power Cosmic. Left powerless and fragile in his human state, the Surfer is taken into custody by the Mexican government and is put under the care of Suzi Endo. He awakens strapped to machines, nearly driving him mad as he is used to flying free amongst the stars, but Suzi creates a diversion and the Surfer escapes from his bonds.

    Suzi Endo and Norrin Radd
    Suzi Endo and Norrin Radd

    They escape the facility on a land-skimmer and briefly share a kiss as Norrin remembers his usual emotions towards Shalla Bal given Endo's remarkable resemblance to her. They find the High Evolutionary who has taken one of Galactus' Star Spheres and has begun terraforming the desert into a lush jungle before they can enter it. They find themselves threatened by the ever-expanding jungle which threatens to kill those inside it. Norrin is reminded of his early days as the Silver Surfer and the way pre-sentient life on a planet seemed to bond to each other and gain sentience when faced with danger. He shares another kiss with Endo and tells her it is his job to stop the madness the High Evolutionary has started and his to do alone. She convinces him that she can help and arranges a diversion to get them on the ship. Once inside Endo tries to find a way to the High Evolutionary but is somehow imbued with the remaining portion of his power cosmic.

    Future Foundation Arrives
    Future Foundation Arrives

    The High Evolutionary appears and tells Norrin how all his life he has brought death and destruction under a supposedly right cause. He then shows- with the appearance of the old man who has been saved and renewed after receiving a portion of his power- how his Power Cosmic can be used to create and restore life instead of tear it down. He requests the aid of a herald to aid him in his cause - bring life to dead worlds. Norrin declines but to his surprise he sees the invitation was not directed to him but to Suzi. She accepts.

    Norrin did not trust her judgement. He felt the Power Cosmic was his burden to bare. With this he rams Suzi out of the star ship to the jungle below in a fall that is sure to kill them both. Luckily, she makes use of her new powers and develops wings and lands them in the jungle where the other survivors are. She tells him the Suzi he knew is no more and joins the High Evolutionary as they move to the moon. Frustrated, Norrin takes his anger out on a pack of mutant wolves that recently appeared and convinces the rest of the survivors to flee. He is rescued by the Future Foundation and the Mexican military who destroy the jungle with help from Sue Storm. They use a Future Foundation craft to go to the moon where High Evolutionary has begun wide-scale terraforming on the moon.

    Silver Surfer & the Seeker
    Silver Surfer & the Seeker

    In space, Reed devises a plan to separate the newly bonded Power Cosmic from Suzi back to Norrin. The plan works and most of the Power Cosmic is given to Norrin. He is once again transformed to the Silver Surfer and confronts Suzi ... with a kiss. Somehow, his powers have been restored but his emotions remain intact. Unused to these emotions, he nearly turns on his friends who are trying to stop Suzi and the Evolutionary from their task, which will surely do great damage to the Earth.

    When Galactus awakens from his rejuvenation, he plans to feed on the Moon. Realizing that his duty will always be that of Galactus' herald, he is forced to chose between those emotions and continuing to serve cosmic consonance. He chooses the latter, taking the remaining Power Cosmic from Suzi and departing with his master. He leaves behind a single flower for her and Reed tells her that as long as he has known him, the Silver Surfer has never been as happy as he was when he was with her.

    The Annihilators

    The Surfer joins the Annihilators
    The Surfer joins the Annihilators

    The Surfer joins a group of "cosmic police," the Annihilators. Their plan is to fight cosmic-level threats to the galaxy. It is surprising that Galactus would let his Herald go gallivanting off on his own adventures when he is supposed to be looking for planets for the Devourer to eat, but in any case, he fights with them in their first adventure against Klobok, a Skrull seeking to bring the Dire Wraiths back from Limbo. During this mission, Silver Surfer combined his energy manipulation powers with those of Quasar and Ronan to fuse 2 stars.

    It is unclear whether this story arc occurs before or after the High Evolutionary storyline. In any case, it must be before the Galactus Seed, since he is not shown to be weakened even when he is fighting at such a great distance from Asgard. It must also be before the Annihilators: Earthfall series, since he is apparently no longer part of the group at that time, presumably because during Earthfall, he is tethered to the World Tree.

    The Galactus Seed

    Silver Surfer vs. Thor
    Silver Surfer vs. Thor

    The Surfer and Galactus realize that an object of immense power, the seed of a new Asgardian World Tree, has appeared in the universe. It appears to have enough power to sate Galactus' hunger for all time. If he consumes this seed, he will never have to eat another planet. However, the Asgardians want to keep the seed to make a new World Tree. The Surfer helps Galactus try to get the seed, and fights Thor multiple times, with no clear winner. After Galactus beats Odin, however, the Surfer suddenly seems to have a change of heart, and now asks Galactus to seek elsewhere to sate his hunger.

    A human preacher also asks for Galactus to stop, but the Devourer does not listen. Eventually, however, a deal is struck, and the preacher becomes Praeter, the new Herald of Galactus. The Surfer, in return, will stay and guard the seed, which Loki hid in the old World Tree. They all agree that Galactus may come and consume the seed after the Asgardians eventually die out, ages in the future. The Surfer's job is to watch over it until then. Galactus changes Norrin's powers, "tethering" him to the seed, so that his powers will wane the farther he goes from the seed. He can also turn back to his "human" form again simply by wishing it, thereby now being able to experience all the passions and experiences he felt in the short time he was affected by the High Evolutionary just a short time previously.


    At some point, the Surfer left his vigil on Earth and parted ways with Galactus again. When the Builders began their war against the universe, the Surfer encountered their armies at the Skrull world of Hy'lt Minor. The Surfer tried in vain to stop the Builder army, but began to question his futile struggle when even at the end, the Skrulls still fought each other, worshiping war itself. The Surfer abandoned the struggle, saving only a single Skrull, K'eel R'kt. Despite this, as the Builders continued their war, the Surfer continued his struggle, saving what few he could on other worlds from the Builder onslaught.

    Girl on Board

    Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood
    Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood

    As he was exploring the universe, the Surfer was approached by the Incredulous Zed, who chose him to be the Impericon's champion to fight the Never Queen. For the Surfer to comply with his request, Zed kidnapped the person who was supposed to be the most important one in the universe for him as determined by a machine who looked into the Surfer's true self: Dawn Greenwood. However, the Surfer didn't even know at all who she was.

    Still, the Surfer decided to help Zed on behalf of the innocent Dawn. When he met the Queen, she revealed to the Surfer that the Impericon was being powered by her heart, which was stolen from her by Zed, and its absence was slowly killing her. The Surfer agreed to help the Queen retrieve her heart. With the help of Dawn, the Surfer retrieved the heart and gave it back to the Queen as he defeated Zed. After the Queen faded away, the Surfer and Dawn set out to explore the universe.

    Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood

    After lending Dawn control of his surfboard, the Surfer and his companion accidentally landed on a cloaked planet called Newhaven. The 666 billion inhabitants of this world were soon revealed to be the sole survivors of their respective species after their planets had been devoured by Galactus. They identified the Surfer, and his past came to light for Dawn Greenwood, who immediately rejected Norrin. The Surfer left Newhaven and Dawn on it at her request, however, the returned Galactus would follow the trail left by Norrin's surfboard in order to find his former herald, and in the middle of said trail was Newhaven.

    As soon as the Surfer returned to Newhaven in order to give Dawn the opportunity to return to Earth if he wished, Galactus arrived as well. The billions of inhabitants from Newhaven were inspired by the Surfer's origin to propose Galactus to become his herald, but he rejected them, as their respective planets had already been destroyed and they were nothing to him. As Galactus had never destroyed the Earth, Dawn proposed to become his herald. The Surfer tried to prevent Galactus from transforming Dawn at the same time he muttered his motive: his love for Dawn. The Earthgirl's sacrifice inspired the inhabitants of Newhaven to evacuate their planet and give it to Galactus in exchange for the girl. Newhaven was destroyed, but the Surfer swore to become the herald of its survivors in order to find them a new planet to live in.

    After weeks of searching, the Surfer finally discovered a suitable planet, with a special adaptive atmosphere which allowed the inhabitation of different specimens from different races. As Dawn decided whether to return to Earth or not, months were spent by the Surfer at this "New Newhaven," and Dawn started getting close to the Surfer once more. Norrin subsequently sensed something was wrong, used his powers to reveal the planet's true nature, and "New Newhaven" revealed itself as Euphoria, a living creature who had used its adaptive atmosphere to protect itself from the survivors' grief by inducing them happiness and controlling their actions to ensure their well-being. A group of the survivors decided to leave the planet as they didn't want to be Euphoria's puppets, but the vast majority remained on it. Now the Surfer and Dawn were free of its influence and decided to return to Earth. Dawn confessed her true feelings to Norrin without being influenced by Euphoria any longer, and kissed him as they departed.

    Last Days

    During their continuing journey to explore the universe, the Surfer and Dawn found themselves attempting to outrun the collapse of the Multiverse caused by the final incursion. They managed to escape to a plane of non-existence, a Land of Couldn't-Be Shouldn't-Be, with the help of Glorian.

    No Caption Provided

    When Norrin encountered Eternity, all that remained within him was the newly created Battleworld and its satellite Knowhere, fashioned by the sheer force of will of God Emperor Doom. With the remains of the Multiverse under Doom's control, Glorian offered the Silver Surfer a chance at recreating the old universe with the power of his master, the Shaper of Worlds. At the behest of the Shaper of Worlds, Dawn and the Silver Surfer then began recreating the known universe, with Glorian and the Surfer focusing on the cosmic, while Dawn and Zee concentrated on Earth. But the pair soon began to alter things to their own desires. The Surfer resurrected then killed Galactus; meanwhile, Dawn quickly realized that her crafting was merely two-dimensional, so she accidentally created another Silver Surfer to help her, but all the changes upset the Shaper of Worlds.

    Once most of these anomalies were dealt with, only the duplicate Silver Surfer remained. The Shaper made Dawn choose between one of the Surfers, however, Glorian was impatient for the universe to be finished and killed the Shaper, whose power had been depleted during the creation of the universe. Glorian revealed that his ultimate goal was to break free from the Shaper's commands, for which he had waited until his master was weak enough to kill him. The Surfer and Dawn managed to escape from Glorian and bring back the Queen of Nevers, whose heart had been recreated in this new universe. The Surfer was forced to choose between Glorian's universe and what remained of the rest of the Multiverse. However, at that very same time, the old universe was brought back. The Silver Surfer managed to resist the temptation of Glorian's perfect universe, which was in the end a simple hollow day-dream. The Surfer chose his old universe, and returned with Dawn to it to continue their journey of exploration.


    While visiting Dawn's family on Earth, the Silver Surfer fended off a Zenn-Lavian invasion led by none other than Shalla-Bal, who had become the successor of the mantle of the Keeper of the Great Truth. Using a powerful reality-warping device called the Illuminatrix, the invading aliens attempted to replace all of Earth's culture with Zenn-La's. Norrin stopped the Zenn-Lavians and reversed the damage caused by the Illuminatrix, though at the cost of all traces of Zenn-Lavian culture in the universe and his status as a member of his people. Before returning to space, Norrin reunited Dawn with her estranged mother, Libby Windham, though the reunion did more harm than good.

    One of Norrin and Dawn's adventures took them to the planet of Inkandessa 4, where all of its inhabitants had had their consciousness copied into holographic forms of solid light to avoid leaving any impact in the ecosystem, using devices called Holo-Pods to scan their essence. Due to Dawn's nature as an organic being, she was unsuspectedly scanned against her will and replaced with a holographic Dawn Greenwood. Though Dawn's duplicate rescued the real Dawn from being killed, she had to stay behind in Inkandessa 4, as all Light-Forms needed to remain in the planet to continue existing.

    Old Norrin and Dawn aging together in Taa.
    Old Norrin and Dawn aging together in Taa.

    Dawn and Norrin returned to Earth briefly afterwards to meet Dawn's newborn niece, Regina. When they arrived, they also learned that Dawn's father Reg had died of heart issues shortly after the baby's birth. Dawn requested the Surfer to return to Euphoria to help her cope with her father's death. They remained there for sixty-seven days until Dawn came to terms with her loss. However, Dawn felt the need to say goodbye to Reg, and asked Norrin to travel back in time to see him for one last time. Norrin conceded, but accidentally overshot, and they ended up in the time before the Big Bang, in the iteration of the universe from where Galactus hailed, with no way to return home. Together, they explored the universe for decades, and married in the process. Norrin used his Power Cosmic to alter his appearance and age together with Dawn. As Dawn reached her golden years, she and Norrin settled in Taa. To make up for their inability to continue exploring, Norrin spent the rest of Dawn's days sharing his adventures from before he had met her. On her deathbed, Norrin and Dawn recalled their first meeting.

    When the universe was coming to an end, Norrin transformed Dawn's buried remains into energy and took it with him inside Galan's Incubator, where he could survive the death of the universe and emerge in the next one. The Surfer fired Dawn's bolt of energy at the start of creation, which became the very first light in the universe, forever echoing throughout all of time. In this moment Norrin additionally crafted the energy signature of the Power Cosmic, red with black dots, and dedicated it to Dawn so the love and memory of her would flow forever through him. The Surfer proceeded to spend eons alone until Eternity manifested himself. In order to prevent his presence in the past to alter history, Norrin both disguised and concealed himself, taking a different appearance and the name of "Nor-Vill" and shifting out of phase with existence itself. While waiting to reach his original point in time, Norrin became a ghostly observer for the history of the universe, particularly of Galactus' feats of destruction.

    Norrin eventually decided to travel to Earth, and became a regular fleeting visitor of the Greenwood Inn under the disguise of Norville Rapaport, watching Dawn grow up and spending time with her with each visit he paid. When Dawn was abducted by the Incredulous Zed and rescued by the Surfer's past-self, "Nor-Vill" silently followed them through their many adventures until the point they traveled back in time. With the past Dawn and Norrin out of the picture, Nor-Vill ditched his eons-old disguise and returned to his true self, the Silver Surfer. Norrin returned to Earth and delivered the news of Dawn's fate to her family. He also convinced Eve and Costas to copy their essence and that of their baby into Holo-Pods so they could reunite with the Holo Dawn in Inkandessa 4. Norrin additionally created holographic copies of Reg, taken from a time before he died, and himself, so a part of him could live out his days with Dawn. Norrin bid his friends farewell and returned to exploring the universe, accompanied by Dawn's love and memory.

    Infinity Countdown

    Sometime later, Norrin was captured by Ultron and taken to the planet Saiph, where Ultron had infected him with his Ultron Virus using the power of his newly acquired Soul Gem. To encourage Norrin's compliance, Ultron used the Soul Gem to make him listen to the screams of the countless lives taken by Galactus. Adam Warlock was able to free Norrin from Ultron's control by wrapping him in a healing cocoon. After emerging from the cocoon, Norrin fled Saiph and asked Galactus to consume Saiph in order to save the galaxy from Ultron. Though reluctant at first, Galactus agreed to destroy Saiph, on the condition that the Silver Surfer returned to serving as his herald, since the consumption of the planet caused Galactus' hunger to return.

    Herald Supreme

    When the Silver Surfer lead Galactus to the Zaraxians' homeworld, the magically-powered race fought back and subdued the Surfer. They read his mind in order to find a weakness that could prevent Galactus from consuming their planet. After finding that one weakness was Earth, they sent their greatest sorcerer, Zoloz, to Earth and get help, while the Surfer escaped. The alien sorcerer returned and banished Galactus to the Mystic Realms, where the latter begun consuming the magic, unbalancing the universe. The Surfer and other cosmic figures went to the Mystic Realms to stop him, as science and magic had begun merging together, causing chaos. The Surfer pleaded for Galactus to stop, but the cosmic being killed his herald. However, once the universe collapsed, Doctor Strange recreated it, resurrecting everyone. Zoloz, inspired by the Surfer, also became a herald of Galactus, allowing his planet to be spared.

    Thanos' Death and Stranded in the Past

    The Void Knight
    The Void Knight

    Norrin was among the cosmic superheroes called to bear witness to the will of Thanos following the Mad Titan's death. When the Black Order created a black hole in order to steal Thanos' body, Norrin entered it to rescue those who had been pulled inside. Trapped inside the black hole, Norrin found himself pulled through space and time, winding up billions of years in the past. Sensing a dark presence attempting to extinguish the nascent universe, the Silver Surfer traced it to a dark world encased in the living abyss. Attacked by three symbiote-possessed goddesses guarding a large Gigeresque door, Norrin was nearly engulfed by the abyss but conjured a miniature sun - his hand turning black in the process. Approaching the door, Norrin was grabbed and pulled through - finding himself on the throneworld of the Symbiote Imperium and in the presence of the abyssal god Knull. The Silver Surfer attempted to fight against Knull, but was easily overpowered and bonded to a symbiote, turning him into the Void Knight. Ego the Living Planet interceded and freed Radd from Knull's control, helping him escape and offering to help him vanquish the abyssal god.

    Noticing that Ego was dying, the Silver Surfer entered the Living Planet's core and found the Lifebringer One inside. Extracting it, he attempted to kill the nascent Galactus but was stopped by Uatu the Watcher, who informed him that changing the future would not undo his past. Setting the Lifebringer One on a course for Archeopia, the Silver Surfer returned to Ego, who granted him a boon of divine light harvested from across the universe. Knull attacked and the Silver Surfer engaged him in a duel, but he was overpowered. Taking advantage of Knull gloating, the Silver Surfer expended the last of his Power Cosmic to conjure a star right in Knull's face, blasting the dark god across the cosmos. Dying, the Silver Surfer fell to a nearby planet and manifested the light energy given to him by Ego as divine seeds; planting them before his physical form perished. Spreading across the cosmos, the Silver Surfer's essence gave life to the planets that Galactus had devoured with his aid; and he eventually regained enough power to manifest a visible but intangible form at the exact moment he had been sent into the past, his body stained black by his encounter with Knull.

    Following the battle between the Guardians of the Galaxy and a future version of the Universal Church of Truth lead by Patriarch, the Surfer paid a visit to a recovering Rocket Raccoon, where he told his story to them.

    Annihilation - Scourge

    Surfer merged with Sentry.
    Surfer merged with Sentry.

    After the Silver Surfer fought against the Revengers and the Defenders, and visited the Cancerverse, he then approached a powerless Sentry who had been separated from the Void. The Surfer merged with Sentry in order to fight the Void who had become the leader of the Cancerverse's Forces. Upon arriving at the Negative Zone, the Surfer came across Beta Ray Bill, with Lockjaw, and the Fantastic Four, who were fighting the monsters. They arrived at the planet where the refugees were hiding. However, the Void arrived and attacked them, but luckily, Reed Richards used his Dimensional Anchor for the various heroes to also arrived and aid them in the battle against the Cancerverse. During the battle, the Surfer managed to remerge Bob with the Void, while Richard Rider sacrificed himself in order to defeat the Cancerverse's Forces. In the aftermath, the heroes returned to their lives, with the Surfer assisting Annihilus at resurrecting Nova.

    Starbrand Reborn

    Silver Surfer with Firelord and Terrax.
    Silver Surfer with Firelord and Terrax.

    As the Starbrand resurfaced, the Surfer gathered Terrax and Firelord to unite their forces in tracking down the Starbrand. However, he faced the Avengers, who were also in a quest to locate the Starbrand, and tried to fight them off, only for them to crashland on a planet.

    Black Winter

    When the Black Winter, the cause of the destruction of Galactus' universe, was returning, the Surfer, along with the other heralds, informed All-Father Thor on what the Black Winter was and why Galactus had fallen to Asgard. Once Galactus awoke, the Surfer offered to his master help in defeating the Black Winter, but instead Galactus turned Thor into his own herald, since Thor was stated to bring death to both the Black Winter and Galactus himself.


    Zenn-Lavians emotions are not as strong as Earthlings. When he learned to truly love like a human does he became very emotionally immature.

    Shalla Bal

    Shalla Bal
    Shalla Bal

    Silver Surfer's first love was Shalla Bal, whom he always thought of as long as he had his memories. They had known each other since they were children. His one goal was to return to Zenn-La and Shalla Bal. But when he did, she denied his marriage proposal for the better good of Zenn-La. This hurt Silver Surfer deeply, almost to the point of anger and nearly removed her powers so they could be together. Although she had thoughts of the future, the Surfer believed their love to be over and treated her as a dignitary more than a former lover. She still wished to be with him, but he considered himself a loner.

    When Zenn-La was taken into the mind of the Great One, the Surfer decided to live with Shalla and finally forget about traveling the space ways. He lived the happiest times of his life in a few weeks with her but when he killed the Great One in a misunderstanding, he lost Shalla forever. She was later resurrected and they both continued to follow their duties instead of their love. Eventually, Shalla grew lonesome and chose the Surfer's half brother, Fennan, as her new love.



    He then met Mantis who showed much affection for the Surfer. He denied it at first, still hurt over Shalla Bal saying that the Silver Surfer must be alone. Mantis saw through his lies and eventually showed him what it is to truly love. Earthlings have much stronger emotions than Zenn-Lavians. In a childish maneuver he told Shalla Bal of Mantis, who was upset that he didn't wait a little while but he claimed he was tired of waiting. With these new emotions the Surfer was often confused, as a young person in love, becoming childish and jealous. After he was forced to save Shalla Bal and Mantis from the Elders of the Universe he was only able to save Shalla Bal. This continually haunted him and after her death he finally admitted his love for her and his thoughts often went to her. (It was unknown to the Surfer that she was not dead).


    Nova (Frankie Raye) with the Silver Surfer.
    Nova (Frankie Raye) with the Silver Surfer.

    Surfer's next love was Frankie Raye, the Herald of Galactus. He had learned how to show his emotions from Mantis and wasted no time on Frankie. She wished to know if he was serious for she shared some of the same emotions for him. He said he was. Unfortunately, Starfox used his emotional powers to make her have feelings for Firelord. This was only temporary but it threw him into a rage. Being emotionally immature, he did not speak to Frankie about these events when he had the opportunity. They did eventually reconcile their past and the Surfer convinced her that she need not live a life of servitude. When she was dismissed by Galactus, she wondered what she would do. The Surfer told her she was always welcome to join him in space. Before that could happen, she was killed by Morg.

    Alicia Masters

    Alicia Masters
    Alicia Masters

    When the Surfer lost his emotion, he sought out Alicia to possibly reawaken his emotions as she had once done. They seemed to share a bond that they had always felt and both had just lost their loves (Shalla Bal and Thing). They came to love each other. At one point, they bonded their spirits in order to fight Mephisto. This enhanced the bond they shared further.

    Personal Information

    • Height: 6'1”
    • Weight: 180 lbs.
    • Eyes: Silver (formerly blue)
    • Hair: None

    *When Norrin Radd was imbued with the Power Cosmic, his entire body was covered in an almost indestructible, protective, silver substance that is very similar to the properties that comprise his surfboard.

    Powers and Abilities

    Powers granted by Galactus.
    Powers granted by Galactus.

    In order for Norrin Radd to perform his duty as his herald, Galactus gives Norrin Radd a fraction of his cosmic powers. Possessing him with the Power Cosmic, which is the core from which his other abilities manifest from, Silver Surfer can manipulate the 4 fundamental forces of the universe (electromagnetism, gravity, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force), by varying degrees. He is one of the most powerful Heralds of Galactus, and the most powerful member of the Annihilators. Tyrant once said that Silver Surfer was the most powerful member of a group that included Gladiator, Beta Ray Bill, Terrax and Morg, and Ikonn considered him an Alpha plus-level threat, just like Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator and Quasar.


    The Silver Surfer's skin is nearly impossible to penetrate, capable of withstanding extreme pressures and temperatures. He can travel through the core of a star and even through black holes without injury or disorientation. He has also been able to withstand punches from She-Hulk without any damage or pain, as well as attacks from the likes of Thor, Hulk, Beta Ray Bill, Namor, Wonder Man, Vision, the Thing, Drax, Korg, Abomination, Champion, Durok, Blastaar, Ravenous, Nova Prime, Quasar, Firelord, Terrax, Morg, Ronan, Super-Skrull, Cable with his powers fully unleashed, Iron Man and Human Torch well enough.


    The Silver Surfer can regenerate parts of himself with the Power Cosmic, including his board, at will.

    Super Strength

    The Power Cosmic gives the Silver Surfer incredible strength. At a baseline, the Silver Surfer can lift/press more than 40 tons. He has frequently exhibited the ability to significantly boost his physical prowess, and enhance his strength to levels enabling him to fight the most powerful beings in the universe including Thor, the Hulk, Thanos and Beta Ray Bill.


    The Surfer has the ability to phase through solid objects though not turn outright intangible. This is done through his use of matter manipulation on solid objects/barriers or using his ability to travel through self-made spatial portals.


    The Silver Surfer does not need to breathe and can survive in any environmental condition (miles underwater, the heart of a star, the rigors of outer space, etc.). He does not need to eat or drink to sustain himself but he sometimes does to chose to do so. The Surfer rarely needs rest and can go for years without tiring.

    Energy Absorption

    The Surfer's skin is designed to absorb various energies from beta particles to any energy wavelength on the electro-magnetic spectrum (from infrared energy to visibile light, to quantum radiation). He is constantly being charged from hundreds of nearby stars and energies from distant galaxies. He can change this absorption into reflection if he chooses. The Surfer has also absorbed so much energy from a sun before, that he turned into a living bomb.

    Blast Power

    The Surfer can absorb and tap into ambient cosmic energy into his body at will and allowing him to use these energies at different forces. The Surfer could also channel energy through his hands also known as energy beams that can destroy a planet. He can use various energies for offensive purposes as well. He can create large blasts or beams down to the subatomic level.

    Energy Manipulation

    The Surfer can use energy to create force fields and shields. He can solidify energy to imprison enemies. He can manipulate the energies around him to make space travel possible for beings around him that can not survive in space. He can also control gravity.

    Matter Control

    The Silver Surfer can rearrange matter to create other objects of importance by rearranging molecules. He can also change the state of matter, such as changing solids into gas. Matter Transmutation helps the Surfer escape traps and prisons and can also be used to make an enemies weapons inactive.

    Super Speed

    The Silver Surfer's board allows him to move at rates of velocity far beyond that of lightspeed. He has even demonstrated the ability to enter the time stream at his own volition and ability.


    The Silver Surfer flies through the atmosphere of any planet, as well as through the rigors of outer space. He is capable of complex aerobatic manueverability, while also being able to turn, stop and accelerate without any loss of control. He typically uses his surfboard, but has been occassionally observed to fly without the use of it.

    Time Manipulation

    The Surfer can also see into the past by pulling back the layers of time with a focused use of the Power Cosmic. He can create quantum spheres capable of travelling anywhere with a thought. He has also demonstrated the ability to track individuals through time or even other dimensions.


    The Surfer can use the Power Cosmic to heal wounds but he cannot raise the dead. The Surfer has the power to speed the evolution of organic life.


    The Surfer has shown the ability to read minds and sometimes needs to make a conscious effort not to. He prefers to speak rather than read a person's thoughts. He has also demonstrated resistance to highly powerful telepaths.


    The Surfer has shown the ability to move objects with the power of his mind, through wielding the power cosmic. He frequently does this with his surfboard, but has on occasion, done so with other objects that have properties of varying weight, mass and density.

    Super Senses

    The Silver Surfer can see over a distance of light years, as well as being able to perceive objects at the molecular level. This makes the Surfer one of the best trackers in the universe, able to trace a grain of sand in a quasar and being able to detect any type of energy signature and following it for light-years. The Surfer has incredible hearing making him nearly impossible to sneak attack. He is totally aware of his entire surroundings down to the nano-instance (ions, electrons, etc.) He has a cosmic awareness to a certain level, capable of knowing a person's location when nearby or able to detect his enemies weaknesses.

    Power Alterations

    Super beings that make contact with the Surfer can also have their powers altered when making contact with other super-beings. This was seen in Marvel Zombies when Hulk bit the Surfer's head off and they obtained the power of the cosmos.

    Power upgrade

    During Annihilation, the Silver Surfer's powers were upgraded by Galactus vastly. He was tested by Ravenous, an agent of Annilius, and dispatched him with little to no effort. He also destroyed a whole planet by himself after his upgrade. This upgrade also came to good use when Thanos created a machine to keep the Surfer and Galactus in check and set it to his own power output, so that he could only open it, but the Surfer was able to match (while severely weakened ) Thanos' power output and free himself and Galactus, which demonstrates how much more powerful he is with his latest power upgrade.

    The Silver Surfboard

    The Board responds to Norrin's every command.
    The Board responds to Norrin's every command.

    The Silver Surfer rides a board that is composed of the same material of the silver coating that covers his whole body. The Surfer's telepathic link to the board makes the board an extension of himself, and allows him to move at almost impossible speeds, even moving through the fourth dimension. Almost indestructible, the board can be used as both a weapon and a shield. If the board does take damage or is broken, the Silver Surfer can either repair the board or recreate a whole new one. Silver Surfer can also use the board to imprison or encase an individual, but only for a limited amount of time.

    The connection between the board and the Silver Surfer is unknown. When Galactus trapped the Silver Surfer within Earth, it was because of his board that the Silver Surfer couldn't leave planet Earth. Upon discovering this, the Surfer managed to leave Earth through other means without his board and remade another one when he was in space. It is unknown the full limitations of Silver Surfer's board. A common misconception between Silver Surfer and his board is that it is believed that his powers are granted to him through it, which is not the case. Silver Surfer's board has been destroyed on a number of occasions and he has easily been able to create a new one.


    Unique throughout the multiverse.
    Unique throughout the multiverse.

    Although this does not really classify as a weakness, he is unique throughout the multiverse. So much so, that the Living Tribunal offered a moment of Godhood to the Silver Surfer because of this.

    Alternate Realities


    In a reality visited by the Exiles, Galactus did not destroy worlds by consuming them, but instead healed broken worlds. Here the Silver Surfer had destroyed Zenn-La and became Galactus herald in hopes that he could get Galactus to restore it. Galactus refused and Silver Surfer became a destroyer of worlds. He was going to kill Galactus before the Exiles showed up. He was eventually defeated by Sabretooth empowered by Galactus with the Power Cosmic.


    Silver Surfer - Protector of the Universe
    Silver Surfer - Protector of the Universe

    During the War of the Worlds, the Surfer fought alongside Captain America, Franklin Richards and Doctor Doom to battle their Martian attackers. But Eon convinced the Surfer it was Earth's destiny to be conquered. Eon offered him the role of Protector of the Universe, but the Surfer refused. He left and for untold centuries he wandered in guilt.

    Much later he would finally accept the Quantum Bands and the role. Eon then warned the Surfer that Galactus was going to consume Earth. He teamed up with Dargo and Firelord and in one of their attacks, Nova sacrificed herself to protect her master. This saddened the Surfer and it could be said that it did Galactus as well. He left the Earth vowing to never take on another herald.

    Firelord had only been there to warn the Surfer of Zenn-La's eminent explosion. They arrive too late and the grief was more than the Surfer could handle. He determined that every terrible thing that has happened in his life was Galactus' fault. Armed with the Quantum Bands, the Surfer sought his vengeance. Still angry over his loss of Nova, Galactus easily defeated the Surfer, destroying his board and ripping his silver skin and Power Cosmic from him.

    The Keeper vs Galactus
    The Keeper vs Galactus

    The Quantum Bands saved his life and he was found by Aron the Rogue Watcher. Aron took the Surfer outside of Eternity and taught the Surfer how to use the Quantum Bands to their full potential and also convinced him the Power Cosmic was still inside of him. With this knowledge, he recreated his silver skin. On his return, he would call himself the Keeper and always stay one step ahead of Galactus, removing all life and nutrients from the planets in his path. This would leave Galactus starved and he would eventually be weak enough for the Surfer to destroy.

    In the 31st century, the Surfer and the Guardians of the Galaxy followed Galactus to the Alpha Centauri system and engaged him in battle. In his weakened state, the Keeper was able to easily defeat him and planned to land the killing blow, but was stopped by Eon. Eon explains that he was chosen to be the Protector of the Universe to become Galactus' equal and partner. Paired up again after centuries, the Keeper recreated his silver surfboard and he and Galactus went out to continue what they had done so many other times in the past.

    Galactus eventually grew tired of the lifeless worlds the Surfer chose for him, as well as following the Surfer's orders. He attacked the Surfer and left him for dead. The Surfer was rescued from near-death by Starhawk, who healed him. At this time, Eon gave the Quantum Bands to Starhawk, but the Surfer was able to get them back.

    Galactus would later be found consuming the energies of the worldship Sol III. Angry at Galactus for breaking their agreement, the Surfer attacked him and his herald Dark Angel. He would soon learn that this Galactus was from the Earth-M reality and had come through a wormhole accidentally. Galactus was able to be returned to his reality.

    Earth-7888: Earth-M / Earth-Moebius


    The Earth-M Surfer spends his time on Earth posing as a homeless man, sleeping more and more each day, detached from humanity. His rest is disturbed once an alien spacecraft of gigantic size enters Earth’s atmosphere with a view to land on the planet, causing panic, anarchy, and hysteria on a massive scale. Still untouched by this revelation, the Surfer finds himself investigated by three police officers, who find his appearance suspect. Before more can ensue, the spacecraft finally lands on Earth, in the middle of the city the Surfer resides in. Galactus is revealed to be the occupant – exclaiming himself all-powerful, he claims he wishes to guide mankind in a new, glorious era.

    A new religion with Galactus as a central deity, is created overnight.

    In the meantime, an evangelist, and TV persona, named Candell, hungry for power, decides to become arch-priest of the newfound religion, despite the confusion and disapproval of his sister, Elyna. He proclaims that it was him who summoned Galactus on Earth, as he would be the one to lead Earth towards salvation. And the road to salvation derives from Galactus’ word. And Galactus word is that he would lead mankind to a new world, beyond guilt and laws, consisting only of pleasure.

    And with those words, the Age of Galactus – the age of madness - began. Disgusted by the situation at hand, the Surfer, still under the guise of a homeless man, confronts the evangelist, accusing him of being a false prophet. Candell orders his death; however, through the words of Elyna, he is convinced not to attack him. After a short exchange with Elyna, and surprised that someone still retains compassion in a world of crudeness, the Surfer reveals his true self, stating that any man can make a difference, if only he wants to. Impressed by the Surfer’s spirit and purity, Elyna attempts to convince him of the futility of his mission, but in vain.

    The Surfer confronts Galactus directly, and Galactus' ploy is then revealed: while he had sworn never to attack Earth again, he would instead let humans destroy themselves in his name, and then satiate his hunger. Immediately, the Surfer speaks to the assembled crowd, trying to make them understand Galactus’ true cause. They, in turn, resort, to violence, attacking him. The Surfer erects a forcefield, and remains completely untouched by them, refusing to strike back. Galactus, intervenes, trying to blast the Surfer with a series of cosmic rays, but the Surfer’s speed always places him a step ahead his former master. The ensuing battle, however, resulted in the destruction of great magnitude. The Surfer, noticing this, decides to embark and find a new strategy. Galactus, using his spaceship, locates him once more and brings him back to him.

    In the meantime, Elyna, disillusioned by her brother’s teachings, and the sense of dread surrounding them, steals a helicopter to approach the Surfer, and stop the battle, but she is shot at a vital spot, resulting in great blood loss. She still continues her pursuit to end the madness, regardless.

    Retrieved to the field of battle by Galactus ship, the Surfer is yet again pitted against his master, refusing to listen to his compromising pleads, and swearing to fight until death claims him. At that moment, Elyna, still inside her helicopter, made it before Galactus. In shock after being shot, she finally passes out, leaving her craft ready to crash. The Surfer sees her, and is about to rescue her, when Galactus, taking advantage of this, finally manages to hit him with his blasts. Elyna meets her end.

    The Surfer is devastated by this. Candell, shocked by his sister’s sacrifice, and Galactus’ coldness, renounces his misguided quest for power. People all around the world begin to comprehend Galactus is no God. Swiftly, the President of the United States orders a strike against him, no matter how slim the chances of success may seem.

    The Surfer, angered greatly by Elyna’s death, strikes at Galactus straightforwardly, only to be caught by him. With Galactus ready to destroy him, the Surfer is surprised to see Earth’s armies attacking their former deity. Galactus is a God no more. Witnessing this, Galactus himself understands that the Surfer succeeded in his goal, and sets him free, for his death would avail him no longer. Before Galactus’ departure, the Surfer asks him to keep his pledge, and never attack Earth directly again.

    After some time, the Surfer is asked to speak in the United Nations. His kindness and humility makes most believe him a saint, and ask him to lead mankind. Sad by man’s inability to learn from past mistakes, the Surfer fakes a speech, in which he pretends to be a power-hungry and merciless tyrant. He is successful, as people turn against him. Only one man refuses to believe in this ruse – Candell himself. The Surfer soon departs, and watches Earth from above, consumed in dark thoughts, forever alone.


    In this alternate reality, Silver Surfer is a member of the Fantastic Five alongside Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and The Thing. Mephisto, an old enemy of the Silver Surfer, captures and tortures them. After Mephisto kills the Human Torch, the Silver Surfer is forced to sign a contract to remain in Mephisto's realm and save the Earth from his evil. Mephisto then releases the remaining members of the Fantastic Five and they're sent back to Earth. Several years have passed and the Earth is at peace. Without Mephisto's influence, humanity had no need for weapons or heroes to defend them from violence. The Silver Surfer points this out to Mephisto, who then responds by reawakening evil upon the Earth once more. This act unshackles the Silver Surfer from his demonic bonds, but not from his contract. The Silver Surfer provokes Mephisto into killing his physical form, which causes his spirit to arrive in Mephisto's realm due to the contract. Burning Mephisto with its emanating light, the spirit of the Silver Surfer will remain at his side for all eternity.


    In this alternate reality, the Fantastic Four never existed. The Avengers are called upon by the Watcher to protect the Earth from the coming of Galactus. The herald of Galactus known only as the Silver Surfer arrives on Earth and signals for his master. The Avengers attack as soon as Galactus appears. Earth's Mightiest Heroes fight on valiantly, but not nearly as proficiently as the Watcher had hoped. Galactus easily dispatches the Avengers and all seemed lost, until the Watcher breaks his vow of non-interference and physically stops Galactus. The Watcher is then killed when Galactus uses his energy converter on him and absorbs his living energy. His hunger satiated, a remorseful Galactus spares the Earth and picks up the Watcher to return the body to his homeworld for a proper funeral. The Silver Surfer, wanting to know why Earth is so special that a Watcher would break his own vow and sacrifice himself, asks Galactus for his freedom. Their parting amicable, the Silver Surfer remains on Earth and joins the Avengers as their most powerful member ever.


    In the MC2 reality, Galactus tried to create another big bang but his plan failed because the Silver Surfer merged with Galactus to create a new being. This new being set out to restore the worlds Galactus previously destroyed.


    In this reality the Carnage symbiote bonded with Silver Surfer and later called himself the Carnage Cosmic. He battled Spider-Man and the Avengers, but it wasn't until Firestar used her powers and Norrin became conscious enough to realized that the only one way to destroy the symbiote, he flew to the sun, burning himself and the Carnage symbiote with him.


    In this version of the Silver Surfer, he is no longer a herald for Galactus but is a member of the Starjammers

    Earth-1610: Ultimate Silver Surfer

    Earth-1610: Ultimate Surfer
    Earth-1610: Ultimate Surfer

    The first appearance of the Silver Surfer in the Ultimate Universe was not actually that of the Surfer himself, but of an army of automatons of the intergalactic life-destroying fleet of sentient technology known as Gah Lak Tus. These Surfers were the heralds of Gah Lak Tus, and were designed to assist in the destruction of worlds, first by infiltrating and attempting to placate the population, and secondly by forcibly destroying anyone who would oppose Gah Lak Tus on arrival. They were capable of altering their shape, first appearing as round silver orbs and transforming into humanoids. Some exhibited wings while others rode more traditional surfboards. These beings also had the ability to harness and control great quantities of energy, making them dangerous opponents for the heroes of Earth.

    On the planet of Zenn-La, Norrin Radd became the herald of Revka Termelune. Revka ruled Zenn-La using his telepathy enhanced by machines stationed throughout the planet. After being trained by Revka as his successor, Radd turned on his master and broke his control over the population which plunged into chaos and destroyed itself. The Surfer was expelled from Zenn-La and roamed the Universe for a planet which Revka could control. Somewhere along the line he encountered the Gah Lak Tus who copied Radd's physiology, creating the heralds which the Earth would eventually encounter. When Reed Richards sought out a power source for his Cosmic Cube he locked onto the Surfer's power believing him to be a star. Radd landed on Earth and saw the population as unhappy and suffering. Using this opportunity to redeem himself, the Surfer summoned his master Revka to the Earth. Revka, dubbed the " Psycho Man " by Johnny Storm took control of the Earth's population telepathically and transported them back to his home of Zenn-La. Much like the original residents of Zenn-La, the Psycho-Man used his machine-enhanced telepathy to control the people of Earth. He gave them the identities and personalities of the original residents of Zenn-La, leaving them in a placated, unthinking state.

    The Surfer would quickly come to realize what he had done to the Earth's population, and freed Reed Richards from the Psycho-Man's control by flying him out of range of the machines. They freed the rest of the Fantastic Four who were able to defeat the rest of the Psycho-Man's minions with the assistance of the Silver Surfer. They defeated the Psycho-Man by using his own technology against him. They used his machines to reprogram his mind to that of a small child. With Psycho-Man defeated they would leave the Psycho-Man in a similar state to how he would have had the people of Earth as well as the citizens of Zenn-La so long ago. The Surfer left Zenn-La to roam the spaceways and atone for his crimes.


    In this reality, the Silver Surfer is one of several Surfers that are herald to Galactus. Galactus was killed by the Council, a group consisting of many versions of Reed Richards from alternate realities. It is unknown what became of the Surfers.

    Earth-2149: Zombieverse

    Earth-2149: Zombieverse
    Earth-2149: Zombieverse

    In the Marvel Zombies reality the Silver Surfer is defeated and eaten by zombie versions of Hulk, Luke Cage, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Captain America, Giant-Man and Iron Man, giving them each a portion of the Power Cosmic. The Silver Surfer arrives on Earth with a message to the inhabitants of the world to inform them that Galactus was coming to devour their planet. Silver Surfer sees the zombie super-beings and he appears before, giving them the message. The zombies hear this, but soon their hunger arises again. They see the Silver Surfer as food and the zombies attack the Silver Surfer. The Silver Surfer is attacked and falls off his board. He fends off the zombies as he gets up and uses his portion of the Power Cosmic against the zombies, which overpower them. The Silver Surfer is attacked by many of the heroes, including Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Giant-Man, and Wolverine. The Silver Surfer does disable some of the zombies, however. He vaporizes the bottom half of Iron Man's body, blasts Hulk's face(temporarily disabling Hulk), and destroys one of Wolverine's arms.

    The Silver Surfer manages to get onto his board and fly towards the cosmos when the zombies tell each other to stop him. Then Hulk gets his focus back and jumps towards the Silver Surfer in rage. The Hulk manages to get onto the Surfer's board and grabs the Surfer's hands, immobilizing him and not able to use his Power Cosmic blasts through his hands. The Hulk is enraged by the Silver Surfer's blast on his face and tells the Silver Surfer about it. Then the Hulk bites the Silver Surfer's head and rips it off, spewing the Power Cosmic out of the Surfer's body. The Hulk releases the body and Captain America that Hulk had dropped the body and that they should grab it and eat it. They all swarm in and eat the Silver Surfer's headless body. They soon finish consuming the Surfer's body and some of the zombies are enraged that some of them didn't get to have a piece of the Surfer's body, such as Thor. They attack the ones that ate the Silver Surfer, but Captain America immediately kills one of them with a cosmic blast. He tells the ones that ate the Surfer that they had gained his powers by consuming him and they kill off the rest of the opposing zombies. Galactus soon appears before the zombies and asks where the Silver Surfer was. They tell Galactus that they ate him and you could see that there are still remains of the Silver Surfer's body, which consisted of only some skin and bones. Later, they would use the Surfer's power against Galactus and become successful in defeating Galactus and fending off the zombie villains.


    In this alternate reality, the Silver Surfer is killed by Maestro in his rise to power. In his memory his board was put on display for everyone to see

    Earth-9997: Earth X

    In the reality, Black Bolt called upon Galactus to destroy the Celestials egg which is inside the planet Earth also known as Earth X. The Silver Surfer accompanies his master, and with him is his wife, Shalla Bal, who also became a herald of Galactus and shares her silvery appearance just as her husband.

    Earth-82432: What If...?

    In this reality, the Silver Surfer is of the first people to be destroyed by Korvac after he eliminated the Avengers.


    Requiem: Visiting Reed Richards
    Requiem: Visiting Reed Richards

    It starts out with Norrin coming to Earth to visit Mr. Fantastic. After many experiments, Richards discovers that the silver skin, micrometers thick, that has kept Norrin alive and able to travel in space is breaking down. Richards informs him that he has only two months to live. Being the optimistic man he says "some butterflies only live to be a month old, that means I have two lifetimes to live."

    He starts his last two months by revisiting all his places around the Earth. Eventually he ends up back in Manhattan and runs into Spider-Man. After finding out that the Surfer rides a surf board to be completely open in space and see every beauty Norrin describes how his heart is because he does not take the life he had for granted. Spidey convinces Norrin to take Mary Jane up into space to see all the stars and the sights that billions have never seen. Then as one last request, Norrin gives every one of 6 billion people on Earth 5 minutes in touch with the Power Cosmic, hoping to show them more than the hate and war they have. This is one of the many acts Silver Surfer performs and some readers might see this as a similarity to Jesus.

    Norrin leaves Earth to go to his true home Zenn-La to see his wife and family. On the way he runs into two planets that are in a holy war. Seeing the futility and recklessness in this the Surfer destroys every weapon and tool of destruction on both planets. This is a day neither culture will forget.

    When he gets to Zenn-La, he is in such a bad condition that he must lie on a bed. He is placed in a courtyard where everyone from the planet can visit him. Every person comes to thank him for the sacrifice he made to save the planet. When a person touches him a mark is left on their hand. This mark stays with the person forever, and whenever hate or anger or anything of the sort occurs, the mark lights up to remind them of the selfless sacrifice. This is another event where some readers might see this as a similarity to Jesus, and how his sacrifice reminds someone of love and not hate.

    Galactus makes a return to the planet, causing the Surfer to think that he came to eat the planet. He requests that he must talk to Galactus. Turns out Galactus did not come to devour the planet, but to visit his first, most honorable, and best herald. By request of the surfer's wife, Galactus turns Norrin Radd into a star that will always be visible to the inhabitants of Zenn-La.

    Heroes Reborn

    Geared Up to Take on Galactus
    Geared Up to Take on Galactus

    The Silver Surfer in the Heroes Reborn world was one of five heralds of Galactus. The Surfer was the first and eldest herald. He was sent to Earth to find out if the planet was ready for Galactus to consume. On Earth, the Surfer ended up in a battle with the Super-Skrull. It is here that he meets the Fantastic Four and they save the Surfer's life from a massive explosion at Doctor Doom's castle.

    Learning that the planet is ready for consumption, Galactus sends his heralds there to prepare. The Surfer stops Terrax from killing a member of the Fantastic Four, because he knows in his past life he would have been friends with them. He asks his master to reconsider devouring the Earth, but Galactus must feed. Galactus successfully destroys Earth and Doctor Doom travels back in time one day to try to stop this.

    Events are different this time, and the Surfer sees to his master's wishes. The Fantastic Four try to stop the Surfer and all of Galactus' capacitors are destroyed. This does not stop Galactus though and Earth is consumed once again. Doom goes back in time for another attempt.

    After another failure, Doom travels back one last time for a final attempt. Witnessing the bravery and selflessness of Earth's heroes, the Surfer decides to betray Galactus. He is fitted with a nullifying device built by Mister Fantastic, the power siphoning equipment of Doctor Doom and Captain America's shield. With his Power Cosmic and the energies of the Avengers, the Surfer is able to destroy Galactus, but at the cost of his own life.

    Other Media


    Fantastic Four (1967)

    Silver Surfer first appeared on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series of the Fantastic Four in the episode known as "Galactus".

    Fantastic Four (1994)

    Silver Surfer appeared in the episode "The Coming of Galactus Part I and 2". Like the comic book, Surfer goes to earth as a herald to Galactus and brings Galactus to earth to eat it. He ends up finding his inner nobility with help from Alicia Masters and rebels against Galactus to repel him from earth. The attempt is successful but earth becomes a new home for Surfer, never to leave. Surfer appears again in the Season 1 finale, "The Silver Surfer and The Return of Galactus". Surfer and the Fantastic Four notices Galactus's ship in earth's orbit and go to investigate. It turns out Dr. Doom built the ship to steal Surfer's powers and does. Dr. Doom ends up leaving the barrier and Galactus appears thinking Surfer left the barrier but is angry to find Dr. Doom. He returns Surfer's powers to himself and makes a new barrier.

    Surfer makes another appearance in the Season 2 finale "Doomsday". Surfer is lured into a log cabin by a Latverian woman and Dr. Doom steals his powers again. Doom imprisons Surfer and defeats the Fantastic Four but refuses to kill them. Reed comes up with a device that Doom follows into space and Doom crashes into Galactus's barrier. Doom loses the Surfer's powers and they return to Surfer. Silver Surfer voiced by Robin Sachs in Season 1 and Edward Albert in Season 2.

    The Silver Surfer (1998)

    The animated series
    The animated series

    The Silver Surfer premiered on Fox February 7, 1998 and lasted through May 30, 1998. This would be the first time that the Silver Surfer would have his own animated series. This series lasted for one season having thirteen episodes and leaving you off with a cliffhanger. There was going to be a second season, which was already produced eight new episodes but the show ended up being canceled due to bankruptcy.

    The series would start off with a mysterious voice of a man saying, "Behold the universe, incredibly complex yet wonderfully simple. It compasses all creation while racing toward its ultimate end. Within this maelstrom of gross and destruction lays millions of galaxies, billions of stars and planets. This sector of the universe alone is home to uncountable civilizations. Sentient life, so variant that no one race will have never able to imagine the others. Throughout the ages these civilizations have encountered each other time and time again. And of mean their culture and beliefs. Two societies however, the Cree, a race so bold that it is a basic start from which it developed all others and the Scrull, aborticous upstarts who live only to serve their high mother, have dedicated themselves to the subjection of all others. For countless eons, they have battled each other for supremacy with neither side able to gain a definitive advantage. Now a new power has entered the sector, a power so great that it makes everything else in the universe look so pave. Galactus, an immutable force as old as time. Galactus possesses incalculable knowledge and strength. Like a shark gliding in an intergalactic sea, Galactus uses his knowledge for only one thing. To find planets whose cores contain the nutrients he needs to enable him to survive. So great are his needs that he cares not of any consequence, but only his nourishment. After he is fed, shot, all Galactus can do is move on. I am the Watcher. It is my task to note events of significance in this part of the cosmos. Only to note and never interfere. This task brings me great joy, and great sorrow. Silver Surfer is voiced by Paul Essiembre

    Then the story begins on the Planet of Zenn-la. A planet that is so advanced that there is no need for any violence. Zenn-la is the universal center of peace and harmony. People from all over the cosmos come to Zenn-la teaching the ways of peace and on this planet there is a man named Norrin Radd. A man who wants to leave Zenn-la and see what else is out there. Shalla Bal tells her husband that there is no such need since the enlightenment. Saying that the path to peace and harmony lies within our own souls. Beings from all over the universe come to Zenn-la to learn their ways. Norrin Radd is portrayed as being lost because he knows what is expected of him but what he really wants is to travel beyond Zenn-la like his ancestors did. He is also rumored to become the next master of Zenn-la but says that how can he master of Zenn-la when he isn't even the master over himself. Shalla Bal tells him how she has faith in him giving him the hope that she is always going to be there. Then Captain Kalik leader of the Kree Empire, and Commander Husslero of the Skrull Confederation show up. They were invited by a man known as The Mentor, who is the current master of Zenn-la. The Mentor as Norrin to demonstrate the importance of weapons on Zenn-la. He then takes the weapons and places them on a rock where he makes the guns disappear.

    Then the mysterious man shows up again. Captain Kalik says that how he saw that man before at the destruction of the Horse Nebula Then Commander Husslero agrees and says that how his brother had died there and that it was a great loss to both sides that day. The Master calls him The Watcher and how he sensed he was there and also is in pain. Despite his oath, to watch and never interfere, The Watcher tells the people that for a millennium, the teachings of Zenn-la have been a beacon of light to the center in a universe darkened by chaos and strife. Now in the hope that this light shall not be distinguished, I bring you the most dire of warnings. He tells them that the being called Galactus is approaching thinking that Galactus was only a myth. The Watcher tells them that Galactus has only one purpose, feeding on their planet. He goes on to say that Galactus is neither good nor evil and that other life is of no significance to him. The Watcher then says that the people on Zenn-la have the hearts and minds to reach out to others and that their ways have changed the destinies of whole galaxies and that they must change they're own. As The Watcher disappears, all that is known is coming to an end. Galactus has arrived to feed on Zenn-la. Norrin then takes a starship and tries to talk with Galactus, offering to serve him as his Herald in order to help him find planets to feed upon, in exchange for sparing Zenn-la, an offer that he accepts. He then gives Norrin an extremely small fraction of his power, which transforms him into Silver Surfer, which grants him a metallic body and a board that grants him high-speed flight through the cosmos, along with energy and matter manipulation. However, the process also buried his memories deep inside his mind; as a result, Silver Surfer inmediately offers Zenn-la to Galactus, who refuses in honor of his bargain with Norrin.

    Eventually, after an encounter with Ego, Silver Surfer's memories are unlocked by Thanos. Before he can confront Galactus about this, his master reveals that he has found a new planet to feed upon: Earth. Surfer then rebels against his master and refuses to allow him to consume the planet, despite having no hope of victory. This impresses Galactus, who decides to spare Earth and let him go while still retaining his powers, but not as a gift, but as a curse branded upon him.

    Super Hero Squad Show (2009)

    Silver Surfer as he appears in SHS
    Silver Surfer as he appears in SHS

    Silver Surfer appears as a regular character through Season 1 and has some aspects of an actual earth-like Surfer along with aspects of his comic book character. His appearance is based on the way Jack Kirby drew Surfer. In the Season 1 finale Surfer rejoins Galactus as his herald with the infinity sword in order to save his friends. During the first half of Season 2, Surfer becomes corrupted by the infinity sword and steals the infinity gauntlet from Thanos to become Dark Surfer. Dark surfer throws his former team into a portal hoping to get rid of them but they eventually return to have a final battle with Dark Surfer. Surfer splits into six beings with different colors to face the six squaddies. Surfer is defeated and all the damage he caused is undone when the infinity gauntlet and sword are shattered. Silver Surfer is voiced by Mikey Kelley.


    Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer (2007)

    Silver Surfer as he appears in the movie.
    Silver Surfer as he appears in the movie.

    Sequel to "Fantastic Four" (2005), The Silver Surfer appears as the herald of Galactus, a world-eating cloud-like being, and starts preparations for his master to feed on Earth, such as making craters. Surfer's presence starts causing phenomenons such as oceans freezing or snow in Egypt. Surfer eventually makes his way to New York City and is pursued by Johnny to no avail. Surfer brings Johnny high into Earth's atmosphere with no air and drops Johnny hoping to kill him, but Johnny regains consciousness and crashes in a desert. This encounter with Surfer makes Johnny's powers unstable and causes him to switch powers with his teammates simply by touch. Surfer starts making more craters and is met by Dr. Doom who offers him to join forces. Surfer declines and is attacked by Doom with lightning. Surfer does not feel the attack and hits Doom with a cosmic blast which ends up healing Doom's injuries from the last movie. Doom was filming this encounter with Surfer and brings it to the attention of the Fantastic Four and the US military. They learn that Surfer's powers come from his board and begin to think of a plan to separate Surfer from his power source. Reed thinks about a tachyon pulse to separate Surfer from his board. The Fantastic Four and the military head to the Black Forest in Germany to set up his plan, but Surfer arrives before they can complete it and confronts Sue. Surfer tells her that he is not the destroyer, he serves the destroyer and the destroyer is coming soon. Before Surfer can say anymore, the military opens fire on him with no success. This buys the Fantastic Four more time to activate the tachyon pulse which separates Surfer from his board. Both Surfer and his board are placed in a US base under US custody. Surfer ends up getting tortured, but is met again by Sue. Surfer tells Sue how his work protects his planet from destruction and also protects the people he cares about, especially the woman he loves. He also tells her that his board is a beacon to the destroyer who is called Galactus. The Fantastic Four free Surfer, but they are too late because Doom has already stolen the board and flew off. The five of them get into the Fantasticar and pursue Doom through China. Reed tries to convince Doom to give up the power in order to save Earth, but Doom refuses and damages the Fantasticar which crashes into a city. Doom makes a spear to kill Surfer but Sue steps in front to protect him with a force field, but the spear goes through and stabs her. Sue becomes mortally wounded as Galactus arrives. Johnny decides to take all of their teammate's powers to defeat Doom. Johnny is able to destroy the device that gives Doom control over the board, allowing the board to return to the Surfer. With his powers back, Surfer is able to save Sue from death and flies upward to face Galactus in order to save the planet. Surfer tells Galactus that he no longer serves him and releases energy that seemingly kills them both. At the end of the movie, Surfer is floating in space and is thought to be dead, but his eyes open and his surfboard returns to him indicating that he is alive. Silver Surfer is portrayed by Doug Jones and voiced by Laurence Fishburne.

    Video Games

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    • Silver Surfer appears in his own video game called Silver Surfer (1990). The game is a side-scroller shooter game on the NES and features Surfer's villains as bosses.
    • Silver Surfer appears in Marvel Ultimate Alliance (2006) and is a playable character. Surfer first appears in the game as an NPC who helps the heroes fight Galactus on the Skrull homeworld. To play as Surfer, you must collect all sim disc missions and complete them. The other way is to use a cheat code which gives you the Surfer the easy way. Silver Surfer is voiced by Chris Cox.
    • Silver Surfer appears in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer video game (2007). The game is primarily based on the plot of the movie and features Surfer as a boss. Silver Surfer is voiced by Brian Bloom.
    • Silver Surfer appears in Marvel Super Hero Squad (2009). Surfer appears as a playable character who helps look for the fractals of the infinity sword after it is destroyed, much like the plot of season 1. Mikey Kelley reprises his role as Silver Surfer.
    • Silver Surfer appears in Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet (2010). Silver Surfer is again voiced by Mikey Kelley.
    • Silver Surfer appears in Marvel Super Hero Squad Online (2011). The game is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) and Surfer appears as a playable character. Surfer has two costumes to play as, his regular appearance in the show or dark surfer. Silver Surfer is voiced by Mikey Kelley.
    • Silver makes a cameo appearance in Zero's ending in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (2011), where he tries to help Zero get back home.
    • Silver Surfer appeared as a playable character in MMORPG Marvel Heroes (2013). However, he was removed in 2017 due to licensing issues with Marvel.
    • Silver Surfer is a playable character in Lego Marvel Super Heroes (2013), voiced by James Arnold Taylor.


    Marvel Legends Icons, Marvel Universe, Marvel Legends and Marvel Select
    Marvel Legends Icons, Marvel Universe, Marvel Legends and Marvel Select
    • Silver Surfer appeared in ToyBiz's Marvel Super Heroes toyline.
    • Silver Surfer appeared in ToyBiz's toyline for the 1994 Fantastic Four cartoon. He was also included in the line's deluxe 10-inch scale.
    • Silver Surfer received his own toyline from ToyBiz for his short-lived animated series.
    • Silver Surfer was featured in ToyBiz's fifth Marvel Legends series, and came packed with Howard the Duck. Several years later, the figure was repainted and released as a Walmart exclusive by Hasbro.
    • When Hasbro took over the Marvel Legends line, they released a new Silver Surfer figure as part of the Ronan Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Various companies like Bowen Designs and Sideshow Collectibles have released Silver Surfer action figures.
    • A Marvel Legends figure of the Silver Surfer in his Silver Savage persona from the Planet Hulk storyline was later included as part of the Red Hulk Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Silver Surfer was featured in Hasbro's 12-inch Marvel Legends Icons line.
    • Diamond Select released a Silver Surfer figure for the Marvel Select line.
    • Silver Surfer was prominently featured in Hasbro's toyline for the second Fantastic Four movie.
    • Silver Surfer was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
    • Silver Surfer was featured in Hasbro's Super Hero Squad line.
    • Hasbro later released a new Marvel Legends figure of the Silver Surfer as a Walgreens exclusive.

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