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Thanos has killed half of the universe with a thought...including half of its heroes! As the remaining heroes deal with the chaos that has ensued, will the return of Adam Warlock be the universe's only hope?

While the Avengers are cleaning up the mess from half the population disappearing, Epoch contacts Quasar the Cosmic Guardian and informs him he is needed. Epoch is with an entity that proves to be Adam Warlock.

Doctor Strange is then contacted by that same entity and says he must lead the forces against Thanos. He opens his soul for Doctor Strange to see that he is no enemy. Meanwhile, Doctor Doom wishes for answers to what is happening. He attacks Strange's mansion and assaults Strange and the Silver Surfer. But the Surfer is in no shape to fight after his battle with Thanos. But Adam Warlock appears and tells them he has all the answers they need.

Back with Death, it seems Starfox was taken by Thanos for a 'family reunion.' Starfox tries to use his power to manipulate Thanos but it does not work and Thanos removes his mouth. He tortures them to impress Mistress Death but even this does not work. In anger, Thanos creates an incredible shockwave across the universe.

On Asgard, Odin has become aware of the situation. He has gathered all the deities to discuss the problem. They all band together. They are trapped in Asgard after Thanos' shockwave destroyed the exit.

The shockwave cause much damage to Earth. The western coast of the United States falls into the ocean and a massive tsunami hits the east coast. Across the world, the landscape had changed and many places simply did not exist any longer such as Japan. Earth's heroes try to assess the situation and get a plan into action.



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