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    Eternity is an abstract, relatively omnipotent entity representing all time and reality in the universe. Eternity has been around before the beginning of the universe. He is eternal.

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    Eternity is the grandchild of the First Firmament and twin brother of Infinity; and lover of Never Queen along with their sibling counterparts, Death and Oblivion. together they share the responsibility of maintaining the balance between life and death, tranquility and entropy. Eternity is part of a small cosmic pantheon that represents the three essential forces in the universe, being equity (Galactus), necessity (Eternity & Infinity) and vengeance (Death & Oblivion). Also, if Galactus ever dies or does not exist, the opposite of Eternity, Abraxas, would come into being. Where Infinity represents all space within the universe, Eternity represents all time, although sometimes Eternity can take Infinity’s place in some cases.


    Issue #138
    Issue #138

    Eternity is Marvel comics character, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Eternity first appears in Strange Tales #138 released in 1965.

    Major Story Arcs

    Contacted by the Sorcerer Supreme


    The first human to contact Eternity was Dr. Strange when the villain Dormammu attempted to manifest in the earthly dimension. Later he was contacted by Galactus and the Watcher when Mr. Fantastic was put on trial. Later still he heeded his sister’s Infinity’s summons when Oblivion attempted to alter their previous deal through his Avatar, Maelstrom. Shortly afterward he was summoned by Adam Warlock when the Thanos the Mad Titan had collected the six Infinity Gems. He battled with other cosmic deities against the might of Thanos. He was the last to take him on, but the Infinity Gauntlet proved too powerful and Thanos took over all of reality. This is when he lost his concentration and lost the gauntlet. A trial was held by the Living Tribunal, and he and Eternity agreed that the Infinity Gauntlet was to powerful for any one being and created the Infinity Watch. Together, the gems had no power.

    But Eternity did not approve of any of the choices as to who would carry the gems individually and had a meeting with the Living Tribunal in an attempt to attain possession of the gems himself. Although the Living Tribunal did not fully agree with the choices either, he ruled that the gems should remain where they are. Never had any power rivaled that of Eternity, so he felt them to be a great threat and worried over them. This uncertainty had brought unpredictability into Eternity's existence for the first time, and the Living Tribunal told him he must deal with it as all other living beings must.

    Infinity War

    He and Infinity played a large role in the defeat of the Magus. He was placed in a catatonic state at the beginning of the Infinity War. Galactus pleaded with the Tribunal to repower the gems, but he required Eternity's decision. Galactus used Gamora to release him from this state and agreed to repower the gems. Unfortunately, the Magus obtained the gauntlet. But Magus was tricked and the gauntlet was incomplete, containing a fake reality gem. Eternity and Infinity combined along with the help of Adam Warlock, they defeated the Magus. When the event was over, he agreed that under no circumstances should the gems be used together ever again. Since controlling the being Eternity allows the controller to wield Eternity's unlimited Powers over the beings that make it up, this entity is a target for extra-dimensional attackers of various abilities. Usually Eternity can deflect such attacks without significant exertion, but on occasion has had to bring it's own servants into play.

    Once the powerful demon called Nightmare wanted to gain control over the universe by placing Eternity to sleep. Nightmare forced more than a third of all living sentient beings to sleep which caused Eternity to be trapped in a dream state. Once in the dream state, Nightmare gained control over Eternity and made Eternity use its cosmic powers to seemingly destroy the Earth. Doctor Strange, who possessed the Gift of Extended Life, did not die, and journeyed to Nightmare's realm in order to liberate Eternity from Nightmare's influence and control. Dr Strange frees Eternity and persuades Eternity to recreate the destroyed Earth. Eternity agrees and brings Earth back again.

    When a being known as Altez begins to die, it causes Eternity and Infinity to fuse together. Altez is responsible for tethering actuality from falling into the astral abyss. Without a replacement, his death would cause reality to be destroyed. Adam Warlock is able to get the replacement at the last moment, stabilizing reality and splitting Eternity and Infinity back into their own forms.

    Fantastic Four

    When an advanced race known as the Oditopians began research on quantum destabilization, it created an irritation in reality that Eternity had to remove. He sent his contrasepsis, mindless beings used to repair wounds in reality, to repair the damage. As the Oditopians advanced their research, the problem grew out of control and was causing Eternity to die.

    The Oditopians were eventually eradicated by the contrasepsis, but the problem became worse as the contrasepsis were unable to repair Eternity. Learning of the trouble to all of reality, the Fantastic Four (along with Black Panther and Storm) lead the way to solve the mystery. They were able to locate Eternity with the help of the Silver Surfer. There they found Doctor Strange who was also trying to save reality.

    Mr. Fantastic was able to diagnose the problem. Eternity needed surgery, which was a remarkable task. So Eternity wold feel no pain, his essence was transferred by Strange into Storm. But they needed a fundamental force to 'cut' the fabric of reality. Uatu the Watcher broke his oath of non-interference and brought them the recently resurrected Gravity. Strange was able to remove the damaged area with everyone's help and Eternity and all reality were saved.

    Meeting the Scientist Supreme

    When Scientist Hank Pym became bigger than the Macroverse and went into the Overspace, he had a special encounter with Eternity who thanked him for saving reality itself from the grasp of Chthon. Eternity later gifted the title of "Scientist Supreme" to Pym due to his natural desire to take science to the point of studying magic. Afterwards he sent Pym back to Earth, telling him he was a founder for the Avengers and in time he would later promised a new age of heroes that was coming.

    The End of Death

    Thanos, with an end goal to repel Deadpool from his cherished Death, reviled him never beyond words. Be that as it may, the encapsulation of Death had additionally been abducted by Eternity, amounting to nothing else in the universe could kick the bucket either, causing untold bedlam all through the universe. Whenever Deadpool, trusting Thanos dependable, touched base on Thanos' ship to crush him, Thanos revoked his revile, transforming Deadpool into the main mortal animal in the universe, at that point executed him.However, after understanding that Death would just address Wade, Thanos revived him so as to spare her.

    When the match figured out how to movement to Eternity's Realm and experience him by and by, Thanos assaulted brutally, reprimanding Eternity for the majority of his life's ills. Wilson, understanding this was what Death needed from the start, assaulted Thanos and was controlled by the Uni-Power, giving Deadpool the forces of Captain Universe. Utilizing those forces, Deadpool and Thanos battled on square with ground, yet Deadpool's discourse amid the battle persuaded Death regarding the legitimacy of life's presence and made Mistress Death whisk Thanos away, for a later reason and to come back to her own, reestablishing mortality to the universe.

    Mystery Wars

    The Eternity of Earth-616, and additionally its other reality partners, was in the long run demolished by the Beyonders.When the wonders known as attack prompted the pulverization of everything, Doctor Doom grabbed the intensity of the Beyonders and reshaped the remainders of a few distinct substances into Battleworld.

    Dormammu vs Eternity

    Dormammu battles Eternity (seventh cosmos) in a neutral realm during Strange Tales, and Eternity triumphs. Later When Dormammu confronts him in his own dark dimension, he wins as well as consumes and amplifies Eternity's power.

    Eighth Cosmos

    Eternity as the 'eighth cosmos'
    Eternity as the 'eighth cosmos'

    After the annihilation of Doom's Battleworld, the Multiverse was revamped in its eighth cycle by Mister Fantastic, with Prime Earth (in the past known as Earth-616) as its middle. As an outcome after being destroyed by the First Firmament, Eternity was resurrected. Eternitys form in the Prime Earth was restored later, when the Multiversal Eternity was imprisoned by the First Firmament in an attempt to reclaim reality. Eternity was unharmed by the Firmament after his resurrection.

    He is vastly more powerful after his resurrection and transformation into the 'eight cosmos.' He is even more powerful than both the living tribunal and the pre-retcon beyonder in this state.

    Eternity was one of two manifestations of the 'seventh cosmos,' sharing the title with his twin sister Infinity. He is now the single embodiment of the eighth multiverse. Making him far more powerful than 'seventh cosmos' beings.

    Powers and Abilities

    Eternity is a being of massive cosmic power. Eternity, being an entity, exists in all places simultaneously and at all times, it merely chooses an avatar to communicate with in the physical realm. Eternity can alter space, matter, and energy around him to achieve virtually any affect he desires.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: Variable as well as incalculable.
    • Weight: Variable as well as incalculable.
    • Eyes: Black with stars
    • Hair: None that we know of

    Alternate Realities

    Each universe in the multiverse has its own Eternity. His role is relatively unchanged. Each universal version of the entity is an aspect of the larger, multiversal incarnation of Eternity, which embodies and contains the entire multiverse and all its abstract entities, including The Living Tribunal.


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