Quasar #26

    Quasar » Quasar #26 - The Eight Billion Year Funeral released by Marvel on September 1991.

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    Infinity Gauntlet crossover! Empowered by the Gauntlet, Thanos brings four Quantum-Band wielders back to life! Eon’s remains are scattered over Earth.

    Fresh off his defeat of the Cosmic Assassin, Quasar returns to Four Freedoms Plaza to check in with his friends. He makes it clear to Kayla that he would like to persue a relationship with her (finally getting back to their conversation in #19), Moondragon interupts saying that Kayla isn’t worthy of a relationship with the universe’s most cosmic man, and that Moondragon herself has all the prerequistes to be the ideal woman for him. Quasar disagrees, he says relationships and love are about feelings, not ideals or prerequistes. Moondragon angerly leaves and goes in search of allies to help her gain Quasar’s affections.

    The cosmically empowered Her, notes Moondragon’s starship, but pays it no heed. She goes in search of her ideal mate as well.

    Quasar returns one last time to the Eonverse to pay his last respcts to his fallen mentor. He says a few words of regret for its passing, but is interupted when he detects energy readings within the Eonverse, noting he’s not along, he goes to investigate.

    Finding a starship that more resembles a cathedral than a ship, he is greeted by what appears to be an alien cadre of priest. They claim they have arrived to mourn the loss of Eon. Quasar can detect no weapons aboard the ship and they seem to be forthright so Quasar allows them to carry out their ritual.

    Their representive, Fath, tells Quasar that the funeral will begin in 3.14 days, so Quasar goes to take care of his personal life, helps the Avengers, and continues repairs upon his office inflicted by the Presence.

    He returns to the funeral to find an image of a tree-like creature that has many faces. Quasar surmized that this is Eon’s true form.

    Quasar is directed to sit and during the eulogy find that he is more moved by fath’s word about Eon than he was over the priet’s words at his father’s funeral (QUASAR #21). It is then that Thanos appears and disrupts the proceedings. Quasar tells him to leave, and it devolves into a fight. Despite that Thanos possesses the Infinity Guantlet he has no interest in killing Quasar (not yet, anyway), so, Quasar holds his own and directs 100 megaton blast right between Thanos’ ears.

    Unbelieveably, Thanos reforms and says he: ‘has other more interesting enemies to fight’, with that Thanos grows four entities from Eon’s dead form. They are: The Stygian Starbender, Eon’s first Protector; former Protector, Ree of the long dead Archepeians; former Protector Trantra of the Trill, Marvel Boy, the first human to wear the Quantum-Bands. They all have fully functioning replicas of the Quantum-Bands and have all been in instilled with the need to kill Quasar, the last one surviving will be Thanos’ Protector of the Universe until the end of time.


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