Quasar #35

    Quasar » Quasar #35 - Empire of Dust released by Marvel on June 1, 1992.

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    The dust is still settling after full-on war between the Kree and Shi'ar. In the aftermath to Galactic Storm, Quasar makes the difficult decision to leave the Avengers. Will Wendell Vaughn find his place in the universe by becoming its protector? Kayla Ballantine is still reeling from her encounter with the Angler, and a quantum-leaping adventure with Quasar may be just what the doctor ordered.

    Having just resigned from the Avengers to dedicate more time to being Protector of the Universe, Quasar leaves Captain America and his earthbound superhero life behind him. Trying to make a clean break of his terrestrial existence, Wendell Vaughn turns Vaughn Security Systems over to Ken, his right hand man. On Staten Island, Kayla Ballantine is still trying to recover from her recent encounter with the Angler to no avail. Her family refuses to understand her plight and connection to Quasar. Help comes from an unusual source, H.D. Steckley, who takes her in before Quasar can say goodbye. Quasar's roommate Makkari the Eternal talks his way into joining Quasar's rescue mission to the Kree. Joined en route by Her, the trio quantum-jump to Hala.

    Quasar discovers the planetary defense network has begun rebuilding itself. More shockingly, the Supreme Intelligence is no longer in his containment tank (as we saw in Avengers 347). Soon into their investigation, the trio is attacked by Deathbird and members of the new Kree Imperial Guard (formerly called the Starforce). Quasar quickly protects them from Korath, Ultimus, Shatterax, and Deathbird, who maintains the antagonistic stance Lilandra had at the close of the crossover. The Avengers were not welcome then, and they aren't welcome now (ignoring Quasar's declarations he's not an Avenger and they are their for humanitarian reasons). Instead of surrendering or fighting, Quasar jumps his friends and himself off the planet and deep into Kree space.

    With Epoch's assistance, Quasar and friends locate a travelling funeral barge called the Mourning Star, which Quasar had recently visited when his mentor Eon died. Fath, leader of the Mourners, invites the Protector of the Universe and his friends to watch their funeral for the Kree conducted by Wayopex the Interdite. Wayopex tries to commune with the souls of the dead only to discover they aren't actually dead! Fath asks them to investigate, but Quasar is hesitant, considering his lack of faith in the supernatural. Epoch interrupts their plans with news of a nearby powerful disturbance, which Quasar and company soon investigate. They run smack into a gigantic Soul-Eater.


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    Though the first few pages of Captain America 401 take place before this issue, it is probably best to read these first. Quasar 35 picks up from Quasar’s perspective after page six of CA 401, as Quasar, having just resigned from the Avengers (doing what Cap can’t quite do), heads off to begin anew his role as Protector of the Universe. Taking on himself some responsibility for not knowing about the Shi’ar-Kree War in time to do any good, Quasar plans to perform his interstellar role much better ...

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