Location » Quantum-Zone appears in 30 issues.

    The Quantum-Zone is the dimension of limitless potential energy that interfaces with and powers the Quantum bands.

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    The Quantum-Zone appears as a featureless pale yellow or white expanse that seems to stretch on forever but in reality is approximately as large and expansive as the universe. It has been postulated that the Quantum-Zone contains all the potential energy in the universe.

    The Quantum Bands are linked directly to the Quantum-Zone powering all of their myriad abilities including tremendous energy blasts, flight at near light-speed, energy constructs, and control of the Electromagnetic spectrum. Perhaps most notably, the Quantum-bands allow a knowledgeable bearer to “quantum jump” or create apertures between the fabric of space/time of various sizes. Allowing the wearer access to the Quantum-Zone. A wearer can then travel through this trackless, featureless zone and emerge at a different point in our physical space light years away from his starting point only seconds later. The bands would enable the wearer to keep his bearings while in the zone and thus emerge where he wants to. As an example, shortly after being named Protector of the Universe by Eon, Quasar was able to "quantum-jump" from the orbit of Uranus to the orbit of Earth in under 15 seconds (a distance of at least 1.6 billion miles). Important note, however, the bearer cannot access the Quantum-Zone within an atmosphere of a planet without ripping a hole in its ozone layer.

    The Zone is approximately as expansive as our own universe and is known to be somehow related to the cosmic entity Infinity who is the manifestation of all space in the universe. She has manifested within the Quantum-Zone on more than one occasion.

    Quasar has often been known to use the Q-Zone tactically, where he has Quantum-jumped out of harms way or used the zone itself as a prison for truly dangerous opponents, such as The Presence or accidentally in the case of Neutron of the Imperial Guard. When Thanos created duplicates of several previous bearers of the Quantum bands to attack Quasar, he used the background “noise” of the Zone to mask his intentions of feeding the doppelgangers too much power, overloading them.

    When Maelstrom wielded the bands, he postulated that they were only slightly less powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet given that the bands are backed by the limitless potential of the Quantum zone.

    It is not known if the Quantum-Zone is a side-effect of the creation of the Quantum-bands or if the Quantum-bands were created to harness the potential energy of the Quantum-Zone.

    In the 31st century an Inhuman named Wormhole was rumored to be capable of creating wormholes through the Quantum-Zone to travel wherever he needed to go.


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