Quasar #32

    Quasar » Quasar #32 - The Tomb of Mar-Vell released by Marvel on March 1992.

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    Quasar alone must defend the tomb of Mar-Vell. It's a full-fledged assault by the Imperial Guard, and Wendell Vaughn may have underestimated Shi'ar strength! Guest-starring Starfox!

    The Kree/Shi'ar war erupts. Quasar is able to send envoys to both sides in an attempt to have them end the war, while Quasar himself protected Earth’s solar system from reprisals.

    He received as distress call on the Avenger’s frequency from Starfox that alarms at Mar-Vell’s tomb had been tripped. Quasar quantum-jumped to Titan, leaving Kismet at the stargate. He met up with Starfox and they discovered Dr. Minerva and Captain Atlas attempting to plunder the Nega-Bands from Mar-Vell’s body.

    No sooner had they found the Kree agents did the entire Imperial Guard attack. Realizing that Minerva and Atlas would be brutally cut down if he didn’t protect them, Quasar created shields for Starfox and Dr. Minerva, but Captain Atlas had vanished. Quasar created a pair if nunchakus and charged the biggest Guardsmen which turned out to be Titan and Gladiator. Quasar was however shocked when he simply phased right through them as though they weren’t there at all. As he was distracted he was blinded by Manta. Out of instnct he armored up and interfaced mentally with the Quantum-bands he found that the bands could not detect the vast majority of the Guardsmen, they were simply false images created the Guardsman Magic who was quickly disposed of by Dr. Minerva. Quasar found himself under attack by Impulse, but Quasar accidentally breached his armor and Impulse discorporated. Manta fell victim to Starfox’s charms.

    Quasar followed Captain Atlas’ bio-signature deep within mar-Vell’s tomb but was too late to stop him from donnin the Nega-Bands and clanging them together. Quasar suddenly found himself face-to-face with an suffocating Rick Jones. Rick had switched places with Captain Atlas, but eventually Atlas was defeated by Wonderman.

    Note: This issue was reprinted as #1 for newstands.


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    Continuing the impressive narrative concision of this crossover, Quasar quickly shifts from failing to stop the Shi’ar from departing to connecting with the Starcore crew, learning from them what the readers found out back in Avengers 344: the sun is suffering egregious deleterious effects from the warping of space, an example of which Quasar has just seen for himself. It is mildly bemusing Dr. Corbeau is not in this issue, but the information is transferred in any event.Like with most issues in...

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